‘We are coming for you’: Sinister clown craze takes an ugly turn as vigilantes vow to hunt down the costumed creeps appearing across Australia

08/10/16 16:18

08/10/16 14:22

The 'Clown Purge' craze - where people dress up as creepy clowns and terrorise unsuspecting victims - is spiralling out of control as sightings spring up across Australia.

08/10/16 00:41

Constance Hall, 32-year-old artist and blogger from Perth, Australia, has penned an open letter to her childless friends. She thanks them for still wanting to see her, despite her  'a******* children'.

07/10/16 16:57

Former Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan has taken to Instagram to ask for a mirror that was stolen from his Perth restaurant May Street Larder to be returned.

07/10/16 15:29

This is the moment police in Perth, Western Australia, tried to stop a woman texting while driving, only for her to pull away and fail to stop even when the officer turned his lights and sirens on.

07/10/16 03:25

Three Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology 'students' from Asia were caught in the sex trade and running an illegal foreign worker scheme, court documents reveal.

07/10/16 00:49

The demolished site where Perth's notorious Taj-on-Swan stood has gone on the market for $30 million, six years after it was abandoned by Indian glamour couple Pankaj and Rhadika Oswal.

06/10/16 23:40

Amanda Sillars was taught to hate the parent she once loved after her father tore her away from her mother in Perth and took her to the U.S in a devastating case of 'Parental Alienation'.

05/10/16 13:26

The noise we hear when our joints crack is likely to be due to movement of the tendon over bone, Dr Andrew Lavender, a physiotherapist at Curtin University, Perth, says.

04/10/16 01:07

A derelict Taj-Mahal-style mansion that was once set to boast six bedrooms, a temple and parking for 17 cars has been demolished after the $70 million property was left to rot by its owners.

03/10/16 20:26

A Perth mother has been jailed for eight years after she admitted to unlawfully killing her five-month-old son Lochlan (pictured) at their Hamilton Hill home in January 2014.

03/10/16 08:51

A derelict, unfinished Perth mansion dubbed the 'Taj Mahal on the Swan' is finally being demolished after it was left to rot by its multimillionaire Indian owners Pankaj and Rhadika Oswal.

02/10/16 14:59

Residents complaining about noise from a long-standing nearby nightclub in Perth's Northbridge where told they shouldn't have moved into a popular nightlife area if they didn't want to near it.

02/10/16 13:26

Perth police were called to an out-of-control party organised by an adult who charged entry fees on Saturday night where 80 youths gathered and allegedly began fighting and abusing police.

30/09/16 15:51

She became Australia's sweetheart two weeks ago after she was brutally rejected by The Bachelor Richie Strahan.

30/09/16 10:21

A lesbian traffic director was left saddened and took to facebook when she found an anti-gay marriage sticker posted on her sign when she was directing traffic at the Perth Royal Show on Thursday.

29/09/16 17:23

David Anderson strangled Louise O'Brien at their flat in Perth, Scotland, after she confronted him during a row over making a meal. He was jailed for six years after admitting culpable homicide.

29/09/16 16:40

Katherine Lawson, 27, from Perth, had a tubal ligation procedure shortly after giving birth to her third child, Imogen. But just over two months later, Imogen tragically passed away.

29/09/16 08:27

A 34-year-old mother-of-three from Perth, Australia, has been charged after her daughter advertised a party on Facebook which spiraled out of control after more than 120 youths turned up.

29/09/16 06:58

Two people charged with the murder of Perth woman Annabelle Chen have been revealed as her former husband Ah Ping Ban, and daughter Tiffany Yiting Wan.

28/09/16 19:18

Two people have been charged over the murder of Perth woman Annabelle Chen, whose body was found partially naked and stuffed inside a suitcase found by a fisherman in the Swan River.

28/09/16 08:54

A Perth man who created the Hamdog, a combination of a hamburger and hotdog, will auction his patented culinary idea on Friday and says it could fetch as much as $100 million.

28/09/16 08:48

Richie Strahan and Alex Nation showed off smiles on Wednesday as they made they way through Perth airport ahead of a quick trip to Sydney.

28/09/16 08:34

Perth businessman Peter Peard, daughter Hannah and business partner Russell Hextall have brought California Pizza Kitchen (pictured) Down Under, officially opening on Wednesday.

28/09/16 03:42

A young man has died while in an induced coma after being allegedly left with horrific injuries from a one-punch attack while he played pool with his cousin at the Silver Sands Tavern in Mandurah, WA.

27/09/16 10:32

The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival has come to a close in spectacular style with a runway show that featured gowns made with fresh flowers, sequinned pieces and $16,000 children's dresses.

27/09/16 00:16

He whisked girls away on helicopters, 4x4s and high-powered speedboats during his tenure on The Bachelor - but it was back to basics for Richie Strahan and Alex Nation on Monday

26/09/16 21:47

Their life has been a blur of glamorous events, interviews and media appearances since they found love on The Bachelor two weeks ago.

26/09/16 20:47

Year 12 students made an embarrassing faux pas when they tagged a wall with graffiti in the northern Perth suburb of Ballajura, spelling the phrase 'Leavers 2016' wrong.

26/09/16 15:18

The Bachelor's Blake Garvey, 33, was seen returning to everyday life as a real estate agent.

26/09/16 13:53

Maria Camarda, a 48-year-old Perth law firm manager who siphoned $2.1million from her employer, used the money to fund her extravagant lifestyle, according to police.

26/09/16 11:54

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a brazen thief stole a man's beloved Ned Kelly sculpture from the front yard of his Perth property in Western Australia on Thursday night.

26/09/16 10:09

Richie Strahan and Alex Nation spent their Saturday night watching Grease on TV, which happens to be exactly what Bachelor runner-up Nikki Gogan was also doing.

26/09/16 04:48

More than 200 ticketless party-goers stormed the metal fence at Listen Out festival in Joondalup, Perth, as security guards struggled to hold people back.

26/09/16 01:31

A Perth woman has lost 20 demerit points in less than two hours and copped $1,350 in fines after she was pulled over without a seatbelt and twice caught driving on her mobile phone.

25/09/16 21:08

Megan Marx jumped on The Bachelor winner Alex Nation as the former besties inside the mansion bumped in to each other at the Perth Fashion Festival on Sunday.

25/09/16 16:11

Bachelor Richie Strahan and his blonde sweetheart looked dashing ahead of their appearance at the Perth Fashion Festival - but a braless Alex Nation was caught out by the cool breeze.

24/09/16 03:14

Despite many Bachelor viewers skeptical of their romance, the 32-year-old rope access technician and 25-year-old mother-of-one puckered up for a sweet snap on Friday.

24/09/16 03:05

Alex Nation enjoyed family time with her Bachelor Beau Richie Strahan's parents on Friday, after spending the previous evening with his sister Alannah at Perth Fashion Week.

23/09/16 09:53

Jennifer Hawkins took time out to put her feet up, literally, in between walking the runway at the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival on Thursday.

23/09/16 09:38

Passengers fled flight QF1623 from Newman to Perth via inflatable slide as the cockpit filled with fumes on the airport tarmac after a hydraulic problem. Two people were taken to hospital.

23/09/16 07:44

She's away from her son Elijah. But Alex Nation appeared in great spirits as she attended Perth Fashion Week with new beau Richie Strahan's sister Alanah.

23/09/16 04:24

Leave any self-consciousness at the door this summer. Models stormed Perth Fashion Festival wearing racy, cut-out swimwear that left little to the imagination. Would you wear it?

22/09/16 11:57

The Muslim woman who called a man in a Pauline Hanson t-shirt a 'fascist' at a Perth university is a left-wing student politician, while the man is a far-right anti-Islam leader.

22/09/16 01:42

A young man has been put into an induced coma after being left with horrific injuries from a one-punch attack while he played pool with his cousin at the Silver Sands Tavern in Mandurah, WA.

21/09/16 18:21

Researchers from Exeter University and Curtin University, in Perth recorded the unusual audio using two underwater devices positioned 21.5 kilometres apart.

21/09/16 16:33

The mobile phone footage, taken at Curtin University in Perth, shows a woman wearing a headscarf branding a man a 'fascist' and accusing him of 'demonising Muslims'.

20/09/16 11:40

Two Staffordshire terriers in Perth have been put down after they viciously mauled a nine-year-old girl who is recovering in hospital with wounds to her head and leg.

20/09/16 10:45

Daniel Roose (pictured) from Perth selflessly withdrew a wad of $50 notes to help, Jess, a homeless woman he had just met purchase a ticket home to her family in New Zealand.

19/09/16 05:35

The men's gold band was found on the road near a Coles in North Perth, WA, engraved with the name 'Gabrielle' and the wedding date '28.5.55' and a post to find the owners was shared 1,300 times.

18/09/16 16:59

Richie Strahan put his Perth bachelor pad on the market just one day after it was revealed Victorian-based single mother, Alex Nation, stole the 31-year-old's heart on The Bachelor.

18/09/16 15:41

A spate of car break-ins inspired a single mother to post a sign outside her Perth home offering 'food, warmth and friendship' to thieves targeting the neighbourhood to curb the crime spree.

17/09/16 08:50

A former staffer from the Crown Casino in Perth says that murdered artist Annabelle Chen would spend up to seven nights a week gambling and would only ever record her winnings

15/09/16 17:26

Popular mummy blogger Kim Tucci from Perth, who recently gave birth to quintuplets, has shared her devastation after daughter Tiffany (pictured) was admitted to hospital.

15/09/16 13:31

The lawyer representing the owner of two Staffordshire terriers which viciously mauled a nine-year-old girl in Perth has asked the local mayor to stop 'yapping' about the incident.

15/09/16 13:28

Aerial footage shows the dramatic end of a high speed car chase for Danny Jay Brooks, 38, who escaped from police custody on Wednesday. Police chased him through the suburbs of Fremantle.

15/09/16 09:26

The police car was parked in the disabled bay of a KFC in Perth and a photo went viral online. Officers were actually making an arrest on suspicion of 'involvement in multiple serious offences'.

15/09/16 08:11

A man who escaped from Fremantle Police Station on Wednesday has been caught, after a police chase through Perth's southern suburbs ended with him crashing a stolen car into several vehicles.

15/09/16 05:48

Nirmal Singh (pictured), was sacked from his job as a baggage handler at Perth Airport after making a series of Facebook posts in support of Islamic State, has won an 'unfair dismissal' case.

15/09/16 04:10

The black Honda was completely covered in brightly-coloured post-it notes to punish its owner for their illegal parking at Curtin University in Perth. Photos were uploaded to a bad parking group.

14/09/16 19:10

Police are investigating if a $10 million divorce settlement received by Annabelle Chen played a part in her death after her mutilated body was found stuffed in a suitcase in Perth's Swan River.

14/09/16 12:58

The gruesome discovery of Annabelle Chen's body stuffed in a suitcase floating on the Swan River in Perth two months ago has baffled detectives - so divers have returned to scour the river for clues.

14/09/16 09:14

Perth mother, 28, who was accused of flying to Bali and leaving her two children, aged four and six, home alone has charges dropped against her while heavily pregnant with third child.

13/09/16 06:38

Two Staffordshire terrier dogs have been seized after they viciously mauled a nine-year-old girl in Perth, 'while their owner watched on'. The dog’s owner could be fined up to $20,000

12/09/16 13:29

A nine-year-old girl was left with puncture wounds to her face, head and exposed tendons on her right leg after two dogs attacked her at a Perth park on Friday afternoon.

10/09/16 15:56

Former Perth student Henri Van Breda, 21, who was charged with the brutal triple axe murder of his family in was arrested in South Africa with his girlfriend for drug possession.

10/09/16 12:39

An 18-year-old man from Bentley, south of Perth, has been charged with nine sex attacks on two seven-year-old boys. The man was a family friend of one of the young boys, police said.

09/09/16 19:07

The murder mystery of the woman in a suitcase found in Perth on July 2 has deepened following the body's identification. Annabelle Chen's body was found with tiles matching her old bathroom.

08/09/16 18:39

A pharmacy owner in Perth has admitted to important 2,000 glass meth pipes to sell in his business, claiming he thought they were for smoking tobacco.

08/09/16 15:05

Ryan Trevor Clegg, 43, admitted to abusing the girl when she was aged between 11 and 13. He sparked outrage when it emerged last month he was living just 60 metres from a child care centre.

08/09/16 02:08

A lucky gambler who'd just turned a $10 hand into $2.7 million after drawing a royal flush at Perth's Crown Casino has revealed his wife's surprising reaction to his incredible win.

08/09/16 01:03

A man, known only as Nigel, is celebrating following a $2.7 million win after drawing a royal flush at Perth's Crown Casino last Thursday when he entered a $10 poker jackpot.

07/09/16 23:02

Australian apartment prices will fall by 15 to 20 per cent in just two years because of an 'oversupply' according to AMP Capital's chief economist Shane Oliver.

07/09/16 22:57

Perth woman Madalin Frodsham has shown the secret to getting results at the gym is not cutting carbs, but embracing them. The 27-year-old transformed her body by counting macros.

07/09/16 18:11

Perth toddler Chevy Ryder will likely have some of his fingers and part of his foot amputated after contracting the life-threatening bacterial infection meningococcal B.

07/09/16 09:59

A woman from Collie in south-west Western Australia has had her hot pink Holden Commodore permanently seized after she was caught driving without a license for the fourth time in one year.

07/09/16 09:39

Client Emma messaged Perth's Victoria Park Sports Massage Clinic to complain and was shocked after therapist Damien responded saying she would 'feel better' if she lost weight.

07/09/16 06:25

Nikki Dale and Duncan Atack started Streets of Perth in July 2014, with the intention to showcase street art in their hometown while supporting local artists.

07/09/16 05:21

A Melbourne man says he nearly had a panic attack after his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploded into flames as he slept, causing $1800 worth of damages to his hotel room.

05/09/16 14:08

A six-year-old who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour last year spent a happy day with his father Colin Strachan (pictured) in Perth, riding around the streets on a new bicycle.






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