Sildenafil Citrate | How Viagra Works

November 8th

How Viagra works

In contrast to other known methods of treatment of impotence, for example, injections in penis or other medical manipulations, a tablet of Viagra, which contains sildenafil citrate, is an easy to use and highly effective medicine. To achieve the desired effect – a normal and prolonged erection it is necessary to take one tablet of the medicine before the planned sexual intercourse.
The mechanism of action of sildenafil is very simple. Viagra works as follows: sildenafil naturally increases blood flow and promotes normal blood supply to penis. Viagra has effect only during natural stimulation. These are peculiarities how Viagra works, undeniable novelty and the secret of the incredible popularity of sildenafil citrate.
The principle of its action is based on the following features of this component of Viagra – it blocks the production of certain enzymes in the body – phosphodiesterase-PDE5. In combination with the natural stimulation, sildenafil citrate activates the blood flow to the genitals and support normal level of erection.
Please note that the substance is strictly forbidden to use for women (there is a special  women’s  Viagra for beautiful ladies ), a male version of this medicine is specifically for the stronger sex, and is designed with taking into the account the features of reaction of the male body on sildenafil citrate.
The usage of Viagra and other medicines for treatment of erectile dysfunction, developed on the basis of sildenafil citrate, are not protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, for the health and safety of a man and his partner do not forget to use condoms or other contraceptives.
Please, do not forget that optimal dose of the drug is to be selected depending on the organism’s reaction on the medicine. The doctor will help to find out really necessary dosage for a patient.
To feel how Viagra works sildenafil citrate should be taken once a day. You will not get a noticeable effect by increasing the frequency of dosing. Exceeding the required dosage of the medicine, you may face  to unexpected consequences. As a result of increasing the dosage you may disrupt your sexual function, and treatment of this condition will require a lot of time and money.
Before buying Viagra, a patient needs to consult the doctor and get his opinion on the proposed  treatment with using of sildenafil citrate. The doctor will choose the optimal dose for a man. Determination of dosage depends on the degree of erectile dysfunction and certain features of the male body.
A patient may not increase or decrease the dose of the medicine; only a doctor may do this. Typically, a single dose of sildenafil citrate may vary – from 25 to 100 mg. Remember that the maximum daily dose should not exceed of 100 mg. Viagra works for 4-5 hours. In most cases, doctors prescribe the dosage of 50 mg of the preparation, after which the dose can be changed up or down.

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January 6th

How viagra works and its side-effects

High activity of this medicine in the sphere of treatment of sexual problems is tested by millions of men around the world. The preparation contains several substances, one of the main is sildenafil citrate. The remaining components are indirect and have no excitatory effect on erection.
Taking into the account the high concentration of active ingredient – sildenafil,  Viagra is not recommended to use for men who have not previously faced with such medicine, because according to the doctors’ recommendations, the first dose is better to minimize. You may buy viagra sildenafil, and try to start taking half a tablet. Thus, you can save your money and reduce the starting dosage.
The use of Viagra in a dosage of 150 mg may increase the influence of the side effects of sildenafil. So if a man suffers from deceases of liver, kidney, heart or blood vessels, the medicine of this dose is better not to take. Direct interactions of Viagra with these diseases have been identified, but in these situations stimulating of the process of circulation plays a big role. In general, viagra of 150 mg is recommended to use only by experienced men, who have previously used this medicine and could not  achieve the desired results with less doses of it. In any case, it is recommended to visit urologist not to have unpleasant consequences for the health.
Viagra works and recommended to be used only by men. There are special  versions of Viagra for women.  It is prohibited to use viagra sildenafil by children.
Among the side effects there are the most cases of lung ailments caused by the slight headaches, flushing of the face, dizziness. These negative effects last short period of time and are not influence on the body and health.
Taking into the account that the majority of men who decide to try Viagra of 150 milligrams, have used similar preparations, they know all side effects, that may appear during taking of viagra sildenafil. If you experience more severe reactions than usual short termed side effects, the medicine should be stopped to use. It is possible that such a concentration of sildenafil is contraindicated for you.
It is not recommended to take Viagra in conjunction with a large amount of alcohol. Alcohol has bad influence on potency; in addition, it may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
Viagra of 150 mg does not affect on the efficiency of an organism and does not need to adhere to one particular mode. Using this preparation you can live a normal life.
Effect of sildenafil is not influence on reproductive function of a man, and absolutely has no effect on sperm production. Viagra sildenafil is recommended to be taken once per a day.

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December 5th

Viagra helps men to have normal erection

More than 80 % of men when taking minimum dose of Viagra feel increase of male power and sexual arousal. With increasing doses, the effect is to be increased. The new line of researches allowed finding an optimal and safe dose of the medicine, known as viagra.
Nowadays the preparation is produced with a dose of 25, 50 and 100 milligrams, so each man can choose the appropriate dosage of it.
For several years this preparation was researched while clinical tests. In general, while using a fixed dose and the absence of contraindications, Viagra is absolutely harmless. It can be taken at any age and even in the presence of chronic diseases, you just need to adjust the dose.


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November 18th

Viagra – to use or not to use?

Impotence is an illness that bothers a lot of men who have achieved the age of 40 and over. The absence of an erection may make normal sexual intercourse impossible.
Impotence is often accompanied by lack of orgasm and libido. Also, there may be occurred a rapid ejaculation, which certainly reduces the quality of intimate relationships that influences on the confidence of man, his psycho-emotional status and family relations.
Of course, like any drug, viagra sidenfil should not be overused. Otherwise it may result severe headaches, facial flushing, and cause heart problems. In this regard, to take sildenafil without a doctor’s recommendation is absolutely prohibited!


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  • Viagra users testimonials

    Practically every man knows that Viagra is an effective sexual stimulant. The main substance of the medicine is sildenafil that positively influences on potency and treats ED. Many men use Viagra and are satisfied with this medicine. Here you can find comments concerning of using of this preparation.

    Frank, USA
    Thanks to Viagra I returned to bright and intensive sexual life. This medicine gives me solid erection and positively influences on my libido and whole body. Effectiveness of sildenafil is high. My sexual experience confirms it clearly.

    Rolf, London
    Getting older, my erection was starting to get shorter, softer and weaker. To solve this problem I visited my physician to consult about using sexual stimulant. He prescribed me Viagra and recommended to start on a 25 mg dose. After using this medicine I had strong and long erection. Thanks to sildenafil I returned to sexual life. My physician said that in some time I will have to increase the dose to 50 mg, but now it is enough 25 mg of Viagra.

    John, Australia
    When I use Viagra I feel myself 30 years younger. I have an erection like I had when I was strong and young. My wife satisfied with my sexual opportunities and I am very pleased that I can use Viagra every time we want to have sex.

    Patrick, NY
    I was diagnosed with impotence three years ago, so my physician prescribed me to use Viagra. This sexual stimulant helped me very much. But after a month of using the dose of Viagra, prescribed by a doctor, I was not getting excellent erection. So I decided to increase my usual dose of sildenafil to 50 mg and it worked better. Blue pill can keep me satisfactorily hard and long. Viva Viagra!

    Nick, Ireland
    I have been using Viagra for 4 years and it always satisfied me. Usually I take this medicine some times a week and have never experienced side effects. Mostly it may be stuffed nose and headache. As my doctor says that alcohol is the dangerous enemy of Viagra, so when using this stimulant I avoid drinking of alcohol beverages.