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After 100 days in office Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte compares his crackdown on drugs to 'Hitler's Holocaust' and cuts ties to US

The death toll in the Philippines continues to rise as president Rodrigo Duterte, known as 'The Punisher', claims he will slaughter drug dealers and addicts in his war on drugs. read

They STILL won't accept EU vote! Now MPs demand to be given a veto on hard-Brexit as Ed Miliband claims voters didn't want to leave the single market 

Ed Miliband is leading demands for Theresa May to include Parliament in Brexit negotiations but Jacob Rees-Mogg told MailOnline: This ‘typifies the disdain that the liberal elite has for voters’. read

Kennel Club bans 'secret' technique used by trainers to make dogs look more alert as it puts 'enormous stress' on breeds

A probe was launched into breed standards in the UK after a German shepherd with a noticeably sloped back called Cruaghaire Catoria (pictured) was named 'best in breed' at Crufts this year. read

White Dee reveals she was almost driven to suicide

Benefits Street star Dee - real name Deirdre Kelly - says she has been struggling for cash after work dried up, and even tried to take her own life. She said she was reluctant to go back on benefits. read

Are fish oil pills a load of old cod? Almost certainly, says 5:2 diet guru from Trust Me, I'm A Doctor

One in seven British adults takes daily fish oil capsules, believing their omega-3 fatty acids are good for body and mind. Even more take them occasionally, with £100m a year spent on them. read

Hook-handed hate cleric Abu Hamza launches legal fight to return from US jail to UK cell

Hamza, 58, was jailed for life for terrorism offences during a trial in New York city last year, and has been serving his sentence in solitary confinement at a prison in Florence, Colorado. read

X Factor's Brooks Way suspended from live shows after twin Josh 'kicked' ex-girlfriend

The 17-year-old, from Penarth, Wales, is alleged to have attacked his girlfriend Amelia Clarke at a New Year's party, something the hopeful has strenuously denied. read

Vladimir Putin scares Poland and Estonia as he advances nuclear missiles to Kaliningrad

Russia says the missiles are being deployed as part of regular manoeuvres to Kaliningrad, but one security analyst said: 'This move resembles a Baltic version of the Cuban Missile Crisis.' read

Make sex after 50 the best of your life

Three-quarters of women lose interest in sex after reaching the age of 50, according to research - but the verdict from the medical community was that couples should not be suffering in silence. read

DAN HODGES: They'll call it the Rivers of Rudd speech - but only the liberal elite were left bleeding 

In years to come it will be known as the Rivers Of Rudd speech, writes DAN HODGES. What should have been the proudest moment of her career could easily have been the last act of it. read

BLACK DOG: Sir Nicholas Soames is so sorry for his four-letter gaffe after telling a constituent: 'FOYC' 

Sir Nicholas Soames has apologised for abusing a constituent in Mid Sussex who teased him on Twitter: ‘Did you sit on your phone?’ Heavyweight Soames tweeted back: ‘FOYC.’ read

Kim Kardashian launches Paris robbery probe calling in ex-special forces

Reality TV star Kim, 35, has called the security experts to help her feel safe again after loot including her £3.2million wedding ring was stolen during the robbery at her apartment in Paris. read

Kim Kardashian Paris robbery finds dropped gemstone that may have crucial DNA on

A piece of stolen jewellery was found close to the Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was targeted, a source revealed. The reality star has filed a £4.5 million insurance claim for the stolen items. read

Why romance is Strictly off limits for dance star Laura Whitmore

Laura was the first star to kick off this season’s Strictly, with a red-hot cha cha that prompted even more headlines than Judge Rinder flashing his bare chest read

Priti Patel hits out at £12bn Foreign Aid 'spending spree' on waste and corruption

The International Development Secretary Priti Patel has told aides she will ignore the legal requirement to spend 0.7 per cent of UK national income on foreign aid. read

The dramatic untold twist of the abdication crisis and how Edward VIII tried to flee the country in his private plane - and sent the Government into a tailspin 

A new book, The King Who Had To Go: Edward VIII, Mrs Simpson And The Hidden Politics Of The Abdication Crisis, looks at the romance between the British monarch and twice-married Wallis Simpson. read

Soldier weighing 28 STONES is kicked out of the army as female squaddies close the fitness gap on their male comrades

The British Army booted out the soldier as it is revealed more than 11,000 troops have failed at least one fitness test so far this year, although men are in decline more so than women. read

Prince Harry's comrade Sgt Deane Smith waits eight years for medal Army LOST

Sergeant Deane Smith (pictured) was supposed to be given the medal in 2008, but Army records said it had been lost. He reported it to police after the medal surfaced at a memorabilia fair in Surrey. read

Trump called daughter Ivanka 'a piece of a**' in misogynistic 'banter' with Howard Stern 

Donald Trump has made numerous misogynistic comments towards women, including agreeing that his daughter Ivanka Trump is 'a piece of a**' while speaking with Howard Stern. read

Trump attempts to cast hot mic issue aside with a joke on Twitter

Donald Trump has been cheered by fans outside Trump Tower in New York, hours after Melania called his lewd remarks about women from a 2005 video 'unacceptable and offensive'. read

Trump's staunchest supporters are disgusted at his offensive comments about women

Donald Trump’s bid for the US presidency was hanging by a thread last night as a damning video of his offensive comments about women provoked disgust from even his staunchest supporters. read

LIZ JONES: Sexist job advert row is a feminist storm in a B-cup 

LIZ JONES: I've been thinking of making a hard decision. Because I'm losing my hearing, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do celebrity interviews. read

PETER HITCHENS: This isn't a revolution - it's New Labour in a blue frock 

PETER HITCHENS: Who would have thought to see a Tory conference, held this year in Birmingham, applauding a Prime Minister for vowing to raise more tax and weaken employers’ rights? read

Muhammad Ali's family locked in bitter feud over his £40m fortune as it emerges the boxer's brother 'has been cut out of the will altogether'

Rahman Ali is said to have been banned from a family meeting in Los Angeles which was arranged to discuss the three-time world heavyweight champion's estate. read

UKIP's Steven Woolfe is released from hospital three days after being injured 'during a fight with a colleague' at the EU Parliament

The UKIP leadership hopeful has been allowed to leave hospital in Strasbourg three days after being admitted with a suspected bleed on the brain following a 'fight' with a colleague. read

'There'll be no naming and shaming': Firms will NOT be forced to publish the number of foreigners they employ as ministers signal major climb down after backlash

Home Secretary Amber Rudd unveiled plans last week to force firms to reveal the proportion of foreign workers but Justine Greening (pictured) insisted the data will not be published. read

Researchers map areas of the world that can sustain an additional 1 billion people as the world's population is expected to grow from 7.4billion to 8.5billion by 2030

Academics Richard T.T. Forman and Jinguo Wu mapped out areas around the world that would best accommodate the expected surge in population. read

EU migrants living in Britain 'will be allowed to stay after Home Office revelation'

There are more than 3.5million EU nationals living in the UK, more than 80 per cent of whom will have permanent residency rights by the time Britain leaves the union in early 2019. read

Former British journalist, 54, and Australian entrepreneur, 46, 'face life in Bali jail after being found in possession of cannabis'

Police detained a 54-year-old British man identified only by the initials DM and a 46-year-old Australian, identified with the initials GS, after drugs were found at a house in the seaside suburb of Sanur, Bali. read

Saloufest is CANCELLED after British students drive locals to despair with their 'drunken' antics 

British Tour Operator I Love Tour has announced it will not be holding the annual party in Spain's Salou resort next year after claims from local council that their drunken antics have ruined its reputation. read

Startled by saucy knickers, bamboozled by fake tans and subjected to torture by Katya: How ED BALLS is loving every green-faced minute of Strictly Come Dancing!

Ed Balls shares his Strictly Come Dancing diary with The Mail On Sunday. Full of tails of torture from his time with his dance partner Katya Jones and some of those show stopping outfits. read

Ben Needham police find 60 items 'of interest' in Kos

The 'items of interest' found on the farmland in Kos where Ben Needham was last seen will be sent back to the UK for further testing and analysis when the search team returns home. read

Yes, Labour IS now the nasty party: It grieves him to admit it, but the former Home Secretary DAVID BLUNKETT has to agree with the PM's damning indictment of his movement 

Theresa May’s depiction of Labour as the new ‘nasty party’ was a skilful piece of political rebranding – and regrettably accurate, writes DAVID BLUNKETT. read

Labour peer 'helped controversial friend secure a knighthood that was later revoked'

The political head of the Commonwealth, Baroness Scotland (left), faced new embarrassment after it was claimed she helped a controversial friend secure a knighthood in Grenada that was later revoked. read

The movie legend, his train driver lover...and a war over 70 missing artworks: How a controversial film-maker is at the centre of a legal battle decades after his tragic early death

Film-maker Derek Jarman's lover Keith Collins is suing London art dealer Richard Salmon over the missing works of art. Jarman left more than 300 sketches, drawings and paintings. read

Ten reasons to HYGGE the Scandinavian lifestyle trend for 'being cosy and content'

Hygge is a Nordic cultural staple entering the British public conscience - a word that describes ‘a feeling of cosiness and content’, and ‘enjoying the good things in life with good people around you’. read

Dramatic moment a class rises up to defend their elderly teacher from an aggressive student after he had his headphones pulled out

The astonishing scene was captured on camera at a classroom in the north east of Russia. An unruly pupil refused to take out his headphones, prompting the professor to tug them out himself. read

'What happened to facing up to difficult things?': Universities are forced to issue 'trigger warnings' ahead of lectures and let students skip topics they may find troubling

UK universities are giving students permission to avoid subjects such as sex, suicide and religion if they find them 'too upsetting' in a move which has divided academics across the country. read

Seeing the positives: Short-sighted people are brainier than those with 20/20 vision say scientists 

Researchers at Mainz University in Germany have found a link between intelligence and shortsightedness, saying those who wear glasses may often be smarter than those who don't. read

Woman’s hijab pulled off in racist attack in north London

A probe has been launched following the alleged racially-motivated assault in Haringey. The victim was approached from behind by two men as she walked down the street (stock image). read

ISIS jihadis trained in Iraq and Syria are now at large on Britain's streets

The shock figure of those who have been jailed is far lower than Ministers previously claimed. Imran Khawaja (pictured) was jailed for 12 years after he was caught trying to sneak back into Britain. read

Kate Middleton lets her stylist loose on 'estate agent' Prince William

Kate has ordered her stylist Natasha Archer to give William a much-needed wardrobe makeover – and she has started by throwing out his ubiquitous brown loafers and his tatty trainers. read

Sacked Tory Minister Matthew Hancock keeps a taxpayer-funded chauffeur-driven limo

Matthew Hancock was said to be furious when he found out his demotion from Cabinet Office Minister to Culture Minister meant he would lose his perk of use of an official car and driver. read

French villagers protest against the arrival of migrants from the Calais Jungle

French villagers in Forges-les-Bains and Pierrefeu are holding protests to object to their towns being used to rehouse migrants from the Jungle camp in Calais, which is due to be demolished this month. read

Cumbria rape victim wiped her own blood on her teen attacker and begged him to stop

Jack Walker, 18, was jailed for 11 years after brutally attacking and raping a 58-year-old woman as she walked her dog in Cumbria. She wiped her own blood on him to get him to stop. read

Apprentice contestant Jessica Cunningham's uncle is former jailbird who was once kidnapped and tortured by gangland thugs in drugs row 

Alec Cunningham, 47, was snatched from his home in Burnley and subjected to a 10-hour ordeal, where he stabbed and burned with cigarettes by gangsters in Manchester, in 2003. read

The prices of many rural homes are being slashed - so is now the right time to bag a bucolic bargain?  

Lancych Mansion, a pretty seven-bed Gothic country house in the Cych valley of Pembrokeshire, has dropped from £1.95m to £1.35m. The house comes with 59 acres and 300ft of double-bank fishing. read

The Rolling Stones cash in on £4m payday for secret warm-up gig

The private party, in Las Vegas, was certainly a nice little earner for Mick Jagger and his bandmates Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, with each of them pocketing £1million. read

Cambridge Calre College freshers boycott 'patronising' sexual consent class

No freshers attended an hour-long sexual consent workshop at Clare College, Cambridge. Women's officer Rosie Boxall said on social media that it felt like a 'huge step backwards'. read

‘They drive me b***** bonkers’: Former BBC head of radio hits out at the ‘posh young men’ inside the corporation who ‘act like they were born to rule’

Helen Boaden, 60, also claimed she was marginalised when she started at the BBC in 1983 and still sees the same thing happen to women who join the corporation today. read

Internet magicians are ruining the art of deception warns ex-BGT star 

Jamie Raven (pictured), who finished as runner-up on the series last year, has warned that the rise of YouTube magicians could be the death of shows in front of an audience. read

Victoria Beckham and son Brooklyn join forces for UNAIDS charity mission in Kenya

She's usually seen in exclusive locations and glamorous parties. But Victoria Beckham swapped that for the real world when she stepped out in central Kenya on Saturday. read

Homemade Vs. ready meal: Can your dinner party guests tell the difference?

SPONSORED M&S has released a new range of Cook Menu and Gastropub dishes so perfectly posh, we thought we could fool our friends... read

My joy at muddy little marvel, by William: Prince tells of his delight at birth of baby rhinos to mothers he waved off into the wild 

Mobo's birth is the result of a unexpectedly successful mission backed by Prince William that introduced three black rhinos to their natural habitat from the wildlife park in Kent where they were born. read

Russian cluster bomb rolls into an Aleppo hospital killing and maiming 50 children

Mail on Sunday exclusive with disaster zone doctor David Nott who gave instructions to medics 2,500 miles away in Aleppo and received photos of victims so he could help from London. read

I forgive you, mum: Canoe son rebuilds relationship with mother Anne Darwin after she lied to him and his brother for FIVE YEARS that their father was dead

Mark and Anthony had at first insisted they would have nothing more to do with their County Durham-based parents John and Anne Darwin following their deception, but there has been a reconciliation. read

University considers banning the National Anthem from graduation ceremonies - because of its links to 'increasing far right nationalism'

Mahamed Abdullahi, from King's College London Students' Union, called the traditional rendition of God Save The Queen 'outdated', adding 'f*** the nation state'. read

British troops carrying gas masks are sent to Iraq

The 250 soldiers from 4 Rifles battalion are being deployed today in preparation for a large-scale assault on Mosul, the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq. read

'History is disappearing before our eyes': Portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds were destroyed when an 18th century stately home burned to the ground 

Portraits by 18th-century artist Sir Joshua Reynolds are thought to have been destroyed by a fire at Cosgrove Hall in Northampton, a privately owned, Grade-II listed stately home. read

Vulture lawyers' fees drain NHS of £418m in one year, enough to hire 19,000 nurses

The bill for patients’ legal teams – most of whom work on a no win, no fee basis – jumped by a massive 43 per cent on the previous year’s figure of £292 million. read

Four French police officers are set on FIRE as thugs pelt their car with petrol bombs during a patrol near Paris

The horrifying attack took place on the Grande Borne, in the southern Paris suburb of Viry-Chatillon, on Saturday afternoon. read

Richard Keys ADMITS there is 'an element of truth' in the stories saying he had an affair with a 27-year-old lawyer

It was said the British pundit (pictured), who previously admitted behaving in a ‘prehistoric way’ towards women, cheated on his wife Julia - who has thyroid cancer - with lawyer Lucie Rose. read

LSE to stand by its foreign academics after Government ‘banned them over Brexit advice'

The row follows the controversial plans to make businesses reveal what proportion of their workers came from abroad, announced by home secretary Amber Rudd (pictured) this week. read

Handy Brexit table explains the options for the UK's exit from the EU

A clever table put together by HSBC in a report called 'Is Brexit Getting Harder?' cleaves some clarity from the murk. read

Second hip replacement for Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood 

The former West End dancer, 51, had one hip replaced in 2013, but now says: ‘I wore out both joints from dancing and ballet and it was made worse by arthritis.' read

No wonder she’s cracking open the bubbly... this woman's clinical negligence firm bagged £29m from the NHS in legal costs for cases last year

Sheffield-based Irwin Mitchell, whose head of medical negligence is Lisa Jordan (pictured), was paid almost £30 million by the NHS in legal costs for medical negligence cases in 2015-16 alone. read

Disabled woman rescued from choppy waters after wheelchair skids down a ramp

Good Samaritans dived into the water at Brighton Marina to rescue Sally Whitney (shown) and her carer, Zizi Linerpaite, who had also gotten into difficulty after trying to save her friend. read

Terry's Chocolate Orange size shrunk by 10% but price remains the same

The American owners of Terry's Chocolate Orange have been accused of 'ruining British chocolate' after it turns out the sweet snack has shrunk in mass by ten percent. read

Amy Winehouse's father-in-law avoids teaching ban after racial slurs case

Giles Civil (pictured) – step-father to the Back to Black singer's husband Blake Fielder-Civil and former head teacher at a Peterborough primary school – was brought before a conduct panel. read

Theresa May's 'era of meritocracy' will be forgotten when she co-hosts a £5,000-a-head Tory dinner party in stately home

Theresa May's 'era of meritocracy' will be forgotten when she co-hosts a £5,000-a-head dinner for Tory donors at Englefield House, a stately home in Berkshire that played host to Elizabeth I. read

HMP Winchester prison spends thousands every year on TAXIS to take inmates to the hospital

HMP Winchester, in Hampshire, ferries its convicts just 150 yards across a two-lane main road (pictured) to reach the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, which stand directly opposite. read

Shirtless headbanger rocks out to Slayer's Raining Blood in the middle of Hurricane Matthew as he holds an American flag and whips his hair 

Lane Pittman was caught on video head banging to Slayer's Raining Blood as he stood in the middle of a road in Jacksonville, Florida, and braved strong winds and rain during Hurricane Matthew. read

Remote Haiti communities affected by Hurricane Matthew attempted to be reached by rescuers

Hundreds of people are known to have been killed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti but authorities are still desperately trying to reach marooned areas devastated by the Category 4 storm. read

The Latest: US storm death toll reaches 10

Hackers are using Hurricane Matthew as a ruse to access the computers of South Carolina residents. The Gov. said people are receiving fake emails providing storm updates. read

Hurricane Matthew floods Charleston as it continues to batter Carolinas and Georgia

Hurricane Matthew was downgraded to a Category 1 storm on Saturday morning but hurricane-force winds remained a threat as Matthew's eyewall moved into Charleston and tides rose as high as 9 feet. read

Labour has been reduced to a ‘warzone’ thanks to bitter infighting under Corbyn, warns Chakrabarti

Controversial new Left-wing peer Shami Chakrabarti also hit back at critics who have claimed her peerage was in return for her ‘whitewash’ report on allegations of anti-Semitism in the party. read

Jeremy Corbyn heckled by PEACE activists who say he is on Assad's side in Syria

Jeremy Corbyn has been heckled by protesters while attending a conference of peace activists. The Labour leader was yelled at as he arrived at Congress House, in London. read

University of Oxford dons warned to think twice before serving alcohol and fancy food

The University of Oxford has issued detailed guidance to academics warning them of the sensitivities of inviting students from abroad to social events, particularly if alcohol is involved. read

German 'terror bomb' suspect fled his flat just minutes before police arrived to find high explosives and plans to attack an international airport

Jaber Albakr, from Damascus, Syria, is still at large after police raided an apartment on an estate in the German city of Chemnitz, and found explosives known as 'mother of Satan'. read

London's Chapel Market traders told to stop bellowing because it's too loud

The barrow boys at London's 137-year-old Chapel Market in Islington may be silenced after complaints from well-heeled residents who have moved into swanky flats nearby. read

Manchester tram attack victim narrowly avoids death as neck is sliced open

A 36-year-old man in Manchester was lucky to be alive after his neck was slashed by an attacker while travelling on one of the city's Metrolink trams. The blade narrowly missed his carotid artery. read

Channel 4 boss is looking forward to silencing the Bake Off doubters

Jay Hunt (pictured) said she knew when she signed the deal with Love Productions that the stars were not guaranteed to follow, and affirmed her belief that the show would continue to be a success. read

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe's was punched according to medical assessment

Sources told MailOnline that an examination of the MEP show bruising on his face consistent with a punch, with contusions suggesting his head hit the floor following his fall in Strasbourg (shown). read

Scientists believe a cancer drug could help women's ovaries produce more eggs 

It has always been believed that human females have a limited number of eggs, but that theory could be debunked after it was revealed that women's ovaries may be able to grow new ones. read

Indonesia's first Muslim transgender boarding school forced to close 

The only Islamic transgender boarding school (shown) in Indonesia has been closed after a wave of intolerance sparked by the activities of hard-line Muslim groups. read

I hope Theresa May the intervener won't be the new Heseltine, NORMAN TEBBIT writes

I was worried that, in her party conference speech in Birmingham, Theresa May spoke of moving on to ‘the centre ground’. That is where parties, like the Lib Dems, die, writes NORMAN TEBBIT. read

Nigel Farage and 'ex-mistress' are dragged into Ukip leadership farce

The abuse is contained in a leaked email sent by Annabelle Fuller (pictured), who now works for Mike Hookem, who is accused of hitting party leadership favourite Steven Woolfe. read

Nick Clegg's plan to close gap between rich and poor children's education is a 'failure'

Nick Clegg's flagship policy to boost the exam results of Britain’s poorest children has been branded a ‘dismal failure’ after swallowing £8.7 billion of taxpayers’ money and leaving it worse. read

'I was jumped on by my boss's husband': Raunchy novelist Jilly Cooper reveals she was once sexually assaulted at work 

The 79-year-old said she was attacked before she became an author She made the comments at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. read

Palm Springs police officers killed and another injured attending to 'family disturbance'

Two police officers were killed and one is injured after being shot in Palm Springs, California on Saturday while responding to a 'family disturbance.' read

Misery for tourists as 'flash crash' means the pound is now worth less than a euro at airports as sterling reaches a 31-year low

Holidaymakers are being offered as little as €0.97 to the pound at airports in the latest body blow for sterling since an overnight 'flash crash' triggered a dramatic fall in the value of sterling. read

Vulnerable elderly woman filmed cowering as she is attacked by carer in Taiwan

The shocking 11 second video, which appears to have been filmed in a care facility in Taiwan, shows a frail and frightened woman (pictured) huddled on the floor by her single bed as a man attacks her. read

Chancellor Hammond fears David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox will wreck Brexit

Mr Hammond, who has warned against cutting all ties with Brussels, believes tough guy Mr Davis should be banned from negotiations with the EU – and forced to stay at Westminster. read

A 'quiet' revolutionary? No, the PM is a merciless opportunist cudgeling her opponents like a Brexit Boadicea, writes ANTHONY SELDON  

What made her conference speech all the more extraordinary is that it was delivered by an unelected Prime Minister and an opponent of Brexit, Boris Johnson, writes ANTHONY SELDON. read

Ski charity fund used by rich parents to slalom round the tax laws and finance trips to luxury Alpine resorts for their children is axed

They exploited the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, designed to top up charitable donations, by setting up ‘bespoke funds’ to finance trips to luxury Alpine resorts. read

VIV GROSKOP: Kim Kardashian's saved us all... from being idiots like her

VIV GROSKOP writes about how Kim Kardashian has saved us all, from being idiots like her; How has Kim saved us? By demonstrating exactly how not to behave online. read

Senior church leaders tell PM to welcome 400 refugee children to UK

In an outspoken letter to the Prime Minister, Lord Rowan Williams, senior bishops and Muslim and Jewish faith leaders urged her to display ‘moral leadership’ and help child refugees in Calais. read

Master grader's skills are so highly valued that her bosses are willing to pay £25,000 a year to insure her specialist snout to sniff CHEESE  

Mrs Cox, 48, has just started as master grader at leading cheese-maker Wyke Farms of Somerset. Her job is to use her olfactory skills to detect blocks of cheddar. read

100 years of the Trans-Siberian railway: Fascinating pictures chart the growth of the longest train line in the world

Completed in 1916, the Trans-Siberian railway stretches more than 5,700 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, and crosses two continents, 80 towns and cities, 16 large rivers and eight time zones. read

Elephant and Castle becomes scene of a rescue as a dog is pulled from the tracks

Footage from the Elephant and Castle station on the London Underground captures the heartwarming rescue of Sammy after he fell down the gap between the platform and train. read

Video of Canadian man fainting after he tries to lift a huge barbell

The overly-ambitious gym-goer has been caught on camera in a Canadian gym fainting after trying to pull off a deadlift. A woman rushes over to help him and he is soon able to stand back up. read

Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and the Colosseum stand side-by-side at Chinese theme park

The theme park in Ningbo City, eastern China (pictured) is advertising that visitors can see the entire world 'in just a few steps' while also enjoying waterslides and rollercoasters. read

Pictures show full majesty of giant cave in Austria only discovered a hundred years ago 

The subterranean ice palaces in the Dachstein caves in Austria, were created when water seeped through stone around 500 years ago leaving breath-taking sculptures behind. read

Disabled Teeside man filmed clumsily breaking into a flat is jailed for two years

A one legged burglar who was filmed breaking into an apartment, breaking in and making off with a flat screen TV has been jailed. Michael Flanagan was sentenced to 26 months by Teesside Crown Court. read

Ferrari California washed away by flood waters in Thailand

Car enthusiasts couldn’t bare to look as an $AUD 800,000 Ferrari became stuck in flood waters in Bangkok, Thailand this week. read

Mac on...Tory plans to train more British doctors 

‘So what were you doing before you heard that the Government wants thousands of new British doctors?’ read

Saddling up for a camel trek across the desert to Jordan’s greatest natural wonder

The Mail On Sunday's Wendy Gomersall ventured to Wadi Rum in Jordan. This month marks 100 years since T. E. Lawrence used the spot as a base towards the end of the revolt. read