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Bondi Rescue lifeguard Anthony Glick shows off his photosof Sydney's skyline

A 22-year-old lifeguard and star of Bondi Rescue has turned his love of the outdoors into a creative new job as a photographer. Anthony Glick, who was born in Johannesburg but moved to Sydney when he was nine, began taking pictures four years ago on his phone as he volunteered as a lifesaver, but decided to take it more seriously two years ago. And now he's sending prints of his work all over the world, with customers unable to get enough of his photos of stunning beachside sunsets, breathtaking ocean shots and pictures of the incredible Sydney skyline.

Sandor Cikos is ready to fall in love again after walking free from jail

Sandor Cikos (main on the right) killed his de facto partner and two young sons (inset) in 1999 at their home in Wollongong, south of Sydney. He said he is open to finding love just months after serving 16 years in jail. Cikos killed Ms Penrose after the threesome with her female friend did not live up to her expectations. He struck her on the head with a pipe, before choking her and choked their sons to death.

Breakup and divorce coach, Sara Davison, shares the relationship red flags all women entering a relationship should look out for that could save them some serious heartache.

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A four-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a nine-year-old boy in Caboolture, north of Brisbane in July has been left scarred by the ordeal and is still having nightmares.

Kevin James Corbett, 51, has been jailed for at least 21 years for murdering his former partner 36-year-old Charmaine Winmar with an axe and mop handle in her WA home.

Do you know how to pronounce tricky words such as dengue, victuals and quinoa correctly? A new quiz aims to test your knowledge and set you on the right track if you're struggling.

Dermatologist Dr Vishal Maden, from Salford, said infections caused by picking spots from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the mouth, could lead to vision loss, paralysis or even death

'Clown Purge' craze escalates with sinister sighting across Australia

The 'Clown Purge' craze - where people dress up as creepy clowns and terrorise unsuspecting victims - is spiralling out of control as sightings spring up across Australia. Social media groups have shared images of menacing clowns prowling the streets of Sydney (left), Perth (centre) and Melbourne (right) on Friday night alone. Police have issued a grave warning about the craze, which spawned in the US after social media images spread of clowns loitering in parks, highways and woodlands.

Research by Heinz into women's attitudes towards health and diets, revealed the average female attempts to stick to eating an average of 1,800 calories a day but actually eats 2,200.

Tariq Idrees, a dentist and owner of a private clinic in Manchester, advises people to drink through straws because the liquid bypasses the teeth. Here he reveals the quickest ways to stain your smile.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte responds to criticisms of upcoming Network Ten biopic

Actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte has spoken out about Network Ten's recent legal drama with Peter Brock's ex-wife Michelle Downes. The 41-year-old - who plays the racing legend's mistress Julie Bamford in an upcoming TV biopic - said on Friday: 'Look, I mean, we're not making a documentary. It's a dramatisation of Peter Brock's life. 'You're trying to fit in the legend of Peter Brock in three-and-a-half hours, so you're not going to get everyone's story told 100 per cent right,' the former Neighbours star told Nova 100's Chrissie, Sam and Browny

NEW Whether it's the way you apply blusher or how much mascara you lash on, makeup artists say that women make common mistakes every single day that could cause them to look years older.

Awkward Family Photos unveil a new book of childhood snaps gone VERY wrong

The website Awkward Family photos has released its first book about childhood -Everything Is Awkward - featuring snaps of youngsters that have gone VERY wrong. Highlights include a family snap that initially seems mundane until you spot the terrifying clown (left); a youngster who didn't want to be a cowboy (right) and another who almost kicked his mother in the mouth as he was dangled upside down on the beach (inset)

Aaron Ford, 36, was on Friday jailed for at least 18 months after he had sex with a 14-year-old girl on a number of occasions. The County Court of Victoria also heard he told her he loved her.

An animal lover's worst nightmare: The moment a dog owner discovers her pet being EATEN by a python but is unable to save it

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Klomphan Khiewwan, 21 got the shock of her life when she awoke to find her beloved pooch Fino head first in the jaws of an enormous snake. The dog was wrapped in tight coils and she could only watch as the 6m serpent devoured him. She said she'd heard loud noises from the dog earlier that evening while she was trying to sleep upstairs but she hadn't thought to check on her canine pal. Thai volunteers arrived at her home with snake-catching equipment but it was too late.

Woman asked Reddit when she should stop being naked in front of her kids. She said she wants to show her son that's there nothing wrong with any kind of body.

Kim Kardashian jewellery robbers were all white, middle-aged men, French police reveal

Five white middle-aged male cyclists were behind the £9million heist at Kim Kardashian's Paris flat, the reality TV star has told French police (pictured, left, outside the apartment building). The men were almost certainly French nationals and career criminals. Ms Kardashian (right) was robbed on Monday night and an expensive ring (inset) was among £8.5 million worth of items stolen. A police source said: 'What we have been told so far is that they were in their forties or fifties, and were of European appearance. They came went on bicycles, and only spent a few minutes inside the flat, suggesting they knew exactly what they were doing.' Ms Kardashian's bodyguard, Pascall Duvier, was at a nightclub with other members of the Kardashian family at the time of the raid. He was declared bankrupt earlier this year.

Pascal Duvier was subject to a restraining order after Glenda, his ex-wife, claimed he badly beat her at their L.A home, court documents seen by DailyMail.com show. He admitted he 'swiped' her.

JonBenet Ramsay's brother sues the pathologist who accused him of killing his sister on

JonBenet Ramsey's brother has sued a forensic pathologist, Dr Werner Spitz, who went on TV in Detroit and accused him of murdering the six-year-old in Colorado in 1996. Burke Ramsey was interviewed last month on the TV show Dr Phil. On it he Dr Phil asked him what he would say to people who think he killed JonBenet and he replied: 'I don't know what to say to that, because I know that's not what happened...Look at the evidence or the lack thereof.'

Keith Goodbun (pictured), 60, is charged with murdering Molly Goodbun, 56, at her Maitland home in front of their daughter. She had taken an AVO out against him in July but he returned to kill her.

How much exercise does it take to burn off your favourite tipple? A new infographic reveals how long you'd need to spend running, walking, doing Pilates or cycling to negate the calorie count.

Leamington Spa gallery ban 'unsuitable' picture of naked mother with her child

NEW Ray Spence, 64, was asked to provide pieces for the exhibition 'Close to Home' at the Leamington Art Gallery and Museum. But the 64-year-old was stunned after curators barred two of his pieces from being displayed because they contained naked women posing in their homes. Bosses at the gallery in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, deemed the pieces unacceptable and told Mr Spence (inset) they could not go on display. But the artist accused the gallery of being 'short-sighted' and pointed out nudity had been used in art for centuries.

A viral McDonald's UK Facebook post asking customers for their favourite milkshake dunking flavours for French fries has received 36,000 'likes', with many saying the practice is 'vile'.

Drunk Amy MacDonald, 27, was on maternity leave when she made lewd suggestions and groped police officers arresting her after she refused to pay a taxi fare, Geelong Magistrates' Court heard.

Hurricane Matthew hits Florida leaving 340,000 without power on first impact

Florida residents were warned that the 'worst effects are still likely to come' as Hurricane Matthew continued to pummel the state with 100mph winds, menacing more than 26 million Americans. At 9am EDT, Matthew's eyewall brushed the coast of North-Central Florida, just off the coast of Daytona Beach, after working its way up past Melbourne and Cape Canaveral. The eye of the storm was still several miles offshore and moving north north-west at 13mph. While there are signs that a direct hit with land will be avoided, officials are particularly concerned about low-lying areas in Jacksonville, which could be hit by heavy flooding. Gov Rick Scott, speaking at a morning press conference after a day or urging people to evacuate, said some 600,000 people in the state have been left without power, while more than 22,000 people were in shelters. He also said all interstates in Florida would remain open without tolls. 'The storm is only halfway through our state, so we are not through this yet,' he warned. 'We are very concerned about storm surge and the worst effects are still likely to come.' The storm has claimed hundreds of victims in the Caribbean, while in the US at least one person died. A woman aged in her late 50s died overnight after she suffered a heart attack not longer after the St Lucie Fire Department stopped responding to emergency calls due to wind gusts.

As thousands of people across Florida seek shelter from Hurricane Matthew, some brave - or stupid - residents have opted to party and even surf as the deadly storm hit US shores.

Hurricane Matthew has almost reached Cape Canaveral with winds of 74 miles per hour in the area but it is still heading north and two nuclear power stations are in its path.

The voting registration deadline is set for Tuesday, but with the massive storm set to hit on Friday, many forced to evacuate their homes may be unable to register in the crucial final few days.

Teen serenaded by Florence & The Machine dies of cancer months after their duet

The 15-year-old cancer patient who dueted with Florence & The Machine in a viral video earlier this year has died. Karinya Chen, who battled bone cancer for five years, passed away in Austin, Texas. She touched millions of people around the world when she perfectly harmonized with the British Grammy-winning band while lying in her hospice ward in May. Just five days before her death on Saturday, she spoke with remarkable strength as she contemplated her disease. She said: 'I think the biggest thing is not to worry and fear.... You just have to remember that there's always tomorrow and if you take it one day at a time and just tell yourself don't worry and don't take things for granted and tell yourself that you are loved and you are blessed then it makes it a lot easier to fight.'

Researchers in Spain found 90 percent of people can be considered either optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, or envious - and the rest behave in a way that falls outside of the defined models.

The founder of the world's largest online gay escort service, Rentboy.com, pleaded guilty Friday to promoting prostitution. Jeffrey Hurant faces up to five years in prison and a $10 million fine.

Ohio dad of triplets comes up with 'genius' hack to stop backseat infighting

Stay at home father Jake White, 39, from Cincinnati, Ohio, decided to install dividers made of thin board, pictured, so that his three two-year-olds Jude, Stella and Xavier cannot squabble over snacks. When he shared his creation on Facebook it divided parents between those who admired it and some who believed it was 'dangerous'.

Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne Victory A-League soccer match stopped by 'hot streaker'

A young blonde-haired man with an impressively chiseled torso invaded the A-League season opener on Friday night, sending social media wild with many Roar fans crediting the thrilling draw to him as it gave Brisbane time to regroup and score an equaliser goal in the final minute. Many said the team should recruit him for the match because of how fast he ran away from security and took several minutes to be cornered and tackled (pictured). Others just liked the relief from the until-then boring match.

People smile for many reasons other than happiness, such as smugness. Find out below what your smile might indicate about you. Top facial reader Jean Haner analyses different smiles.

Passengers were stuck on planes for hours by a technical glitch that locked all the air bridge doors at three Melbourne Airport terminals. There were long delays after it was fixed with a big flight backlog.

Eamon Sullivan's Perth restaurant May Street Larder has mirror stolen by thieves

Former Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan (right) has taken to Instagram (left) to ask for a mirror that was stolen from his Perth restaurant May Street Larder to be returned. The 31-year old who won two Olympic silver medals posted a picture on Wednesday of an empty wall where the large mirror used to hang and said he was unsure how someone could have escaped his restaurant without being spotted with the mirror.

Woothworths have tripled the amount of points that customers with rewards cards can earn from now until the close of business on Sunday across Australia. Pictured is a stock image.

Many things can trigger an early menopause, but to understand exactly why it happens when it does requires going back to before birth, London-based medical jounalist Thea Jourdan says.

I'll keep you safe! The adorable moment a fluffy white dog rushes to protect his owner's baby after it hears a loud noise - made by a hairdryer

This video shows the adorable moment a dog rushes over to protect a baby after the poodle's owners turn on a hairdryer. The fluffy puppy is seen dashing over to sit next to the baby girl whenever the dryer is switched on, resting her head on the young girl's lap. Professional dog groomer Alyssa Bitante, from New Jersey, and her partner are seen turning the loud device on and off, with the pet running between the baby and them as they do so.

Comedy wildlife competition shortlist that’s guaranteed to have you laughing like a hyena

These pictures have all been submitted as part of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and after more than 2,200 entries, the shortlist of 40 has been finalised by the judges. Each one will be gunning for seven different categories at the awards, which also promotes conservation. The amazing images range from laughing lions to headless penguins and everything in between.


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Melbourne mansion touted as one of Australia's most expensive homes

It's poised to be one of Australia's most expensive homes, and images inside this eye-popping beauty in Melbourne's Toorak show exactly why it's carrying an expected $30 million-plus price tag. The palatial four bedroom mansion boasts a pool, art gallery, lavish library and underground six-car garage. Real estate insiders say an international campaign to sell the opulent abode will blow the state's biggest house price record out the water.

The study, published online in the British Journal of Nutrition, found eating oat fibre can reduce lipoprotein, which carries bad cholesterol through the blood.

China announced plans on September 30 to regulate internet gaming use for people under the age of 18. The plans aim to combat gaming addiction.

A Queensland woman, 34, was left with swollen lips, bruising on her neck and deep bite marks that exposed bone after her estranged husband allegedly rammed her ute armed with a tomahawk.

A seemingly mundane image of three women sitting on a park bench has left the internet in a state of confusion, as on closer examination there's something very unusual about the photo.

Woman was so distracted by texting on her mobile phone while driving she did not notice police officer trying to pull her over - even after he turned his SIREN on

This is the moment police in Perth, Western Australia, tried to stop a woman texting while driving, only for her to pull away and fail to stop even when the officer turned his lights and sirens on. The woman only realised what was happening after she stopped at the next set of lights, while still using her phone, and the officer started shouting through her window. Police say she was given three demerits and fined $400 over the incident.

The number of Australians abstaining from alcohol is on the rise according to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It also found younger people were drinking at risky levels.

Both men and women who have lonely personalities tend to take more selfies for approval from others, experts from the National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, claim.

Australian woman who partied with the rich and famous became addicted to prescription

From partying with the Spice Girls to doing rehab with Amy Winehouse: High-flying business executive turned TV presenter lost her marriage, career and almost her life when she developed a dangerous addiction to prescription medication. Australian woman Nicole Harcourt (pictured) moved to London in 2003 where she lived next door to George Michael, and Baby Spice from the Spice Girls and partied with Charlie Sheen (inset). She was sharing $1800 champagne bottles with 'very very famous people' and invited to the most exclusive London dinner parties. But her perfect life came crashing down when she was discovered unconscious by her house keeper after a long night of partying. Nicole's addiction to prescription medication, drove her to take up to 15 Xanax and Stilnox a night. She was then admitted to a rehabilitation centre, which she thought was 'cool'. But Nicole eventually turned her life around, moved back to Sydney, and now fights to help others who fell victim to life's challenges.

Kayla Glover, 29, from Chicago has transformed her daughter Lorelai, four months, into Harry Potter, complete with glasses, a wand and a Gryffindor scarf for a magical photo shoot.

Swedish couple, Nicklas, 29 and Elin, 23, were filming their morning snorkeling trip in Hanuama Bay, Hawaii, when the eel stopped battling the octopus and went straight for them.

Through the Deep Earth Carbon Degassing (DECADE) initiative, scientists around the world are laying the groundwork for better forecasting of when volcanoes will erupt (pictured).

The high-tech cycling track is located in a park near the town of Lidzbark Warminski, in the north of Poland. Engineers chose blue because they thought it was most fitting for the landscape.

Sci-fi teleportation or just a VERY lucky pedestrian? Lorry driver swerves to avoid ghost-like man who appears in road

The clip, filmed in Russia, shows a lorry travelling along a rural highway. The vehicle can then be seen dramatically swerving out of the path of a pedestrian standing in the road. The walker, wearing a long white coat with a black hat, then ambles onto the side of the road and out of the view of the camera. The video uploader wrote: 'This video has been hailed as proof of teleportation.' The uploader added: 'Some people think the photos depict an instance in which time travel or teleportation was caught on tape.'

Paris-based L'Oréal, teamed up with bioprinting company Poietis, which is based in Pessac, southwestern France to form a partnership that aims to develop a working 3D-printed hair follicle.

In this photo taken Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016, Albin's mother Emelie Eriksson, left, smiles as she poses for a photo with her son and her mother Marie, right, outside her home in Bergshamra, Sweden. Eriksson was the first woman to have a baby after receiving a womb transplant from her mother, a revolutionary operation that links three generations of their family. (AP Photo/ Niklas Larsson)

Emelie Eriksson, from Stockholm, received a uterus from her mother after being born without a womb. She gave birth to son Albin nearly two years ago.

Professor Alexandra Horowitz, founder of Barnard College's Dog Cognition Lab in New York, makes the claim about dogs' time-telling skills in a new book based on her research.

By viewing the star over a number of years, a team at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California were able to build up a longer term picture of the star system's activity.

Julia Roberts cuts $10m from the price of her Hawaiian home

Off Kauai's north shore in Hanalei, the six bedroom main house first built in 1915 by sugar plantation executive Hans Peter Fayé has had a third of it's original listing price shaved from the price tag. Now on the market for $19.5million, the historic home, along with two acres of beachfront Hawaii real estate could be yours, along with bragging rights that you live in the Pretty Woman's former digs.

The Smog Free Tower, an invention which cleans air around it was installed in a Beijing park on September 29. The 23 foot tall Smog Free Tower can clean 30,000 cubic metres of fine smog per hour.

A photograph of a man, now 75, on his wedding day in 1961 looks so like actor Matt Damon, 45, that he has been described as his doppelganger. The black and white photo shows him with his wife.

Thomas Aggs said he almost walked directly on to the snakes while hunting for virtual Pokemon at Lake Tabourie, to the east of Canberra, as they were fighting close to the path.

Nigeria's voodoo priests make women tricked into sex work eat snakes to stop them escaping

MailOnline witnessed voodoo rituals used to trick Nigerian women into prostitution in Europe. Women are subjected to black magic ceremonies where they have their pubic hair and finger nails cut off and sacrificed to the gods. Some are forced to eat live snakes. The victims are told they are under a spell to stop them from escaping when they are trafficked and reach brothels in Europe. Wives are also taken to see the voodoo - or ju-ju priests (right top and bottom) to stop them from being unfaithful. Osas Omaghomi (main picture) told MailOnline how she was lured to Italy from Benin City, Nigeria by a 'madam' who paid a people smuggler €1,000 to take her to Italy.

Iranian woman Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee (left), a writer and human rights activist, has been convicted of 'insulting Islamic sanctities' because of her fictional story about stoning.

The 12-square-mile area within Sailyugemsky Nature Park in the Siberian Altai Mountains will be a scientific zone where the furry felines can be studied and protected.

Old photos show how Sydney's Taronga Zoo has changed as it celebrates 100 years

One of Sydney's iconic tourist attractions, Taronga Zoo, celebrated its 100th birthday on Friday and both the special guests and animals were treated to a host of celebrations. On this day 100 years ago Taronga Zoo opened its doors to Sydney and today more than five thousand visitors attended the birthday celebration at the Sydney Harbour Zoo with the lucky supporters winning the free tickets from a ballot. The birthday celebrations kick-started at the giraffe pen when zookeeper's served a special '100' made up of leaves for breakfast and the elephants were also indulged in their favourite food served in piñatas.

The African fish eagle found itself under attack by the angry Goliath heron when it refused to budge from a lagoon at Zimanga Game Reserve in South Africa.

South Africa's retired Anglican archbishop and anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu attends a tea party to mark his 85th birthday on October 7, 2016 in Cape Town ©Rodger Bosch (AFP)

Anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu celebrated his 85th birthday on Friday saying he would like to be allowed the option of dignified assisted death. 'I do not wish to be kept alive at all costs,' he said.

Constance Hall, 32-year-old artist and blogger from Perth, Australia, has penned an open letter to her childless friends. She thanks them for still wanting to see her, despite her  'a******* children'.

Ocean's Elevenses: The terrifying moment a moray eel breaks off from snacking on an octopus to launch an attack on snorkelers

Swedish couple, Nicklas, 29 and Elin, 23, were filming their morning snorkeling trip in Hanuama Bay, Hawaii, when the eel turned tail and headed directly for them. The octopus made a frantic getaway leaving a cloud of ink and one tentacle in the jaws of the predator. But as they started to turn away from the scene the angry eel launched a new attack. The pair caught the incredible scenes on their underwater camera.

Kelly Forostiak, 24, a white elementary school teacher in Maryland, posted several racist and degrading images of her students to Instagram before deleting her account.

An agitated brown bear in China cracked the glass of its enclosure after a sudden character change on October 5. It's claimed that the bear had been fed too much by tourists throwing in objects.

Unnerving footage from Iceland shows a low-flying passenger plane flying through a thunderstorm and being struck by a massive bolt of lightning.

A woman has been filmed in Tijuana, Mexico, speeding off after a two-car crash with one of her victim's clinging to the bonnet of her Toyota in a bid to prevent her fleeing the scene.

Not such a bright spark! Fitness challenge goes VERY wrong when woman jumps up and slams her head against a ceiling lamp

A woman's fitness fail ended up with funny results. Alexandra Knowles posted a video on Instagram showing her attempting a burpee. However, it seems she may not have checked the height of a ceiling lamp before trying out the move. While jumping in the air, Knowles hit her head on the lamp and ended up on the ground. Her Instagram page indicates that she is based in Canada.

An eight-year-old from Queensland is changing the way people see autism. Cadence, who is on the Autism Spectrum, most recently wrote a letter on her blog asking if there was an 'autism fairy'

New York Police Department are now investigating after the 68-year-old called them when he found it at the bottom of a container holding a potted plant on the Lower East Side.

The display is expected to peak after dusk tonight and tomorrow, and viewers in Northern America, Europe and Asia are in the best place to see the Draconids.

Fast fashion! Watch magicians change costumes 18 TIMES in one minute to set new world record

Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim, from Malaysia, completed the impressive feat at a theme park in Wuhan, China, on September 28. The clip has been viewed more than one million times since being posted on social media. Guinness World Records judge Charles Wharton attended the event to ensure all necessary rules were followed.

The bullet is said to have saved the life of a man in Afghanistan, though some have suggested it could even be a publicity stunt. Images show a bullet sticking out of the phone's screen.

Akhmad, 10, Eli, 9, and Adam, 8, all competed in the fights which Deputy Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov said he will investigate. Russian rules forbid children under 12 from stepping into the ring.

Stay at home father Jake White, 39, from Cincinnati, Ohio, decided to install dividers made of thin board so that his three two-year-olds Jude, Stella and Xavier cannot squabble over snacks.

The Las Ventanas al Paraiso Rosewood Resort in Mexico - frequented by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney - is thought to be the first in the world to offer such an activity.

I believe I can fly! Adorable moment sugar glider does a giant leap and lands perfectly on woman's hand

The amazing clip, believed to have been filmed in South Korea, begins with the sugar glider preparing to jump as the woman extends her hand. The black and white critter throws itself from the top of a door and soars through the air before making a perfect landing. The footage has been viewed more than 22 million times since being posted on social media three days ago.

Mr Justice Macdonald, pictured, concluded the girl was sexually abused by the man following a hearing at the Family Division of the High Court in London.

The Russian military has warned the United States against striking the Syrian army, saying that its air defence weapons in Syria stand ready to fend off any attack from US planes.

'Body positive' model says she loves being 28 stone despite doctors warning she will die

Sarah Rout, 30, from Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, says that despite doctors warnings she is worried that losing weight will have a negative effect on her plus size modelling business. As well as impacting on her life, Sarah's 28st frame means that her husband Tony (pictured inset with Sarah) now has to act as her carer helping her with day-to-day tasks.

The sickening act was caught on camera by a builder overlooking Howff Cemetery in Dundee and has caused outrage among locals in the Scottish city.

The seven-acre Balmichael Centre, near Shiskine, on the Isle of Arran in Scotland, has an adventure playground, 42-seat cinema, coffee shop, gym, duck ponds and a synthetic ice skating rink.

The unnamed 48-year-old had to be rescued by firefighters who spread a huge canvas beneath him after he became entangled near the town of Los Realejos in the north of Tenerife.

James Larkin left 11-week-old Christopher Larkin with an 'unsurvivable brain injury' after growing frustrated at being 'treated like a lap dog' by the boy's 'domineering' mother Laura Ostle.


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Zimanga Game Reserve in South Africa see's heron fight off eagle

The African fish eagle found itself under attack by the angry Goliath heron when it refused to budge from a lagoon. A photographer stationed in a purpose-built 'hide' at Zimanga Game Reserve in South Africa managed to capture these dramatic pictures of the extraordinary skirmish. Professional photographer Max Waugh, 40, saw the scene unfold in front of his eyes as he waited in the hide.

Ruth Sweet, 25, from Leicestershire refused to marry her childhood sweetheart because hair pulling addiction had left her bald, but she has finally wed after treatment to regrow her locks.

Sales administrator Jordan Page, 25, from Solihull, West Midlands, died of an overdose when she mistakenly thought she was being refused psychiatric help, an inquest heard.



NOT pumping iron! Man staggers, faints and lies twitching on the ground after he tries to lift a huge barbell

The overly-ambitious gym-goer has been caught on camera in a Canadian gym staggering and then fainting after trying to pull off a deadlift. As he falls he smashes his head on a metal bar and appears to suffer a number of convulsions. A woman rushes over to help him and he is soon able to stand back up - but probably leave the rest of his work out for another day.


John Dickson, 27, of Margate, Kent and Christopher Pollard, 20, of Meopham, Kent, have been charged over the death of Carl Gregory, 20, pictured.

Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania is home to a remarkable boulder field. The weight of the rocks is so great that the ground they've depressed the ground they sit on by 12 feet over the years.

MailOnline Travel's Valerie Siebert found that 60 years after Elvis Presley performed his very first residency in Las Vegas, the city has less use for The King's legacy to bring in the tourists than ever before.

Empty halls, straight jackets and a crumbling autopsy room: Haunting photos capture

New York-based photographer Christopher Payne spent six years travelling America to explore abandoned asylums. Pictured (top left) what remains of the Norwich State Hospital in Preston Connecticut, (top right) Kankakee State Hospital in Illinois, (bottom left) an autopsy theatre at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., (bottom right) a marble staircase at the Yankton State Hospital in South Dakota and (inset) a straightjacket at the Logansport State Hospital in Indiana.