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A mummy blogger has hit back at trolls who criticised her for turning her back on her kids in the bath, saying that everyone makes mistakes and that parents shouldn't judge one another.

It's the maternity photo shoot that is as relaxing as it is beautiful. Sydney photographer Wendy Atkins said milk baths are perfect for mothers-to-be looking to take the weight off their feet.

There is an exercise you can try to tone your tummy lying down in the comfort of your own home. Also, you should try to consume fibre every day to maintain a flat tummy. And as always, hydration is key.

Rhianna Cunningham, 21, from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, lost 42 kilograms after weighing in at 110 kilos in 2014. She puts it down to dedication at the gym and a wholesome meal plan.

Lisa Brinkworth, 49, has started having driving lessons again after a fellow school-gate mother told her off for being unable to drive and contribute to the car-pooling system they have.

Allison Lefebvre is a school chef and lives in Oxfordshire. Her secrets to staying young includes always moisturising, cutting portion sizes, never dressing your age and bringing back your abs.

Michael Tanham was an altar boy brought up by a loving Christian family in Perth. At the age of 16 he became Kelly Star, a transgender model who claims to have the biggest implants in Australia.


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Zara Tindall's adorable daughter Mia runs wild while her mother competes in Calmsden Horse

Mia Tindall, two, managed to pass the time while her mother took part in the eventing competition in Cirencester by watching her iPad and playing around with friends. Wrapped up warm in a padded jacket with a fur-lined hood, woolly tights and sturdy dungarees, the young royal with the big personality had great fun stealing a friend's hat and trying it on. At other points, she watched the horsemanship with interest and also played with a riding crop during the sunny autumn day out.

The mother of Australian Down syndrome model Madeline Stuart says it would not be fair for her daughter to have kids. 'I do not believe it is right or fair...for her to bring one into this world,' she said.

Private chef Saima Khan, 45, was a banker five years ago. She had always had a talent for cooking but it hadn't crossed her mind to pursue a career until meeting Warren Buffet.

Velvet is back and was first spotted at London-based label Preen's show, back in March.The key thing about this season's velvet comeback is that it's rooted firmly in daywear rather than evening glamour.

Formula 1 heiress and socialite Tamara, 32, has two-and-a-half-year-old Sophia with her husband Jay Rutland, 35, and says she will continue to do so until the tot is ready to stop.

People smile for many reasons other than happiness, such as smugness. Find out below what your smile might indicate about you. Top facial reader Jean Haner analyses different smiles.

Do you know how to pronounce tricky words such as dengue, victuals and quinoa correctly? A new quiz aims to test your knowledge and set you on the right track if you're struggling.

Woman asked Reddit when she should stop being naked in front of her kids. She said she wants to show her son that's there nothing wrong with any kind of body.

Father-of-two, Brad Kearns, from NSW, has written an honest Facebook post on his wife, Sarah's, post-baby body. He said it's ridiculous that women should be expected to 'bounce back'.



French actress Clemence Posey looked Parisian chic in Breton outside the Burberry catwalk at London Fashion Week. She added some British flair with a classic Burberry trench. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week

The singer-songwriter says he fell ill with undetected kidney stone in 2010. The kidney was filling with poison which caused him to faint on a number of occasions


Hilarious photo of a sign pointing shoppers to an escalator next to Prada is mocked on

Some of the most lavish fashion houses spend thousands of pounds perfecting a perfume campaign that will entice shoppers. But one photo proved that all it takes is a little unfortunate wording to spark derision and mockery at a fragrance - and lead to a social media frenzy. An eagle-eyed shopper snapped a photo of a sign at Westfield shopping centre bearing the helpful instructions 'Please use the escalator by Prada' - and captioned it: 'Worst. Perfume. Name. Ever'. London-based Joe Harland's wry words suggested that luxury Italian fashion house Prada has released a new scent titled: 'Please use the escalator.'

About 3,800 service industry workers responded to a viral Reddit thread, which asked: 'What is the dumbest question a customer has ever asked you?'

Benefits Street star Dee - real name Deirdre Kelly - says she has been struggling for cash after work dried up, and even tried to take her own life. She said she was reluctant to go back on benefits.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Elizabeth Hurley as she stepped out in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month last week, however not everyone is in support of the high-profile pink ribbon campaign.

Canadian writer Kelly Oxford posted an account of an older man assaulting her on a bus when she was aged 12, and urged other women to share their stories, sparking the hashtag #NotOkay.

Fashion retailer Lyst has looked at the biggest trends to emerge from Fashion Month SS17 and found that backless loafers, pierced bags and head-to-toe pink are flying off the shelves.

It sounds absurd. But Lucy Cavendish and her fiance are joining a growing number of older couples who refuse to set up home together. In fact, one in ten couples choose to live apart.

A viral McDonald's UK Facebook post asking customers for their favourite milkshake dunking flavours for French fries has received 36,000 'likes', with many saying the practice is 'vile'.

The 31-year-old British reality TV star hasn't had much luck with her breast augmentations so far and despite going under the knife four times wants another surgery to improve their appearance.

Bakers from across world create cakes that appear to be something else, and FEMAIL has rounded up some of the very best. One by Debbie Goard, from San Francisco, looks like a Subway sandwich.

Fashioned out of thick card, California-based Matt Borgelt's extraordinary get-up allowed people to 'swipe' on several profiles before settling on his own and making a match.

Sassy 4-year-old throws a tantrum because her mom refuses to 'fix' her hairstyle 

Marianne Duke, 35, from Layton, Utah, posted two videos of her daughter Erika throwing a fit over her hair on YouTube. The first clip sees the four-year-old girl standing in front of a bathroom mirror yelling and crying and her mother, demanding that she 'fix my hair'. In the second video, Erika is lying on the floor of another room, banging her hands on the ground and crying because her hair still isn't done.

Princess Eugenie sported an edgy outfit as she attended the VIP private view of the Frieze art fair in London, but despite engagement rumours she could not be seen wearing a ring.

Mumsnet user BellaGoth told how her mischievous Labrador had eaten an entire bag of sugar while she left her shopping on the kitchen table - and others shared equally funny stories.

Chloe Munnings, 24, from Norfolk, started surgery at the age of 21 and says she won't stop altering her look until she's achieved her idea of physical perfection including 'big boobs, big lips and a tiny waist'.

Breakup and divorce coach, Sara Davison, shares the relationship red flags all women entering a relationship should look out for that could save them some serious heartache.

Have you ever wondered what goes on when you're not there to supervise? These pictures prove some fathers really are just big kids at heart and have managed to keep their parenting style simple.

How much exercise does it take to burn off your favourite tipple? A new infographic reveals how long you'd need to spend running, walking, doing Pilates or cycling to negate the calorie count.

The One Direction star responded to a series of fans' questions on Wednesday night and his Twitter followers were overcome with emotion after hearing him utter their names.

Sharon Pannett, 49, from Worthing, West Sussex, had always struggled with her weight - and was first referred to a slimming club aged 10, weighing 10 stone - almost double the normal average.

Yves Saint Laurent sent models down the runway with glittery nipples at their SS17 runway show and now bloggers and fashionistas are trying out the risqué look on social media too.

Claire Pringle, now 40, from London, lost her son Thomas to sudden infant death syndrome or 'cot death' at just four weeks old - but doctors were unable to find an exact cause.

Woman who lost 20 STONE asks strangers to help pay for excess skin removal surgery

After years of emotional eating, Candice Williams, 31, a customer service worker from North Carolina, was a size 34 (UK 38) - so big she couldn't squeeze behind school desks, into plane seats or onto theme park rides, left. When she became so heavy that her weight didn't register on bathroom scales, she vowed to change. Since then, she has lost 280lbs (20 stone), right, through healthy eating and exercise alone - but has been left with a huge apron of excess flesh, inset. 'If I do a headstand, my entire body droops and sags,' said Candice.

Cardiff-based UFit Fitness has been branded a 'disgrace' by hundreds of gym-goers after installing a giant poster which read: 'There's better things to be stuck behind than the car in front'.

David has created 18 new pieces of loungewear for the colder months, including luxury dressing gowns in towelling and brushed cotton.

Melbourne resident Tamara DiMattina buys everything second hand. Her clothes, furniture and even her iPhone were purchased on the secondary market. Here, she explains why.

Parents with deep pockets are splashing out on luxury playhouses that are so lavish they come with running water, electricity and Wi-Fi. A New England lodge will set you back around $50,000.

Emma Pope, 23, from Texas, weighed 315lbs (22 stone 7lbs) and was once told to get her 'fat ass off the court' during volleyball game - but she has since learned to laugh at the bullies who tormented her.

The anonymous submission from a single mother in Ireland reveals her struggles from looking after 20 patients to having so little money she worries she can't pay the bills. It already has 10,000 likes.

Lisa Horner, 29, and Rebecca Parton, 21, grew up in separate families and both spent years searching for their absent father on social media, with both believing that they were an only child.

Despite their dubious connotations, the fur-lined loafer-cum-slipper is the celebrity trend of the season. Kendall Jenner, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung have all been spotted in a pair.

Lianna Walden, 52, said was shocked when Mark, 54, from Vancouver, came out as bisexual, revealing he had been sleeping with other men. But she now says an open relationship improved their marriage.

The odds have been slashed on a royal baby announcement in the new year to 4/6 after Princess Charlotte and Prince George won hearts in Canada with their parents last week.

Etiquette expert and MailOnline columnist, William Hanson, claims that shorts on young boys are, in fact, a silent British class marker and trousers are deemed 'suburban'.