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Trump called daughter Ivanka 'a piece of a**' in misogynistic 'banter' with Howard Stern 

Donald Trump has made numerous crude and misogynistic comments towards women, including agreeing that his daughter Ivanka Trump (left at 22 years old) is 'a piece of a**' while appearing as a guest on the Howard Stern (main) radio show over a 17-year period. Trump has engaged in lewd conversations with the shock jock that focused on his preference for younger women, his sex life and his losing his virginity to a 'hot little girl' when he was 14 years old, according to a review of the interviews by CNN. While being interviewed for a September 2004 show, the billionaire businessman told Stern that his daughter Ivanka was beautiful, who at the time was 22 years old (left). 'Can I say this?' asked Stern. 'A piece of a**?' 'Yeah,' replied Trump. Roughly two years later in a October 2006 interview, Stern and Trump discussed Ivanka's breasts on the show. Stern remarked that Ivanka 'looks more voluptuous than ever,' and asked if she had breast implants. Trump told Stern that she never had surgery for breast implants. 'She's always been quite voluptuous,' said Trump. 'She's tall, she's almost 6 feet tall and she's been, she's an amazing beauty.'

Rumors Mike Pence is under GOP pressure to quit as Trump's running mate

Donald Trump could be left without a running mate as GOP officials may consider pressuring Mike Pence to quit after he publicly stated that he could not 'condone' the billionaire's crude hot mic comments. A few GOP leaders may be considering a scenario in which they would convince Pence to leave the ticket, according to CNN. Former Jeb Bush supporter, Vin Weber told the network that he would 'absolutely' call for Pence to leave the ticket as a way to put 'immeasurable pressure' on Trump to leave the race. 'Pence is the anchor that keeps Trump in the race,' so without him it would be over for the candidate, Weber said. The Indiana governor was said to be 'beside himself' over Trump's comments. Pence said in a statement about Trump: 'I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. I am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the American people.'

Furious Donald Trump supporters have tried to disrupt Paul Ryan's speech in Wisconsin, after the Speaker uninvited the Republican nominee from the event over shocking 2005 hot mic recording.

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The GOP nominee spoke to radio host Howard Stern in December 2005, while his wife was expecting their son Barron. They had been married for almost a year when he lampooned her changing appearance.

The Arizona senator said on Saturday that it was 'impossible' to continue supporting the GOP nominee.

The vice-president (pictured) slammed Trump's comments about women in a tweet Saturday evening, saying the behavior described by the GOP nominee was 'an abuse of power'.

Donald Trump may have given the strongest hint yet he will attack Hillary Clinton's personal life in Sunday's debate, by retweeting rape accusations made against Bill Clinton.

Palm Springs police officers killed and another injured attending to 'family disturbance'

Two police officers were killed and one was injured after being shot in Palm Springs, California on Saturday while responding to a 'family disturbance.' The shooting took place near Sunrise Way and Racquet Club Road in the luxury desert town as officers were responding to a 'family disturbance' around 2pm, Sgt. Hutchinson of Palm Springs Police Department said. Palm Springs Police Chief Bryan Reyes tearfully identified the two deceased officers as Jose Gilbert 'Gil' Vega (left) and Lesley Zerebny (right) during an afternoon press conference. Police on Sunday morning announced that a suspect had been arrested.

He's famous for his roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood. But on Saturday John Barrowman unfortunately had to play the part of reporter, as a bloody shooting unfolded

Mohammed Rahami (pictured) said Saturday the FBI had made 'mistake after mistake' and claimed the bureau did not 'do its job properly' when he tried to warn them about his son's behavior in 2014.

New York passenger train carrying 600 people slams in to another

Eleven people were taken to hospital after the eastbound train slammed in to a work train near New Hyde Park shortly after 9pm. Six hundred people were on board the commuter service. It comes days after a train derailed in the Bronx causing widespread Amtrak delays. Earlier this month a New Jersey Transit train smashed into Hoboken station, killing a young mother on board.

Researchers at Mainz University in Germany have found a link between intelligence and shortsightedness, saying those who wear glasses may often be smarter than those who don't.

Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton celebrates Donald Trump controversy on SNL

Kate McKinnon has perhaps captured the real feelings of Hillary Clinton on SNL, by dancing and drinking champagne when asked about Donald Trump's controversial hot mic comments. 'It's a very sad day for our country and all women, minus one,' she said with a wink. 'It was incredibly disturbing, and when I heard it I was deeply, deeply saddened. It made me feel just very horrible and depressed,' McKinnon said, as she held back laughter. Earlier in the segment, Alec Baldwin again took the stage as Donald Trump - a performance he debuted last week to rave reviews. 'Are you not entertained?' he said.

Bill Clinton handled some disruptive Trump supporters with ease as he brushed off their 'rapist' claims and told his audience that 'they had a bad day yesterday' during event in Milwaukee.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has blasted Republicans for backing away from Donald Trump, as the nominee's team of closest advisers continues to support him in the wake of latest controversy.

Robert and Rebekah Mercer dismissed Trump's boast that he could 'grab them by the p****' as nothing more bragging, insisting their support remained squarely behind the candidate.

Hillary Clinton's campaign allegedly discussed ways to elevate Donald Trump and other 'extreme' GOP candidates to make the party's eventual nominee 'unpalatable', new Wikileaks emails claim.

Trump is CHEERED outside Trump Tower: Defiant Donald greets supporters in New York after Melania condemns him and senior GOP figures withdraw their support for his crude hot-mic comments 

Donald Trump has been cheered by fans outside Trump Tower in New York, hours after Melania called his lewd remarks about women from a 2005 video 'unacceptable and offensive'. The Republican nominee emerged from the Manhattan skyscraper about 5pm on Saturday, and was immediately mobbed by adoring supporters. Trump waved to his fans (middle) before disappearing back inside the building. Earlier in the day, as Trump's statements were condemned being condemned by his running mate and several senators and congressmen who withdrew their support and discussed replacing him, Melania (right) said her husband's words do not represent the man he is today. 'The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. This does not represent the man that I know,' she said. Senator John McCain (left) became the highest profile Republican yet to rescind his support of Trump. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, and others have officially said they can no longer vote for Trump, while dozens of Republicans have either rescinded their support or called on Trump to drop out of the race following the remarks made in the hot mic tape from an Access Hollywood shoot in 2005. But Trump defiantly says there is no way he is getting out of the running (inset).

Nancy O'Dell says she's 'saddened' by Donald Trump's comments as she breaks her silence on

Television host Nancy O'Dell (pictured right, left with Donald Trump and inset with Billy Bush) has broken her silence after she was revealed as the married woman at the center of a crude recording detailing how Donald Trump tried to seduce her. Shocking audio was released by the Washington Post on Friday, which contained Trump bragging about his attempts to seduce a woman in September 2005. O'Dell said: 'Politics aside, I'm saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all. When I heard the comments yesterday, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women.'

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice furiously took to Facebook on Saturday to insist that he withdraw his bid for the White House, fuming: 'Enough! Donald Trump should not be President.'

The GOP nominee was recorded in a 2005 video spotting Arianne Zucker, the actress who was going to escort him on set, and saying: 'I've got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her.'

Trump fails to express remorse for affair with Marla Maples while married to Ivana

Donald Trump failed to express any remorse for cheating on his first wife Ivana (left) in a 1994 interview (inset) that emerged, saying instead that he may have continued his affair with Marla Maples (right) had he not gotten caught. When an interviewer on ABC Primetime Live asked Trump whether he would have 'confronted that situation', he expressed his doubts before saying 'life was just a bowl of cherries' because he had 'a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful wife, a beautiful everything'. Trump famously cheated on Ivana, who met Maples during a 1990 Christmas skiing trip in Aspen after she had been married to the business tycoon for 13 years. Maples is said to have confronted Ivana by asking: 'I'm Marla and I love your husband. Do you?', and the dissolution of Trump's first marriage ended up costing more than $14million.

Donald Trump's bid for the US presidency was hanging by a thread last night as a damning video of his offensive comments about women provoked disgust from even his staunchest supporters.

Selina Scott hopes Donald Trump's toxic objectification of women - recorded on a bus when he thought he was talking privately - has finally derailed his bid for the White House.

Hurricane Matthew floods Charleston as it continues to batter Carolinas and Georgia

Hurricane Matthew moved on to North Carolina on Saturday afternoon, dumping 10 inches of rain on the state after a path of devastation along the east coast. It swamped Charleston, South Carolina (top right) earlier in the day after wreaking havoc in Savannah, Georgia (bottom left) and across Florida (bottom right). At least 14 have died and almost 2million left without power by the storm.

The sudden onslaught of floods and torrential rain brought by Matthew over the weekend to Florida's east coast has destroyed areas of contained water where the species which carry the disease thrives.

Picking up the pieces: Florida residents left 'feeling blessed' after Hurricane Matthew

Residents of a Florida neighborhood located feet from the Atlantic Ocean said they had a 'very lucky escape' from Hurricane Matthew but admitted that others on the coast had not been so fortunate. Clean-up operations were in full swing on Saturday afternoon in Jacksonville Beach where surfers, cyclists and dog-walkers had returned to the shoreline as temperatures rose to the mid-80s and the sun shone. The area had been labelled a 'mandatory evacuation zone A' for the category-3 hurricane. Apart from isolated pockets of flooding caused by much-feared storm surges and torrential rain, the odd broken window and debris, residents said things were not as bad as they had feared but were quick to point out those who had suffered losses. There were reports of 'catastrophic damage' down the coast on Anastasia Island where people had lost their entire homes.

Hundreds of people are known to have been killed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti but authorities are still desperately trying to reach marooned areas devastated by the Category 4 storm.

Hackers are using Hurricane Matthew as a ruse to access the computers of South Carolina residents. The Gov. said people are receiving fake emails providing storm updates.

Rocking out the storm! Shirtless man headbangs to Slayer's Raining Blood in the middle of Hurricane Matthew as he brandishes an American flag

Lane Pittman was caught on video head banging to Slayer's Raining Blood as he stood in the middle of a road in Jacksonville, Florida, and braved strong winds and rain during Hurricane Matthew. In the video, Pittman is seen standing in a lunge position (left, center and right) as he steadies himself against the wind before twirling his ginger locks back and forth. What's even more impressive is that the shirtless man was even carrying an American flag.

A piece of stolen jewellery was found close to the Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was targeted, a source revealed. The reality star has filed a £4.5 million insurance claim for the stolen items.

Reality TV star Kim, 35, has called the security experts to help her feel safe again after loot including her £3.2million wedding ring was stolen during the robbery at her apartment in Paris.

After 100 days in office Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte compares his crackdown on

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: The death toll in the Philippines continues to rise as president Rodrigo Duterte, known as 'The Punisher', claims he will slaughter drug dealers and addicts in his war on drugs. The bombastic president has also sensationally disparaged the country's alliance with the US ordering its troops to leave his shores. The potential ending of an alliance comes as a reaction to the international outrage of the slaughter of drug criminals at the hands of vigilantes and police in the Philippines. The fear tactic has seen Duterte's popularity sky-rocket, with a Social Weather Stations Survey showed 8/10 Filipino residents are satisfied with his campaign promise to crack down on drug dealers and users.

Kate has ordered her stylist Natasha Archer to give William a much-needed wardrobe makeover - and she has started by throwing out his ubiquitous brown loafers and his tatty trainers.

Mobo's birth is the result of a unexpectedly successful mission backed by Prince William that introduced three black rhinos to their natural habitat from the wildlife park in Kent where they were born.

Muhammad Ali's family locked in bitter feud over his £40m fortune as it emerges the

NEW Rahman Ali (left) is said to have been banned from a family meeting in Los Angeles which was arranged to discuss the three-time world heavyweight champion's estate. The boxer's son, Muhammad Ali Jnr (bottom centre), has indicated that his 73-year-old uncle will not receive any money from the will amid a long-standing row with Ali's wife Lonnie (bottom right with Ali). In an interview, Muhammad Jnr said the family is preparing to 'go through hell' as the dispute rumbles on. The boxer is pictured top right with family members on his 74th birthday.


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Janice Dickinson's fiance hospitalized in California with a collapsed lung and broken ribs

Supermodel Janice Dickinson's fiancé is seriously ill in hospital after falling off the roof at the couple's home, DailyMail.com can reveal. Robert 'Rocky' Gerner has a collapsed lung and several broken ribs after plunging around 15ft from the roof of their house in Tarzana, California while doing repairs on Friday morning. The 69-year-old was rushed to hospital after the accident and has been heavily sedated with pain killers over the past 24 hours. Distraught Janice has been at Rocky's bedside along with other family members as the retired doctor recovers.

The only Islamic transgender boarding school (shown) in Indonesia has been closed after a wave of intolerance sparked by the activities of hard-line Muslim groups.

Brother of TV anchor Christine Chubbuck who killed herself on air speaks ahead of new film

Two new films are due to be released about the tragic and little known story of a young television anchor in Florida who was the first person to commit suicide on live television. Christine, top right, is about TV presenter Christine Chubbuck, who died live on air as she read the news in 1974, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Coming out on the same date, Kate Plays Christine, bottom right, is a film about an actress, Kate Lyn Sheil, who struggles to develop into the character of Chubbuck as she attempts to portray her in a movie. Meanwhile, Chubbuck's brother, Greg, 70, has been speaking out about his sister's life and her extraordinary death.

It is reported that the girl's father Laxmichand Sansadiya had suffered loss in jewellery business and the family made her fast to bring good fortune. Police complaint was lodged after intervention of a local NGO.

Health officials, fire chiefs and trading standards experts are joining forces to highlight the dangers of cheap or imported vaping kits

NEW Burns surgeons are warning of the dangers of electronic cigarettes after treating a string of smokers injured by exploding devices. The call is being echoed ...

The Mexico-born actress spent 10 years playing the bisexual character Dr. Callie Thorne on ABC's Grey's Anatomy before leaving the show this year.

Three-quarters of women lose interest in sex after reaching the age of 50, according to research - but the verdict from the medical community was that couples should not be suffering in silence.

Bella Hadid's high-cut red dress inspires new craze for crotch-baring dresses

The risque new look taking the fashion world by storm is the high-cut crotch-baring dress. The look was memorably flaunted by Bella Hadid in a daring red dress at the Cannes Film Festival in May (left). Other exponents of the trend include models Kendall Jenner (centre) and Dayane Mello (right).

Speaking exclusively from her home in Los Angeles, the model, 49, blames the widespread availability of pornography for marriage breakdown and a generation of socially dysfunctional young men.

Terrifying moment a plane fails to land in 120km/h winds at Melbourne Airport. Gale-force winds have cancelled flights out of Melbourne and left passengers stranded.

One in eight British adults say the threat of hackers accessing webcams is their biggest safety concern. Ten per cent fret about strangers approaching their children in the street.

Map reveals most distinctive surnames from each state (with no Smith or Jones in sight)

A map of the United States reveals what the most distinctive surnames are each of the fifty states and Washington, DC. The findings were unveiled by Mental Floss writer Simon Davis. He wrote online that he 'calculated the difference between the state and national prevalence of each of the top 250 last names nationwide' based on Social Security data.

The astonishing scene was captured on camera at a classroom in the north east of Russia. An unruly pupil refused to take out his headphones, prompting the professor to tug them out himself.

Professor Peter Wadhams, from the University of Cambridge, predicted the Arctic would be ice-free by September this year. But figures show there was actually 1.6 million square miles of sea ice.

A Mumbai-based call centre reportedly claimed the life of an elderly American woman. The workers allegedly threatened the woman and demanded her to pay a large sum after posing US revenue officials.

Speaking in New York, the actor, left, said: 'I got the best job in the world doing Bond. The things I get to do on a Bond movie, there's no other job like it. If I were to stop doing it I'd miss it terribly.'

Forget mirror selfies! Introducing the new outfit pose It girls are pulling all over

Fashion bloggers and celebrities including British model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (left) have been quick to adopt the latest Instagram pose which shows off details in an outfit. In it, they simply sit slightly cross-legged (pictured) and snap from the collarbone to the knee. Photos of the pose on Instagram often rack up thousands of likes.

The company, which will make the payment to the Department of Justice and other government agencies, said the settlement does not include any finding of wrongdoing.

Shane Farberman, who performs as Doo Doo the clown, told Toronto Metro: 'It is tough, it bothers me. It's unacceptable for people to jump out, for people to scare children.'

ABC News reporter's fatal brain aneurysm 'saved the life of California woman' when she

A New York TV news reporter's brain aneurysm may have saved the life of a California woman who had an 'intense' headache she mistook for a migraine. In March 2015, WABC-TV reporter, Lisa Colagrossi (left with husband) died while on assignment after an undiagnosed brain aneurysm ruptured. The 49-year-old was returning from covering a house fire in Queens when she collapsed. But her tragic death may have saved the life of Kris Sorensen (bottom right), who had the chance to meet Todd Crawford (left and top right), Colagrossi's husband, and thank him one year after his story convinced her to get a check-up because of an 'intense' headache. Crawford and Sorensen, who is from Sacramento, California, met on September 29 at a New York City fund-raising gala for the Lisa Colagrossi Foundation. Sorensen told the Daily News that she thought her days-long headache was a migraine. But it wasn't until her sister heard Crawford's story on the radio that Sorensen went to an emergency room. The doctors diagnosed Sorensen with an unruptured brain aneurysm and in December she underwent brain surgery.

Liz and Ian Finlay, rescued tabby Nutmeg (pictured with his owners and vet) 26 years ago when he turned up in their Newcastle back garden with an abscess on his neck.

One in seven adults takes daily fish oil capsules, believing their omega-3 fatty acids are good for body and mind. Even more take them occasionally, with £100m a year spent on them.

Despite their dubious connotations, the fur-lined loafer-cum-slipper is the celebrity trend of the season. Kendall Jenner, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung have all been spotted in a pair.

Staten Island restaurant employs international grandmothers rather than actual chefs

Nothing's better than grandma's home cooked meals! And those who visit Staten Island restaurant, Enoteca Maria, get the ultimate comfort food cooked by grandmas (top and bottom left) from all over the world. Restaurant owner, Jody Scaravella, started out hiring Italian grandmas to make the meals that his customers love. But now he has included 30 'nonnas' (top right) from around the world to whip up some grub in his kitchen. These 'chefettes' come from Ecuador, Algeria, Czech Republic, Syria, Calabria and many other countries. Scaravella said that there is one Italian grandma in the kitchen every night accompanied by another grandma with a different culinary background.

Music fans around the world and Minnesota residents have long wondered about Paisley Park, the late pop icon Prince's mysterious studio complex to which few have had full access.

A black architect believes a Seattle bank discriminated against her after they thought she cashed a fake check. Trish Doolin, 37, was interrogated by bank staff who called her back.

I was on my way to the remote north of Vietnam, 200 miles from Hanoi, where staying in the homes of locals is one of the few options for lodging, and I was apprehensive.

100 years of the Trans-Siberian railway: Fascinating pictures chart the growth of the

Today, a journey across Russia's Trans-Siberian railway takes about a week. But exactly 100 years ago, upon its official completion, the trip took almost a month because the train trundled along at 20 miles an hour. Now the longest train line in the world, stretching more than 5,700 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian railway crosses two continents, 80 towns and cities, 16 large rivers and eight time zones. Here, MailOnline Travel takes a look back over a century of the Trans-Siberian's history with a series of fascinating pictures.

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Foot-loose? Hilarious moment dance teacher takes a tumble and drops the bridesmaid during wedding reception routine 

A dance teacher and his partner took an unfortunate tumble while dancing during a wedding reception. The embarrassing moment took place during the teacher's entrance at his brother's wedding reception. As the video starts off, several men and women are seen gathered in a semi-circle while the dancing duo (top left) prepares to make their grand entrance. The audience begins to clap as the pair make their way onto the dance floor quick-stepping from left to right. But the next move became a bit tricky for the energetic duo. The dance teacher (top right) grabbed his partner's hand and twirled her around. The teacher (bottom left) then appeared to have lost his balance as he dipped his partner causing them to fall. And unfortunately the twirl landed them on the floor (bottom right).

Australian mummy blogger Constance Hall has written a touching letter to her friends without children. The mother-of-four wrote: 'You come to my kids' parties because you actually want to come.'

The subterranean ice palaces in the Dachstein caves in Austria, were created when water seeped through stone around 500 years ago leaving breath-taking sculptures behind.

Hygge is a Nordic cultural staple - a word that describes 'a feeling of cosiness and content', and 'enjoying the good things in life with good people around you'.

Otter at Holland's Wildlands Adventure Park pictured 'praying' for fish

If this otter was indeed putting in a special request to his maker, it wasn't long before it was answered - in the shape of a tasty fish snack which he rapidly polished off. The grateful animal then appeared to offer thanks - with a high five. The 'pleading' otter was photographed at Wildlands Adventure Park in Emmen, Holland, where - far from going hungry - he is fed five times a day.



Horrifying moment a firefighter falls down 30ft during a bungled helicopter rescue attempt in Hawaii

Distressing footage of the mishap, which left the serviceman in a serious condition in hospital, has recently emerged online. It shows that a helicopter basket carrying an injured hiker snagged on a utility pole line, flinging off the firemen who was also inside. A crowd of tourists cried out in shock during the September 2 incident, which occurred on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. He reportedly suffered broken bones, cracked ribs, internal injuries, and even felt a jolt of electricity.

Voluntary euthanasia campaigner Kylie Monaghan, 35, passed away in Port Pirie Hospital, South Australia, on Saturday after a six-year battle with breast cancer.

Impressive aerial photos shared Saturday showed the shark swimming not far from the paddleboarder off Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts (pictured). The man hadn't realized the shark was there.

The Mail On Sunday's Wendy Gomersall ventured to Wadi Rum in Jordan. This month marks 100 years since T. E. Lawrence used the spot as a base towards the end of the revolt.

The Brisbane woman spotted the unsettling-looking clown when she was travelling along a road in Queensland on Saturday night. Moments later, the prankster lunged at her car with a knife.

Saddling up for a camel trek across the desert to Jordan’s greatest natural wonder

The Mail On Sunday's Wendy Gomersall ventured to Wadi Rum in Jordan. This month marks 100 years since T. E. Lawrence (pictured centre) used the spot as a base towards the end of the revolt. The destination offers a wealth of desert experiences, including (top left) hot air ballooning, (top right) camel riding (bottom left) canyoning and visits to Petra (bottom right).