Russian hypersonic missile project reaches flight test phase

18 March 2016

Russia's defence industry has started testing the 3M22 hypersonic missile of the 3K22 Tsirkon (lit: Zirkon) missile system, a defence industry source told news agency TASS on 18 March.

"The hypersonic missile development programme has reached the stage of flight tests; they have begun," he said.

The Tsirkon is designed for use by future and upgraded surface ships and submarines. "A number of Tsirkon hypersonic missiles have been manufactured, and their tests at a ground-based launch facility have begun," the source said. He added that the cutting-edge weapon would be part of the weapons suite of the fifth-generation nuclear-powered submarine being developed by the Malakhit Design Bureau (a subsidiary of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) and tentatively dubbed 'Huskie'.

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