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What The Apprentice according to Selina Waterman-Smith

Selina Waterman-Smith attempted to win the backing of Lord Sugar as one of the hopefuls on the hit reality TV show last year - but was 'fired' by the businessman after a turbulent few weeks. read

Emmerdale's Leah Bracknell hits £50k target for cancer treatment after fan's donations

Her partner Jez Hughes launched an online appeal on Thursday to raise cash for cutting edge immunotherapy in Germany that they hope will give the British actress (shown) a fighting chance. read

EU migrants living in Britain 'will be allowed to stay after Home Office revelation'

There are more than 3.5million EU nationals living in the UK, more than 80 per cent of whom will have permanent residency rights by the time Britain leaves the union in early 2019. read

Labour peer Baroness Scotland rejected £160k pay because men got even more

Labour peer Baroness Scotland was also offered a generous pension, a grace-and-favour Mayfair mansion and a chauffeur-driven car to become Secretary-General of the Commonwealth. read

How Britain's social prejudices should be celebrated 

However much we may deplore them, however great the nuisance they may make of themselves, one thing is for sure: there will always be snobs, writes D.J. TAYLOR. read

How foundation, bronzer and eyeshadow could be adding years to your face

Whether it's the way you apply blusher or how much mascara you lash on, makeup artists say that women make common mistakes every single day that could cause them to look years older. read

Amanda Holden rushes to sister's bedside who is fighting for life after car crash

Debbie Holden, 44, is in a 'critical but stable' state in a Cornwall hospital. She was caught up in a horror car crash on Thursday morning, prompting her sister Amanda to dash down from London. read

Terry's Chocolate Orange size shrunk by 10% but price remains the same

The American owners of Terry's Chocolate Orange have been accused of 'ruining British chocolate' after it turns out the sweet snack has shrunk in mass by ten percent. read

The 30p-a-day pill that could work like Viagra for women: Hormone will help with the menopause, top doctor says 

Regular doses of testosterone would be of ‘huge’ benefit to those going through the menopause, said Dr Nick Panay, from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. read

Calais jungle could be bulldozed within 9 days as thousands of refugees are sent to new camps

The jungle in Calais could be destroyed as early as October 17, according to reports from France's defender of rights Jacques Toubon. He has said the early date is too soon to disperse the migrants. read

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Why Fergie is a national disgrace and should hang her head in shame 

Fergie is suing over a tabloid sting in which she was caught red-handed on film six years ago offering access to her former husband Prince Andrew for a princely £500,000. read

6 women arrested after shooting in Hornsey that leaves man fighting for his life

Police have taped off a high street (pictured) in the north London borough of Haringey after a man in his 20s was shot at about 11pm last night. He remains in a critical condition in hospital. read

American Airlines won't refund family’s flight tickets after son is diagnosed with cancer

Oscar Long, from Bury in Lancashire, was diagnosed with leukaemia at the start of July but his family had booked the trip to the U.S two weeks earlier sparking the refund row. read

Theresa May's former council leader dumps wife to be with 32-year old aide

David Burbage, former council leader of Prime Minister Theresa May's constituency in Maidenhead, has left his wife for a woman who worked for him, who is 20 years younger than him. read

Misery for tourists as 'flash crash' means the pound is now worth less than a euro at airports as sterling reaches a 31-year low

Holidaymakers are being offered as little as €0.97 to the pound at airports in the latest body blow for sterling since an overnight 'flash crash' triggered a dramatic fall in the value of sterling. read

Computer reading a Brexit report in the FT may have triggered a crash of the pound

An article published on the website of the Financial Times newspaper (FT) contained quotes from French president Francois Hollande, who said Britain would have to ‘suffer’ for Brexit. read

Jane McDonald calls police escort after crazed fan hand delivers death threat 

The 53-year-old singer is said to have since cancelled all meet and greets with fans. read

David Goodwillie 'set to cross examine the woman he is accused of raping' in court

David Goodwillie's move has been slammed by support groups. His accuser would not have to be interrogated by him in a criminal court, but she is suing the former Blackburn striker in a civil suit. read

The stepmother branded 'nasty, selfish and greedy' bites back

This week Central London County Court ruled in favour of Elaine Ames (pictured), whose late husband Michael left his daughter Danielle with nothing. But she said: 'There is no victory here.' read

LSE to stand by its foreign academics after Government ‘banned them over Brexit advice'

The row follows the controversial plans to make businesses reveal what proportion of their workers came from abroad, announced by home secretary Amber Rudd (pictured) this week. read

Handy Brexit table explains the options for the UK's exit from the EU

A clever table put together by HSBC in a report called 'Is Brexit Getting Harder?' cleaves some clarity from the murk. read

Francois Hollande warns Britain ‘must be made to pay’ for leaving the EU

French President Francois Hollande has launched a furious attack on Britain's decision to leave the EU - saying it would have to 'pay' for the Brexit 'crisis'. He echoed similar claims made by Angela Merkel. read

Angela Merkel will ban EU migrants from claiming unemployment benefits for 5 years

Angela Merkel's cabinet is due to agree the plan next week amid a wider debate in Germany about high levels of immigration that threatens the Chancellor's hopes of re-election next year. read

Team GB Olympic gymnast Louis Smith films himself on video 'mocking Islam'

The Team GB star is seen in his own footage standing beside his friend Luke Carson, who can be heard yelling “God is the greatest” while kneeling on a rug at a wedding party in Kettering. read

Ben Needham detectives extend stay in Kos as police begin searching second site

The current operation on the Greek island was prompted by information a digger driver was seen clearing land close to where the Sheffield toddler (pictured) was playing on the day he vanished. read

Rooney faces £3.5million bill over deal 'to escape tax' and new boss Southgate probed

Wayne Rooney could be liable for a £3.5million charge over a suspected tax avoidance scheme, it was reported last night, along with the new England manager Gareth Southgate. read

Murder hunt launched after man shot dead in south London

Armed police were called to the scene at 11.25pm on Friday to reports of a man being shot who died of his injuries in Eastney Road in Croydon, south London, and no arrests have been made. read

Kids with chronic obesity conditions to sky-rocket by 2025

By 2025, 268 million children aged between five and 17 years old are expected to be overweight, the World Obesity Federation predicts. More than 90 million of those will be obese. read

Ken Clarke stands out as a man who put his principles before power, says DOMINIC SANDBROOK

DOMINIC SANDBROOK says Ken Clarke, whose political memoirs went on sale yesterday, stands out as the best modern Prime Minister that we never had. read

HMRC taxman probes 100 BBC stars over alleged tax avoidance

Top-flight staff were routinely paid through personal service companies and face calls to hand back tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid income tax and national insurance. read

British banks in talks about introducing the new technology in a bid to combat fraud

A credit card with a constantly changing security code is being launched in an attempt to combat fraud. Oberthur Technologies is talking to UK banks about introducing the innovation. read

Salfrod dermatologist reveals 'danger zone' where any infection can spread to the brain

Dermatologist Dr Vishal Maden, from Salford, said infections caused by picking spots from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the mouth, could lead to vision loss, paralysis or even death read

Isle of Wight brickie on benefits conned his way from a derelict cottage to a stately home

Lounging in the back of a limousine as it cruises New York, Bill and Ann Green seen enjoying the high life. But today Green, 60, will wake up in a prison cell instead of his Scotland castle. read

'Immature' men are leaving it too late to have children: Nearly half of all IVF in the UK is linked to male fertility problems

A generation of men are refusing to grow up and have children until it may be too late. A team at Yale Fertility Centre in the US is studying the extent to which paternal age affects IVF. read

Julian Assange warns WikiLeaks will make 'significant disclosures' on Google

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised 'significant' disclosures on subjects including the U.S. election and Google in the coming weeks. read

Northamptonshire Police claims it is 'too busy' to attend couple's petrol-bombed home

The Northampton home of Michael and Naomi Parkes was petrol-bombed as they slept. But the couple were left stunned when police asked firemen tackling the arson to take witness statements. read

10 warning signs he's not in it for the long-run

Breakup and divorce coach, Sara Davison, shares the relationship red flags all women entering a relationship should look out for that could save them some serious heartache. read

US officially accuses Russia of hacking attempts on political groups

Hillary Clinton's campaign attacked Donald's Trump's friendliness towards Russia on Friday after the US government formally accused the country of recent cyber attacks related to the election. read

Hillsborough police chief David Crompton sues to get his job back

Mr Crompton was suspended by South Yorkshire PCC Alan Billings in April following a statement the chief made the day after the end of the Hillsborough inquests. read

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby angers her neighbours over plans to add a two-storey extension to her £3m London mansion (so now she's going for a super-basement instead)

The presenter and her husband Dan Baldwin (pictured) have angered their neighbours with plans for a two-storey extension on her £3million mansion. They want two more bedrooms. read

NOAA scientists may have killed one of 83 remaining endangered ocras in Washington State

Researchers may have been responsible for killing one of the 83 remaining southern resident killer whales after a tagging attempt went awry. read

Brighton dog pictured with homemade muzzle duct taped to its mouth

The shocking image was taken outside a supermarket in Brighton, where the owner claimed to advised to use duct tape by the police after the dog tried to bite him. read

PETER OBORNE: Don't be a coward like Brown, Mrs May. You MUST call an election

Mrs May owes her sudden prominence to to nothing more than an internal Tory convulsion - she was selected by a small group of MPs, not the British people read

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Theresa May's bold vision and the enemy within 

In a truly remarkable week for British politics, the Prime Minister set out her passionate moral vision of how she wants to govern and where she hopes to take the country. read

Trump recorded in lewd hot mic chat with Billy Bush in 2005

A new video captures newlywed Donald Trump boasting about how being a 'star' means he can get away with 'anything' when trying to bed a woman, while on a bus with Billy Bush in 2005. read

Trump apologizes for sexist video released with Billy Bush

Donald Trump has apologized for the words he said in 2005 that were released on Friday, where he bragged about trying to seduce Nancy O'Dell and bragged about being able to do 'anything' to women. read

Nancy O'Dell is the married woman mentioned by Donald Trump on tape

Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O'Dell has been revealed as the woman at the center of a crude recording detailing how Donald Trump tried to seduce a married woman in 2005. read

Republicans call for Donald Trump to drop out over 'reprehensible comments'

Prominent Republicans have slammed Donald Trump's 'reprehensible comments' that emerged on Friday, while other have called for him to drop out of the race all together. read

Trump tried dropping Nancy O'Dell from hosting Miss USA in 2007 'because she was pregnant'

Donald Trump reportedly tried to have TV host Nancy O'Dell, dumped from hosting the Miss USA pageant in 2007 because he didn't like the way she looked while five-months pregnant. read

Tom Bergeron and Lena Dunham lead outrage at Donald Trump's lewd comments on Tiwtter

One of his followers responded saying he couldn't 'follow' him anymore. 'The arrogant, sexist, dehumanizing sense of entitlement and power is common to both,' Bergeron shot back. read

Wikileaks release transcripts of Hillary Clinton's closed-doors Wall Street speeches

Wikileaks on Friday published emails from campaign chairman John Podesta. One of them, sent by campaign research director Tony Carrk, points out 'flags' in Hillary Clinton's paid speeches. read

Terrifying videos show Hurricane Matthews waves crashing into Palm Coast home's patio

Security cameras captured the moment the high tide hit Grant Lynch's Palm Coast beach home on Friday. The 50 sandbags placed outside the house did nothing to stop the waves in Matthew's wake. read

Hurricane Matthew causes more chaos across the Bahamas

An recently married couple on the dream honeymoon in the Bahamas has captured shocking footage showing the power of Hurricane Matthew, which started battering the islands on Thursday. read

Disney World closes down for only the 4th time as Hurricane Matthew makes landfall

Walt Disney World in Orlando has closed as Hurricane Matthew batters the Sunshine State. The park announced it would close Thursday evening and all of Friday. Universal and SeaWorld closed, too. read

Hurricane Matthew batters dedicated journalists as storm continues

As Hurricane Matthew trounces Florida, committed journalists have done their duty by reporting from the heart of the storm. Several reporters were doused by the storm. read

'Everyone you know is dead... your kids die too': Fox News host Shep Smith under fire for VERY ominous broadcasts as Hurricane Matthew hits Florida

Fox News anchor Shep Smith issued a direct and dire warning to viewers hours before Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, telling people if they don't leave: 'you and everyone you know are dead'. read

Hurricane Matthew closes in on Georgia with 7ft waves and 100mph winds after killing six people in Florida and leaving entire towns under water

Hurricane Matthew continued to barrel up the east coast on Friday, flooding parts of Florida and forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes. read

The Guardian is forced into a humiliating apology for its Jeremy Corbyn train film report

The paper published the first report about how Labour’s leader had been forced to sit on the floor on a train from London to Newcastle. read

Microsoft Surface set to launch as a desktop PC at mystery event

The firm is rumoured to be putting the finishing touches to an all in one desktop PC - and today sent out invites for an event in New York on the 26th October where it is expected to be unveiled. read

David Cameron celebrates his 50th with an ultra-exclusive party at Sarsden House

David Cameron and his wife Samantha will be celebrating his birthday a day early at a discreet dinner party at Sarsden House, Oxfordshire. Their host will be property developer Tony Gallagher. read

Victoria Wood's brother says he's right to reveal her miserable childhood

Victoria Wood's brother Chris, 75, has defended his decision to publish excerpts from their father’s private diaries. The comedian (pictured on stage in London) died aged 62 from cancer. read

DJ Chris Denning jailed for 13 years for child sex offences

The prolific paedophile, 75, admitted abusing 11 children, some as young as eight, between 1969 and 1986, following an investigation by Surrey Police. read

The tortured love affair that inspired Dr Zhivago

Boris Pasternak (pictured), who was my great-uncle, was at the time the most famous writer in Russia. He enjoyed rock-star status, and he was handsome, too, writes ANNA PASTERNAK. read

Is French hotelier the Duke of Windsor's secret grandson?

According to Francois Graftieaux, his father was the result of an affair between the future King Edward VIII and his grandmother Marie-Leonie Graftieaux, a dirt-poor Parisian seamstress. read

Tesco shoppers face £70 fine for using parent or disabled spaces

The supermarket chain has armed staff at 81 of its UK stores with a special smartphone app to record evidence. The scheme will be rolled out to 200 more locations over the next few weeks. read

How to say these commonly mispronounced words

Do you know how to pronounce tricky words such as dengue, victuals and quinoa correctly? A new quiz aims to test your knowledge and set you on the right track if you're struggling. read

British Jews slam Shami Chakrabarti's anti-Semitism report as a 'job application' for the shadow cabinet as Corbyn resumes his reshuffle with Jon Ashworth as shadow health secretary 

The Labour leader finally unveiled a shadow cabinet shortly before 6.30pm that made deputy leader Tom Watson shadow culture secretary and confirmed Jon Ashworth as shadow health secretary. read

Women hit out at 'sugar-coated' Breast Cancer Awareness month

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Elizabeth Hurley as she stepped out in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month last week, however not everyone is in support of the high-profile pink ribbon campaign. read

Oxford police investigating the rape of a schoolgirl didn't launch child rescue warning

The girl was walking to school along Martson Ferry Road, Oxford, last Wednesday when she was bundled into a car then raped in nearby woodland - but she was not found for another three hours. read

The Clooneys add a posh new pad in Manhattan to their £140m property portfolio

George and Amal Clooney have just bought the latest addition to their burgeoning property empire, a four-bedroom, high-rise home in New York worth an estimated £30 million. read

Emmerdale's Leah Bracknell is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer

Leah Bracknell, who played Zoe Tate for 16 years in Emmerdale, has terminal cancer. Her husband is raising funds to send her for treatment in Germany. read

Barclays banker who stabbed his wife 124 times is found guilty of manslaughter

Investment banker Sanjay Nijhawan was accused of murdering his wife Sonita, 38, (pictured) at their £2million mansion in a gated community in Weybridge, Surrey, on May 21. read

UKIP's Steven Woolfe ‘offers hand of friendship’ to Mike Hookem after altercation

Mike Hookem said he did not punch Steven Woolfe, describing the incident as a 'handbags at dawn, girl-on-girl' scuffle. Woolfe remains in hospital after collapsing at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. read

Solihull woman died of an overdose after mistakenly believing she would be sent to prison 

Sales administrator Jordan Page, 25, from Solihull, West Midlands, died of an overdose when she mistakenly thought she was being refused psychiatric help, an inquest heard. read

Plastic surgeons offer new procedure which sculpts your bottom

Plastic surgeons in Brazil and Portugal are offering a procedure known as the ‘internal Spanx’ which sculpts the bottom like the underwear but by instead going under the skin. read

Haddenham is overrun by neo-Nazi event after farmer believed it was for Help For Heroes

Almost 400 far-right supporters from Europe descended on the event which was held in the quiet rural village of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire. read

REVEALED: The most and least affordable places in the UK to buy a home - as average house price comes to more than six times earnings

Regional differences mean Burnley in Lancashire is the most affordable place while Westminster in London is the least affordable, the latest research has revealed. read

Beloved choir director is given a heartfelt sendoff as her students sang to her minutes before she died

Students from a Texas high school gave their beloved choir director, Mariana Walker, a heartfelt sendoff as they gathered on her doorstep to sing to her one last time. She died from cancer minutes later. read

McDonald’s advises diners to dunk their fries in MILKSHAKE on its Facebook page

A viral McDonald's UK Facebook post asking customers for their favourite milkshake dunking flavours for French fries has received 36,000 'likes', with many saying the practice is 'vile'. read

BBC's Phil Goodland announces Andy Murray's 'straight sex' victory in on-air blunder

Andy Murray was reported as beating his opponent in 'straight sex' by BBC Scotland presenter Phil Goodlad in a hilarious slip when reporting on the player's victory in the China Open. read

A brain tumor delayed Ken Baker's puberty and teenage sex drive until he was THIRTY

Ken Baker, now 46, experienced an almost unheard-of hormonal transition due to a benign brain tumor pressing on his pituitary gland. It meant he lactated 10 times more than a new mother. read

Plane aborts landing in Prague and narrowly avoids crashing as wheels graze the runway

A terrifying video of a Boeing aircraft aborting its landing was captured in Prague as the plane went up against some very strong cross winds. The pilot was able to land safely the second time. read

Business leaders issue last-ditch appeal to Theresa May to sanction Heathrow expansion

A final decision is expected by the end of the month from Theresa May, with the Prime Minister to hold a series of Cabinet sub-committee meetings to make a decision over the coming weeks. read

Landlords offering free rent to ‘pretty women’ on Craigslist in return for sexual favours

EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Helen Croydon posed as a young student looking for properties in London to uncover landlords offering free accommodation at pricey properties in return for sexual favours (shown). read

Iranian woman jailed for an unpublished story she wrote about women being stoned to death 

Iranian woman Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee (left), a writer and human rights activist, has been convicted of 'insulting Islamic sanctities' because of her fictional story about stoning. read

Boy George on a fascinating documentary about growing up in the 70s

Boy George recalls how he was handbagged by old ladies for his flamboyant dress sense in Boy George’s 1970s: Save Me From Suburbia, on BBC2 tonight. These years helped to mold him. read

Kim Kardashian jewellery robbers were all white, middle-aged men, French police reveal

Five white middle-aged male cyclists were behind the £9million heist at Kim Kardashian’s Paris flat, the reality TV star has told French police. The men were French nationals and career criminals. read

Kim Kardashian's break from public life 'will cost her $11m'

Kim Kardashian has retreated from the public eye in the wake of the terrifying $11million heist at her rented Paris apartment. read

Kim Kardashian jewel heist night porter breaks silence over Paris raid

The concierge who led armed robbers to Kim Kardashian’s bedroom in Paris has broken his silence to explain why he remained so calm during the £10 million jewel heist. read

Kim Kardashian's bodyguard's ex-wife claimed he hit her so hard she passed out

Pascal Duvier was subject to a restraining order after Glenda, his ex-wife, claimed he badly beat her at their L.A home, court documents seen by show. He admitted he 'swiped' her. read

Mick Jagger cracks joke as Rolling Stones rock 'Oldchella' crowd

Sporting an array of colourful ensembles, the band - Mick, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, put on a lively performance, even giving fans a taster of their new album. read

Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan to perform together in California

The Rolling Stones, Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters will all be perform together this weekend — at the Empire Polo Club in Indio Valley, California. read

David Bowie's secret art collection is displayed online ahead of auctions at Sotheby's 

The extensive collection of 350 pieces from David Bowie's personal art treasure trove will be on display at Sotheby's in London for 10 days before the pieces are auctioned off. read

Homemade Vs. ready meal: Can your dinner party guests tell the difference?

SPONSORED M&S has released a new range of Cook Menu and Gastropub dishes so perfectly posh, we thought we could fool our friends... read

Cliff Richard poses Dubrovnik after saying he will sue BBC and police over house raid

Sir Cliff said his life was 'effectively turned upside down' as he confirmed he was suing the BBC and South Yorkshire Police over live coverage of a police raid at his home. read

The Queen's pet corgi who starred in 007 Olympic opening ceremony sketch dies aged 13

The Queen has been left distraught following the death of one of her two surviving corgis. Holly,13 who was in the James Bond sketch, was put down in Balmoral leaving one corgi and two dorgis. read

Could forcing yourself to write with BOTH hands make you smarter?

Experts from the Universities of Liverpool and Penn State told MailOnline training your brain to become ambidextrous might not boost its brain power, even though some consultancies suggest it can. read

L'Oreal working on 3D printed hair follicles that grow NEW strands

Paris-based L'Oréal, teamed up with bioprinting company Poietis, which is based in Pessac, southwestern France to form a partnership that aims to develop a working 3D-printed hair follicle. read

Parents of Britain's youngest patient on the heart transplant waiting list reveal their inner torment

In the past six months, Amy and Nick Brace, parents of little Marnie, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, have been ushered into rooms used by doctors to impart bad news with grim regularity. read

How Marmite spreads the passion in the bedroom thanks to it being one of the richest sources of vitamin B12 

New research suggests a diet rich in daily helpings of vitamin B12 can combat premature ejaculation, a problem which affects one in four men in the UK. Meat, fish and eggs are also rich in the vitamin. read

NHS boss loses £240k job created just for her after outcry by the public and patients

Katrina Percy (pictured) is to leave her GP advisory role at the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust which was created for her following her resignation as chief executive last month. read

London couple return from holiday in Portugal to ransacked house

Nicola Kerrison and husband Dean Windsor returned to their home in Essex from holiday in Portugal to find their son had thrown a secret 18th birthday party and their home had been trashed. read

New York daredevil Instagrammer Christopher Serrano dies trying to surf a subway car drunk

Christopher Serrano, 25, was killed early Wednesday morning as he was trying to surf a subway car that was traveling on the F line bound for Brooklyn’s Coney Island. read

Disabled boy ‘died’ for 5 minutes after lifeguards ‘thought he was messing around in a pool’ 

Joshua Smith, 12, panicked and almost drowned when he found himself in difficulty in deep water during a day trip to Danes Camp Leisure Centre in Northampton. read

Mulberry shop turned away women with her baby in a harness over 'no bags policy'

Francesca O'Neil was told she was breaking the pop-up store's 'no bags' policy when she tried to go shopping with her son Tobias, in South Molton Lane, west London. read

Manufacturing REBOUNDS after Brexit as more cars get built in Britain

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said manufacturing output rose 0.2 per cent in August, after a sharp month-on-month contraction in July when activity fell by 0.9 per cent. read

Soldiers' extraordinary tale of survival against in Afghanistan

Lance Corporal Martyn Compton suffered horrific burns to 75 per cent of his body when his armoured vehicle was blown up by a Taliban in Afghanistan. read

Conservatives to 'lift 15-year limit' on expats voting in general elections

Constitution minister Chris Skidmore (pictured) announced plans to lift the 15-year limit today, which could deliver an electoral boost to the Tories as many expats are pensioners. read

European Space Agency readies its lander to head to Mars in the search for alien life

The spacecraft is being controlled from the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, but many of its systems are automatic and don't need commands from Earth. read

Tory MP's granddaughter has a fling with serial womaniser and Labour MP Simon Danczuk

The relationship between Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk and Tory councillor Louise Dickens has become yet another disaster in Mr Danczuk's love life. read

Michael Gove admits he's to blame for rift between David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Mr Gove said his behaviour after the EU referendum was like 'driving at 100 miles per hour and crashing into a brick wall', and said Mr Cameron is 'entitled' to feel upset 'or worse'. read

Girl aged just FIVE contracted a STI after her mother's partner raped her 

Mr Justice Macdonald, pictured, concluded the girl was sexually abused by the man following a hearing at the Family Division of the High Court in London. read

Israel tattoo convention sees fans from all over the world come to get inked

Fans of body art have flocked from all over the world to get inkings from some of the country's leading artists at the annual two-day Israel Tattoo Convention in Tel Aviv. read

Psychologists encourage us to try 'mindful eating' 

The probe, by psychologists at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, suggests the secret may lie in how chocolate fans think about what they are eating. read

Twitter users reveal their frustrating food moments

Photos of frustrating food moments have been shared on social media. Several found no jelly in their Jaffa Cakes, or wafer in their KitKats, while broken biscuits were also among complaints. read

Tinder ‘Boost’ feature lets users pay to have their profile at the top of the swipe list

The feature was trialled in Australia two weeks ago, and is now being rolled out in the UK. Using Tinder Boost can give users up to 10 times more profile views than the standard method. read

Met Police launch hate crime probe after 'extremist Islamic booklets' were handed out

Metropolitan Police has launched an investigation into hate crime after worshippers were given the booklets at the Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania mosque in Walthamstow. read

The extraordinary untold truth about the affairs of Phil Collins' wife

This month rock star Phil Collins publishes his memoirs. But in a compelling series, DAVID JONES uncovers the stories he'll be reluctant to expose. read

Iraq transport minister says new airport will be built on site of ancient alien airport

Speaking at a press conference to announce the construction of the new airport, Kazem Finjan said 'ancient aliens' had built earth's first airport in Dhi Qar, in southern Iraq 7,000 years ago. read

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Juan Manuel Santos 'for his resolute efforts to bring the country's more than 50-year-long civil war to an end', days after Columbia rejected a ceasefire. read

Chinese city plans Shakespeare-themed town to celebrate their love for the English writer

Fuzhou city, Jiangxi province, plans to build a 'mini Stratford-upon-Avon' in Sanweng town. The new town will also celebrate Cervantes and Tang Xianzu, a Chinese playwright. read

Comedy wildlife competition shortlist that’s guaranteed to have you laughing like a hyena

These pictures have all been submitted as part of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and after more than 2,200 entries, the shortlist of 40 has been finalised by the judges. read

Jet Airways passengers at Heathrow airport ‘had their lives put at risk by pilots'

Two pilots leaving the London airport and heading for Mumbai at the end of August were flying too low and dangerously close to the airport boundary wall a report has confirmed. read

Azerbaijan man films woman as he follows her down an escalator

The man must have thought nobody had noticed him filming the woman as he followed her down an escalator at a metro station in Azerbaijan's capital Baku. read

Julia Roberts cuts $10m from the price of her Hawaiian home

Off Kauai's north shore in Hanalei, the six bedroom main house first built in 1915 by sugar plantation executive Hans Peter Fayé has had a third of it's original listing price shaved from the price tag. read

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour reshuffle leaves Opposition made up of north London elite

Jeremy Corbyn has sparked claims he has created an 'Islington mafia' at the heart of the Labour Party, with three key roles going to MPs immediately neighbouring his Islington North constituency. read

14 adults and a child found in lorry at Clacket Lane services on M25

Officers were called to Clacket Lane services at 10.15am today after reports of a group of suspected illegal immigrants who were discovered in a vehicle. read

Tom Watson is Labour’s new culture supremo despite calling on Jeremy Corbyn to resign

The position puts Mr Watson (pictured) in charge of Labour policy on press regulation. He has been an outspoken supporter of implementing the findings of the Leveson Inquiry into the UK Press. read

Ex-footballer Howard Gayle calls for the word 'Empire' to be removed from honours titles

Toxteth-born Howard Gayle, 58, was offered the gong earlier this year but turned it down saying his 'ancestors would turn in their graves after how Empire and Colonialism enslaved them'. read

Hayling Island boy finds message in a bottle from two drugged-up men on cocaine

Schoolboy Robbie Chappell, 13, stumbled across a Heineken beer bottle which contained a hidden message on Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, while walking his dog. read

Thailand dog owner discovers her pet being eaten by a python and is unable to save it 

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Klomphan Khiewwan, 21 got the shock of her life when she awoke to find her beloved pooch Fino head first in the jaws of an enormous snake. read

David Cameron's press chief Craig Oliver's new job is at a lobby firm advising on Brexit

Sir Craig (pictured), who led David Cameron's Remain campaign, will be paid a six-figure salary for US-based global consultancy firm Teneo, which has set up a 'Brexit client transition unit'. read

California woman sues gynecologist for leaving 2-inch metal tool in her body for 11 weeks

Michelle Doig-Collins had a routine uterus exam three months ago with Dr Ann Raffo, her ob-gyn of 10 years at Orange Coast Women's Medical Group in Laguna Hills, California. read

Wine upmanship! Or how the latest status symbol is a £40,000 wine cellar buried under your sitting room  

The fusty, cobweb-festooned caves beneath many Victorian houses are not where today’s enthusiasts want to store their wine — not just at the perfect temperature and humidity, but also in style. read

Wallasey residents’ fury as police order council to chop down tree in local park

Youths picked apples from the tree in a park in Wallasey, Merseyside, and hurled them at cars and passers-by. One resident went so far to suggest the tree had been 'murdered' by authorities. read

Desmond Tutu announces on his 85th birthday he would like the option of an assisted death

Anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu celebrated his 85th birthday on Friday saying he would like to be allowed the option of dignified assisted death. 'I do not wish to be kept alive at all costs,' he said. read

Stormforce Coaching Limited boss charged over Cheeki Rafiki yacht capsize

Douglas Innes, pictured, has been charged with four counts of manslaughter by gross negligence over the deaths of Andrew Bridge, read

Three solicitors 'con Legal Aid Agency out of £600k by setting up a sham company'

Mohammed Ayub, his brother Mohammed Riaz (pictured), and Neil Frew - all of which work for a Bradford solicitors - allegedly set up a 'sham' company to siphon off thousands of pounds. read

Sir Benjamin Slade slammed for offering £1k reward to kill beavers

Eccentric Sir Benjamin Slade (pictured) has erected posters around his 12-acres of parkland in Somerset regarding a cull of the animals, which were only re-introduced to Britain in 2009. read

Power station driven by kites will be set up in Scotland to cut the cost of energy

Renewable energy firm Kite Power Solutions is building its power station at the Ministry of Defence's West Freugh range in Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway. It will be in operation by March 2017. read

Star Trek fans descend on Birmingham for Trekkie convention

Thousands of fans are queuing at the Birmingham NEC for the first day of Destination Star Trek, a weekend long convention featuring George Takei, William Shatner and Wil Wheaton. read

1961 photo of man who looks like Matt Damon sends the internet into a spin

A photograph of a man, now 75, on his wedding day in 1961 looks so like actor Matt Damon, 45, that he has been described as his doppelganger. The black and white photo shows him with his wife. read

First for the Army as soldier weds his groom on base in Cyprus

Sergeant Alastair Smith married civilian Aaron Weston on British forces territory in Dhekilia, Cyprus in what is believed to be the first gay wedding on a UK overseas military base. read

Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond and May star in The Grand Tour trailer ahead of release

The first full trailer for The Grand Tour has been released today and the new show featuring the former Top Gear stars promises to be as daring and exciting as ever. read

Ferrari California washed away by flood waters in Thailand

Car enthusiasts couldn’t bare to look as an $AUD 800,000 Ferrari became stuck in flood waters in Bangkok, Thailand this week. read

Married people reveal what happened after they left their partner

People have revealed what they learned after leaving their husband or wife - with one man describing life with his new love as a 'complete disaster' while others were blissfully happy. read

Elite Scotland Yard unit 'was targeted by private investigators from RISC firm'

Officers working for Scotland Yard's specialist crime unit - known as SCD6 - were reportedly courted by investigators working for a company called RISC management. read

Cadbury's resurrect Milk Tray Man 50 years after his first ad 

Firefighter Patrick McBride, who won the role ahead of 20,000 hopefuls last year, is the latest to don the black polo neck for Cadbury's new Milk Tray Man in a £3million televised campaign. read

Teen serenaded by Florence & The Machine dies of cancer months after their duet

Karinya Chen, who battled bone cancer for five years, passed away in Austin, Texas, on Saturday. She touched millions of people around the world when she perfectly harmonized with Florence Welch. read

Elephant and Castle becomes scene of a rescue as a dog is pulled from the tracks

Footage from the Elephant and Castle station on the London Underground captures the heartwarming rescue of Sammy after he fell down the gap between the platform and train. read

Bolton accountant scoops ‘Britain’s Best Lawn’ title after years of trying

Boasting he has a more impressive garden than the Queen, 58-year-old Keith Chuck from Bolton uses the same grass seeds used by Premier League football clubs to maintain his award-winning lawn. read

Video of Canadian man fainting after he tries to lift a huge barbell

The overly-ambitious gym-goer has been caught on camera in a Canadian gym fainting after trying to pull off a deadlift. A woman rushes over to help him and he is soon able to stand back up. read

Durham mugger takes on 85 year old man only to realise he was a former boxer

Great-grandfather Ernie Hanratty, 85, pictured, was held up by Daniel Rose as he returned from his morning shopping trip in Stanley, County Durham. read

Berlin's Brandenburg Gates gets a makeover in German capital's Festival of Lights 

Artists shone powerful beams onto the Brandenburg Gate to create a dazzling spectacle for thousands of visitors to the German capital. read

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled game among presents set to be 2016's Christmas bestsellers

Toy store Hamleys has predicted what it expects to be the top 10 sellers this festive season, including a new range of Star Wars drones that can fly at speeds of 50mph and shoot lasers. read

London daredevil surfs on the roof of a double decker bus

The London man who calls himself 'dying llama' surfs the bus as it stops to pick up passengers before continuing on its way. He laughs and waves at bemused passers-by. read

Mac on...Tory plans to train more British doctors 

‘So what were you doing before you heard that the Government wants thousands of new British doctors?’ read

Cocaine-fuelled groom on his stag night is chased by police who Taser him at wheel

High on drugs Nasar Hanif, 29, smashed his hired Audi R8 Spyder in a police chase captured on camera by a pursuing force patrol car. He was sentenced to 18 months at Manchester Crown Court. read