Hurricane Matthew hits Florida leaving 340,000 without power on first impact

Florida residents were warned that the 'worst effects are still likely to come' as Hurricane Matthew continued to pummel the state with 100mph winds, menacing more than 26 million Americans. At 9am EDT, Matthew's eyewall brushed the coast of North-Central Florida, just off the coast of Daytona Beach, after working its way up past Melbourne and Cape Canaveral. The eye of the storm was still several miles offshore and moving north north-west at 13mph. While there are signs that a direct hit with land will be avoided, officials are particularly concerned about low-lying areas in Jacksonville, which could be hit by heavy flooding. Gov Rick Scott, speaking at a morning press conference after a day or urging people to evacuate, said some 600,000 people in the state have been left without power, while more than 22,000 people were in shelters. He also said all interstates in Florida would remain open without tolls. 'The storm is only halfway through our state, so we are not through this yet,' he warned. 'We are very concerned about storm surge and the worst effects are still likely to come.' The storm has claimed hundreds of victims in the Caribbean, while in the US at least one person died. A woman aged in her late 50s died overnight after she suffered a heart attack not longer after the St Lucie Fire Department stopped responding to emergency calls due to wind gusts.

The high-tech cycling track is located in a park near the town of Lidzbark Warminski, in the north of Poland. Engineers chose blue because they thought it was most fitting for the landscape.

The secret home in northern Russia - decorated with tartan armchairs and modern furniture - is where Putin is said to escape to when he erratically disappears from the public spotlight.

The school's vice-principle 'feared punishment' for not protecting the pictures.
The tragedy happened in August after storms in North Korea left 133 dead and 395 missing.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Juan Manuel Santos 'for his resolute efforts to bring the country's more than 50-year-long civil war to an end', days after Columbia rejected a ceasefire.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the construction of the new airport, Kazem Finjan said 'ancient aliens' had built earth's first airport in Dhi Qar, in southern Iraq 7,000 years ago.

Moray eel attacks snorkelers after battling with an octopus

Swedish couple, Nicklas, 29 and Elin, 23, were filming their morning snorkeling trip in Hanuama Bay, Hawaii, when the eel turned tail and headed directly for them. The octopus made a frantic getaway leaving a cloud of ink and one tentacle in the jaws of the predator. But as they started to turn away from the scene the angry eel launched a new attack. The pair caught the incredible scenes on their underwater camera.

Nazi treasure left by Hitler's German forces as they fled Czech town soon to be discovered

The loot of 540 boxes - filled with diamonds, gold and other valuables - are said to be buried 16ft underground in tchovice near Prague after fleeing Germans stashed them in a cave. Hunters have been searching for the treasure for three decades, and now believe they have 'solid evidence' and that they know exactly where the boxes are hidden. They hope to unearth it by spring next year.

Kim Kardashian has reportedly vowed to stop flaunting her wealth on social media after she was robbed at gunpoint, tied up and dumped in her marble bath tub in Paris.

Robbers tricked their way into the Paris home of the world's most famous reality TV star by simply saying: 'It's urgent - we must see Miss Kardashian,' a concierge has claimed.

Speaking today to Germany's main industry lobby group, Mrs Merkel stressed to businesspeople  the importance of upholding the EU's freedoms'

Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim, from Malaysia, completed the impressive feat at a theme park in Wuhan, China, on September 28. The clip has been viewed more than one million times.

The amazing video, believed to be from South Korea, shows the sugar glider leaping onto its owner's hand from the top of a door. The footage has been watched an incredible 22 million times.

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline bore witness to the kind bloodthirsty voodoo rituals used to trick thousands of Nigerian women into prostitution, for fear the gods will punish them if they disobey their 'master'.

Thailand dog owner discovers her pet being eaten by a python and is unable to save it 

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Klomphan Khiewwan, 21 got the shock of her life when she awoke to find her beloved pooch Fino head first in the jaws of an enormous snake. The dog was wrapped in tight coils and she could only watch as the 6m serpent devoured him. She said she'd heard loud noises from the dog earlier that evening while she was trying to sleep upstairs but she hadn't thought to check on her canine pal. Thai volunteers arrived at her home with snake-catching equipment but it was too late.

Italian mafia boss known as 'Mamma' is found hiding in a secret bunker behind his WARDROBE

One of Italy's most-wanted fugitive mob bosses Antonio Pelle (inset), 54, crawled out of his hiding place on Wednesday. Video of his surrender shows at least two dozen police surrounding the wardrobe waiting for him to emerge on his stomach to the top of a wardrobe (left and right) at his home in southern Reggio Calabria. The furniture had shielded the bunker he was hiding in built between the bathroom and his son's bedroom. Pelle, known as 'Mamma,' was serving a 20-year prison sentence for mafia association, arms and drug trafficking when he slipped out of a hospital in the town of Locri in September 2011.

Sir Michael Fallon said Al-Qaeda posed a 'very direct threat' to the UK and Europe. The new charge of terror is believed to be led by the group's former leader Osama bin Laden's son.

Norway's right-wing government on Wednesday announced plans to ban the full-face Islamic veil from classrooms and university lecture halls (file photo)

During his rampage across the south German town of Münnerstadt the man destroyed 47 pools and caused thousands of euros worth of damage. He was captured after an 'extensive investigation'.

Dutchman Klaas Haytema, 30, was jailed and fined for disrupting a Buddhist sermon, after he unplugged speakers at a community hall so that he could get some sleep.

Overcome with love for his partner, the unnamed German man got down on one knee in the early hours of a Saturday morning - but he can't remember whether his girlfriend said yes.

A staggering 80.6 per cent of people aged 15 to 29 years old in Italy now live at home, a study has found. This compares to 66.6 per cent and 52.4 in the U.S. and UK respectively.

Unwanted dogs struggle to survive in remote Turkish mountain pass

Animal lovers say that a remote pass in the middle of the mountains has become a dumping ground for unwanted pooches, and have even suggested that someone is deliberately rounding up strays and abandoning them there. Other dogs are thought to have been left there by callous owners, who dumped them in the valley in the full knowledge that the animals would never be able to find their way home.

Stefan Baumann photographs Europe's eerie abandoned hospitals

Vienna-based photographer Stefan Baumann, 35, travelled across Europe in search of the old buildings. He captured every part of the hospitals from the wards to the operating theatres, many of them untouched and with their surgical equipment still in place. The pictures are both stark and strangely beautiful a the formerly sterile spaces give in to decay. Corridors show peeling paint and once bustling wards are now strewn with dust and rubble as the buildings give in to the weight of time.

Four nations - France, UK, Norway and Spain - were involved in the interception of the two of Putin's Russian fighter jets (pictured) as they got as far south as Bilbao before heading back .

The ban, which was launched on Tuesday by senior clerics, outlaws the breeding of cats inside homes and is said to be in line with the jihadists' "vision, ideology and beliefs".

A suicide bomber has struck a wedding in northeast Syria as the bride and groom were exchanging vows, killing 36 people and wounding dozens, the local Kurdish government said.

The new vocabulary dodges technology on US social media sites that picks up on racist terms by replacing them with seemingly innocent alternatives, such as 'Skittles' and 'Bings'.

Stephanie Keegan, pictured, whose son Daniel died following a year-long battle with PTSD accused Donald Trump of being 'absurd and ignorant' after he accused some sufferers of being weak.

Christopher Patrick Odom, 26, was charged with rape, sexual battery and two counts of official misconduct by a Maury County grand jury. He served with Spring Hill Police Department.

Photographer Lee Chapman captures Tokyo's elderly residents in photo series

Photographer Lee Chapman captured the quirky photo series which documents the lives of Tokyo's elderly away from the city's well known and modern entertainment districts. He met a 93-year-old who still opens her bar every night. Sips on sake every night. And is intent on keeping it that way until she physically can't. Mr Chapman also snapped an elderly trio enjoying a hot tub (inset) after diving for shellfish, a Japanese man who resists conforming by painting a moustache and eyebrows onto his aged face and many other lively nonagenarians, such as this woman (main) who made her way speedily through Tokyo's busy Shinjuku district despite being bent double.