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Creepy clowns terrorise Britain as children are chased and others wield knives

People across Britain have been left screaming in terror as a bizarre craze of clown sightings sweeps the country. In Manchester on Sunday night, two girls aged three and four were left screaming as a clown, pictured centre, jumped on the bonnet of their mother’s car when they stopped at a red traffic light outside a shopping centre. It follows a spate of sightings, including one in Leicestershire, pictured top left, and Plymouth, pictured bottom left. In Newcastle, Megan Bell, a 17-year-old girl with a ‘lifelong fear of clowns’, was walking home in the city at around 8pm when she says she was accosted by a man in a clown costume and mask who briefly chased her after she panicked and ran away screaming. In County Durham, a clown, pictured top right, jumped out at four young children, aged 11 and 12, on their way to school. In Hemel Hempstead, a clown, pictured bottom right, spooked shoppers in a supermarket car park. The craze has swept across Britain from the US and police have told those carrying out the pranks to stop, and think of those they have left scared. 

Eritrean migrant killed in Calais after being RUN OVER by British motorist

The collision happened on the A16 near the northern French port where thousands of people from the Middle East and African are camped trying to reach the UK. Police say the victim was one of a group of migrants trying to put obstacles on the road to slow down vehicles in a bid to climb aboard them. The driver, a Briton, had reported the incident to officers.

Sam Barbic (pictured) said the driver screamed at her and grabbed her arm to pull her from his vehicle outside her home in London, with Uber now vowing to investigate the incident.

Britain's largest general practice recruitment firm is planning to hire up to 1,000 doctors over the next four years mainly from Romania, Hungary, Portugal and Spain.

Under the controversial plans, anyone going to university would face working until they are almost 70. But those who leave school at 18 could be eligible to start drawing their state pension at 63.

Sarah Donegan, 52, met brides-to-be while running a stall at a wedding fair in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, last weekend. She later wrote there were 'so many munter brides'.


An article on August 22 'RSPCA rehomed our missing cat and refuse to tell us where he is' claimed that the RSPCA had wrongly rehomed a cat, while refusing to tell its former owners where it lived.

Phil Collins back with ex-wife Orianne despite her ex trying to wreck the reunion

Phil Collins made the surprise announcement earlier this year that he was back with his third ex-wife, Orianne (pictured left in 1996 and right earlier this year). The couple, who have two sons together, separated in 2006. But Orianne is now in a bitter battle with her ex Charles Mejjati, 47, (pictured inset with Orianne) a construction company boss. In the court papers, Orianne accuses her ex-husband of forcing her to sign the marital agreement - described by her lawyer as one of the most one-sided he has ever seen - while her judgment was impaired by the powerful painkillers and anti-depressants.

The man's climbing companion raised the alarm at around 6pm on Friday October 7 following the fall on the north face of Ben Nevis in the Highlands.

Kim Farry, 54, from Fulham, shunned a life of crime in favour of a life on benefits but says she misses the money so much, she'll have 'no choice' but to steal again if she can't get a job.

Newcastle United's Rolando Aarons is one of nine people arrested after a huge brawl in a club in the city. Aarons, 20, is said to have gone 'berserk' after he saw a group of men dancing with his auntie.

Mohammed Shafiq Ali

Father-of-three Mohammed Shabir Ali, 29, of Tower Hamlets, East London, was jailed for three years in 2012 after raising £3,000 for al-Shabaab training camps in Somalia.

The 29-year-old brunette (pictured), who also used to earn £300-a-night as a stripper in an upmarket lap-dancing club in Liverpool, appeared in the horror movie Lock In, released in 2014.

'I'm passionate about selling this s*** to people who don't need it': Over champagne and

Millions of British pensioners are being ripped off through postal scams with the fraudsters using letters to try and trick the vulnerable and elderly into sending money through the post. Hundreds of thousands of these letters are flown into Britain from Europe every month with private postage companies turning a blind eye. And they are placed in the hands of their victims by trusted Royal Mail postmen and women. Those behind these letters share hundreds of millions of pounds a year 'in profit'. Attending a conference at the Whistler ski resort, German Christian Limpach (top right) said the aim is to 'rip off the people', particularly 'females over 60'. another, Canadian sweepstake scammer Andrew John Thomas (left) said: 'I'm passionate about my ability to whore my talent and sell this s*** to people who don't need it'. And data broker German Lars Muhlschlegel (bottom right) claimed he could sell the names of 'very elderly people' who had responded to fraudulent letters.

Royal Mail is accused of making millions from conmen who defraud the elderly in Britain on a massive scale. Vulnerable victims lose vast sums through letter frauds sent by post.

Here we tell the stories of just some of those elderly victims who have been left overwhelmed and penniless by the postal scam engulfing Royal Mail.

Investigators will scour social media for evidence of the practice, known as 'virtual mobbing', as part of a clampdown on unacceptable cyber behaviour.

Anthony Horowitz, 61, who lives in Norfolk, adapted the Caroline Graham novels for the ITV series. He said cities weren't as suitable for murder mysteries as as fast pace dissipated ill-feeling.

Union bosses who caused disruption to Southern rail commuters with a string of strikes have caved in - and are insisting a three-day strike this week goes ahead, causing even more misery to thousands.

Universities in the UK should boost numbers of disadvantaged students through positive discrimination, advisers appointed by minister Jo Johnson have recommended.

They STILL won't accept EU vote Now MPs demand to be given a veto

Ed Miliband (left), who is leading the demands, says Parliament must not be overlooked because of 'the importance of these decisions for the UK economy' while former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg (right) said it 'would not be remotely acceptable' to bypass Parliament on the terms of Brexit. They are joined in opposition by former Tory ministers Anna Soubry (inset, left) and Nicky Morgan (inset right). But Jacob Rees-Mogg told MailOnline: This 'typifies the disdain that the liberal elite has for voters'. The latest attempts by MPs to change the terms of the historic June 23 referendum - which saw the biggest turnout in any UK election for more than two decades - comes after last week's Tory conference signalled the Government is pursuing a 'hard-Brexit' that would take Britain out of the single market in order to end free movement of people.

The new shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti (pictured today) claimed she was simply 'trying to do her best' for her child by enrolling him at one of the UK's top private schools.

Labour sources told MailOnline that Jeremy Corbyn (pictured) 'was going to sack Conor McGinn anyway' after he blamed him for orchestrating the failed coup in the summer.

The Duchess of Cambridge will make a solo visit to the Netherlands tomorrow as Britain contemplates the process of negotiating trade deals with every EU member state.

A leading supplier has issued a warning that retailers are facing higher olive oil prices and could be forced to reduce shelf space for Italian extra virgin olive oil due to another poor olive harvest.

Gavin Barwell said his mother will leave her estate and £750,000 home to his three sons and two nephews. He made the comments whilst at the Tory party conference in Birmingham.

A study of 19,000 Britons compared the mental health of those born during one week in 1958 and one week in 1970. It found that at 42, the younger group were more likely to feel depressed or anxious.

Ken Clarke talks for the first time about the death of his wife Gillian

Ben Clarke has spoken for the first time about how he is coping without his wife Gillian after 51 years marriage (pictured). Everyone— apart, perhaps, from spin doctors and the bolshy British Medical Association — seems to love Ken ‘the Big Beast’ Clarke. He is the arch-lord of misrule, the untameable king of brown-suede shoes, red wine, cigars and gigantic lunches — and he was the first man brave enough to tell Margaret Thatcher it was time to step down. His political career spans more than half a century — including 46 years as Conservative MP for Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire — and will end when he steps down after the next general election. As Chancellor, Home Secretary, Lord Chancellor, Justice Secretary, Education Secretary, Health Secretary and latterly, Minister without Portfolio, he’s had his fingers in more political pies than anyone else in government in modern times.

Australian researchers found cinnamon lowers stomach temperature, which helps prevent damage to the stomach's lining. It is used in Chinese medicines to treat indigestion and cramps.

Charlie Mortimer, who was rebuked in the book Dear Lupin: Letters to a Wayward Son, has revealed he never told his father he was gay, used heroin and had Aids after relations with both sexes.

The first German biography to deal with this mutual attraction is published this week' Bestselling political science author Michaela Karl tells how the bond was forged in Munich.

Diane James' departure from Ukip, its struggling finances and 'venomous' in-fighting over the Witney by-election could spell the end for the party, writes ANDREW PIERCE.

David Cameron is spending most of his time focussing on his memoirs and had hoped to secure an advance to match the lucrative multi-million pound deal secured by Tony Blair.

The Home Secretary appeared to rebuke the firm during the Tory conference this week, suggesting it recruited 'almost exclusively' from Romania and Poland.

X Factor's Brooks Way slam 'false allegation' on Twitter

As rumours continue to circulate over their future on the X Factor following shocking allegations, Brooks Way singers Josh and Kyle Brooks are speaking out. On Sunday night, the 17-year-old twin brothers took to Twitter in a bid to shoot down claims that Josh beat up his ex-girlfriend Amelia Clarke and broke her nose. The pair, who were cut from Saturday's live show as the allegations surfaced, wrote: 'Today, we have had a tough day with a false allegation. Don't believe everything you read, both Amelia and Josh will be stating the truth.'

Hunters in the province of Almeria alerted authorities after finding the remains of former Leicester councillor David Oldman at about 11am this morning. The 66-year-old was last seen on June 9.

Retired Derek Thomas, 83, Farnham, Surrey was using the level crossing at Bentley, Hampshire on his mobility scooter while on his way to taking his pet dog Maissie for a walk in the Alice Holt Forest.

Police have confirmed that the body pulled out of the River Foss in York today is that of missing university student Ethan Peters, from London, who disappeared after a night out last Sunday.

Due to the delicate balance of mares and fillies that is required to stop endangered Exmoor ponies from going extinct, the possibility of Bear (pictured) being culled was very real.

The gunner, 23, who is based at RAF Honington, disappeared after a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, at around 3.20am on Saturday September 24.

Avid Manchester City fan Jordan Harris, from Stockport, is living and working in Sydney with his girlfriend. A machine is being used to help him to breathe while he lies in hospital.

Identical twins Tyler and Taylor Gaffney, Harry Osgood and Joe Osgood, and Ben and Ryan Jakeman confuse parents, opposition teams and even their own manager when on the pitch.

The successful author (pictured) was a witness to the murder of Janet Walker in 1953. Irish labourer Joseph Reynolds would confess to strangling the girl with her own school tie in Leicester.

Vehicles are CRUSHED against the roof as a burst water main causes polystyrene insulation

Cars have been crushed (centre, top right) against the roof of a car park in Crayford, south-east London, after a burst water main caused polystyrene insulation below the road surface to expand by four feet. Crews from London Fire Brigade have been pumping water out of the flooded High Street in Crayford this morning and it is understood the burst pipe is also affecting Greenwich and Bexley and parts of Dartford and Kent. Thames Water is working on fixing the problem (bottom right) and is proving emergency supplies of bottled water to those affected.

A new crime bill could strip the wealthy of their millions if they cannot explain where their wealth has come from. The bill is expected to be unveiled on Thursday.

For decades, the ‘Oxo mum’, Lynda Bellingham, offered television viewers brief glimpses into the lifestyle of middle-class Britain. But the classic adverts are now to return with the new 'Oxo dad'.

Richard McCann was just five in 1975 when his mother Wilma McCann, 28, became Peter Sutcliffe’s first victim - but the 46-year-old father of three has forgiven the murderer.

The 'disgusting' costumes (pictured) were being sold at a pop-up shop called Halloween, in the Diamond Shopping Centre in Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

A tenant at Cherie Blair's apartment complex in Urmston near Manchester claims he is being evicted so a new tenant can be moved in who will pay '£40 to £50' more a month than him.

Tesco customers appear to be being targeted in a scam where they are asked to fill in a survey and entered into a prize draw with £500 cash on offer. They are being hit with £4.50 texts soon after.

Making a molehill out of a mountain: The peaks that will no longer scale the necessary

While Britain may not have peaks of Himalayan or Everest proportions, hikers have always enjoyed getting out and exploring the dizzying heights offered by the country's mountain ranges.  But this could be about to change, as many of the UK's smaller mountains are under threat - facing the prospect of being downgraded and becoming classified as hills due to rising sea levels.  The warning came from the Ordnance Survey (OS), the Government's mapping agency. Mountains under threat include Thack Moor in the Pennines and Calf Top near the Yorkshire Dales.

Hundreds of foreign offenders are walking free in the UK after dodging deportation, despite the government's promise to crackdown on criminal migrants.

The UKIP leadership hopeful has been allowed to leave hospital in Strasbourg three days after being admitted with a suspected bleed on the brain following a 'fight' with a colleague.

Good Samaritans dived into the water at Brighton Marina to rescue Sally Whitney (shown) and her carer, Zizi Linerpaite, who had also gotten into difficulty after trying to save her friend.

As the festive season approaches, people may be looking for unique and extravagant gifts - and potential buyers are invited to bid for the item, which will be on sale in time for Christmas.

UK universities are giving students permission to avoid subjects such as sex, suicide and religion if they find them 'too upsetting' in a move which has divided academics across the country.

'I fit pipes for a living now': Former England and Chelsea striker Kerry Dixon is working

The ex-footballer, who played for the national side in the 1986 World Cup and scored 193 goals for Chelsea,(right) was jailed for nine months in 2015 after being found guilty of assaulting a man in a pub.(pictured outside court, bottom) Dixon, 55, now fits pipes for central heating firm Oakray (left) to earn money and says he is determined to get his life back on track. Dixon's blond locks and commanding presence brought a glamour to Chelsea at a time it was yo-yoing between the top two divisions.

Arrogant Jack Cripps, 30, threatened to smash one worker in the face and told the manager he would 'explode' the car wash after claiming staff weren't washing his car properly in Ashill, Somerset.

A 24-year-old male carer from Peacehaven has been arrested on suspicion of raping a disabled patient at a home for people with brain injuries in Brighton, East Sussex.

The 250 soldiers from 4 Rifles battalion are being deployed today in preparation for a large-scale assault on Mosul, the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq.

The 11-year-old boy bottled up his stress and wanted to lash out, a court heard. He used a match to light paper in a storeroom of St Cuthbert and the First Martyrs Catholic Primary School, in Bradford.

Dr Bob Khanna (pictured) is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 30s inside his Shepherd's Bush hotel room in west London, after asking her to help him write a speech scheduled for the next day.

A probe was launched into breed standards in the UK after a German shepherd with a noticeably sloped back called Cruaghaire Catoria (pictured) was named 'best in breed' at Crufts this year.

The fan said he had written to the serial killer asking where he should visit in Glasgow and posted a picture of a handwritten letter online that appears to be from 78-year-old Brady.

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE. Zacko, a year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was found dead on owner Gemma Bennie's clothes after suffering an agonisingly slow end in her flat in Filton, Bristol.

It was reported last month that 27-year-old Kimberley Miners (pictured), from Bradford, who has posed topless for The Sun, was speaking with a fighter on Facebook who is recruiting women for the 'caliphate'.

Spectator dies after rally car hits crowd in San Marino

The Renault Clio (pictured left and right) crashed into straw bales on a corner where spectators were watching the race at midday in San Marino. Shocking footage shows the car driving straight towards people enjoying the rally (inset). Henry Anselmino, 57, from Asti, was killed instantly, the race organiser said. The injured spectators - one woman, seven men - were rushed to hospital. Three are in a critical condition. Locals think the driver was unable to stop as the car's brakes had failed.

French troops patrolled the port whilst the country is still in a state of emergency following the Nice terror attack. They checked vehicles before drivers were allowed to move on.

Japanese companies have employees who work such long hours they are at serious risk of death, according to a government survey into the country's notoriously strenuous working culture.

Jaber Albakr, from Damascus, Syria, is still at large after police raided an apartment on an estate in the German city of Chemnitz, and found explosives known as 'mother of Satan'.

The land controlled by the terror group in Iraq and Syria has shrunk from 90,800sq km (56,400sq miles) at its height in January 2015 to 65,500 sq km as of October 3 this year.

Israeli police secures the scene where a car driven by a Palestinian gunman was intercepted by the police and gunman shot dead in Jerusalem Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016. A Palestinian motorist launched a shooting spree near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem Sunday, killing  two and wounding several more  before being shot dead, Israeli police and emergency services said. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

The 39-year-old attacker had been due to report to prison for assaulting an officer when he drove towards a train station near the Israeli police headquarters in Jerusalem and opened fire.

Police detained 54-year-old Briton David Matthew and 46-year-old Australian Giuseppe Seratino after drugs were found at a house in the seaside suburb of Sanur, Bali.



Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, the biggest double-losers in recent British political history - have joined forces to insist the Government has no democratic right to implement 'hard Brexit'.

In a deeply disturbing investigation, this newspaper today exposes how Royal Mail is profiting from letter fraud conmen who prey on the elderly and vulnerable on an industrial scale.