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China to build the world's biggest space plane by 2020

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing designed the plane, and presented its ideas at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico last month. China's plane would be a vertical take-off and landing aircraft (pictured inset). The researchers presented two ideas. The first design weighs in at 10 tonnes and has a wingspan of 6 metres. The second design was for a scaled up 100-tonne version, with a 40 foot (12 metre) wingspan, could fly 20 people to 80 miles (130 km), giving 4 minutes of weightlessness (diagram pictured).

Thington has revealed free app 'Thington Concierge,' which pairs with smart lights, cameras, and other devices to provide centralized control, which can be securely shared with select people.

Apple's lawsuit contends that Samsung infringed on patents for "slide to unlock" and autocorrection, among others ©Jung Yeon-Je (AFP/File)

A US appeals court on Friday handed Apple a victory in one of its battles with rival Samsung, reinstating a $119.6 million verdict for the iPhone maker for p...

An expert at the University of California discusses how spliced RNA could decipher 'normal' aged cells from pre-cancerous and cancerous ones, which could lead to detecting aging cells.

To banish your fear of missing out, Facebook released the standalone app Events that shows nearby events, what your friends interested in and offers a calendar to keep track of your RSVPs.

A former leader of the US Navy's Task Force on Climate Change has revealed how it threatens national security, and could lead to catastrophic chaos and instability.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed an urgent investigation was underway after a replacement Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Newport-Inglewood fault, is ‘seismically active down to the upper mantle,’ suggesting more power quakes than expected could occur here and along others, including, San Andreas, pictured.

Two computer scientists solved the mystery of how to cut a cake in envy-free slices. Using an algorithm, the duo's system uses protocols that leaves everyone happy- but It can take 3-203 cuts of cake.

Mysterious 'UFO' filmed hovering over block of flats in Moscow as locals claim 'it's not the first sighting' 

An extremely bright 'UFO' has been filmed hovering above a block of flats in Moscow as witnesses looked on. Russian officials have not commented on the unidentified flying object, but some viewers said it's not the first time it has been sighted. Local man Vasya Mirny said: 'You can see this UFO quite often in Moscow, I've seen it two times this year. They are even more frequent in other cities.'

The firm confirmed the Spring Street location, close to Apple's own Soho store, will open to the public on the 20th October to show off the firm's newly announced range of products.

The firm is rumoured to be putting the finishing touches to an all in one desktop PC - and today sent out invites for an event in New York on the 26th October where it is expected to be unveiled.

The display is expected to peak after dusk tonight and tomorrow, and viewers in Northern America, Europe and Asia are in the best place to see the Draconids.

Professor Alexandra Horowitz, founder of Barnard College's Dog Cognition Lab in New York, makes the claim about dogs' time-telling skills in a new book based on her research.

Lachlan Markay admitted there was 'more than I expected' after posting a picture of the huge pile of papers (pictured) he received back from the Department of Energy.

Researchers in Spain found 90 percent of people can be considered either optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, or envious – and the rest behave in a way that falls outside of the defined models.

EXCLUSIVE: Professor Lewis Dartnell, UK Space Agency research fellow based at the University of Kent gives, his tips on what to do if the apocalypse should strike and what we need to rebuild society.

Through the Deep Earth Carbon Degassing (DECADE) initiative, scientists around the world are laying the groundwork for better forecasting of when volcanoes will erupt (pictured).

The DIY smartphone microscope that lets you play Pac-Man and soccer with microbes  

Microbiology might not be everyone's idea of fun, but a new DIY project designed by experts at Stanford University aims to bring ‘playful interaction’ to the study of single-celled organisms. A bioengineer has developed a 3-D printed smartphone microscope that allows users to observe microbes called Euglena, to make serious observations or even play games. The researchers have revealed interactive platforms to go along with the device, including a virtual soccer game and a Pac-Man-like maze, which rely on the movement of the tiny light-seeking organisms.

Heartbreaking video game designed by a father to re-enact short life of Joel, his

Ryan Green, 34, from Loveland, Colorado, designed ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ to recreate his son’s battle against terminal brain cancer. The game - which Green says is a 'video game composed of pain and hope, a script written day by day' - is not typical fare. It gives players the opportunity to 'relive memories, share heartache and discover the overwhelming hope that can be found in the face of death'. Set in recreated scenes of the family's house and hospitals, the characters in the video game are faceless but remain entirely emotional (pictured, main). The game first takes place in a park where Joel is feeding ducks and his family's voices are heard explaining his condition in the background. During the interactive retelling of the couple's experience raising their son, players can touch Joel's face as he lies in a hospital bed or push him in a swing. Joel (bottom right with his father) was diagnosed with an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT) at age one, but surprised doctors by outliving his bleak prognosis by more than three years. In the years following his diagnosis there was a brain surgery, six weeks of radiation, intense chemotherapy, several tumor recurrences and a relocation to San Francisco to pursue a medical trial, which wasn't able to help Joel. The game was a huge hit on the PC and Mac when it launched earlier this year, and now, users can play it on their iPhone for $4.99. His parents hope the game will be a resource for other grieving parents (top right, with Joel).


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Explorer Barry Clifford FINDS ship's legendary treasure after searching for 30 years

The undersea explorer who discovered the Whydah Gally (pictured inset as a drawing and as a life-size replica, left), the first authenticated pirate shipwreck in North America, believes he's found where the ship's legendary treasure lies after more than 30 years of poking around the murky waters off Cape Cod. Barry Clifford says his expedition recently located a large metallic mass that he's convinced represents most if not all of the 400,000 coins and other riches believed to be contained on the ship. A bell once belonging to the ship (top right) and a bronze wheel wax (bottom right) were recovered from the ship's wreckage.

The spacecraft is being controlled from the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, but many of its systems are automatic and don't need commands from Earth.

Renewable energy firm Kite Power Solutions is building its power station at the Ministry of Defence's West Freugh range in Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway. It will be in operation by March 2017.

Ray Taylor, from Alcester, had dug the bowl up in his garden when planting rhubarb, and used it to create a DIY bird bath. But a museum has now revealed it is a 2,000-year-old Roman bowl.

Hurricane Matthew has almost reached Cape Canaveral with winds of 74 miles per hour in the area but it is still heading north and two nuclear power stations are in its path.

Experts from the Universities of Liverpool and Penn State told MailOnline training your brain to become ambidextrous might not boost its brain power, even though some consultancies suggest it can.

Both men and women who have lonely personalities tend to take more selfies for approval from others, experts from the National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, claim.

The feature was trialled in Australia two weeks ago, and is now being rolled out in the UK. Using Tinder Boost can give users up to 10 times more profile views than the standard method.

Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida TWICE: Experts explain the science behind the storm's bizarre behaviour

Most hurricanes that hit the East Coast tend to move northwest around the Bermuda high. But Hurricane Matthew looks to be looping back around to hit Florida again. Fortunately, it is forecast to be much weaker - only tropical storm strength - as it approaches Florida again. Dr Chris Holloway, a researcher from the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading, told MailOnline: 'The models are forecasting that the next trough [of low pressure] coming over the eastern US will be too weak and too far north to completely carry Matthew away.'

Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania is home to a remarkable boulder field. The weight of the rocks is so great that the ground they've depressed the ground they sit on by 12 feet over the years.

Samsung said its operating profit for the July-September period would stand at around 7.8 trillion won, compared to 7.39 trillion won a year ago ©Jung Yeon-Je (AFP/File)

Samsung Electronics on Friday flagged a 5.5-percent rise in operating profits, even as it struggles with a damaging global smartphone recall and a shareholde...

Paris-based L'Oréal, teamed up with bioprinting company Poietis, which is based in Pessac, southwestern France to form a partnership that aims to develop a working 3D-printed hair follicle.

Market-watchers pointed to comments by French President Francois Hollande, who insisted the European Union must take a tough stance in negotiating Brexit, and a 'rogue algorithm'.

The troubled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset was put to the test at the Applied Energy Hub battery laboratory in Singapore, where it gave off smoke before exploding into flames.

Hubble spots burning plasma balls TWICE the size of Mars shooting out of a dying star

By viewing the star over a number of years a decade apart, a team at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California were able to build up a longer term picture of the star system’s activity. They believe that a dying red giant and its smaller companion are ejecting the plasma into space at regular intervals, every 8.5 years, from an accretion disc around the companion star (illustrated).

The bullet is said to have saved the life of a man in Afghanistan, though some have suggested it could even be a publicity stunt. Images show a bullet sticking out of the phone's screen.

Not all airports offer free Wi-Fi, but a new map gives you the information to access it. Anil Polat released an ‘always-up-to-date’ list of wireless passwords for airports all over the world.

According to Eugenia Kuyda, co-founder of the AI startup Luka, memorial bots are ‘the future.’ The CEO recently unveiled the ‘digital monument’ to her deceased friend, available to chat with Luka users.

The University of Michigan genetically engineer mice to grow 7 digits on each paw to learn why humans have 5 fingers. The change happened after a mutation transpired within our ancestors' genes.

Facebook Messenger's encrypted 'Secret Conversations' feature was first announced by the social media firm in July and is now being rolled out to users all over the world.

The finding was made by researchers from the University of New Hampshire, using Nasa's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory.

Dr Christopher Krupenye, from the Max Planck Institute, and Fumihiro Kano, from Kyoto University, tracked the eye movements of apes while they watched a dramatic scene unfold.

Researchers from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing made the unusual discovery of the ancient tomb in Jiayi cemetery in Turpan in northwest China.

New study claims 'second Earth' just four light years away has oceans

A team including CNRS astrophysicists have calculated the size and surface properties of the planet dubbed Proxima b, and concluded it may be an 'ocean planet' similar to Earth.

A baby hedgehog

The new feature only launched on Monday, but the social network admitted that a 'technical issue' meant items had appeared for sale that violated the site's user policies.

Seoul-based Samsung has said it plans to incorporate Viv's AI assistant platform into Galaxy handsets and expand voice assistant services to home appliances.

The Mirai botnet, one of two networks involved in the recent cyberattacks, used 61 username and password combinations to enable ‘brute-force’ hacks into thousands of devices around the world.

A tooth belonging to a dog thought to resemble an Alsatian has been found in the grounds of a nursing home a mile from Stonehenge which is thought to be the oldest evidence of 'walkies'.

Researchers at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab have now developed a method to predict these events based patterns from earlier storms, which block out large amounts of incoming solar energy.

Men can now expect to live til they are 69 while women reach just short of their 75th birthday on a worldwide average - 10 years longer than ever before, The Global Burden of Disease study found.

A team led by researchers at the University of Washington analysed the genome of the tarsier, revealing they are more closely related to monkeys, great apes, and people than thought.

Snap Inc, which operates the photo-sharing platform, gave the firm a huge value while drawing up plans for an IPO. They are looking to sell shares as early as late March.

Radical ion rocket engine set to be tested on the ISS

It’s said that a radical ion engine known as the Neumann Drive could one day go to Mars and back on a single tank of fuel. Now, the technology which has demonstrated efficiency surpassing that of even Nasa’s top efforts is set to undergo testing on the International Space Station. The payload is expected to launch in 2018 and will operate in space for up to a year, allowing researchers to evaluate the system under real conditions. The system was developed by Dr Paddy Neumann, pictured on left, formerly a PhD student at the University of Sydney. On right, the illustration shows how an ion thruster works.

The Seattle-based online retailer will give drivers a one-off smart access code to allow them to enter a customer's home. The firm has not yet reveal when or where the trial will take place.

South-East England - the most densely populated region in the UK - is the area with the greatest declines in toad populations, suggesting urbanisation could be to blame.

The latest insight into the simulated reality paranoia of the Silicon Valley elite comes from an interview with head of famed Californian start-up Y Combinator, Sam Altman.

Researchers like Madeline Lancaster, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Medicine in Cambridge, are growing human brains in labs, to figure out what gives us unique disorders like autism and schizophrenia.

EXCLUSIVE: Research from global online security firm Kaspersky Lab, based in Moscow, revealed that many young children have accessed unsuitable material online. (stock image)

The report, by EQ Research a clean energy policy research institute based in North Carolina, found growing marijuana makes up 1 per cent of energy use in states like Colorado and Washington.

It's painful to watch your smartphone fall in liquid, but a firm has a machine that eliminates 100% of moisture in waterlogged devices. Redux combines a vacuum chamber and heat to revive devices.

Twitter has told potential acquirers it is seeking to conclude negotiations about selling itself by the time it reports third-quarter earnings on Oct. 27, according to people familiar with the matter.

Please move, mum: Brave baby whale nudges her 'distressed' mother to freedom after she becomes stranded on a sandbar

Heartrending footage shows a mother and calf humpback whale swimming in shallow water off North Stradbroke Island in Queensland before the adult became stuck. The calf could be seen circling and nudging her 'distressed' mother, who was splashing her tail trying to free herself.

Researchers from the University of Chicago has determined that this 'missing' crust was actually swallowed by the mantle - a phenomenon which was thought to be nearly impossible.

The Nobel Assembly at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute awarded the prize to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir James Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa for their groundbreaking work on molecular machines.

Researchers at the University of Arizona published a report describing two separate cases where the augmented reality game Pokémon Go has caused severe injury.

New testing on an artefact that was discovered decades ago suggests that a Persian official worked in the country's former capital, Nara, more than 1,000 years ago.

German and Austrian researchers discovered how an ornamental flower uses smell to deceive its insect pollinators, which are drawn to the scent of bees in peril - their preferred meal of choice.

Researchers led by Jan Vijg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York studied age of death statistics from a range of sources and estimated that 125 is the top age possible.

Researchers from McGill University investigated the ways in which a child's moral understanding develops, finding their perception of truth and lies changes over time.

Facebook reveals first version of social network's VR software

Mark Zuckerberg showed off the firm's first social software for the Oculus Rift headset at the Oculus Connect conference in San Francisco, after complaining it made him look like Justin Timberlake. It allows people to join the same virtual space, and do everything from watch a  video to be transported to the surface of Mars.

A Samsung device overheated on Wednesday morning and began to smoke, which led Southwest Airlines to evacuate the plane before it departed for Baltimore from Louisville, Kentucky.

The American Meteor Society says the Tuesday evening meteor was seen in locations including New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan, Ontario, and Quebec.

According to a new study, 'The Great Dying' might not have been as bad as once thought. Calculations estimate the actual extinction rate of marine life at around 81 percent, rather than up to 96.

A team of scientists from the Universities of Bath and Lincoln compared the genomes of 28 mammals with differing sizes of neocortex to make the discovery.

Psychologists at the University of Sussex carried out research that found the voice pitch of males was often determined by the age of seven, rather than when puberty hit.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) said the experiments with bees show for the first time that some insects can pass skills on through several generations.

Levitating Hyperloop pods that hurtle through underwater tunnels at 1,220 kph (760 mph) could some day arrive in Dubai. The city recently hosted a competition for designs related to the system.

An Oxford University analysis has found that performing good deeds, such as holding the door open for someone or donating to charity, gives the doer a warm glow.

Britain and Ireland's stunning landscape captured in fascinating images

The Geological Society ran a photography competition under the theme 'Earth Science in Action.' The winners include photos from (pictured clockwise from top left) the Isle of Skye, Pembrokeshire, Sussex, Edinburgh, Moray, and Portknockie. First place in the competition went to Tim Hoe for 'Doors Portrait II: Reveal', depicting some stunning geology on the Pembrokeshire coastline (pictured top middle).

Researchers at Northern Arizona University monitored the activity levels of more than 40 squirrels over the course of two years, using specially designed tracking collars.

The Nobel Assembly at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute awarded the prize to three physicists; David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz.

Scientists at the State University of New York at Oneonta believe their findings may explain why yawning has evolved in mammals - it helps to keep the brain cool so it can operate properly.

Researchers in Germany suggest tidal forces from these three planets directly influence oscillations in a phenomenon known as the 'alpha effect,' dictating the 22-year cycle of the solar dynamo.

Alphabet's Project Wing and Chipotle are feeding hungry college students at Virginia Tech. The duo has begun its pilot program that delivers stuffed burritos to the Virginia college campus.

The new  Salton Trough Fault, which runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault, could impact the earthquake-prone region that includes the greater LA area, seismologists say.

Archaeologists have unearthed a 5ft long marble slab inscribed with 58 lines of ancient Greek text that describe a rental agreement for property in the gymnasium at the city of Teos in Turkey.

Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of aerospace firm Boeing made the prediction at a conference in Chicago this week and hopes that its technology will beat SpaceX to the red planet.

Optical illusion park bench snap leaves the internet baffled

A seemingly mundane image of three women sitting on a park bench has left the internet in a state of confusion, as on closer examination there's something very unusual about the photo. The image, which recently resurfaced online after originally being shared on Imgur, is the latest in a long line of optical illusions to confuse people, but once you've solved it, you'll wonder how you didn't get it straight away.

A variant in the melanocortin-4 receptor - found in the area of the brain that controls appetite - makes sugary foods more unappealing, experts from Cambridge University found.

The new vocabulary dodges technology on US social media sites that picks up on racist terms by replacing them with seemingly innocent alternatives, such as 'Skittles' and 'Bings'.

The Baylor's study concluded visiting new places and interacting with new people can leave families exhausted, with less 'brain power' to focus on relationships.

Artificial intelligence and smart weapons would be at the fore - with a 'modern nation-states acting aggressively' the likely enemy, Army bosses have revealed.

Charles Foster, a Research Associate at Oxford University, says he wanted to better understand how various animals see the world, including badgers, otters and swifts.

Dr David Buss from the University of Texas and author Dr Duana Welch give their expert opinions on why exactly people cheat and why men and women feel differently about infidelity.

The Air Force was called upon two weeks after the blast to inspect the roof of a building belonging to SpaceX's competitor United Launch Alliance (ULA), at its facilities in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Conservationists and bird staff at Chester Zoo are making every effort to try and save the birds (pictured), which have been targeted by the illegal bird trade in its native Indonesian forests.

Darin Hlvaty was at a class at Roman College in Glassboro, New Jersey, when his iPhone 6 Plus caught fire. He threw the device on the ground as it burst into flames.

The European Parliament in Brussels has voted to ratify the world's first comprehensive climate treaty, in a move that will see the deal come into force.

That's one way to get the girl: Bizarre courtship display makes hummingbirds appear to have the head of a purple octopus

The male costa's hummingbird's mating dance is a spirited dance. He gyrates his body around in order to show off its shimmery green back in every angle of the sun's light. And for the grand finale, he flexes the feathers of his mantle until they become a glowing mask of violet (left) - which also resembles metallic octopus.

UK-based Which? tested the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and the LG G5 to see which has the best battery-life and found the iPhone 7 failed in performance and battery-life.

The nest was found at the top of a 55ft conifer tree in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, close to where the insects were first seen. They have since been spotted in six different locations.

WhatsApp, which is owned by California-based Facebook, said other updates include a front-facing camera, and video zoom - two features which Snapchat also recently introduced.

An intriguing new study, published last week by researchers at the University of Geneva, found that long-term exposure to aluminium chloride can trigger the development of 'very aggressive' tumours.

Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, sources say.

A hypnotic new animation from Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory reveals the massive arches over the sun’s surface as solar material spews along magnetic field lines.

The Curiosity rover's two-year mission extension began on October 1, but before it moves on, the rover has revealed one more glimpse at 'one of the most scenic landscapes' on Mars yet.

Researchers from the University of Utah found that men are more promiscuous, engage in conflict and commit more crimes in environments where they are outnumbered by women.

America's next tank unveiled (and it looks familiar): Bradley design first developed in

BAE Systems has unveiled its prototype for the massive tank that could one day replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The Next Generation Bradley was debuted at the Association of the United States Army annual meeting in Washington, revealing improvements in space, electrical power, and force protection. This new concept is a high-tech upgrade to the decades old design, incorporating targeting sensors and network connectivity and allowing for the addition of future technologies as these systems continue to grow.

Stargazers across England reported the fireball streak across the sky. It was travelling too slowly to be a meteor and experts say it could be a small CubeSat satellite falling back to Earth.

Researchers at the University of Washington developed a system that sends passwords through the body using benign transmissions by reversing the same system used by fingerprint sensors.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School and the Australian National University say they have 'cracked' the problem of where Pacific Islanders and the Polynesians originated.

Anja Geitmann, from McGill University in Montreal, told MailOnline that the main issue would be 'for the partners to try to remain in physical proximity, since one can't rely on gravity' (stock image)

Scientists at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Postdam claim to have traced what is causing signals from three satellites launched by the European Space Agency to suffer blackouts.

Two students from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh created an AI bot that can 'kill' the onscreen avatars of human players and beat any real-life gaming opponents.

The work could shed light on whether southern fish will be able to understand their northern counterparts if they are forced to seek out the colder waters they prefer because of climate change.

Researchers at the University of Florence carried out a review of existing studies looking at how sex affects athletic performance and found evidence to contradict the prevailing theory.

Touchdown! Blue Origin passes its 'toughest test yet' as in-flight escape pod blasts off (and even Jeff Bezos is suprised)

Blue Origin and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos streamed the dangerous launch from the launch site in West Texas. The company intentionally triggered an escape in flight at the most stressful point of the flight.The rocket launched (shown left) and the crew capsule ejected from the booster (shown second from left), falling to the ground slowly with parachutes (second from right). The booster then successfully landed too (pictured right), meaning the test was more successful than the crew had hoped.

A team of UK and US researchers, led by the University of Illinois, examined more than 130 studies into brain training. They found numerous flaws in the studies.

Security expert and author of the blog Krebs On Security, Brian Krebs, highlighted the publication of the 'Mirai' malware code, which was posted on a hacker's forum last week.

California-based Google has said that the snippet feature is an automatic and algorithmic match to the search query, and that the response came from a third-party site that it does not control.

The researchers, from DePaul University in Chicago, say the species name 'paradoxodon,' or paradoxical teeth, comes from the fact that the shark appears to emerge suddenly in the geologic record.

Dr Todd Gray MBE of the University of Exeter has studied historic insults, including 'tarse', 'nippy' and 'copper-nosed' - from the practice of treating syphilis with copper.

The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is an off-road electric vehicle equipped with a massive hydrogen fuel cell, which can even act as a portable power source. The vehicle will be tested by the US Army next year.

Researchers at Sheffield University found that the Rac1 protein, which is essential for normal milk production, was also a vital element of the post-breastfeeding process in mice (stock image used).

Pilot David Mayman flew his JB-10 JetPack across the River Thames in London in a four minute flight as he and his colleagues announced plans to develop a commercial version.

UK man stumbles across gruesome remains that look like a 'dead mermaid' on deserted beach

A man has posted footage of what he says looks like a 'dead mermaid' washed up on a beach near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. The images have since gone viral, with many people actually believing it is a mermaid, while others say it's a decomposing seal or a great Halloween prop with garbage bags used to create the 'tail'.

Rio de Janeiro's Earth Sciences Museum director Diogenes Campos, right, describes a bone of the dinosaur "Austroposeidon magnificus" to a woman at the Earth Sciences Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. Brazilian scientists say they have discovered the fossil of the largest dinosaur ever found in South America's biggest country. He named the 25-meter-long dinosaur "Austroposeidon magnificus," and said it belonged to the Titanosaur group of herbivores that had large bodies, long necks and tails and relatively small skulls.(AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Paeleontologists at the Earth Sciences Museum in in Rio de Janeiro say the animal was almost 26 feet tall and would have lumbered around the continent some 70 million years ago.

The featherless lovebird suffers from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) giving her an oven-ready look and was rescued by vets in Boston before she was adopted by Isabella Eisenmann.

The ringed-seal was at first mistaken for a native common seal when it was rescued from mudflats near Plymouth, Devon. But a closer examination has confirmed it to be a female ringed seal.

The crash occurred in Mountain View, near Google's HQ, when a driver ran a red light and collided with the passenger side door of Google's modified Lexus SUV.

The Microsoft founder's already massive wealth increased by $5billion over the past year, giving him a net worth of $81billion and putting him well ahead of runner-up Jeff Bezos.

Linford Christie, the British sprinter, has supported the view, and said a romp the night before a race made his legs feel like lead. Rather than hamper performances, sex can actually improve results.

Twitter missed Wall Street sales expectations in the first and second quarters of 2016 and has yet to produce a net profit in 11 quarters as a public company.

The Avatar XPrize aims to develop 'limitless travel' avatars that can be rented and controlled remotely by a human operator, who will be able to hear, see, and feel what the robot is experiencing.

Archaeologists have drilled boreholes into the 42 feet high mound at Skipsea Castle, Yorkshire, and discovered it is far older than the Norman conquest when it was thought to have been built.

Researchers from Harvard University m Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, and the University of California, set out to test whether teens' sensitivity to reward could also make them better at learning.

Scientists from Jinan University in China say they have created a new fibre suitable for sewing into tailorable textiles that can capture and release solar power.

MIT designed fur-like, rubbery pelts that mimic beaver coats. The team believes it will make wetsuits more efficient, as the artificial material can trap air while under water and keep surfers warm.

Researchers at Williams College in Massachusetts say the minerals of the ancient 'shells' are made up of calcium phosphate rather than calcium carbonate, like that of snail shells (pictured).

The Category Four storm drenched Haiti's south-east coast on Monday, with 430,000 people evacuated due to life-threatening winds and rain. It could reach Florida on Wednesday.

A freighter called the Lutzen ran aground off Cape Cod in 1939 after getting lost in fog. The British ship was sailing to New York City with 230 tons of frozen blueberries.

Panasonic understands the pains of finding the right concealer. Now, the firm has improved its smart mirror that points out facial flaws by adding the ability to print makeup that matches your skin tone.

Panasonic understands the pains of finding the right concealer. Now, the firm has improved its smart mirror that points out facial flaws by adding the ability to print makeup that matches your skin tone.

Texas-based Wazoo Survival gear has launched a unisex travel belt, featuring more than 24 cleverly-secreted tools. The Cache Belt was unveiled on September 20 via Kickstarter .

Professor Bas Rokers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison led a study that found motion blindness is caused by a failure of the brain, and has nothing to do with our eyes.

A shoal of blue-green damselfish, seen near a coral reef at Lizard Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef ©Mark McCormick (James Cook University/AFP)

Damselfish living alone lose weight and suffer more signs of stress when living alone than with their shoal-mates. Researchers say it suggests coral fish are more sociable than believed.

Apple killed the headphone jack and its next victim could be the home button. A recent patent describes a special lens behind the screen that scans fingerprints anywhere on the surface.

The latest discovery of skeletal remains at the Antikythera shipwreck could allow researchers to conduct an unprecedented DNA analysis of human bones that have survived thousands of years at sea.

Cupertino-based Apple filed the patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office in March 2016, but it was only made public a few days ago. The company is trying to make its bags eco-friendly.

A study commissioned by Leeds-based Privilege Insurance reveals bizarre ingredients used by the food and drink industry, including one derived from human hair for prolonging the shelf-life of bread.

A stunning image captured roughly 3.4 million miles away from Atlas, the larger of the pair, reveals this object is in the process of being overtaken by Pan, a 17-mile-wide moon with a faster orbit.

FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2015, file photo, French President Francois Hollande, right, French Foreign Minister and president of the COP21 Laurent Fabius, second right, United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres, left, and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hold their hands up in celebration after the final conference at the COP21, the United Nations conference on climate change, in Le Bourget, north of Paris. A team of top scientists are telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves for a Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn¿t done the world will likely hit the agreed-upon dangerous warming level in about 35 years.  (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File)

A team of top scientists is telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves on the Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn't done, Earth will hit dangerous warming levels in 35 years.

This test is made up of questions asked to 8-11 year olds. Research shows parents know less about IT than their children. 35 per cent of parents don't know what a spreadsheet field is.

The study, by researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, measured the brain activity of 24 students using an EEG. The findings back up a theory put forward in 1790 by a German philosopher.

The 1.3 feet long robot was developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania who are now selling it for £7,700 ($10,000) a go. It is able to climb fences, jump and even open doors.

The mammoth was recovered from the southern part of the North Sea, an area frozen over during the last Ice Age and known to experts as the largest graveyard of woolly mammoths on the planet.

The Amsterdam-based makers of the device describe it as 'a truly smart wireless Bluetooth EEG headband' which 'senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy' and induces dreams.

The researchers, led by the University of Hertfordshire, used the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array telescope along with ESO's Very Large Telescope to look at the mysterious objects.

The trio are funding an ambitious $100 million (£76 million) project known as 'Breakthrough Listen', which will listen for signals from ET on Proxima b, a rocky planet that is just four light years away.

David Shale from Tusbury, in Devon, was able to capture images of the creatures (pictured) while spending time on British research vessels all over the world, including European and US waters.

The BBC has been testing a prototype holographic display at its headquarters in London to see how its content might appear in the format. Among the holograms it created were CGI dinosaurs walking.

Hasbro released a life-like robotic dog for the elderly that doesn't need to be fed, walked or bathed. Called the Companion Pet Pup, it has realistic fur, BarkBack technology and responds to human touch.

Nasa has set up a global portal where the public can find Nasa-funded research articles. Topics include how to survive a day on Mars, how planets form and if there is life on Titan.

It has baffled visitors and scientists for decades - a strange hum emanating from one of Utah's iconic rock arches. Researchers say Utah's Rainbow Bridge hums with a mix of natural and man-made vibrations.

Rosetta's mission is expected to end tomorrow, when the control room at the European Space Agency's operations centre in Germany officially confirm the mission's end.

Google Trips, provides users with daily itineraries for the top 200 cities in the world to help 'reduce the hassle' of planning a vacation. The app is now available for iOS and Android.

The ancient shoe was discovered two weeks ago in a ditch at Roman fort Vindolanda close to Hexham, Northumberland. It will now go on permanent display in the site's museum.

California is on high alert after a series of over 35 'mini quakes' this week raised fears of a 'megaquake' on the San Andreas fault could be coming.

Experts believe it could be one of more than 2,000 across the country dating back to the civil war and the brutal dictatorship of General Franco.

California-based Tinder has introduced the new Stacks application globally, allowing people to send pictures to their friends which they can swipe left or right to give their opinion on.

The Internet is divided over the colour of a Kate Spade handbag after a picture was posted to Twitter by Taylor Corso, a United States accountant. The ensuing debate was reminiscent of THAT dress

MIT has built a robot that works in sewers, where it sifts through human waste to find data. Called Luigi, this 'poopbot' sucks up waste and traps bacteria so researchers can study urban health patterns.

Disney Research has designed the first ever one-legged hopping robot that doesn't need to be tethered to off-board power by creating a micro-computer that runs on lithium batteries.

This July 16, 2016, photo taken from underwater  video  shows the "Washington", which sank during a storm in 1803. The team of underwater explorers says it has found the second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian owned-sloop that sank in Lake Ontario 213 years ago. The three-member western New York-based team says it discovered the wreck of the Washington earlier this summer in deep water off Oswego. (Roger L. Pawlowski via AP)

The American-built, Canadian-owned sloop Washington sank in in deep water off Oswego on Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago during an 1803 storm.

SpaceX says a breach in the helium cooling system of the upper oxygen tank of its Falcon 9 rocket may have been behind the explosion that destroyed it on the launch pad in Florida earlier this month.

Researchers travelled to Greenland, where they found fossil specimens of Pambdelurion, an extinct relative of modern arthropods, which lived in the oceans 520 million years ago.

The six-passenger, two-pilot winged space plane, designed to take passengers on five-minute voyages into suborbital space, reaching altitudes of about 62 miles (100 km), was tested in the Mojave desert yesterday.

Uber is currently testing a fleet of self-driving Ford Fusions in Pittsburgh for the first time. Two witnesses have reported seeing accidents involving the cars, or cars disobeying traffic laws.

Images captured by Nasa's Messenger spacecraft have revealed 'fault scarps' much smaller than those seen in earlier observations, suggesting these structures are geologically young.

Sir Michael Fallon announced work on the new Successor submarines will begin in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria today - but steel for the hulls will come from France.

Forensic dentist Dr Paulo Miamoto and 3D graphics expert Cicero Moraes reconstructed the face of the ancient ruler whose remains were first discovered in 1987 near Sipán in Peru.

The bird's-eye view captured by the Mars Express spacecraft reveals a region of more than 205,000 square miles surrounding Mawrth Vallis, where ancient water once carved the surface.

The mythological ape-like creature was allegedly spotted in Beulah, clearly walking on two legs as it is filmed walking through the trees and then appearing to jump over a branch and down a slope.

Alien hunters claim to have spotted a gold Martian ring on Mars. These UFOlogists are calling for a team archaeologists to visit the red plant and investigate the bizarre discovery.

A study of DNA from over 200 ancient cats revealed two distinct waves of population growth in Eurasia and Africa. Study suggests they expanded with farming and seafaring communities.

Greenland's highly unstable ice sheet is melting more than seven percent faster than previously thought, a study in Science Advances revealed ©Jeremy Harbeck (NASA Goddard/AFP/File)

Accommodating up to 200 soldiers, 'Camp Century' was officially built to provide a laboratory for Arctic research projects, but it was also home to a secret US effort to deploy nuclear missiles.

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA), celebrated the end of the 12 year mission today at the mission control centre in Darmstadt, western Germany

The Aladin instrument, which was designed by Airbus in France, incorporates two powerful lasers, a large telescope and sensitive receivers. It will be used to make maps of Earth's winds.

The video was created by a mathematician from Frankfurt, who used a compilation of pictures taken between July 5 and August 27 this year, by a camera on the probe called JunoCam.

The Navy's newest destroyer will remain in Virginia at Naval Station Norfolk longer than expected after crew members detected a leak on the vessel.

A team at Stanford University has tested inflatable helmets (pictured) to measure the level of protection they provide compared to standard foam helmets worn by cyclists.

Shenzhen-based Tencent's Keen Security Lab said researchers were able to remotely control some systems on the Tesla S in both driving and parking modes by exploiting security bugs, that are now fixed.

The fascinating wildlife in the waters surrounding the uninhabited Scottish island in the extreme west of the Outer Hebrides was spotted during an expedition which took place last year.

Rumours on Japanese tech site Mac Otakara suggest that Apple could be gearing up to launch a trio of new iPad Pros next year and could even be ditching the iPad Mini product line.

At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, researchers are searching for evidence of extra dimensions. If found, they could solve various mysteries about the universe.

The fossils of five mammoth specimens were found in 1986 in a gravel pit in Condover, Shropshire. The remains confounded scientists because there were so many in one location.

The annual CEATEC show at the Makuhari Messe near convention centre near Tokyo is a showcase for Asia's biggest technology and auto firms including Hitachi and Toyota.

Interactive designer Alexia Léchot has developed a robot that uses iPads to compete with humans in small mimicking games. But according to the creator, Deltu is 'very demanding.'

People who have spotted the image - which has been shared on Reddit - are struggling to work out what the circle signifies. The viral image has been viewed more than 63,500 times on Imgur.

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have created a life-like 3D printed human body using CT scans of real organs. The patient can 'breath' and its face even has stubble. had exclusive access to the US aircraft carrier whose pilots are flying missions over Iraq and Syria to bring death to the fundamentalist Islamic terror group.

Called the V-247 Vigilant,Bell says it will 'combine the vertical lift capability of a helicopter with the speed and range of a conventional fixed-wing aircraft'.

Panasonic has eliminated the tint left behind when its transparent TV wasn't being used. The firm replaced the LED with an OLED and now when the TV is in transparent mode, it is undetectable.

Dr Sharon Stocker and her husband Professor Jack Davis stumbled upon the remarkably undisturbed grave while digging near Pylos, an ancient city on the southwest coast of Greece.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University used simulations to recreate mixing seen in a layer of iron, other elements above the core, believed to be a 'smoking gun' of the collision (illustrated).

Researchers have observed five lionesses at the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango delta that act like males, scent-marking at a similar frequency, and even mounting other females.

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany analysed stable nitrogen and carbon isotopes in local plant foods and 101 bonobo hair samples.

The idea was proposed by German architect Herman Sörgel who hoped the colossal plan would be an answer to Europe's post-WWI refugee crisis and help bring world peace.