DAILY BRIEFING: Hong Kong watchdog fines HSBC £243,993 for 2014 regulatory breaches

15/09/16 14:21

07/09/16 23:01

Tough US law enforcers are said to be rethinking a deal, which allowed the bank to escape prosecution over past misdeeds in Mexico.

27/07/16 16:06

The news comes after HSBC issued a warning it could begin charging customers for holding their money, although the charge would only apply to funds held in foreign currencies, not in pounds.

25/07/16 02:20

Santander is first to report, followed by Lloyds then Barclays. HSBC and Standard Chartered will both release results on August 3. And Natwest owner RBS will go last on August 5.

21/07/16 09:17

HSBC executive Mark Johnson, 50, who splits his time between London and New York, was held by federal agents as he tried to board a UK-bound flight and thrown in a Brooklyn jail.

13/07/16 01:23

The Chancellor wrote a letter to the then chairman of the Federal Reserve, warning that prosecuting a HSBC could hold 'very serious implications for financial and economic stability'.

12/07/16 13:40

HSBC has been caught up in another row over the world's giant banks, as a new report claims it was 'too big to jail' over US money-laundering charges. We explain.

11/07/16 22:07

HSBC's senior economic advisor, Stephen King, told commercial customers yesterday that there is no cause for panic, arguing the weak pound would make businesses more competitive.

21/06/16 02:05

The cut price rate - which will save homeowners thousands - comes after Bank of England signalled interest rates could stay low for several more years and could even be cut in the coming months.

09/06/16 11:47

Former HM Revenue and Customs chief executive Dame Lin Homer will collect her damehood from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace today.

06/06/16 19:28

The Chancellor accused the Leave campaign of trying to 'deceive' voters that people's livelihoods are not at risk if we cut ties with Brussels.

28/05/16 21:17

Michael Geoghegan, group chief executive of HSBC between 2006 and 2010, laid out seven reasons why he believed the UK was better off outside the EU.

17/05/16 01:19

It means British IT workers will be replaced by staff in lower-wage countries including India, China and Poland.

04/05/16 10:09

For the first three months of the year, the banking giant reported an 18% fall in underlying pretax profits to $5.43billion (£3.7billion), but that was better than the $4.2billion pencilled in by analysts.

18/04/16 10:17

Two crusading US senators are urging an American crackdown on HSBC and other banks at the heart of the Panama Papers tax avoidance scandal.

14/04/16 12:25

The world's local bank should hang its head in shame over the lousy rates it offers customers sending cash overseas. HSBC has been found to be the worst high street bank for forex transfers

23/03/16 10:06

My son, who has ADHD and is registered disabled, has an HSBC current account. When it was opened in 2007, it was made clear that he did not want an overdraft facility due to his limited income.

21/03/16 07:15

McDonagh said she is stunned by how little progress has been made since she joined the bank as a graduate trainee 20 years ago.

18/03/16 14:18

Replacing Flint, who is 60, would then allow the lender to start the quest to find for a successor to chief executive Stuart Gulliver, the bank said, without giving a precise timeline for that change.

23/02/16 00:48

Britain's biggest bank, HSBC, is still being used by criminals – almost four years after it was fined £1.1billion for money laundering. MPs have called for an investigation into HSBC.

19/02/16 13:19

Typing a password to access accounts could soon be a thing of the past for millions of First Direct and HSBC customers as it introduces biometric banking using voice and touch.

15/02/16 11:40

A unanimous vote cast by executives at a board meeting in London yesterday delivered the decision that HSBC will keep its headquarters in the UK.

13/02/16 13:54

Three families united in their grief over the cruel murders of their relatives are suing the financial giant HSBC for allegedly aiding terrorism by laundering billions of dollars for Mexican cartels.

12/02/16 23:25

Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are currently discussing bonus plans worth millions of pounds as they gear up to announce annual results.

19/01/16 10:41

The Nudge app, developed by HSBC, applies a behavioural theory called the 'Nudge theory' to help users spend less and save more.

16/01/16 12:31

A tweet which appeared to give away a man's bank details and pin number has gone viral, with hundreds of re-tweets from people asking for his full details so they could do some online shopping.

05/01/16 15:08

Banking giant HSBC appears to be suffering problems with its online personal banking page on its British website, although it says the mobile banking app is still working for customers.

05/01/16 14:57

HSBC online systems are suffering from a prolonged New Year’s hangover as customers are unable to access their accounts for the second day running.

05/01/16 00:56

HSBC has been let off the hook over alleged tax-dodging after the Financial Conduct Authority decided not to pursue formal action against it following allegations it helped the super-rich avoid tax.

26/11/15 00:26

HSBC will insist on applicants handing in anonymous CVs in its bid to give half of its senior jobs to women as it seeks to stamp out sexism in the workplace.

06/10/15 17:09

A rush of interest met the news that ordinary investors will soon be given the chance to buy shares in a Lloyds sale, with 62,500 signing up to express an interest by last night.

03/09/15 15:26

Midland Bank was a fixture across the UK before it was swallowed up by HSBC in 1992, but the banking giant decided to stick to its own brand after collecting feedback from customers and staff.

29/08/15 17:35

HSBC has apologised to all those affected by a computer glitch which left 275,000 people without their wages, as the bank confirmed that all missed payments had now been made.

29/08/15 13:03

Britain's biggest bank, which has 16 million UK customers, failed to transfer hundreds of millions of pounds this morning. They say those who missed out should be paid this evening.

15/07/15 12:28

As Apple Pay went live, customers at some of of Britain's biggest banks found themselves unable to use the new tap-to-pay service, with customers taking to social media to express their frustration.

14/07/15 10:08

The technology will mean shoppers will be able to make payments using some of the latest Apple products, such as the iPhone 6.

07/07/15 19:24

The video, taken at a go-karting centre in Birmingham, shows the balaclava-clad men laughing as a colleague kneels in front of them in an orange jumpsuit.

01/07/15 09:48

Grenville Stanbury's insurer HSBC refused to pay out £40,000 because he had suffered a cardiac arrest, not a heart attack.

01/07/15 07:46

Giving evidence to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, Sir John Vickers said he ‘was a little surprised’ HSBC had criticised ‘ring-fencing rules’, having previously publicly backed them.

29/06/15 10:47

HSBC, the UK’s largest bank which was the biggest in the world in 2008, fell to ninth place from fifth last year in a new study ranking the top 1,000 banks in the world.

28/06/15 10:48

22 of its 1,057 branches have been put on notice that they will shut in the next three months. This is on top of the 27 that have already gone this year. Reverend David Franklin is on a misson.

17/06/15 09:36

The bank lured savers into its Loyalty Isa from February this year with top rates of between 1.4  per cent and 1.6 per cent, depending on which current account you held with the bank.

11/06/15 01:21

Lead lawyer for HSBC Asset Management Sandie Okoro said gap years have become generic and a year in the service industry on your CV shows more valuable skills to businesses.

10/06/15 00:38

In an eagerly anticipated update to investors, Europe’s biggest bank revealed thousands of staff will pay the price for its misfiring performance.

10/06/15 00:15

Stuart Gulliver, the chief executive of HSBC, faces a Herculean task in making a huge and complicated organisation less risky and easier to manage.

09/06/15 23:53

The rejig would also mean that the HSBC brand would cease to be a presence on the high street. HSBC took over Midland Bank (file image) in 1992 and rebranded all the branches in 1999.

09/06/15 14:00

The debate around the new name comes on the same day that HSBC announced swingeing job cuts and annual cost savings.

09/06/15 13:38

The banking giant - which employs around 48,000 of its 258,000 global staff in the UK - revealed it is axing 25,000 jobs worldwide in a bombshell announcement this morning

08/06/15 18:41

HSBC boss Stuart Gulliver is on the cusp of announcing thousands of job cuts when he presents an update to investors at its Canary Wharf HQ tomorrow.

07/06/15 21:07

HSBC is expected to set out plans to cut up to 20,000 jobs as it tries to convince shareholders the business is on track. Plans will be revealed at ‘Strategy Day’ being held in Canary Wharf.

05/06/15 21:57

Hong Kong seems the most obvious answer, but really isn’t. First problem is, HSBC is bigger than the city state – its assets are nine times the size of the entire economy.

04/06/15 18:06

Authorities raided the Geneva premises of the group's controversial private bank in February after an ex-employee leaked a list of thousands of suspected tax evaders to French authorities.

03/06/15 00:06

The bank faces three lawsuits in the US from funds run by investment managers BlackRock, Pimco and TIAA-CREF.

02/06/15 11:23

The global giant, which is reeling from allegations it helped clients dodge tax in Swiss bank accounts, is expected to make the announcement at its investor day on June 9.

29/05/15 07:46

Both Barclays and HSBC have been named in legal papers filed by the US Department of Justice after millions of dollars in suspect transactions linked to Fifa allegedly moved through accounts.

28/05/15 13:25

Tom Hayes (pictured arriving at London's Southwark Crown Court today) is denying eight counts of conspiring to defraud. He pocketed more than £4m while earning his employers tens of millions.

20/05/15 21:55

It is understood the bank had sounded out officials at the Prudential Regulation Authority about its wish to give the key role to Alan Keir, who is the chief executive of its global High Street operation.

19/05/15 14:17

Co-founder, Justine Roberts (pictured left) hopes that Mumsnet Jobs will play a part in fighting gender inequality at work and overcoming the 'motherhood penalty' that she says mums face.

15/05/15 12:51

Andrew Bailey, head of the Bank's Prudential Regulation Authority, said that the bank should assess the benefits of moving its base.

06/05/15 00:04

Announcing a 4 per cent jump in profits to £4.6billion in the first quarter Gulliver, pictured, revealed a decision on whether to move its headquarters overseas will be made by the end of the year.

05/05/15 13:59

Profits rose to $7.06billion (£4.7billion) for the first quarter, 4 per cent ahead of the same period last year. 

04/05/15 08:21

The City will be scouring HSBC’s first quarter results this week for clues on the measures in its major strategy overhaul that will be announced next month.

27/04/15 22:23

Even though some four-fifths of HSBC’s earnings may come from Asia, the option of moving back to Hong Kong is not that attractive.

27/04/15 22:20

Expectations that HSBC could sell off its UK banking business on top of news that it may move its headquarters away from London pumped up the share price.

27/04/15 16:03

Today’s 3 per cent rise in its share price added almost £6billion to HSBC’s market value. The FTSE 100-listed shares were 23.2p higher, or 3.7 per cent, at 652.9p in late afternoon trade.

25/04/15 22:05

Senior lawyers and accountants said the US would try to block such a move out of concern over Chinese influence on the bank as it has major US operations.

25/04/15 14:14

A string of scandals at the bank, as well as its spluttering performance, has made the issue of executive pay increasingly sensitive for investors.

25/04/15 10:19

Global banking giant HSBC will consider moving its headquarters out of the UK, chairman Douglas Flint will reveal today, with rumours that it could also relaunch the Midland banking brand.

25/04/15 10:08

How convenient for HSBC’s top executives that the location of the bank’s head office blew up into the story of the day, overshadowing questions of directors’ conduct and performance.

24/04/15 15:21

Chairman Douglas Flint told the group's annual general meeting that it was responding to ‘regulatory and structural reforms’ in the industry in the wake of the financial crisis.

22/04/15 10:03

My solicitor and my HSBC branch in Spalding, Lincs, have tried in vain to collect the money on my behalf, but no reply has been forthcoming to their requests.

22/04/15 00:13

In a report published ahead of the bank’s annual meeting with shareholders on Friday, charity Christian Aid said the scandal hit lender is ‘hiding far too much about its global activities’.

21/04/15 18:03

Anyone trying to access HSBC's defunct page for the Young Entrepreneurs Awards - which was shut down in 2011 - was greeted by graphic images of women posing naked (pictured) and having sex.

21/04/15 09:06

Responding to an investor in Hong Kong, Douglas Flint said the lender is looking at its options, which could include moving its domicile overseas.

19/04/15 21:21

Protests are expected at the company's annual meeting on Friday over the £7.6m pay package handed to chief executive Stuart Gulliver, who has also been criticised over his non-dom status.

18/04/15 03:04

The battle between lenders has intensified in recent months, plunging home loan rates to their lowest in history. HSBC's two per cent offer launches on Monday and is set to trigger a flood of rate cuts.

18/04/15 01:01

HSBC has pushed five-year fixed rate mortgages to their lowest ever level, allowing homeowners to lock in at a rate of just 1.99 per cent.

16/04/15 08:49

BBC Trust chairman Rona Fairhead is facing calls to step down immediately as a director of HSBC after claims that HSBC’s Swiss operation helped wealthy clients hide billions from the taxman.

15/04/15 22:26

After the last few months of disclosures of nefarious doings at HSBC’s Swiss private bank in Geneva, it should not be in the least bit surprising that the group is looking to refresh its board.

15/04/15 08:43

HSBC director Rona Fairhead will apparently quit her role at the bank in a year's time. The under-fire BBC boss is said to have announced her departure in a letter to shareholders.