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Will this dirtiest debate ever? Anderson Cooper to open debate with hot mic question as

Donald Trump is preparing for what could be a bloodbath on Sunday night, as the Republican nominee goes up against Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate. The debate, held in St Louis, Missouri, has the potential to be one of the nastiest ever as Trump could choose to go after Clinton's husband Bill Clinton for an alleged rape. Since Friday, the Trump campaign has been reeling from the fallout after a 2005 tape revealing Trump making vulgar and explicit comments about groping women was released. And it has been revealed the first question of the debate will focus on the lewd remarks made by Trump - only he won't be the one answering. After winning a coin toss, Hillary Clinton will be asked the first question of the night, likely by moderator Anderson Cooper. Cooper, of CNN, is co-moderating with Martha Raddatz, of ABC, who have adjusted their town-hall-style debate in light of the Trump tapes.

Five teenagers killed after man drives wrong way down highway in Vermont

Five teenagers were killed after a driver crashed into a car after going the wrong way down a highway in Vermont, then stole a police cruiser and collided with several other vehicles. The victims were identified on Sunday as (clockwise from top right) Cyrus Zschau, Liam Hale, Eli Brookens, Janie Cozzi and Mary Harris. Police said Steven D. Bourgoin (inset top), 36, was traveling northbound on the southbound lane of Interstate 89 at around 11.45pm on Saturday when he hit the first car, a Volkswagen Jetta. Bourgoin's Toyota Tundra burst into flames and he then stole an officer's cruiser while the officer pulled a girl from the burning car and attempted to extinguish the blaze. The suspect fled south towards Richmond at high speed with the police siren blaring. And when Richmond police tried to intercept him, the suspect made a U-turn and started heading north in the southbound lane - and crashed into seven vehicles.

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Ma's company, Alibaba, is buying a stake in Amblin Partners, the production studio backed by Spielberg, with the goal of marketing and distributing films internationally and in China.

Call it a sign of the times. Young couples nowadays are eschewing parenthood of embracing life without children - so much so that they are staging 'vasectomy parties.'

MailOnline Travel quizzed an air hostess from an American airline to find out what's acceptable, what isn't, and how they are trained to monitor the sobriety of their passengers.

Girl who was abducted from her bed spotted on footage at Georgia gas station

A three-state Amber Alert was issued for Rebecca Lewis (left) when she disappeared from her home in the Lazy Dazy RV and Mobile Home Park in Lakeland, Florida, on Saturday morning. She was last seen in bed by her 16-year-old when she woke up at 9am. The sister fell asleep and when she woke up again around 45 minutes later, Rebecca was gone. Sheriff's deputies searched the area and found no sign of Rebecca. But she was spotted at a gas station hundreds of miles away in Forsyth, Georgia, just off Interstate 75 at around 6.30pm on Saturday with the 31-year-old man (inset and right, with Rebecca), of Seale, Alabama. Wild West Hogs showed up unexpectedly at Rebecca's family home on Friday night. The family had not seen him for two years. He legally changed his name from Matthew Clark Pybus and is driving a stolen grey 2012 Nissan Versa with an Alabama handicapped plate 4JL26, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

Eleven people were taken to hospital after the eastbound train slammed in to a work train near New Hyde Park, east of Manhattan, shortly after 9pm. At least four were seriously injured.

Police are considering whether to file charges against the mother after she drove to the VA Medical Center in Salisbury, North Carolina, in her Chevrolet and left the children inside.

Angelina Jolie moves into the most private neighborhood in the world

Angelina Jolie has moved into a mansion in the one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world - which is so private you can't even see it on Google Street View. The actress, 41, moved her six children from Malibu into a new rental costing $30,000 a month in Hidden Hills, a gated community in Los Angeles County, California. There, her new neighbors read like a who's who of Hollywood - including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Drake and Jennifer Lopez. Jolie's new pad boasts more than 8,000 square feet of living space as well as two beach-entry pools, a cascading waterfall and an 800 square foot cabana. But it's the privacy that makes property in Hidden Hills so sought after by celebrities - and likely the reason Jolie, who recently made headlines after filing for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, picked it.

NEW The US embassy said on Sunday that the troops, who are deployed in Kuwait, were intentionally rammed into by the Egyptian in what officials are calling 'an attempted terrorist attack.'

The deputy was abducted at around 11.30pm on Friday from a parking lot as she headed into work at the detention center in Olathe, the Johnson County Sheriff's Department said.

'Everyone thinks you love Trump!' Tina Fey mocks Jimmy Fallon for 'softball' interview with Donald Trump during SNL skit  

During a a guest appearances on the Weekend Update segment of 'Saturday Night Live', Tina Fey threw a few jabs at Jimmy Fallon for his easygoing interview of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Dressed like suburban Pennsylvania mothers Denise McDonough and Doreen Troilo, Fey and Fallon appeared to raucous applause. After presenting Weekend Update host Colin Jost with some hoagies, the host asked how the characters felt about being the 'most sought after voters in the election'. 'I think it's fun,' Fey said , as Fallon gushed that he 'loved it'. But when Fallon said he 'didn't like Trump' the gloves came off. 'Whatever! Everyone knows you love Trump!' Fey said, rubbing Fallon's head (pictured) in a nod to his interview of Trump (insert). Fallon has received criticism for his soft questions used during his interview of Trump on the Tonight Show.

After a tumultuous 48 hours following the release of a 2005 tape in which Donald Trump made lewd remarks about women, the nominee has thanked his supporters and dug at the GOP.

Donald Trump's GOP supporters are standing by their man, even if many Washington politicians say they can no longer support the nominee because of a video where he's making lewd comments.

Chelsea Clinton on the phone in NYC while Trump's campaign goes into meltdown

Is this the sweet look of schadenfreude?Chelsea Clinton (pictured) looked delighted as she spoke on the phone outside her New York City apartment while Donald Trump's campaign went into a tailspin. The 36-year-old stepped out of her Flatiron apartment in skinny jeans and heels on Saturday while her mother maintained a low profile in the wake of Trump's hot mic scandal. Hillary is expected to launch her first public remarks on Trump's lewd comments as the two candidates face off in the second presidential debate on Sunday night. In a conversation with Billy Bush in 2005, Trump was caught bragging about his attempts to 'f***' a married woman before saying he could 'do anything' to women - including 'grab[ing] them by the p***y' - because he was a celebrity.

The GOP nominee spoke to radio host Howard Stern in December 2005, while his wife was expecting their son Barron. They had been married for almost a year when he lampooned her changing appearance.

Farage, pictured in St Louis, Missouri to help Trump prepare for tonight's presidential debate, defended the Republican after footage emerged of him boasting that he can 'do anything' to women.

Hollywood heavyweight Jon Voight came out swinging on social media against fellow thespian legend Robert De Niro for his diatribe against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Afghan tribe so remote they didn't know about the Taliban

A thin strip of land in Afghanistan, known as the Wakhan corridor, has remained largely untouched by the Taliban and the US Army, with villagers having little idea of the invasion or war. The Wakhi people live a simple life with their livestock on the rough terrain in desolate countryside, pictured main. Photographer Eric Lafforgue visited the little-known lands amid encouragements from the Afghan government to attract tourists, but he found himself alone in choosing the area as a holiday destination. Pictured inset left, two Afghan men sip soup from a bowl, and right, a Wakhi woman in a pink headscarf.

Dr. Dre has threatened to sue Sony Pictures if they release a TV movie depicting him as a woman beater. The rap mogul sent a cease and desist letter to the studio over their movie Surviving Compton.

The boat was carrying 27 adults and three children when it flipped over around 4pm on Saturday while it was 100 yards from Pier 45 in California's San Francisco Bay.

ATMs too tall to reach, staircases to nowhere and a VERY inappropriate swimming pool: The

Phallic shaped swimming pool (bottom left), a staircase to nowhere (bottom right) and a bridge that doesn't (top left) meet in the middle. Architectural mishaps often occur when design flaws are not picked up in the initial planning phases. But with some faults so glaringly obvious (top left), it becomes a wonder how they got past even the laziest designer. Whether it be a driveway with no direct path to the road or a slide with a maliciously placed ditch at the end - the catastrophic final results can be quite humorous.

The land controlled by the terror group in Iraq and Syria has shrunk from 90,800sq km (56,400sq miles) at its height in January 2015 to 65,500 sq km as of October 3 this year.

Thirteen of the 17 cardinals named by Pope Francis on Sunday are under the age of 80, meaning that they are eligible to vote for the next pope if either the pontiff dies or resigns.

Incredible $32million Dallas mansion hits the market complete with its own water park

A decadent, eight-bedroom mansion with its own water park in the backyard is hitting the market for $32million. You'd be forgiven for thinking the manor was owned by a European lord in the French countryside, but the Dallas, Texas, estate was the mastermind of Richard Malouf, who made a fortune straightening the teeth of children across the state. The dentist combined two homes, priced at $10,500,000 and $6,975,000 to create this jaw-dropping estate, complete with 18 bathrooms, a 10-car garage, and walk-in-closets that would put Carrie Bradshaw's extensive shoe collection to shame. While the exterior (inset) is a pure fairy tale vision with its manicured lawns, extended driveway and multi-tiered fountain, the lush interiors also make space for endless entertainment. Pictured top left, a spray park, top right, the luxurious entrance, bottom right, the complete water park with three slides, bottom left, a richly decorated sitting room

Kelsey Thigpen was last seen in Wellington around 3.30am on Saturday after she finished her shift at World of Beer and then went to a nearby restaurant. Her car was found seven miles away.

60,000 fans watch North Carolina State play Notre Dame during Hurricane Matthew

North Carolina State defeated the Fighting Irish 10-3 in the midst of mud and rain on Saturday, where conditions got so bad there was a voluntary evacuation at halftime. Players had to fight through 51mph winds in the second-half of the game, which was delayed due to lightning. The Wolfpack celebrated their victory afterwards with belly flop races down the field. Hurricane Matthew killed seven people in North Carolina on Saturday night for a total of 18 in the US.

Lane Pittman was caught on video head banging to Slayer's Raining Blood as he stood in the middle of a road in Jacksonville, Florida, and braved strong winds and rain during Hurricane Matthew.

Clay County Sheriff's Office near Jacksonville, Florida, came to the rescue of one unfortunate bald eagle after it became trapped in the grille of a car.

Hundreds of people are known to have been killed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti but authorities are still desperately trying to reach marooned areas devastated by the Category 4 storm.

Pictured: Gang member who was 'acting crazy and said he wanted to shoot cops' just before

NEW John Felix, 26, a known gang member, was apprehended early Sunday after a 12-hour standoff with police in Palm Springs, California. He is accused of killing officers Jose Gilbert 'Gil' Vega and Lesley Zerebny - who had just returned from maternity leave. One of their colleagues was also wounded. Moments before Felix shot and killed the officers, his terrified father, Santos Felix, had allegedly run to a neighbor for help.


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Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in new Inge Morath photography book

Austrian-born Inge Morath refused to join the Hitler Youth while studying in Germany in the midst of World War II and was forced to work alongside Ukrainian prisoners. After surviving the war, Morath became one of the first women to join the famous Magnum Photos Agency. Because of her gender, Morath was often assigned to photograph debutantes, balls and models. But she built a career and a mastery of being able to capture intimate photos in some of society's most glamorous corners, photographing the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol and some of Hollywood's biggest stars in the 1950s.

Mumsnet user BellaGoth told how her mischievous Labrador had eaten an entire bag of sugar while she left her shopping on the kitchen table - and others shared equally funny stories.

Dalia Galavis said she and her family had been eating at Cici's restaurant in Smyrna, Tennessee, on Thursday when a manager asked them to leave due to complaints from other customers.

Does Negan kill DARYL? New Walking Dead trailer gives tantalizing clue about who villain kills as he asks Rick 'was he your right hand man?'

It is a question burning in the forefront of Walking Dead fans minds for months. And viewers were finally given a clue this weekend as to who the diabolical Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and seen in the trailer dragging Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, along the ground) kills after last season's cliffhanger. In a new sneak peek a tantalizing clue is given as to who in Rick Grimes' party was murdered by the bat wielding psychopath...and it could be Daryl (played by Norman Reedus, inset).

Will we ever discover alien civilization? There have been enough films about it from Alien to District 9, but now according to British physicist Brian Cox it is unlikely to happen

The Renault Clio crashed into straw bales on a corner where spectators were stood during the race in San Marino.WARNING: Video contains scenes which some readers may find upsetting

Mohammed Rahami (pictured) said Saturday the FBI had made 'mistake after mistake' and claimed the bureau did not 'do its job properly' when he tried to warn them about his son's behavior in 2014.

Israeli police secures the scene where a car driven by a Palestinian gunman was intercepted by the police and gunman shot dead in Jerusalem Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. A Palestinian motorist launched a shooting spree near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem Sunday, killing  two and wounding several more  before being shot dead, Israeli police and emergency services said. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

The 39-year-old attacker had been due to report to prison for assaulting an officer when he drove towards a train station near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem and opened fire.

Just five more minutes! Golden retriever has temper tantrum when his owner attempts to get him to leave the pet store

Rufio the golden retriever, who lives in Chicago, recently enjoyed a trip to the pet store. But when it came time to leave, the two-year-old dog was adamant on staying, even as his owner dragged him towards the door. A video of the sweet pup's protest has been viewed more than 400,000 times on Instagram.

Some were keen to defend unflattering stereotypes - the French being rude, for example - while others were keen to share their disappointing experiences with over-hyped tourist hubs like Bali.

Health officials, fire chiefs and trading standards experts are joining forces to highlight the dangers of cheap or imported vaping kits

Burns surgeons are warning of the dangers of electronic cigarettes after treating a string of smokers injured by exploding devices. The call is being echoed ...

Researchers at Mainz University in Germany have found a link between intelligence and shortsightedness, saying those who wear glasses may often be smarter than those who don't.

A piece of stolen jewellery was found close to the Paris hotel where Kim Kardashian was targeted, a source revealed. The reality star has filed a £4.5 million insurance claim for the stolen items.

'I didn’t want to deal with it': Biggest Loser winner who dropped 112lbs reveals that a

Ali Vincent, 41, won the fifth season of the competition show in 2008, losing nearly half her body weight and dropping from 234lbs to 122lbs. But in the years since, she struggled to keep the weight off, eventually gaining back all the weight - much of it in the past year. On a Saturday episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Ali reveals that she believes the reason for her weight gain stems from a sexual assault that occurred during a massage in 2015.

In this Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016 photo, Willy Castillo makes a point while his brother, Steven Castillo, looks on at the Los Compadres Barber Shop in Allentown, Pa. A city councilman is stirring controversy with his proposal to install decorative Spanish-language street signs on Seventh Street, where the barber shop is located. (AP Photo/Michael Rubinkam)

A councilman wants to honor the Hispanic population in Allentown, Pennsylvania by installing Spanish-language street signs on the city's busy Seventh Street - already known as Calle Siete.

One in eight British adults say the threat of hackers accessing webcams is their biggest safety concern. Ten per cent fret about strangers approaching their children in the street.

The risque new look taking the fashion world by storm is the high-cut crotch-baring dress. The look was memorably flaunted by Bella Hadid in a red dress at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Henry Cavill gasps for air after gruelling 10k mud run as he's put through his paces by

He worked out every day that he prepared to play Superman in upcoming movie Justice League. But Henry Cavill hadn't seen anything until he was put through his paces in a gruelling charity run with the Royal Marines on Sunday.
The British heart-throb, 33, looked dead on his feet after completing the six-mile Endurance Course on Woodbury Common in Devon.

The astonishing scene was captured on camera at a classroom in the north east of Russia. An unruly pupil refused to take out his headphones, prompting the professor to tug them out himself.

It is reported that the girl's father Laxmichand Sansadiya had suffered loss in jewellery business and the family made her fast to bring good fortune. Police complaint was lodged after intervention of a local NGO.

Fashioned out of thick card, California-based Matt Borgelt's extraordinary get-up allowed people to 'swipe' on several profiles before settling on his own and making a match.

Speaking in New York, the actor, left, said: 'I got the best job in the world doing Bond. The things I get to do on a Bond movie, there's no other job like it. If I were to stop doing it I'd miss it terribly.'

Jessica Wongso laughs when asked if she laced Mirna Salihin's coffee with cyanide

Accused cyanide murderer Jessica Wongso has been recorded smiling after denying poisoning Mirna Salihin (together, inset) by putting the toxin in her iced coffee. The reaction from the 27-year-old Australian resident, comes as Mirna Salihin's sister Sandy says Wongso is enjoying the attention from the case, which is at present before the courts in Indonesia. Wongso has denied poisoning Ms Salihin - with whom she studied at the Sydney design school Billy Blue  - at a restaurant in Jakarta in January (pictured in a CCTV image, the pair meet at the restaurant before Ms Salihin's death). Wongso is on trial in Indonesia.

The 'disgusting' costumes (pictured) were being sold at a pop-up shop called Halloween, in the Diamond Shopping Centre in Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Writer Simon Davis says he 'calculated the difference between the state and national prevalence of each of the top 250 last names nationwide' based on Social Security data.

Shane Farberman, who performs as Doo Doo the clown, told Toronto Metro: 'It is tough, it bothers me. It's unacceptable for people to jump out, for people to scare children.'

Rodrigo Duterte compares his crackdown on drugs to 'Hitler's Holocaust'

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: The death toll in the Philippines continues to rise as president Rodrigo Duterte, known as 'The Punisher', claims he will slaughter drug dealers and addicts in his war on drugs. The bombastic president has also sensationally disparaged the country's alliance with the US ordering its troops to leave his shores. The potential ending of an alliance comes as a reaction to the international outrage of the slaughter of drug criminals at the hands of vigilantes and police in the Philippines. The fear tactic has seen Duterte's popularity sky-rocket, with a Social Weather Stations Survey showed 8/10 Filipino residents are satisfied with his campaign promise to crack down on drug dealers and users.

There's a new cool pose to pull on Instagram if you want to show off details of your outfit - all it requires is for the taker to sit cross-legged so that they can capture the various details in an outfit.

One in seven adults takes daily fish oil capsules, believing their omega-3 fatty acids are good for body and mind. Even more take them occasionally, with £100m a year spent on them.

Despite their dubious connotations, the fur-lined loafer-cum-slipper is the celebrity trend of the season. Kendall Jenner, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung have all been spotted in a pair.

Ready for your close-ups? Some of the world's most beautiful animals are captured on

These are the stunning images of the animals gracing our screens as part of David Attenborough's new series of Planet Earth. Hidden cameras in remote locations show animals such as snow leopards in ways viewers have not been able to see before, pictured main. Viewers will also see an adorable red-eyed tree frog, pictured top left, and a cute pygmy sloth, pictured bottom left. The series will run for six episodes, with themes including jungles, mountains and island habitats.

News reporter, Lisa Colagrossi, died in March 2015 from a brain aneurysm, but her death may have saved California woman, Kris Sorensen (inset), who ended up having two aneurysms.

A black architect believes a Seattle bank discriminated against her after they thought she cashed a fake check. Trish Doolin, 37, was interrogated by bank staff who called her back.

I was on my way to the remote north of Vietnam, 200 miles from Hanoi, where staying in the homes of locals is one of the few options for lodging, and I was apprehensive.

Muslim video blogger wearing religious dress gets a 'breathtaking' response when he pretends to be homeless on the streets of London during social experiment 

Clutching a cardboard sign with just the words 'I'm homeless' written on it, YouTube blogger Hstar Vlogs (pictured) films himself sat down in a London street as part of a social experiment'. While some people ignore him (pictured right) many others are seen offering him food, assistance and even a £50 note (pictured center) during the four minute clip.

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Paul McCartney, 74, turns back time and makes it look so easy as he rocks on stage at

The Beatles singer and his fans showed they still have what it takes as they danced the night away at the first-ever Desert Trip in Indio, California, on Saturday night. McCartney turned back time as he blended tunes from his Beatles days, his years as Wings frontman to his current status as solo entertainer. McCartney, who was clad in a black suit and white button down shirt, sported a youthful haircut with just a trace of grey at the temples. He appeared on stage - fashionably late by about 30 minutes - and broke into the Beatles song A Hard Day's Night. Members in the audience went wild, with some probably remembering when The Beatles sing released the song in the 1960s.

Staten Island restaurant, Enoteca Maria, employs grandmothers to cook from all over the world. Owner, Jody Scaravella, has hired 30 grandmas from various cultures, including Algeria, Syria and Ecuador.

The subterranean ice palaces in the Dachstein caves in Austria, were created when water seeped through stone around 500 years ago leaving breath-taking sculptures behind.

Hygge is a Nordic cultural staple - a word that describes 'a feeling of cosiness and content', and 'enjoying the good things in life with good people around you'.

Afghanistan baby gets head sliced open as part of Islamic self-flagellation ceremony

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Gruesome pictures show a man holding a knife to the head of a baby in Ahmadabad, India while others show men whipping themselves with sharp blades. In separate images, men can be seen crying out in pain as they use knives attached to chains to cut their own backs at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. Pools of blood can be seen on the floor of the building after the men performed the ritual to mark Ashura - one of the major fixtures of the Islamic calendar.


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'Daddy can sort that out later': Shocked mother comes into her bathroom to find her toddler son has dumped an entire bag of dog biscuits into the toilet bowl

The British mother comes into the bathroom to find her son Blake hovering around a toilet bowl completely full of small brown dog biscuits (pictured left), but he does not seem too upset by his actions. Luckily, the family dog soon arrives in the bathroom and helps out by leaning his head into the makeshift dog bowl and starting to eat (pictured right).

The shocking 11 second video, which appears to have been filmed in a care facility in Taiwan, shows a frail and frightened woman (pictured) huddled on the floor by her single bed as a man attacks her.

Cars have been crushed against the roof of a car park in Crayford, south-east London, after a burst water main caused polystyrene insulation below the road surface to expand by four feet.

A dance teacher and his partner took an unfortunate tumble while dancing during a wedding reception when a dip went horribly wrong and caused him to drop the bridesmaid on the floor.

An eagle-eyed shopper snapped a photo of a sign at a London shopping centre bearing the helpful instructions 'Please use the escalator by Prada' - and captioned it: 'Worst. Perfume. Name. Ever'.

100 years of the Trans-Siberian railway: Fascinating pictures chart the growth of the

Today, a journey across Russia's Trans-Siberian railway takes about a week. But exactly 100 years ago, upon its official completion, the trip took almost a month because the train trundled along at 20 miles an hour. Now the longest train line in the world, stretching more than 5,700 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian railway crosses two continents, 80 towns and cities, 16 large rivers and eight time zones. Here, MailOnline Travel takes a look back over a century of the Trans-Siberian's history with a series of fascinating pictures.