Kim is not such a big Un! North Korean dictator looks to have shed a few pounds on tour of souvenir factory 

08/10/16 18:31

08/10/16 01:26

They are also discussing supporting surgical strikes on the rogue state, said Chinese professor Zhe Sun at a security forum in Washington. Images of the nuclear test site show increased activity.

07/10/16 14:46

The school's vice-principle 'feared punishment' for not protecting the pictures. The tragedy happened in August after storms in North Korea left 133 dead and 395 missing.

06/10/16 21:39

Johnson was asked if he knew the name of North Korea's dictator. ‘I do,’ he replied. But he did not say Kim Jong Un. ‘You want me to name,’ he said, ‘Really.’

05/10/16 18:51

Kim Jong-un's state newspaper condemned recent joint tests conducted by Seoul and Washington in the East Sea, and warned that North Korea was ready to retaliate.

05/10/16 10:48

President Park Guen-hye had previously urged citizens in North Korea to move to the 'bosom of freedom' in the South, prompting an angry response from North Korea's state media.

05/10/16 04:34

The Chinese tourist went on a five-day tour of North Korea. He said even tourists have to bow to statues of Kim Jong-un or face arrest and that the press constantly issue fake stories about North Korea.

03/10/16 18:13

North Korea has reportedly seen a surge in incurable diseases and radiation deaths after it carried out its fifth nuclear test.

30/09/16 13:26

South Korea's Defense Ministry announced the high-tech defence system would be stationed at the Skyhill Country Club in a bid to warn off the North Korean despot.

28/09/16 14:24

Women's League units in North Korea are appearing at Underground stations across Pyongyang waving red flags and dancing to patriotic music in a drive to boost workers' productivity in the secretive state.

22/09/16 19:01

The plan, called the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation, would 'directly target' key North Korean sites and the country's leadership, if any sign of a nuclear strike on South Korea was detected.

21/09/16 16:54

The two countries are to carry out the joint exercise in Alaska next month and use GBU-31 Joint Direct Attack Munition, a kit that converts bombs that free-fall from planes into guided munitions.

21/09/16 15:29

North Korea's 28 websites were leaked yesterday after a glitch by the country's systems administrators meant the web addresses were published and people were able to access them.

20/09/16 10:51

The despot oversaw a ground test of a new rocket engine, and called for a satellite launch as soon as possible. Kim Jong Un expressed 'great satisfaction' with the test, at Sohae Space Center.

17/09/16 06:08

A North Korean defector has told how he was forced to eat snakes and the bark from trees to live after his family fell foul of the country's crazed leader. Sungju Lee now studies in Britain.

16/09/16 20:03

The Ryanggang Hotel in Pyongyang - which is described by locals as a 'first class' establishment - has received negative reviews on TripAdvisor , with guests describing it as 'dirty,cold and hideous'.

15/09/16 15:15

The sketch show, which is thought to have been broadcast earlier this month, is the 11th comedy programme of its kind to be shown in North Korea and poked fun at both the U.S. and South Korea.

14/09/16 10:13

The epic gathering, in North Korea's capital Pyongyang, featured tens of thousands of civilians and military personnel gazing up at their leaders who were watching on from a balcony.

13/09/16 18:12

Pictures released today show the despot cheerfully surveying varieties of corn and rice grown on a state-run farm - despite 140,000 North Korean citizens being in 'urgent need of assistance' due to floods.

13/09/16 04:45

The United States on Tuesday sent nuclear-capable supersonic bombers streaking over ally South Korea in a show of force meant to cow North Korea after its recent nuclear test.

12/09/16 21:39

Officials in Seoul say South Korea's military has been placed on full combat readiness to respond to 'further nuclear tests, ballistic missile launches or land provocation' by the North.

10/09/16 01:33

For North Korean propagandists, the news the country had carried out a nuclear test was a glorious confirmation of Kim Jong-Un's might. But internet users were quick to mock the tubby tyrant.

09/09/16 23:23

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign says Friday's North Korean nuclear test revealed the 'calamitous diplomatic failure' of Hillary Clinton.

09/09/16 13:47

US, European and Chinese monitoring agencies are reporting a 5.0-5.3-magnitude quake near North Korea's nuclear test site amid fears it has conducted its second nuclear test this year.

08/09/16 15:17

Images taken in the North Korean capital Pyongyang show how high ranking officials drive around in gleaming Audis while ordinary workers have to struggle around the city on bicycles.

07/09/16 13:13

Satire towards the leader's regime 'will not be forgiven' according to a source, who said mass meetings have been arranged by central government authorities to issue warnings on citizens' everyday conversations.

06/09/16 06:29

David Sneddon's family claim that Japanese experts reported four years ago that he was arrested in 2004 in China and later handed over to North Korea officials after helping refugees.

05/09/16 23:20

Images of the Rogon missiles (pictured) launched into the sea near Japan today show that they look remarkably similar to Chinese JL-1 weapons, according to Dr Bruce Bechtol.

05/09/16 17:39

The missiles were fired from a western region south of the capital Pyongyang, just after noon local time (0300 GMT), South Korea's Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

01/09/16 14:54

Troops from North Korea's People's Army will be trained to enter enemy territory and, in the event of war, unleash their own nuclear bomb.

01/09/16 07:31

Ri Yong Jin was executed after he dozed off in a meeting addressed by Kim Jong-un, while former agriculture minister Hwang Min made a policy suggestion which was seen as undermining Kim.

28/08/16 22:51

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was worshipped by almost 150,000 adoring teenagers who had filled the world's largest stadium for a youth league mass rally in the country's capital, Pyongyang.

27/08/16 20:51

Kim Ryen-hi, 46, fled from North Korea to South Korea via China and Thailand five years ago. But she does not consider herself a defector and now wants to go back to her family in Pyongyang.

27/08/16 19:54

North Korea threatened to aim fire at the lighting equipment used by 'provocative' American and South Korean troops at a truce village inside the Demilitarized Zone that divides the two Koreas.

25/08/16 15:03

A 1973 brief said Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev had 'voiced suspicions that opponents of Soviet-U.S. accommodation are trying to exploit Watergate', according to newly declassified documents.

25/08/16 14:51

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hailed yesterday's submarine-launched missile test as the 'greatest success' and said the U.S. mainland was now 'within striking range'.

25/08/16 07:59

North Korea has fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile towards Japan, the latest in a string of missile launches in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions.

23/08/16 21:44

The big draw to visitors at North Korea's newly renovated zoo are not the lions, tigers or bears - but the 'dog pavilion' next to the hippopotamus pen and the reptile house.

23/08/16 21:12

The American-led UN Command in South Korea said Pyongyang had planted the explosives devices near a truce village inside the Demilitarised Zone that divides the two countries.

23/08/16 19:13

The unit was created in 1967 with one aim, to murder the president at the time, Park Chung-hee, but it’s thought the squad could be deployed by Kim Jong-un to kill defectors.

22/08/16 20:11

The US and South Korea insist the drills - which involves around 50,000 Korean and 25,000 US soldiers - are purely defensive in nature, but Pyongyang views them as being provocative.

22/08/16 16:41

Kim Jong-un has launched a new TV on demand service in North Korea using a set top box called 'Manbang', which according to his officials means 'every direction' or 'everywhere'.

20/08/16 14:18

South Korean media claim the un-named official and his family, who have been living in the west for 20 years, have defected along with a $400 million foreign currency slush fund owned by Kim Jong-un.

19/08/16 13:31

The impersonator posed in the stands before the evening session at the Rio Olympics began. He even adopted Jong-un's trademark swept back undercut hair style and his black two-piece army suit.

18/08/16 18:46

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has warned the United States he is closely watching for any signs of aggression and would respond by wiping out their bases across the Pacific.

18/08/16 18:15

Thae Yong-Ho, the number two at the North Korean embassy in Britain, is one of the highest ranking diplomats ever to defect to the South.

18/08/16 15:55

Louis Cole, better known as Fun For Louis, from Surrey sparked controversy after he uploaded a series of vlogs to YouTube documenting his week spent in the secretive state.

17/08/16 15:26

The secretive state's Atomic Energy Insitutue say they have restarted producing plutonium and highly enriched uranium necessary for for nuclear arms and power 'as scheduled.'

17/08/16 13:18

The unnamed diplomat, who worked at the west London semi-detached embassy of the world's most oppressive regime, is now said to be missing having left his wife and children.

17/08/16 11:49

North Korean gymnast Ri Se-Gwang seemed to be fighting back tears as he held up his gold medal atop the Olympic podium in Rio, after claiming victory in the men's vault event.

16/08/16 00:19

The intricate details of North Korean design have been revealed in a fascinating series of photos by French photographer Raphael Olivier during an architecture tour in July.

15/08/16 19:22

North Korea, which is ruled by tyrant Kim Jong-un, is encouraging its population to eat more dog meat by suggesting it contains more vitamins than chicken, beef, pork and duck.

14/08/16 12:53

Intriguing video footage from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang on Friday shows the country's first ever beer festival. The event reportedly drew over 800 residents, tourists, and foreign guests.

11/08/16 19:18

This adorable photograph shows South Korean gymnast Lee Eun Ju taking a selfie with 2008 Olympic vault champion and 2014 world champion Hong Un Jong of North Korea.

07/08/16 19:13

North Korea is often seen as one of the most mysterious places in the world to visit as it's so closed off to the outside world. But Jacob Laukaitis has revealed what it's like to travel there.

04/08/16 14:49

Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered space officials in North Korea to put a plan into place that will see them put more advanced satellites into orbit and even attempt a moon landing.

03/08/16 13:24

North Korea launched two Rodong intermediate-range rockets at the same time, but one exploded on take-off while the other landed in the sea 155 miles off the north of Japan.

30/07/16 18:20

Undated photos have been released of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un smiling as he strolls around a newly-built fishing tackle factory in the country's capital, Pyongyang.

29/07/16 20:36

Six North Korean officials were killed following the defection of 13 workers at a North Korean-run restaurant in China. They had been responsible for the group that fled to the South.

28/07/16 23:31

Han Song Ryol (pictured) North Korea's top diplomat for US affairs has said that Washington has 'crossed the red' line and effectively declared war by putting Kim Jong-un on its list of sanctioned individuals.

28/07/16 18:20

The North Korean is understood to be a member of a delegation that attended a maths olympiad at a Hong Kong university two weeks ago.

27/07/16 23:39

The joint defence system coined by the U.S. and South Korea is to ensure security after missiles were launched by North Korea and sanctions were made against its leader for human rights abuse.

25/07/16 18:50

After a string of failures in recent months, North Korea tested two Musudan missiles with a range of up to 2,500 miles on Wednesday, one of which flew 250 miles into the Sea of Japan.

25/07/16 18:46

A North Korean submarine fired a ballistic missile which 'fell into the sea' during a botched weapons test. The Pentagon confirmed it tracked what it believed was a KN-11 sub-based missile.

25/07/16 18:46

These are the unusual scenes of citizens in North Korea being able to enjoy themselves at a funfair in the hermit state's capital Pyongyang after being given the day off by Kim Jong-un.

25/07/16 12:28

The Communist dictator was in high spirits amid reports that North Korea's economy has shrunk or that Switzerland has imposed a UN ban on exporting luxury goods to his country.

22/07/16 14:35

Kim Jong-un has been accused of developing a top secret uranium enrichment plant inside a hollowed out mountain near the Chinese border in a former aircraft manufacturing plant.

20/07/16 22:08

The indecipherable announcements, the most recent of which occurred on Friday, echoed Cold War-era tactics used by the North to communicate missions with their spies based in South Korea.

20/07/16 10:57

North Korea has confirmed the firing of two Scud missiles and a Rodong missile detected by US military were ordered by Kim Jong-un and meant to simulate a nuclear strike on the South.

15/07/16 08:47

Ko Hyon-Chol, who fled the North in 2013 and was granted South Korean citizenship, wept and buried his head in his hands as he was paraded in front of state media reporters in the capital.

14/07/16 22:46

The U.S. missile defense system to counter attacks from rogue states like North Korea has no proven capability to protect the United States, a science advocacy group has warned.

14/07/16 14:34

South Korean Pokémon GO superfans are trekking to a quiet North Korea border town, where a lucky glitch in the game has allowed them to play the augmented reality game.

11/07/16 11:57

North Korea threatened Monday to take 'physical action' after Washington and Seoul announced they would deploy a sophisticated US anti-missile defence system.

09/07/16 04:15

Amazing  - and frightening - footage captured the moment water burst into Yonsei University library in Seoul causing students to flee. It's allegedly due to North Korea opening a dam on the border.

07/07/16 20:19

Kim Jong-un has been accused of overseeing systematic human rights abuses and torture in North Korea according to the US State Department that has frozen all his American-based assets.

07/07/16 13:44

Images have emerged showing the everyday lives of the citizens of Pyongyang, from workers painting warships with no safety equipment to solemn queues of mourners carrying flowers.

05/07/16 10:23

Leader Kim Jong-Un hailed the submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test as an 'eye-opening success', and claimed Pyongyang has the ability to strike Seoul and the US whenever.

05/07/16 10:19

Pyongyang fired four short-range rockets or missiles from near the eastern city of Hamhung just before 3.20pm (6.20am GMT) and landed in the East Sea (Sea of Japan).

04/07/16 17:54

The luxury barge, based in the North Korean port city of Wonsan, features a giant swimming pool, water slides and cabins filled with girls, it has been claimed.

02/07/16 17:55

Kim Jong-un met with Salvador Antonio Valdes Mesa, vice-president of the Council of State of Cuba and a special envoy of president Raul Castro and updated him on their mutual fight against the US.