Afghan tribe so remote they didn't know about the Taliban

A thin strip of land in Afghanistan, known as the Wakhan corridor, has remained largely untouched by the Taliban and the US Army, with villagers having little idea of the invasion or war. The Wakhi people live a simple life with their livestock on the rough terrain in desolate countryside, pictured main. Photographer Eric Lafforgue visited the little-known lands amid encouragements from the Afghan government to attract tourists, but he found himself alone in choosing the area as a holiday destination. Pictured inset left, two Afghan men sip soup from a bowl, and right, a Wakhi woman in a pink headscarf.

Defiant Trump admits Republican 'leadership' are turning their backs on him

Donald Trump (right) sent out a tweet on Sunday morning thanking his backers for their 'tremendous support'. But the Republican presidential nominee acknowledged the dozens of Republicans who have denounced him following the release of a 2005 hot mic tape in which he made lewd comments about women. 'Tremendous support (except for some Republican "leadership"). Thank you,' Trump wrote. He also called the GOP detractors 'self-righteous hypocrites'. On Saturday, he retweeted Juanita Broaddrick's claims that Bill Clinton (left) raped her. Many believe Trump will use Broaddrick's allegations during his Sunday night debate against Hillary Clinton (insert). In Wisconsin, a heckler shouted that Bill Clinton is a rapist as he spoke to a crowd.

Jaber Albakr, from Damascus, Syria, is still at large after police raided an apartment on an estate in the German city of Chemnitz, and found explosives known as 'mother of Satan'.

Israeli police secures the scene where a car driven by a Palestinian gunman was intercepted by the police and gunman shot dead in Jerusalem Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. A Palestinian motorist launched a shooting spree near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem Sunday, killing  two and wounding several more  before being shot dead, Israeli police and emergency services said. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

The 39-year-old attacker had been due to report to prison for assaulting an officer when he drove towards a train station near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem and opened fire.

The land controlled by the terror group in Iraq and Syria has shrunk from 90,800sq km (56,400sq miles) at its height in January 2015 to 65,500 sq km as of October 3 this year.

Afghanistan baby gets head sliced open as part of Islamic self-flagellation ceremony

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Gruesome pictures show a man holding a knife to the head of a baby in Ahmadabad, India while others show men whipping themselves with sharp blades. In separate images, men can be seen crying out in pain as they use knives attached to chains to cut their own backs at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. Pools of blood can be seen on the floor of the building after the men performed the ritual to mark Ashura - one of the major fixtures of the Islamic calendar.

Four teenage schoolgirls 'dug a shallow grave for 14-year-old love rival' during brutal

The gang, who are aged 13 to 16, dragged their victim into a shallow grave before hitting her repeatedly round the head and body with a wooden stick and a small machete in the shocking attack filmed in Trindade, Brazil. The injured girl only managed to escape when her tormentors went to wash blood off their hands before culminating their torture ordeal with what detectives believe was a plan to kill her.

Hurricane Matthew downgraded to tropical cyclone as death toll climbs to 18

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory revealed on Sunday morning that seven people were killed in the state and four are still missing. There were also six reported deaths in Florida and four in Georgia and one in South Carolina. Matthew was downgraded just before daybreak on Sunday morning as it headed back to the sea. In North Carolina, Matthew flooded homes and businesses as far as 100 miles inland.

Rodrigo Duterte compares his crackdown on drugs to 'Hitler's Holocaust'

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: The death toll in the Philippines continues to rise as president Rodrigo Duterte, known as 'The Punisher', claims he will slaughter drug dealers and addicts in his war on drugs. The bombastic president has also sensationally disparaged the country's alliance with the US ordering its troops to leave his shores. The potential ending of an alliance comes as a reaction to the international outrage of the slaughter of drug criminals at the hands of vigilantes and police in the Philippines. The fear tactic has seen Duterte's popularity sky-rocket, with a Social Weather Stations Survey showed 8/10 Filipino residents are satisfied with his campaign promise to crack down on drug dealers and users.

The clip, filmed in Russia, shows a lorry travelling along a rural highway. The vehicle can then be seen dramatically swerving out of the path of a pedestrian standing in the road.

A piece of wing debris found in Mauritius is from MH370, Australian investigators said on Friday.

Rio de Janeiro's Earth Sciences Museum director Diogenes Campos, right, describes a bone of the dinosaur "Austroposeidon magnificus" to a woman at the Earth Sciences Museum, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. Brazilian scientists say they have discovered the fossil of the largest dinosaur ever found in South America's biggest country. He named the 25-meter-long dinosaur "Austroposeidon magnificus," and said it belonged to the Titanosaur group of herbivores that had large bodies, long necks and tails and relatively small skulls.(AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Paeleontologists at the Earth Sciences Museum in in Rio de Janeiro say the animal was almost 26 feet tall and would have lumbered around the continent some 70 million years ago.

Plane aborts landing in Prague and narrowly avoids crashing as wheels graze the runway

A terrifying video of a Boeing aircraft aborting its landing was captured in Prague as the plane went up against some very strong cross winds while trying to land (top left). Videographer, Radko Nasinec, captured the cringe-worthy footage of the Boeing 737-430 (bottom left) narrowly avoiding a crash as its wheels grazed the runway. The video, which was shot at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, Czech Republic, shows the airplane swaying back and forth and dipping to the right (top right) as it was attempting its first landing. The pilot was forced to pull up (bottom right) quickly because of the large gusts of wind that caused it to sway violently back and forth. The pilot then reascended and flew the plane back into the holding pattern in preparation for the second landing. During the second attempt to land, the plane once again swayed back and forth on its way down, but this time the pilot was able to make a safe landing.

Kim Kardashian has reportedly vowed to stop flaunting her wealth on social media after she was robbed at gunpoint, tied up and dumped in her marble bath tub in Paris.

Robbers tricked their way into the Paris home of the world's most famous reality TV star by simply saying: 'It's urgent - we must see Miss Kardashian,' a concierge has claimed.

Speaking today to Germany's main industry lobby group, Mrs Merkel stressed to businesspeople  the importance of upholding the EU's freedoms'

Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim, from Malaysia, completed the impressive feat at a theme park in Wuhan, China, on September 28. The clip has been viewed more than one million times.

The amazing video, believed to be from South Korea, shows the sugar glider leaping onto its owner's hand from the top of a door. The footage has been watched an incredible 22 million times.

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline bore witness to the kind bloodthirsty voodoo rituals used to trick thousands of Nigerian women into prostitution, for fear the gods will punish them if they disobey their 'master'.

Thailand dog owner discovers her pet being eaten by a python and is unable to save it 

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Klomphan Khiewwan, 21 got the shock of her life when she awoke to find her beloved pooch Fino head first in the jaws of an enormous snake. The dog was wrapped in tight coils and she could only watch as the 6m serpent devoured him. She said she'd heard loud noises from the dog earlier that evening while she was trying to sleep upstairs but she hadn't thought to check on her canine pal. Thai volunteers arrived at her home with snake-catching equipment but it was too late.

Italian mafia boss known as 'Mamma' is found hiding in a secret bunker behind his WARDROBE

One of Italy's most-wanted fugitive mob bosses Antonio Pelle (inset), 54, crawled out of his hiding place on Wednesday. Video of his surrender shows at least two dozen police surrounding the wardrobe waiting for him to emerge on his stomach to the top of a wardrobe (left and right) at his home in southern Reggio Calabria. The furniture had shielded the bunker he was hiding in built between the bathroom and his son's bedroom. Pelle, known as 'Mamma,' was serving a 20-year prison sentence for mafia association, arms and drug trafficking when he slipped out of a hospital in the town of Locri in September 2011.

Sir Michael Fallon said Al-Qaeda posed a 'very direct threat' to the UK and Europe. The new charge of terror is believed to be led by the group's former leader Osama bin Laden's son.

Norway's right-wing government on Wednesday announced plans to ban the full-face Islamic veil from classrooms and university lecture halls (file photo)

During his rampage across the south German town of Münnerstadt the man destroyed 47 pools and caused thousands of euros worth of damage. He was captured after an 'extensive investigation'.

Dutchman Klaas Haytema, 30, was jailed and fined for disrupting a Buddhist sermon, after he unplugged speakers at a community hall so that he could get some sleep.

Overcome with love for his partner, the unnamed German man got down on one knee in the early hours of a Saturday morning - but he can't remember whether his girlfriend said yes.

A staggering 80.6 per cent of people aged 15 to 29 years old in Italy now live at home, a study has found. This compares to 66.6 per cent and 52.4 in the U.S. and UK respectively.

Unwanted dogs struggle to survive in remote Turkish mountain pass

Animal lovers say that a remote pass in the middle of the mountains has become a dumping ground for unwanted pooches, and have even suggested that someone is deliberately rounding up strays and abandoning them there. Other dogs are thought to have been left there by callous owners, who dumped them in the valley in the full knowledge that the animals would never be able to find their way home.