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Teen serenaded by Florence & The Machine dies of cancer months after their duet

The 15-year-old cancer patient who dueted with Florence & The Machine in a viral video earlier this year has died. Karinya Chen, who battled bone cancer for five years, passed away in Austin, Texas. She touched millions of people around the world when she perfectly harmonized with the British Grammy-winning band while lying in her hospice ward in May. Just five days before her death on Saturday, she spoke with remarkable strength as she contemplated her disease. She said: 'I think the biggest thing is not to worry and fear.... You just have to remember that there's always tomorrow and if you take it one day at a time and just tell yourself don't worry and don't take things for granted and tell yourself that you are loved and you are blessed then it makes it a lot easier to fight.'

Dermatologist Dr Vishal Maden, from Salford, said infections caused by picking spots from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the mouth, could lead to vision loss, paralysis or even death

Michelle Doig-Collins had a routine uterus exam three months ago with Dr Ann Raffo, her ob-gyn of 10 years at Orange Coast Women's Medical Group in Laguna Hills, California.

Children who eat combo meals at fast food chains that include a soda, sweetened tea or flavored milk consume 179 more calories per meal than those that eat at home, NYU research shows.

Paris-based L'Oréal, teamed up with bioprinting company Poietis, which is based in Pessac, southwestern France to form a partnership that aims to develop a working 3D-printed hair follicle.

A brain tumor delayed Ken Baker's puberty and teenage sex drive until he was THIRTY

Puberty makes everyone's teenage years a dragged-out nightmare. But at least we all going through it at more or less the same time. Imagine hitting that awkward phase in your late 20s. That is exactly what happened to E! News reporter Ken Baker - whose memoir is the subject of a new movie starring Jane Lynch: The Late Bloomer. Baker, now 46, experienced an almost unheard-of hormonal transition due to a benign brain tumor pressing on his pituitary gland. The tumor caused a hormone imbalance in his body called hyperprolactinemia, which over-produced the female hormone prolactin, stunting his natural development. It meant his body lactated milk from the nipples, 10 times more than a breastfeeding mother. His body was soft and lacking muscle. And he had absolutely no sex drive.

Tramadol is 'claiming more lives than any other drug' and should be upgraded to the Class A category, says Professor Jack Crane the state pathologist for Northern Ireland.

US government officials question how much evidence there is to categorize items as carcinogens, and whether it can cause an unwarranted public health scare.

Researchers in Spain found 90 percent of people can be considered either optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, or envious - and the rest behave in a way that falls outside of the defined models.

Research by Heinz into women's attitudes towards health and diets, revealed the average female attempts to stick to eating an average of 1,800 calories a day but actually eats 2,200.

Hornchurch boy with rare brain tumour causes him to smile before having a seizure

Nathan Box (left), seven, from Hornchurch, was struck down by a mystery illness two years ago - but doctors assumed it was epilepsy. However, a string of tests at hospital (right) revealed he was suffering from an incredibly rare brain tumour called Hypothalamic Hamartoma. The side effects of his condition means he breaks into a grin shortly before having a seizure - of which he can have up to 25 in a day. But the family were left heartbroken after the NHS refused to fund a miracle operation in the US. Instead Nathan will remain on drugs to lessen the symptoms for the rest of his life - not cure them.

Many things can trigger an early menopause, but to understand exactly why it happens when it does requires going back to before birth, London-based medical jounalist Thea Jourdan says.

Both men and women who have lonely personalities tend to take more selfies for approval from others, experts from the National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, claim.

The amount of omega-3 farmed salmon contains has halved in the past decade. The fatty acid is recommended by doctors to combat a variety of conditions.

The study, published online in the British Journal of Nutrition, found eating oat fibre can reduce lipoprotein, which carries bad cholesterol through the blood.

The 10 fastest ways to stain your teeth

Tariq Idrees, a dentist and owner of a private clinic in Manchester, advises people to drink through straws because the liquid bypasses the teeth. Here he reveals the quickest ways to stain your smile. He says you should avoid tomato ketchup (top left) because it's acidic and rich in colour and steer clear of ice lollies (top middle) which contain colourants which stick to the teeth. Fruit teas (top right) are rich in colour which leave surface staining while strawberries (bottom right) are high in their acid content. Any type of cola (bottom middle) is bad for staining teeth and chicken tikka masala (bottom left) contains a lot of turmeric which can easily stain teeth.

NHS Harrogate and Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group is proposing it as part of plans to save £8.4 million, despite warnings from senior surgeons it is 'wrong'.

Cases of 'tick-induced mammalian meat allergy' are booming in parts of Australia, specifically around Sydney. But some have also been reported in Europe, Asia and Africa, experts warn.

The caution was triggered by the case of a four-year-old boy with autism who was admitted to hospital in London after he became seriously ill.

Doctors writing in the journal BMJ Case Reports said the unnamed 38-year-old had Rapunzel syndrome, a rare condition in which a hairball, called a trichobezar, is found in the stomach.

People smile for many reasons other than happiness, such as smugness. Find out below what your smile might indicate about you. Top facial reader Jean Haner analyses different smiles.

A leading industry wholesaler, which supplies hundreds of outlets, insist there is a demand for smaller chip portions among weight-conscious customers.

Emmerdale's Leah Bracknell is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer

The actress (left), a major star in the ITV soap from 1989 until 2005, was diagnosed with the condition five weeks ago. Her partner Jez Hughes is now raising funds to send her for treatment at a private oncology clinic in Germany in a desperate bid to prolong her life. Within hours of the GoFundMe page being set up, fans had donated thousands of pounds to help the 52-year-old. Currently, 1,200 people have donated to the site, making a total of more than £29,000.

Cheryl Hile with multiple sclerosis plans to run seven marathons on seven continents

Most of us shudder at the idea of going for a one-hour run, even in the best of shape. A marathon? Not a chance.  Enter Cheryl Hile to put us all to shame: she plans to run seven marathons on seven continents by June next year - despite having multiple sclerosis.

In this photo taken Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016, Albin's mother Emelie Eriksson, left, smiles as she poses for a photo with her son and her mother Marie, right, outside her home in Bergshamra, Sweden. Eriksson was the first woman to have a baby after receiving a womb transplant from her mother, a revolutionary operation that links three generations of their family. (AP Photo/ Niklas Larsson)

Emelie Eriksson, from Stockholm, received a uterus from her mother after being born without a womb. She gave birth to son Albin nearly two years ago.

How much exercise does it take to burn off your favourite tipple? A new infographic reveals how long you'd need to spend running, walking, doing Pilates or cycling to negate the calorie count.

British women born in 2015 can expect to live 82.8 years on average and men 79. But women can expect to stay disability-free for only 72 years, while for men it is 69.9, the study found.

They can do as many hours as they want - from home or their surgeries - in between their NHS patients. Yet there is a severe recruitment crisis and up to one in eight GP posts are unfilled.

Santa Fe student suffering from rare skin condition upbeat despite online abuse

Lucy Beall Lott (left), 17, from Santa Fe, was diagnosed with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) when she was born. Her condition means just picking objects up can cause her fragile skin to shred off, leaving her with painful blisters and wounds (right). Whenever she swallows the skin in her throat is severely damaged - putting her at risk of choking to death. When she was 13, she had just a 3mm opening in her throat - forcing surgeons to stretch her skin in a complex procedure (inset). She's suffered hurtful comments from strangers including that she would be 'hot' if it wasn't for her scarred legs and arms throughout her childhood. Despite the vicious remarks, she's adamant she has nothing to hide since and refuses to let her condition hold her back.

It was strange watching Sally Phillips (pictured) and her documentary on babies with Down's syndrome. She is brave, but most mothers don't want a disabled baby, writes KATIE HOPKINS.

Amanda McGuinn and her husband Paul, 38, of Lee, south east London, have lodged a legal bid against Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust citing 'wrongful birth' in relation to daughter Matilda.

According to researchers at the University of Illinois, toddlers aged between two and five years old are at a crucial point of development, beginning to form anxieties that could lead to eating disorders.

The younger the brain, the weaker it is as it grows and strengthens, scientists at Canada's Western University warn. And their research shows marijuana can have a devastating affect on that process.

Distraught mother claims her Down’s syndrome son was turned away from a play centre

Simone Blount (left, with her son when he was a baby and right) took her four-year-old son Stephen to the Mattel Play! centre, Liverpool, for a day out. But she claims that, after queuing for more than 20 minutes, a female member of staff leaned over her desk to look at Stephen and said the centre was 'unsuitable for children like him'. She added that Stephen was 'absolutely heartbroken'. Mattel Play! (inset) deny the claims and insist a member of staff 'mistook' Stephen for a baby in a pushchair and was 'just trying to help'.

David Rogers, a physiotherapist based at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, says a good night's sleep could help to cure your back pain and help you regain control of your life.

The abnormal protein that helps tumours to grow are stored as amyloid bodies - which causes dementia - in dormant cancer cells. researchers from the University of Miami found.

Researchers at the University of Vermont found therapists were more likely to respond to voicemails from patients with a white-sounding name like Allison than a name like Lakisha.

The state's Health Department filed a proposal on Wednesday to cover hormone therapy for young people with gender dysphoria. Current rules only cover therapy for transitioning adults.

Mother's allergy to WATER means she can't shower or even cry without causing a rash

Candice Dent (left), 35, from Kentucky, suffers from aquagenic urticaria - which triggers an outbreak of hives (top right and bottom right) if she comes into contact with water. But she also suffers from dermatographia, meaning her skin becomes itchy and swollen when touched - which she said is far worse. It prevents her from wearing certain clothes and sleeping on certain materials because they will cause welts in her skin. Medication has proved to be ineffective, meaning all she can do when she has a break out is wait for the itchy hives to disappear.

Despite many fears about botox, Alison Bridges, a dermatologist from the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, says Botulinum toxin is completely safe and you can stop at any time without any lasting effects.

Scientists at Oxford University found the incidence of breast cancer was essentially the same whether someone did no night shift work at all or did night shift work for several decades.

Men can now expect to live til they are 69 while women reach just short of their 75th birthday on a worldwide average - 10 years longer than ever before, The Global Burden of Disease study found.

Kim Page is taking civil action against both the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Private Ambulance Service Ltd following her husband Gary's death in February.

Ava Christianson, of Prescott, Wisconsin, was diagnosed with the most common type of leukemia that's easily treated in 90% of cases. But she relapsed five times, and has now tried immunotherapy.

Researchers like Madeline Lancaster, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Medicine in Cambridge, are growing human brains in labs, to figure out what gives us unique disorders like autism and schizophrenia.

California woman Victoria Vega claims she has EIGHT different personalties

Victoria Vega, 24, from California, has dissociative identity disorder which started during her troubled childhood. It results in her different personalities taking control of her body at any given time. These personalities include Southern Belle Allie, tough New Jersey gal Goldie, AGE, and dinosaur-loving Senka, 5. She also has quieter 'alters' Citizen, Lucy Lovelace and Celia. Miss Vega says she does not consider it a disorder and loves her different personalities which mean life is 'never boring'. She blogs about her experiences and has even written a memoir about her experiences with the condition. 'I hate to call it a disorder because I genuinely don't feel sick. I love my alters and without them, I promise I would not be here today,' she said.

The results come from a new poll of 1,000 dieters by weight loss firm Forza Supplements. Turning off cookery shows came second with weighing yourself daily top of the dieting tips.

Sarah Dransfield, from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, was just 16 when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. After chemotherapy didn't work, doctors revealed she needed an amputation.

The UK is one of only three countries where 15-year-old girls were inebriated more often than their male counterparts - and the gender gap is highest here.

London-based nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, whose clients include Chelsea footballer Cesc Fabregas, tells FEMAIL the 10 foods making us hungrier.

Columnist Bel Mooney opens up about each decade of her life as she turns 70

Columnist Bel Mooney (pictured above in each decade of her life) has opened up about her life and shared her wisdom. Tips include: Never go to bed without cleaning and moisturising, don't think you must use expensive products, exercise at least twice a week, eat well and choose one quick, easy beauty product to use each day for a morale boost.

Seriously ill patients given homoharringtonine, a drug made from the leaves of the plum yew tree, made remarkable recoveries, researchers from the University of Hong Kong found.

Tests on the first group of men to have been born using the ICSI technique have now shown that they too suffer from low sperm counts and poor-moving sperm.

Females have an inbuilt buffer against the early symptoms of Alzheimer's - meaning it is not spotted until later, researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York found.

Mum speaks out about the emotional toll losing a potential child takes

NSW woman Dianne Johnston (pictured right with husband Shane) has opened up about the emotional toll of IVF, revealing she lost 11 embryos before finally travelling to South Africa for treatment and falling pregnant aged 49 (left). She said IVF was 'heartbreaking' and 'soul destroying' to go through but she has since given birth to a baby boy, Liam (inset)

Scientists analysed findings from 5,000 studies looking at associations between golf and well-being. Their review, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, concludes...

A 10-year-old boy with special needs from Kerrville, Texas, is fighting for life in hospital after suffering horrific burns while playing in a park, with his mother saying he was attacked by bullies.

Dr Maureen Baker, chair of the Royal College of GPs, will say that up to £800million earmarked for practices is instead being used to bail out debt-ridden hospitals.

Researchers led by Jan Vijg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York studied age of death statistics from a range of sources and estimated that 125 is the top age possible.

Plymouth toddler who had spinal surgery while still in the womb takes her first steps

Frankie Lavis, from Plymouth, was diagnosed with spina bifida - a condition which causes her spine to not develop properly - during her mother's 20-week scan (top left). Surgeons operated on her while her mother was in the 24th week of pregnancy - just two weeks short of the time limit for such an invasive procedure. She became the first baby in Britain to have pioneering spinal surgery while inside the womb. It was touch and go whether she would survive and her parents were told she would still spend her life in a wheelchair. However, the operation was a success and she was still able to use her lower body when she was born (bottom left). And now aged two, Frankie has defied all expectations and can walk with a frame (right) better than her parents ever imagined.

Researchers at Glasgow University have been able to shed more light on how the Zika virus works by sequencing the full-length genome of the virus from a patient in Brazil.

The majority of athletes between 1871 and 1991 had a 'normal' body weight between 18.5 and 24.9 BMI. Today, 80% of players technically fall into the category of overweight or obese.

The unnamed 18-year-old from Nagpur, India, went to hospital complaining the growth had become painful. Doctors explained it was a vestigial tail which has now been removed by surgeons.

Handshake strength could be a quick and inexpensive way for doctors to get a grip on patients' health, researchers from the University of Vienna claim.

Former Marine receives double arm transplant after losing limbs in Afghanistan

A former Marine sergeant who lost all four limbs to a bomb in Afghanistan has received a double arm transplant.  John Peck, 31, stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) in 2010, leaving him bound to a wheelchair with metal prosthetics.  But now, after six years as a quadruple amputee, the decorated veteran has made it through a 14-hour operation to receive two new arms. 

Vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA) affects 45 per cent of over-40-year-olds. It is a typical side effect of the menopause, which can be treated with hormone replacement therapy to restore the thinning tissue.

The noise we hear when our joints crack is likely to be due to movement of the tendon over bone, Dr Andrew Lavender, a physiotherapist at Curtin University, Perth, says.

Frankie Lavis, from Plymouth, was diagnosed with spina bifida - which caused her spine to not develop properly. She became the first baby in Britain to have spinal surgery while in the womb.

It comes seven months after America's first ever uterus transplant in Ohio's Cleveland Clinic, which had to be removed days later due to a yeast infection.

Teenage mother says being pregnant triggered psoriasis skin condition

Chloe Lynam, 18, from the Wirral, Merseyside, first noticed red blotches appearing on her skin while she was carrying baby Jacob (pictured together left). But as her pregnancy progressed, she was left with huge wounds and scaly skin - as doctors diagnosed her with psoriasis. By the time her son was born, more than half of her body was covered in the sores (right and inset) - leaving her unable to cuddle him because it was so painful. It became so bad that strangers often looked at her in disgust and assumed she had just had an allergic reaction. She believes it was triggered by hormonal changes when she became pregnant - a known cause of the skin condition.

Researchers at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, used data from over two million people and found complications in the period around the time of birth have been associated with other psychiatric disorders.

Panasonic understands the pains of finding the right concealer. Now, the firm has improved its smart mirror that points out facial flaws by adding the ability to print makeup that matches your skin tone.

Developed by, a UK-based health and fitness retailer, the test asks about how much noise you make and whether you take the weights off your machine before moving on.

Study leader Professor Eric Finkelstein, from Singapore, said: 'Over the course of the year-long study, volunteers who wore the activity trackers recorded no change in their step count.'

Jodie Palmer who was scared of going outside leaves house for first time in 5 YEARS after

Jodie Palmer (left), 23, from Wolverhampton, has suffered from agoraphobia - the fear of open or public places - since she was just three years old. The condition hit an all-time low five years ago following her mother's death - which she believes was the reason why she was house-bound for five years. She was given a daily cocktail of anxiety medication, desperate for her life to get back on track and conquer her fear to allow her to play with her children, Petal, three, and Oakley, 19-months-old (both right) outside. And after just one hour with a hypnotherapist (inset), Miss Palmer was able to leave her house for the first time in five years.

At the moment women in Britain aged between 25 and 49 are invited for screening every three years, and when they are aged 50 to 64, every five years.

Beauty brand L'Oréal has launched an electronic patch, designed to measure the wearer's exposure to UV in Australia. Its aim is educate the wearer about their sun behaviour.

Women in their 40s were found to be more concerned about their bodies than those in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Researchers from the US questioned more than 500 women aged 40 to 75.

Charlene Colechin shares pictures showing how meningitis ravaged her body

Charlene Colechin, 18, from Derbyshire, was sick and had a headache when she came home from her job as a hairdresser last month. By the next morning, a rash had started to develop and she was in pain. Her family called and ambulance and she was rushed to Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Doctors battled to save her life as the infection caused her organs to fail (left). She now faces losing her toes and feet after it caused irreversible damage (right). She has bravely shared her pictures on Facebook to raise awareness of the signs of meningitis.

Norfolk woman has spent £27,000 on surgery to become 'perfect'

Chloe Munnings, 24, from Norfolk, started surgery at the age of 21 and says she won't stop altering her look until she's achieved her idea of physical perfection including 'big boobs, big lips, a small nose and a tiny waist'. The webcam model used to weigh 14 stone 7lbs (left) but managed to drop more than four stone in her early twenties. However she says her new, slimmer figure has only led to yet more insecurities about her appearance despite spending thousands on surgery and doing regular 'corset training' (inset) to achieve the perfect hourglass figure.

Children with Tourette's syndrome were much faster at repeating a list of made-up words - known as phonology - researchers from Newcastle University found.

A nylon garment developed by scientists, from Sheffield Hallam University, uses inflatable sections to gently position the affected breast in the line of radiation beams.

A variant in the melanocortin-4 receptor - found in the area of the brain that controls appetite - makes sugary foods more unappealing, experts from Cambridge University found.

Paddington rail crash survivor reveals how she overcame her injuries

Pam Warren, 49 (left), from Reading, suffered life-changing injuries in the Paddington Rail Crash 17 years ago. She became known as the 'lady in the mask' (right) after having skin grafts to her face to repair the damage done (inset) when fire ripped through the carriage she was in, peeling layers of skin off her hands, leg and face. Since then she has helped other burns victims, campaigned for crash survivors and even forced herself to travel by train again. Pam recalled that horrific October day in 1999 to presenter Aled Jones as she appears on a new BBC show called Going Back Giving Back, which will be broadcast today on the 17th anniversary of the crash.

In this undated photo supplied by Ravi Naiknaware, Anushka Naiknaware works at her home in Beaverton, Ore, developing and testing a bandage that can tell medical workers when it's time for the dressing to be changed.  Naiknaware, 13,  finished in the top eight in an international science contest run by Google, won a $15,000 scholarship, a free trip to the Lego world headquarters in Denmark and a year's worth of entrepreneurship mentoring from a Lego executive. (Ravi Kaiknaware via AP)

Anushka Maiknaware, a seventh-grader at Stoller Middle School in Portland, Oregon, designed and tested a bandage that is embedded with tiny monitors to sense moisture levels.

New father Ryan Grassley posted an itemized bill to Reddit on Monday, showing how he his wife were charged for holding their son after he was born at a Utah hospital last month.

Terminally ill patient is now 'cancer free' after raising £400k for treatment in the US

Mike and Kate Brandon, 31 and 33, of Bristol, travelled to Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Centre for a CAR T-Cell therapy trial, which they believe is Mr Brandon's last chance at staying alive (pictured inset during therapy). Since beginning treatment in May, his family have now announced his second biopsy has come back clear. Mr Brandon was able to afford the £400,000 cost of the treatment thanks to a huge fundraising campaign which raised the money in just two days. Mr Brandon is battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia for the second time after the disease returned more aggressive than ever following his wedding (left). The couple are now starting a new campaign #Donate4TCells to support others who are facing a terminal diagnosis. 'We are absolutely over the moon and enjoying every moment together. We have more tests ahead but, right now, we couldn't be happier,' said Mrs Brandon.

Women over the age of 65 who consumed 261 milligrams of caffeine each day were less likely to develop dementia, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found.

Chloe Pinder, 24, from Lincolnshire, was told she had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia last year. She underwent chemotherapy in a bid to fight the disease but was warned she could die within months.

The register is being drawn up by the Royal College of Surgeons amid fears rogue clinics are using aggressive sales tactics. It aims to allow customers to find qualified doctors by postcode.

So far 84 cases of shigellosis have been recorded in Genesee County and 53 in Flint. The virus causes bloody diarrhea, fever, and nausea. It is usually the result of poor hygiene.

Ohio baby has life-saving operation to break his skull to correct the shape of his head

Kathleen Torres, 29, from Grafton, Ohio, noticed the unusual shape of her son Caleb's head after he was born (pictured right together after surgery) - but dismissed it as bruising from the delivery. The back of his skull was elongated and rectangular, while his forehead was pointed (left). She hoped it would even out over time, but decided to take him for tests when he was four months old to be sure it was normal. Doctors revealed he had craniosynostosis - a condition where the bones in the skull fuse prematurely before the baby's brain has had chance to fully grow - after a CT scan (inset). The mother-of-four was told he needed life-saving surgery to reshape his head or risk permanent brain damage.

Researchers at Duke University compared the standard nerve stimulation technique with the less common approach of injecting Botox into the bladder. To their surprise, Botox was more effective.

The anonymous submission from a single mother in Ireland reveals her struggles from looking after 20 patients to having so little money she worries she can't pay the bills. It already has 10,000 likes.

Rob Thomas, 44, from Pembroke Dock, Wales, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease - an illness which causes cysts to develop in the organs - six years ago

Which fast food chain has the most calories

FEMAIL has found the same foods vary dramatically in terms of nutritional content according to which restaurant you go to after it compared six foods at six different chains. From left to right: Burger King had the unhealthiest chocolate milkshake (610 calories), while Five Guys' Cheeseburger contained more calories than any other at 830 calories. McDonald's Crispy Chicken Salad topped the list as it contains 265 calories, while Five Guys' fries were the unhealthiest, containing 953 calories. Burger King had the unhealthiest chicken burger, as its royale contains 570 calories. And McDonald's had the worst caramel sundae, containing 344 calories.

Letting a baby lie flat or on their left side while still awake and settling after a meal can help to treat the condition, Kirsten Thompson, from the University of Western Australia, says.

Dr David Buss from the University of Texas and author Dr Duana Welch give their expert opinions on why exactly people cheat and why men and women feel differently about infidelity.

Osimertinib targets lung cancer tumours among people who have a specific genetic mutation. Esma Richardson, 38, from South Shields, says the drug has had a remarkable effect on her.

Peter Andre takes our health quiz

The 42-year-old British-Australian singer made his name flashing his abs in music videos for his hits Mysterious Girl and Flava. But he claims that was nothing, now he feels fitter than ever - despite eating chocolate every day and spending no more than 45 minutes in the gym at a time. Once a year he does a juice-only detox, to balance out his regular McDonald's cravings, and he rarely drinks alcohol.

Long periods sleeping in car seats may be dangerous for young babies, say scientists. The researchers used a simulator in a laboratory to replicate the effects of sleeping in a car seat.

Reduced sex drive is the health issue women feel most uncomfortable discussing with GPs, then discomfort during sex, according to research by intimate moisturiser manufacturer, Relpens.

Larger breeds of dogs are more likely to get taken for regular walks - because their owners need more physical exercise, researchers from Liverpool University discovered.

The thought of either candidate as president has left scores of voters struggling to sleep, suffering panic attacks, and even reporting heart palpitations.

Of all items marketed as gluten-free, 14 per cent actually have detectable traces of the protein in them, researchers from the University of Western Australia found.

When she was 15, Emily Steele from Essex stopped leaving the house. Almost overnight, she developed crippling anxiety and felt constantly as though she was about to be sick or break down in tears.

Secrets of an A-list body: We reveal how to get Kate Winslet's shapely calf muscles

Kate Winslet revealed her toned calf muscles at a screening of her latest film, The Dressmaker. The Berkshire actress has little time for the gym, but does 20 minutes of Pilates every day. The mother-of-three says she eats healthily, but is not a fan of 'faddy diets'. To get Winslet-worthy calves, we recommend a single leg calf raise to help tone your lower limbs. This workout is best done bare foot.

Toddler with painful eczema is 'shunned by strangers' who wrongly think his skin is

Roman Allen (right), from Milton Keynes, has suffered with eczema on his face since he was six months old. But his mother, Danielle (left), 25, says her son - whose cheeks crack and bleed as a result of the skin condition - regularly gets shunned in the street by strangers who accuse him of being 'contagious'. Some parents even recoil from Roman if they see him close by - snatching their own children away - wrongly fearing they will contract his condition. Mrs Allen, 25, said: 'I just wish people would stop treating my son like some kind of modern day leper.'

An intriguing new study, published last week by researchers at the University of Geneva, found that long-term exposure to aluminium chloride can trigger the development of 'very aggressive' tumours.

Recent research from the University of California found that women on cholesterol-lowering statins, particularly those aged over 45, experienced a rise in aggression as their cholesterol levels fell.

For 22 years, Michelle O'Connor from Derbyshire struggled with debilitating gut symptoms. She has bile acid malabsorption, which affects a million Britons a year, and is often misdiagnosed by doctors.

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health found lab mice would be willing to put themselves in danger or cut themselves off socially if it meant they could eat.

First-time mom, 60, weeps after giving birth to twins thanks to IVF

A 60-year-old woman has described her joy after delivering healthy twin boys. Claudette Cook married her husband Ross, 55, 10 years ago after meeting in church in Pike County, Indiana.  A year later she was told, at the age of 51, that she was too old to have children. Now, after exploring all kinds of assisted reproductive technology, the couple have become parents through IVF.

Fresh data suggests a correlation between the herbal remedies and life-threatening reactions, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. CVS has now pulled the tablets from its shelves.

Earlier this year, an American study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters found the anti-diabetic drug metformin in almost all of the 59 investigated streams.

Retired hotelier Peter Jenkins, 79, from Locks Heath near Southampton, has suffered four heart attacks, and is one of the first to try a new ICD pacemaker, as he tells SOPHIE GOODCHILD.

Maggie Hendey from the Isle of Wight asks Dr Scurr her husband's scar, which he has from a triple heart surgery. Our expert reveals a range of treatments for keloid- and hypertrophic scars.


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