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Smithy's come a long way! James Corden moves into new LA home with infinity pool and chef

He's rocketed to Hollywood heights of fame after becoming the new host of the Late Late Show. And it seems James Corden's stateside success is really paying off, as its revealed he is moving into his dream Californian home for a staggering $80,000 (or £64,000) a month. The Gavin and Stacey star, 38, is renting a luxury five-storey beachfront home in Los Angeles with his family worth $24million.

I'm not a hypocrite, claims Corbyn ally Shami Chakrabarti who opposes grammar schools

The new shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti (pictured appearing on Peston on Sunday) claimed she was simply 'trying to do her best' for her child by enrolling him at one of the UK's top private schools. But she insisted there was no conflict between this and the fact she was campaigning to prevent children whose parents cannot afford expensive private fees from benefiting from selection in the state sector. Her son won a place at the £18,000-a-year Dulwich College in south London after sitting a tough entrance exam.

Farage, pictured in St Louis, Missouri to help Trump prepare for tonight's presidential debate, defended the Republican after footage emerged of him boasting that he can 'do anything' to women.

French troops patrolled the port whilst the country is still in a state of emergency following the Nice terror attack. They checked vehicles before drivers were allowed to move on.

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The new shadow home secretary said in March 2001 that many terror groups had been 'described as terrorists but survived to take tea with the Queen'.


Many of the UK's smaller mountains including Calf Top in the Yorkshire Dales, face the prospect of being downgraded and becoming classified as hills due to rising sea levels.

MailOnline Travel quizzed an air hostess from an American airline to find out what's acceptable, what isn't, and how they are trained to monitor the sobriety of their passengers.

Benefits Street star Dee - real name Deirdre Kelly - says she has been struggling for cash after work dried up, and even tried to take her own life. She said she was reluctant to go back on benefits.

Will this dirtiest debate ever? Anderson Cooper to open debate with hot mic question as

Donald Trump is preparing for what could be a bloodbath on Sunday night, as the Republican nominee goes up against Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate. The debate, held in St Louis, Missouri, has the potential to be one of the nastiest ever as Trump could choose to go after Clinton's husband Bill Clinton for an alleged rape. Since Friday, the Trump campaign has been reeling from the fallout after a 2005 tape revealing Trump making vulgar and explicit comments about groping women was released. And it has been revealed the first question of the debate will focus on the lewd remarks made by Trump - only he won't be the one answering. After winning a coin toss, Hillary Clinton will be asked the first question of the night, likely by moderator Anderson Cooper. Cooper, of CNN, is co-moderating with Martha Raddatz, of ABC, who have adjusted their town-hall-style debate in light of the Trump tapes.

A probe was launched into 'double handling' in the UK after a German shepherd with a noticeably sloped back called Cruaghaire Catoria (pictured) was named 'best in breed' at Crufts this year.

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE. Zacko, a year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was found dead on owner Gemma Bennie's clothes after suffering an agonisingly slow end in her flat in Filton, Bristol.

Ed Miliband is leading demands for Theresa May to include Parliament in Brexit negotiations but Jacob Rees-Mogg told MailOnline: This 'typifies the disdain that the liberal elite has for voters'.

Muslim video blogger wearing religious dress gets a 'breathtaking' response when he pretends to be homeless in London 

Clutching a cardboard sign with just the words 'I'm homeless' written on it, blogger Hassan Saleemi films himself sat down in London's Leicester square during the social experiment. While some people ignore him (pictured right) many others are seen offering him food, assistance and then one girl even offers him a £50 note (pictured centre). The 23-year-old Londoner said he wanted show that there were people out there who want to help regardless of religion or status.

Mumsnet user BellaGoth told how her mischievous Labrador had eaten an entire bag of sugar while she left her shopping on the kitchen table - and others shared equally funny stories.

The star, who plays for a top English side, reportedly turned down one girl for not having a big enough bum and changed the date of a planned liaison due to an extra training session.

Will we ever discover alien civilization? There have been enough films about it from Alien to District 9, but now according to British physicist Brian Cox it is unlikely to happen

Angelina Jolie moves into the most private neighborhood in the world

Angelina Jolie has moved into a mansion in the one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world - which is so private you can't even see it on Google Street View. The actress, 41, moved her six children from Malibu into a new rental costing $30,000 a month in Hidden Hills, a gated community in Los Angeles County, California. There, her new neighbors read like a who's who of Hollywood - including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Drake and Jennifer Lopez. Jolie's new pad boasts more than 8,000 square feet of living space as well as two beach-entry pools, a cascading waterfall and an 800 square foot cabana. But it's the privacy that makes property in Hidden Hills so sought after by celebrities - and likely the reason Jolie, who recently made headlines after filing for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, picked it.

A 24-year-old male carer from Peacehaven has been arrested on suspicion of raping a disabled patient at a home for people with brain injuries in Brighton, East Sussex.

Avid Manchester City fan Jordan Harris, from Stockport, is living and working in Sydney with his girlfriend. A machine is being used to help him to breathe while he lies in hospital.

Hunters in the province of Almeria alerted authorities after finding the remains of former Leicester councillor David Oldman at about 11am this morning. The 66-year-old was last seen on June 9.

The Renault Clio crashed into straw bales on a corner where spectators were stood during the race in San Marino.WARNING: Video contains scenes which some readers may find upsetting

X-Factor's Josh Brooks 'would regularly beat up his twin brother Kyle'

X Factor singer Josh Brooks (far left) was suspended from the live show after allegations he attacked his former girlfriend Amelia Clarke and broke her nose - claims he has strenuously denied. And now new reports have emerged claiming he would regularly beat up his 17-year-old twin brother Kyle (pictured with him), who completes their dual boyband act Brooks Way. According to sources, the aspiring singer suffers from 'disturbing problems with anger'.

NEW Arrogant Jack Cripps, 30, threatened to smash one worker in the face and told the manager he would 'explode' the car wash after claiming staff weren't washing his car properly in Ashill, Somerset.

Fashioned out of thick card, California-based Matt Borgelt's extraordinary get-up allowed people to 'swipe' on several profiles before settling on his own and making a match.

The 11-year-old boy bottled up his stress and wanted to lash out, a court heard. He used a match to light paper in a storeroom of St Cuthbert and the First Martyrs Catholic Primary School, in Bradford.

Canadian writer Kelly Oxford posted an account of an older man assaulting her on a bus when she was aged 12, and urged other women to share their stories, sparking the hashtag #NotOkay.

'I fit pipes for a living now': Former England and Chelsea striker Kerry Dixon is working

The ex-footballer, who played for the national side in the 1986 World Cup and scored 193 goals for Chelsea,(right) was jailed for nine months in 2015 after being found guilty of assaulting a man in a pub.(pictured outside court, bottom) Dixon, 55, now fits pipes for central heating firm Oakray (left) to earn money and says he is determined to get his life back on track. Dixon's blond locks and commanding presence brought a glamour to Chelsea at a time it was yo-yoing between the top two divisions.

Tesco customers appear to be being targeted in a scam where they are asked to fill in a survey and entered into a prize draw with £500 cash on offer. They are being hit with £4.50 texts soon after.

The land controlled by the terror group in Iraq and Syria has shrunk from 90,800sq km (56,400sq miles) at its height in January 2015 to 65,500 sq km as of October 3 this year.

FILE - In this file photo taken on Saturday, May 9, 2015, Iskander missile launchers are driven during the Victory Parade marking the 70th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, in Red Square in Moscow. Poland and Estonia expressed concerns Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, that Russia has moved nuclear-capable Iskander ballistic missiles into Kaliningrad, a Russian region on the Baltic Sea, with one official saying Russia appears eager to dominate that body of water. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, file)

Russia says the missiles are being deployed as part of regular military manoeuvres to Kaliningrad, but it comes amid heightened tensions between the country and the West over Syria.

Mahamed Abdullahi, from King's College London Students' Union, called the traditional rendition of God Save The Queen 'outdated', adding 'f*** the nation state'.

Moors murderer Ian Brady tells true-crime fanatic to visit landmarks from his childhood in

The fan said he had written to the serial killer asking where he should visit in Glasgow and posted a picture of a handwritten letter (inset) online that appears to be from 78-year-old Brady. He then shared photographs on Instagram of sites from the murderer's childhood, including his old school (bottom right) and the road where he was born (top right).

One in seven British adults takes daily fish oil capsules, believing their omega-3 fatty acids are good for body and mind. Even more take them occasionally, with £100m a year spent on them.

Reality TV star Kim, 35, has called the security experts to help her feel safe again after loot including her £3.2million wedding ring was stolen during the robbery at her apartment in Paris.

Sir Michael Fallon (pictured on the Andrew Marr Show) called for unity among Cabinet ministers amid reports of deepening rifts among top Tories over what form Brexit should take.

Henry Cavill gasps for air after gruelling 10k mud run as he's put through his paces by

He worked out every day that he prepared to play Superman in upcoming movie Justice League. But Henry Cavill hadn't seen anything until he was put through his paces in a gruelling charity run with the Royal Marines on Sunday.
The British heart-throb, 33, looked dead on his feet after completing the six-mile Endurance Course on Woodbury Common in Devon.

The gunner, 23, who is based at RAF Honington, disappeared after a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, at around 3.20am on Saturday September 24.

A tenant at Cherie Blair's apartment complex in Urmston near Manchester claims he is being evicted so a new tenant can be moved in who will pay '£40 to £50' more a month than him.

Dr. Dre has threatened to sue Sony Pictures if they release a TV movie depicting him as a woman beater. The rap mogul sent a cease and desist letter to the studio over their movie Surviving Compton.

The study by the government's integration tsar Dame Louise Casey (pictured) is said to criticise ministers for failing to integrate minorities and tackle extremism.

Afghan tribe so remote they didn't know about the Taliban

A thin strip of land in Afghanistan, known as the Wakhan corridor, has remained largely untouched by the Taliban and the US Army, with villagers having little idea of the invasion or war. The Wakhi people live a simple life with their livestock on the rough terrain in desolate countryside, pictured main. Photographer Eric Lafforgue visited the little-known lands amid encouragements from the Afghan government to attract tourists, but he found himself alone in choosing the area as a holiday destination. Pictured inset left, two Afghan men sip soup from a bowl, and right, a Wakhi woman in a pink headscarf.

Theresa May's depiction of Labour as the new 'nasty party' was a skilful piece of political rebranding - and regrettably accurate, writes DAVID BLUNKETT.

In years to come it will be known as the Rivers Of Rudd speech, writes DAN HODGES. What should have been the proudest moment of her career could easily have been the last act of it.

Film-maker Derek Jarman's lover Keith Collins is suing London art dealer Richard Salmon over the missing works of art. Jarman left more than 300 sketches, drawings and paintings.

Academics Richard T.T. Forman and Jinguo Wu mapped out areas around the world that would best accommodate the inevitable population growth.

Ten reasons to HYGGE the Scandinavian lifestyle trend for 'being cosy and content'

Hygge is a Nordic cultural staple entering the British public conscience. Pronounced 'hoo-ga' - it is a Nordic word that describes 'a feeling of cosiness and content', and 'enjoying the good things in life with good people around you'. And there is overwhelming medical evidence that adopting a few Nordic ways might just be the health boost you're looking for.

Rodrigo Duterte compares his crackdown on drugs to 'Hitler's Holocaust'

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: The death toll in the Philippines continues to rise as president Rodrigo Duterte, known as 'The Punisher', claims he will slaughter drug dealers and addicts in his war on drugs. The bombastic president has also sensationally disparaged the country's alliance with the US ordering its troops to leave his shores. The potential ending of an alliance comes as a reaction to the international outrage of the slaughter of drug criminals at the hands of vigilantes and police in the Philippines. The fear tactic has seen Duterte's popularity sky-rocket, with a Social Weather Stations Survey showed 8/10 Filipino residents are satisfied with his campaign promise to crack down on drug dealers and users.

The International Development Secretary Priti Patel has told aides she will ignore the legal requirement to spend 0.7 per cent of UK national income on foreign aid.

Some were keen to defend unflattering stereotypes - the French being rude, for example - while others were keen to share their disappointing experiences with over-hyped tourist hubs like Bali.



Ever since Lupita Nyong'o rose to stardom in Hollywood, she's been equally lauded for her beauty and innate sense of style as she has been her acting skills.

Afghanistan baby gets head sliced open as part of Islamic self-flagellation ceremony

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Gruesome pictures show a man holding a knife to the head of a baby in Ahmadabad, India while others show men whipping themselves with sharp blades. In separate images, men can be seen crying out in pain as they use knives attached to chains to cut their own backs at a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. Pools of blood can be seen on the floor of the building after the men performed the ritual to mark Ashura - one of the major fixtures of the Islamic calendar.

A probe has been launched following the alleged racially-motivated assault in Haringey. The victim was approached from behind by two men as she walked down the street (stock image).

The shock figure of those who have been jailed is far lower than Ministers previously claimed. Imran Khawaja (pictured) was jailed for 12 years after he was caught trying to sneak back into Britain.

The successful author (pictured) was a witness to the murder of Janet Walker in 1953. Irish labourer Joseph Reynolds would confess to strangling the girl with her own school tie in Leicester.

Retired Derek Thomas, 83, Farnham, Surrey was using the level crossing at Bentley, Hampshire on his mobility scooter while on his way to taking his pet dog Maissie for a walk in the Alice Holt Forest.

Vehicles are CRUSHED against the roof as a burst water main causes polystyrene insulation

Cars have been crushed (centre, top right) against the roof of a car park in Crayford, south-east London, after a burst water main caused polystyrene insulation below the road surface to expand by four feet. Crews from London Fire Brigade have been pumping water out of the flooded High Street in Crayford this morning and it is understood the burst pipe is also affecting Greenwich and Bexley and parts of Dartford and Kent. Thames Water is working on fixing the problem (bottom right) and is proving emergency supplies of bottled water to those affected.

Hamza, 58, was jailed for life for terrorism offences during a trial in New York city last year, and has been serving his sentence in solitary confinement at a prison in Florence, Colorado.

Lancych Mansion, a pretty seven-bed Gothic country house in the Cych valley of Pembrokeshire, has dropped from £1.95m to £1.35m. The house comes with 59 acres and 300ft of double-bank fishing.

Israeli police secures the scene where a car driven by a Palestinian gunman was intercepted by the police and gunman shot dead in Jerusalem Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. A Palestinian motorist launched a shooting spree near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem Sunday, killing  two and wounding several more  before being shot dead, Israeli police and emergency services said. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

The 39-year-old attacker had been due to report to prison for assaulting an officer when he drove towards a train station near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem and opened fire.

The adverts have caused anger, with some servicemen complaining they discriminate against white soldiers. Others said defence chiefs were becoming too sensitive to diversity demands.

ATMs too tall to reach, staircases to nowhere and a VERY inappropriate swimming pool: The

Phallic shaped swimming pool (bottom left), a staircase to nowhere (bottom right) and a bridge that doesn't (top left) meet in the middle. Architectural mishaps often occur when design flaws are not picked up in the initial planning phases. But with some faults so glaringly obvious (top left), it becomes a wonder how they got past even the laziest designer. Whether it be a driveway with no direct path to the road or a slide with a maliciously placed ditch at the end - the catastrophic final results can be quite humorous.

The British Army booted out the soldier as it is revealed more than 11,000 troops have failed at least one fitness test so far this year, although men are in decline more so than women.

Japanese companies have employees who work such long hours they are at serious risk of death, according to a government survey into the country's notoriously strenuous working culture.

Police detained a 54-year-old British man identified only by the initials DM and a 46-year-old Australian, identified with the initials GS, after drugs were found at a house in the seaside suburb of Sanur, Bali.

British Tour Operator I Love Tour has announced it will not be holding the annual party in Spain's Salou resort next year after claims from local council that their drunken antics have ruined its reputation.

Photographer recreates historical pictures of Soho to capture how the area has changed 

Places like Piccadilly Circus (pictured) have been completely modernised, with the former neon lights used to advertise Bovril and other businesses being replaced with a giant electronic screen. Other roads, such as Berwick Street Market and the Carnaby Street shopping area show how many former independent traders have been replaced, often by international chains. The images have been collated by Carl Court after he learned the story of London's smallest shop, a 6ft x 5ft x 2ft space on Bateman Street that was occupied by a cobbler underneath the window of another business.

Labour sources told MailOnline that Jeremy Corbyn (pictured) 'was going to sack Conor McGinn anyway' after he blamed him for orchestrating the failed coup in the summer.

Just two days after being appointed to Mr Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet Sir Keir Starmer (pictured today) admitted migration levels had been too high - a direct contradiction to the Labour leader's view.

Helen Boaden, 60, also claimed she was marginalised when she started at the BBC in 1983 and still sees the same thing happen to women who join the corporation today.

Jamie Raven (pictured), who finished as runner-up on the series last year, has warned that the rise of YouTube magicians could be the death of shows in front of an audience.

Ben Needham police find 60 items 'of interest' in Kos

Ben Needham's body may today be returned to the Greek farmhouse where the missing toddler was last seen alive in what police dubbed an 'eerie' prospect. The 21-month-old is feared to have been accidentally run over by a digger driver in Kos on 24 July 1991 before being dumped a day later on a nearby illegal tip site. Investigators have spent the past two weeks excavating the surrounding land and rubble is now being transported back to the farmhouse to be forensically examined in a 'sterile' area. 'It may well be that Ben's remains or something linking us to his disappearance may be going back to the place where he was last seen alive,' a South Yorkshire Police spokesperson told MailOnline.

The bill for patients' legal teams - most of whom work on a no win, no fee basis - jumped by a massive 43 per cent on the previous year's figure of £292 million.

The American owners of Terry's Chocolate Orange have been accused of 'ruining British chocolate' after it turns out the sweet snack has shrunk in mass by ten percent.

It was said the British pundit (pictured), who previously admitted behaving in a 'prehistoric way' towards women, cheated on his wife Julia - who has thyroid cancer - with lawyer Lucie Rose.

Passengers are stranded on a Thorpe Park ride for more than 90 minutes as ‘world’s most

Passengers onboard the 'world's most terrifying roller coaster' were stranded when the ride jammed on a vertical incline 30 feet off the ground. The frightened visitors to Thorpe Park were stuck on the 100ft Saw ride for one hour and 45 minutes yesterday afternoon. Workers at the Surrey theme park rushed to help the eight thrillseekers in the carriage.

Matthew Hancock was said to be furious when he found out his demotion from Cabinet Office Minister to Culture Minister meant he would lose his perk of use of an official car and driver.

Good Samaritans dived into the water at Brighton Marina to rescue Sally Whitney (shown) and her carer, Zizi Linerpaite, who had also gotten into difficulty after trying to save her friend.

Jessica Wongso laughs when asked if she laced Mirna Salihin's coffee with cyanide

Accused cyanide murderer Jessica Wongso has been recorded smiling after denying poisoning Mirna Salihin (together, inset) by putting the toxin in her iced coffee. The reaction from the 27-year-old Australian resident, comes as Mirna Salihin's sister Sandy says Wongso is enjoying the attention from the case, which is at present before the courts in Indonesia. Wongso has denied poisoning Ms Salihin - with whom she studied at the Sydney design school Billy Blue  - at a restaurant in Jakarta in January (pictured in a CCTV image, the pair meet at the restaurant before Ms Salihin's death). Wongso is on trial in Indonesia.

Theresa May's 'era of meritocracy' will be forgotten when she co-hosts a £5,000-a-head dinner for Tory donors at Englefield House, a stately home in Berkshire that played host to Elizabeth I.

HMP Winchester, in Hampshire, ferries its convicts just 150 yards across a two-lane main road (pictured) to reach the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, which stand directly opposite.

Dr Bob Khanna (pictured) is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 30s inside his Shepherd's Bush hotel room in west London, after asking her to help him write a speech scheduled for the next day.

Boris Johnson has for years campaigned against Heathrow expansion but is not expected to quit in protest if a third runway goes ahead, whereas Justine Greening refused to rule out resigning.

US husband cannot contain his joy after learning he is about to be a father for the first time when he finds his wife's positive pregnancy test hidden under a baby blanket

Tania Gutierrez, from Houston, Texas, is seen surprising her husband by placing her positive pregnancy test in a box under a baby blanket and then secretly filming his ecstatic reaction (pictured). The extremely sweet reaction to the announcement went viral when Mrs Gutierrez's sister Cristina Perez, uploaded the video to Twitter.

Jaber Albakr, from Damascus, Syria, is still at large after police raided an apartment on an estate in the German city of Chemnitz, and found explosives known as 'mother of Satan'.

Mark and Anthony had at first insisted they would have nothing more to do with their County Durham-based parents John and Anne Darwin following their deception, but there has been a reconciliation.

Shocked mother come into the bathroom to find her toddler son her toddler son has dumped

The British mother comes into the bathroom to find her son Blake hovering around a toilet bowl completely full of small brown dog biscuits (pictured left), but he does not seem too upset by his actions. Luckily, the family dog soon arrives in the bathroom and helps out by leaning his head into the makeshift dog bowl and starting to eat (pictured right).

UK universities are giving students permission to avoid subjects such as sex, suicide and religion if they find them 'too upsetting' in a move which has divided academics across the country.

Researchers at Mainz University in Germany have found a link between intelligence and shortsightedness, saying those who wear glasses may often be smarter than those who don't.

Paul McCartney, 74, turns back time and makes it look so easy as he rocks on stage at

The Beatles singer and his fans showed they still have what it takes as they danced the night away at the first-ever Desert Trip in Indio, California, on Saturday night. McCartney turned back time as he blended tunes from his Beatles days, his years as Wings frontman to his current status as solo entertainer. McCartney, who was clad in a black suit and white button down shirt, sported a youthful haircut with just a trace of grey at the temples. He appeared on stage - fashionably late by about 30 minutes - and broke into the Beatles song A Hard Day's Night. Members in the audience went wild, with some probably remembering when The Beatles released the song in the 1960s.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory revealed on Sunday morning that seven people were killed in the state and four are still missing. There were also six reported deaths in Florida, four in Georgia.

LIZ JONES: I've been thinking of making a hard decision. Because I'm losing my hearing, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do celebrity interviews.

PETER HITCHENS: Who would have thought to see a Tory conference, held this year in Birmingham, applauding a Prime Minister for vowing to raise more tax and weaken employers' rights?

Kate Middleton lets her stylist loose on 'estate agent' Prince William

His wife may rightly be lauded for her elegant outfits but Prince William's own fashion choices have been so drab, one style magazine cruelly accused him of dressing like an estate agent. So now Kate has ordered her stylist Natasha Archer to give William a much-needed wardrobe makeover - and she has started by throwing out his ubiquitous brown loafers and his tatty trainers.

The University of Oxford has issued detailed guidance to academics warning them of the sensitivities of inviting students from abroad to social events, particularly if alcohol is involved.

Tickets for next year's Glastonbury festival sold out in just 50 minutes as fans tried desperately to buy them from 9am on Sunday morning. Fans tweeted their fury as the website crashed.

The 250 soldiers from 4 Rifles battalion are being deployed today in preparation for a large-scale assault on Mosul, the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq.

Portraits by 18th-century artist Sir Joshua Reynolds are thought to have been destroyed by a fire at Cosgrove Hall in Northampton, a privately owned, Grade-II listed stately home.

Four teenage schoolgirls 'dug a shallow grave for 14-year-old love rival' during brutal

The gang, who are aged 13 to 16, dragged their victim into a shallow grave before hitting her repeatedly round the head and body with a wooden stick and a small machete in the shocking attack filmed in Trindade, Brazil. The injured girl only managed to escape when her tormentors went to wash blood off their hands before culminating their torture ordeal with what detectives believe was a plan to kill her.

Victoria Beckham and son Brooklyn join forces for UNAIDS charity mission in Kenya

She's usually seen in exclusive locations and glamorous parties. But Victoria Beckham swapped her lavish lifestyle for the real world when she visited central Kenya on Saturday. The 41-year-old designer was joined by her teenage son, Brooklyn, 17, as they continued their UNAIDS charity mission in Africa.

Three-quarters of women lose interest in sex after reaching the age of 50, according to research - but the verdict from the medical community was that couples should not be suffering in silence.

VIV GROSKOP writes about how Kim Kardashian has saved us all, from being idiots like her; How has Kim saved us? By demonstrating exactly how not to behave online.

A furious woman has hung a huge sign from a Burswood apartment naming and shaming her cheating boyfriend named Dave. The sign says: 'Dave I know you're on notsovanilla.com'.

The 'disgusting' costumes (pictured) were being sold at a pop-up shop called Halloween, in the Diamond Shopping Centre in Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Man dresses as a human Tinder profile for Halloween

Fashioned out of thick card, California-based Matt Borgelt's extraordinary get-up allowed people to 'swipe' on several profiles before settling on his own and making a match. A video of the outfit was taken by the blogger Aline Hanako G, whose clip went viral last year - before resurfacing again on the web just in time for Halloween. It shows a woman being faced with large profiles of different men (left), featuring their names and ages just like on the popular app. When she swings the cards to the left to reject them, Matt holds up a sign in the air that reads 'Nope. Finally she lands on a familiar looking profile. Upon realising it is a smiling picture of Matt, she moves the card to the right and Matt springs an 'It's A Match' panel out of the costume (right).

Fashion retailer Lyst has looked at the biggest trends to emerge from Fashion Month SS17 and found that backless loafers, pierced bags and head-to-toe pink are flying off the shelves.

An eagle-eyed shopper snapped a photo of a sign at a London shopping centre bearing the helpful instructions 'Please use the escalator by Prada' - and captioned it: 'Worst. Perfume. Name. Ever'.

The shocking 11 second video, which appears to have been filmed in a care facility in Taiwan, shows a frail and frightened woman (pictured) huddled on the floor by her single bed as a man attacks her.

The abuse is contained in a leaked email sent by Annabelle Fuller (pictured), who now works for Mike Hookem, who is accused of hitting party leadership favourite Steven Woolfe.

Just five more minutes! Adorable golden retriever has temper tantrum when his owner attempts to get him to leave the pet store

Rufio the golden retriever, who lives in Chicago, recently enjoyed a trip to the pet store. But when it came time to leave, the two-year-old dog was adamant on staying, even as his owner dragged him towards the door. A video of the sweet pup's protest has been viewed more than 400,000 times on Instagram.


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Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in new Inge Morath photography book

Austrian-born Inge Morath refused to join the Hitler Youth while studying in Germany in the midst of World War II and was forced to work alongside Ukrainian prisoners. After surviving the war, Morath became one of the first women to join the famous Magnum Photos Agency. Because of her gender, Morath was often assigned to photograph debutantes, balls and models. But she built a career and a mastery of being able to capture intimate photos in some of society's most glamorous corners, photographing the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol and some of Hollywood's biggest stars in the 1950s.

Footage from the Elephant and Castle station on the London Underground captures the heartwarming rescue of Sammy after he fell down the gap between the platform and train.

The overly-ambitious gym-goer has been caught on camera in a Canadian gym fainting after trying to pull off a deadlift. A woman rushes over to help him and he is soon able to stand back up.

Naked models use body paint to perfectly camouflage against variety of famous landmarks

New York artist Trina Merry, who specialises in body-painting, lines her subjects up and photographs them as they appear to blend right into the scenery around them. The backdrops to her eye-catching art include the White House, Freedom Tower, Grand Central Station, the Golden Gate Bridge, and even Ireland's Giant's Causeway. Models pose patiently against the rooftop view and skyline of New York's East Village (left) and the Washington Square Park Arch Monument (right) as Ms Merry blends their bodies into their surroundings.



Indonesia's first Muslim transgender boarding school forced to close 

The only Islamic transgender boarding school in Indonesia has been shut down after a wave of intolerance sparked by the activities of hard-line Muslim groups in the country. Several months ago, amid a sudden backlash against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, a local hardline group called Islamic Jihad Front forced the school to close (inset and right, one of the students). But headmistress, Shinta Ratri (right) said: 'We want to prove that Islam accepts transgenders, that Islam is a blessing for all mankind'.

These are the stunning images of the animals gracing our screens as part of David Attenborough's new series of Planet Earth, returning to BBC One at the end of October.

Car enthusiasts couldn't bare to look as an $AUD 800,000 Ferrari became stuck in flood waters in Bangkok, Thailand this week.

Mac on...Tory plans to train more British doctors 

'So what were you doing before you heard that the
Government wants thousands of new British doctors?'

An Exmoor pony that was branded and left for dead as a foal has been trained into a world

Due to the delicate balance of mares and fillies that is required to stop endangered Exmoor ponies from going extinct, the possibility of Bear - also known by his competition name Hawkwell Versuvius - being culled was very real. He became very distrusting of humans, having been branded as a foal all over his rump and shoulders, causing the equivalent of third-degree burns. However, just as the end seemed nigh he was taken in by horse whisperer Dawn Westcott, who has gradually trained him into one of the top horses in his field, even putting a Queen-owned horse to shame once.