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Kate Middleton, William and Harry mark World Mental Health Day in London

The Duchess of Cambridge looked like a true English rose this morning as she arrived at London's County hall in a £428 dress by her namesake designer Kate Spade for a day of engagements to Mark World Mental Health Day with Prince William (centre). Kate carried a nude clutch and wore a pair of her favourite court shoes (left) and looked delighted to be visiting the London Eye (right), which she will later take a spin on with William and Prince Harry

Eritrean migrant killed in Calais after being RUN OVER by British motorist

The collision happened on the A16 near the northern French port where thousands of people from the Middle East and African are camped trying to reach the UK. Police say the victim was one of a group of migrants trying to put obstacles on the road to slow down vehicles in a bid to climb aboard them. The driver, a Briton, had reported the incident to officers.

Max Knowles, 10, was denied a place at Hill West Primary School in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, because of a lack of coat-hooks and because it would increase safety risks in the playground.

The This Morning presenter, 35, called Scotland Yard on Thursday after her Mercedes SUV went missing from her £3million home in south west London.

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A Reddit user known only as humansof was inundated with 1,600 responses after he asked how other people coped with the question with answers ranging from the silly to the useful.

High blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. Now, three experts from the University of Newcastle, Australia reveal how to lower it.

The bodies of 49-year-old dinner lady Elizabeth Edwards and her 13-year-old daughter Katie, (both pictured) were found at an address in Spalding, Lincolnshire, on April 15 this year.

Clownpocalypse! As a mother tells hows machete-wielding clowns climbed onto her bonnet, why ARE the creepy figures suddenly terrorising Britain by leaping out of bushes and chasing children? 

There have been at least six sightings in Newcastle alone in the past week. In each case, people dressed as clowns burst from bushes and chased startled pedestrians down streets. Megan Bell, a 17-year-old girl with a 'lifelong fear of clowns', was walking home in the city at around 8pm when she says she was accosted by a man in a clown costume and mask who briefly chased her after she panicked and ran away screaming. In another incident, Northumbria police arrested a teenager whose alleged possession of a knife suggests this was more than a cruel prank. In other cases, the perpetrators have been wielding bats.

Amid reports of killer clowns threatening schools, brandishing guns and being involved in at least one death, a White House spokesman said last week: ‘This is a situation that law enforcement is taking quite seriously.’ Another clown spotted in South Carolina

There have been at least six sightings in Newcastle alone in the past week. In each case, people dressed as clowns burst from bushes and chased startled pedestrians down streets.

Glasgow and London-based nutritionist Fiona Kirk shares her top tips to lose fat quickly and reach your ideal weight with FEMAIL, including eating 10 instead of five a day.

Kim Gip made a necklace for her husband's first trip away without her, to Las Vegas. It said: 'If I look lost please call my wife. I've never been away from my wife, who does everything for me.'

Cadbury has released hilarious audition tapes from some of the 20,000 auditionees hoping to be crowned the new Milk Tray Man...including a man in a black thong and another saying he'd wear a wig.

Nigerian student given hospital order for killing academic days after knife charges were

Dr Jeroen Ensink (left) was stabbed to death by Femi Nandap (inset) as he left his flat in Islington, north London, to post cards announcing the birth of his daughter Fleur 10 days before. When the renowned academic failed to return, his wife, Nadja, went outside to find police had cordoned off the street and the cards her husband had been carrying strewn on the pavement spattered with blood. Mrs Ensink-Teich (right) today demanded an independent investigation into failings by both the mental health service and legal system.

Kathleen Harkin was last seen on the banks of the River Tay in the North Muirton area of Perth on Saturday night - and specialist emergency teams have been deployed in the search.

The three men were caught on CCTV fleeing the scene shortly after Mr Bari was shot

Jordan Bari, 20, (pictured) a taekwondo blackbelt, was fatally shot in the stomach 'at point blank range' at a flat in Bethnal Green, east London, last Monday at around 8pm.

Varvara Karaulova, 20, told a military court in Moscow that she had fallen for fanatical Airat Samatov and 'wed' him in a secret virtual ceremony after he groomed her online.

It is believed that personal images of Eilidh Scott - lover of Blackburn Rovers striker Anthony Stokes - were raided from her phone's online storage library, leaving her feeling 'completely violated'.

Donald's Great Escape: Trump keeps his campaign alive with barnstorming comeback after confronting Hillary with four Clinton 'sex victims' - and she FAILS to nail him over sleazy tape scandal

The debate night that will be discussed for generations in Political Science classes - and Women's Studies seminars - ended with Republican Donald Trump landing more punches than Democrat Hillary Clinton, and successfully deflecting attention successfully away from a two-day-old crisis about graphic sexual language that threatened to derail his White House bid.

Uncommitted voter Kenneth Bone (pictured) asked the second to last question during Sunday's debate - and became such an instant hit that many viewers forgot to listen to the candidates' replies.

Hillary Clinton has scored a decisive victory over Donald Trump in one of the biggest polls following the second presidential debate in St Louis, Missouri, on Sunday night.

Simon gave permission to the Patriotic Artists and Creatives PAC, a pro-Clinton super PAC, to include the song in its most recent commercial smearing the Republican candidate.

For this monstrous American presidential candidate is unlikely to survive these video images of him branding the entire female sex as his playthings.

Donald Trump's wife Melania dons a Gucci 'pussy-bow' blouse for presidential debate night

Trump's wife dressed boldly in an aptly-named, $1,100 p***y-bow blouse, days after slamming his use of the word. Ivanka was typically poised in a fitted green number. The $1,100 Gucci silk crepe de chine shirt and the significance of its name was no doubt low on the family's list of priorities for the night but certainly raised eyebrows.

Donald Trump unveils FOUR Clinton 'sex victims' before the presidential debate

Donald Trump took the gloves off 90 minutes before Sunday night's debate against Hillary Clinton, holding a meeting with four ghosts from Bill Clintons' sexual past - and letting a handful of unsympathetic reporters in to hear them speak. Trump introduced his coalition of the willing - Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton and Paula Jones - in St. Louis as a press pool snapped shutters and reporters shouted questions about a new audio recording of Trump saying vulgar things about women 11 years ago. Broaddrick, an Arkansas nursing home administrator who has accused Bill Clinton of forcibly raping her when he was the state's attorney general, said that 'actions speak louder than words. Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me. And Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison.'

Nikki Pope, 48, and Cate Bauer, 51, from Manchester, requested a mezze-style feast for their 110 guests made out of ingredients and products that were deemed to be waste.

There is an exercise you can try to tone your tummy lying down in the comfort of your own home. Also, you should try to consume fibre every day to maintain a flat tummy. And as always, hydration is key.

Levels of adherent-invasive E. coli are higher after food poisoning, experts from McMaster University, Hamilton, found. Crohn's disease sufferers are known to have higher levels of it.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil identified two new species of cynodants - early ancestors of mammals - based on remains that had been left in a museum for decades.

Daughter livestreams her parents on a 'heroin binge' after she returns home to find them wasted in front of the TV

The footage, shot in America, reveals the youngster and a man - whose connection to the her parents is unknown - trying in vain to wake them up as they are slumped out in the living room. Dressed in a tie dye T-shirt, the mother can be seen in a close-up shot at the start of the video completely spaced out, unable to look at the camera as her daughter attempts to bring her round. The father can be seen curled up on the floor, slowly rocking backwards and forwards but completely oblivious to what is going on around him.

Ben Stiller says prostate-specific antigen tests helped find his aggressive prostate cancer. So why is the test not routinely offered to patients on the NHS? Two experts give their opinions.

It sounds absurd. But Lucy Cavendish and her fiance are joining a growing number of older couples who refuse to set up home together. In fact, one in ten couples choose to live apart.

NEW The London-based accountant has appeared on This Morning, Benchmark, Grease Night, Dinner Date and Guess This House over the past two years - and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

A luxury hotel on four wheels! The £380,000 campervan with underfloor heating, a rain

The luxurious 35ft long Morelo Empire Liner, which will be unveiled in Birmingham this week, boasts underfloor heating, a rain shower and spacious double bed. It also has a well-equipped kitchen (pictured top), perfect for whipping up a feast on a glamorous caravan park 'staycation'. And a bedroom skylight (bottom left) means the owner can enjoy evenings looking up at the stars while drifting off to sleep. The motorhome (bottom right), known as a 'super-liner', costs £378,000 - almost twice the price of the average English home.

Millions of British pensioners are being ripped off through postal scams with the fraudsters using letters to try and trick the vulnerable and elderly into sending money through the post.

Royal Mail is accused of making millions from conmen who defraud the elderly in Britain on a massive scale. Vulnerable victims lose vast sums through letter frauds sent by post.

Aldi unveils new fashion collection with everything priced at less than £20

The budget store, which looks set to rival Lidl in the sartorial stakes, says its new collection of on-trend, autumnal 70s-inspired fashion pieces will lure fashion fans on a budget, so can you spot which is from Aldi? L-R: Karl Lagerfeld outfit, which will set you back over £2,000, Supertrash Vocean Faux Fur Gilet, £100, Aldi outfit with a faux fur gilet for £14.99, jeans for £7.99 and a hat for £7.99, and a BCBG Generation Faux Fur Gilet for £200.

Lady Barbara Judge (pictured), the first female chairman of the Institute of Directors, said the US system - where mothers are entitled to 12 weeks' unpaid leave - was better than that in the UK.

Gareth May from Metro.co.uk was invited to watch Joybear Pictures, a London-based production company, shoot a porn film. It starts with the owner, Justin Santos, asking for a 'p***y light.'

Woman from gypsy family didn't know she was pregnant until she went into LABOUR

Cilla Ward, 29, from Dublin, had no idea she was pregnant by a man she had been dating in secret. When the relationship ended about three months earlier, she'd thought nothing more of it. She enjoyed being single and often went out partying with her friends. As she partied most weekends, when she spent a few days feeling out of sorts, she put it down to a bad hangover (pictured right while three months pregnant). She went into labour in her bedroom at home - but still had no idea what was happening. Her mother, Anna, rushed her to hospital, where they found a heartbeat. Despite being four weeks early, Dollyanna weighed a healthy 6lb 2oz (inset) and had a thick head of dark, black hair. Pictured left together now.

Ed Miliband is leading demands for Theresa May to include Parliament in Brexit negotiations but Jacob Rees-Mogg told MailOnline: This 'typifies the disdain that the liberal elite has for voters'.

The retort came after CBI director general Carolyn Fairbairn voiced alarm at the government's direction following confusion over attempts to get companies to reveal their proportion of foreign workers.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott (pictured) last night dismissed calls from the new Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer for immigration to the UK to be cut.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, the biggest double-losers in recent British political history - have joined forces to insist the Government has no democratic right to implement 'hard Brexit'.

Glass-bottomed pools and a SNOW room: Designers reveal what it's like to build £100m

Superyacht designers reveal to MailOnline Travel how they create extravagant vessels to satisfy the world's wealthiest one per cent. From the late Steve Jobs' sleek vessel Venus, to the triple deck Galactica Star where Beyonce (centre) celebrated her 32nd birthday, there is an art to designing the perfect yacht for the oligarchs, billionaires and the top echelon of celeb land. Heesen's latest 'Haute Couture' yacht, Galactica Super Nova (top left) features a glass-bottomed infinity pool with its own waterfall (bottom left). The Ariana (top right) boasts an infinity hot tub with glass waterfall steps and concept yacht Kilkea (bottom right) comes complete with a helipad.

The British presenter (pictured), who works for BBC and ITV, revealed how she had contacted the police a second time after a schoolboy referee sent her an abusive message over Twitter.

Managers at the Ineos petrochemical plant in Grangemouth owned by industrialist Jim Ratcliffe (pictured) allegedly want to call an end to the 10am tea break for 1,200 staff.

The retired officer, who asked to remain anonymous, made the sighting near Holmfirth, in Kirklees, and immediately contacted renowned ufologist Gary Heseltine.

Is X Factor rapper Honey G really David Cameron in disguise?

Honey G (right) is really recruitment consultancy director Anna Gilford (left) who has worked in the industry for more than a decade and has a music technology degree from the University of Salford. Ms Gilford is also a former tennis champion who has even competed for Great Britain at an international tournament in the US. She has won the hearts of X Factor fans across the nation, although some have spotted a similarity to former prime minister David Cameron (inset), with memes going viral online.

The pair, who were cut from Saturday's live show as the allegations surfaced, wrote: 'Today, we have had a tough day with a false allegation. Don't believe everything you read, both Amelia and Josh will be stating the truth.'

The remarkable lead for the Conservatives is the second largest ever recorded and would increase the Government's slim majority to a massive 114 seats if repeated at a general election.

So, just how much of a grammar genius are you really? This latest quiz by Playbuzz aims to test just how good you are at avoiding one of the most common mistakes in the English language.

The miracle baby who wouldn't die: Thai boy is stabbed 14 TIMES and left in a shallow

The seven-month-old boy, named Aidin had been dumped face down in a 20cm grave in Khon Kaen province in Thailand in February , just days after he was born with 14 stab wounds. However, passing cattle herder Kachit Krongyut saw a tiny foot sticking out of the ground under a eucalyptus tree. She then heard the boy's cries and dug through the soil with her hands to rescue the infant.

Reports have re-emerged that suggest a crystal pyramid lies 2,000 metres below the surface of the Bermuda Triangle, which is roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

According to whistleblower and GP Henrietta Hughes, grumpy doctors and nurses contribute to a 'toxic environment' that harms patients and prevents staff from speaking out.

The 41-year-old woman died from her injuries when her South Korean relatives tried to smother her during the ritual at the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt in December last year.

The man's climbing companion raised the alarm at around 6pm on Friday October 7 following the fall on the north face of Ben Nevis in the Highlands.

Hacks to make your footwear look more expensive

If you can't afford high end footwear there are some handy hacks to make your shoes look more expensive. A simple court shoe (top left) will always look more pricey than a clunky platform (bottom left); faux suede (top centre) is much more convincing than fake patent leather (bottom centre) and a solid leopard print (top right) looks classier than a mix of textures and prints (bottom right).

Researchers at Nottingham University discovered a protein, called carbonic anhydrase, found within the powerhouse of a cell has a crucial role in the ageing process.

Call it a sign of the times. Young couples nowadays are eschewing parenthood of embracing life without children - so much so that they are staging 'vasectomy parties.'

Which Hollywood golden girl's ageing best?

A troupe of stars of a certain vintage stunned crowds at the annual Carousel Of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills over the weekend. But which of these golden girls is ageing best and what are their beauty secrets? A-Listers included (L-R) former Bond girl Jane Seymour, now 65 and inset in 1977, Barbarella actress Jane Fonda, now 76 and inset in 1968, One Million Years BC star Raquel Welch, now 76 and inset in 1968, Jane Fonda, now 74 and inset in 1968, and Bo Derek, 59, and inset in 1979.

Apple's smartwatch joins the list of banned devices, which already includes smartphones, that must not be taken into UK cabinet meetings. It is feared that Russian hackers could use them to listen in.

The South Korean firm has now suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 handsets after at least three reports that its replacement phones have been catching fire.

Video smuggled out of a jail at San Juan de los Morros, in the central Guarico region of Venezuela, show emaciated inmates struggling to survive.

Researchers at Tsinghua University in China found that feeding the larvae (pictured) a diet fortified with carbon nanomaterials enabled the them to reinforce the silk threads themselves.

See the world... and take your house with you! The one-bedroom home that can be dismantled

Estonian company Kodasema has invented a new one-bedroom house with factory-made parts that can be broken down easily. The 260 sq ft house has a living room (top right), kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (bottom right). For anyone needing more space, extra units can easily be bought and added to the structure. To set up home, all a person would need is connection points for water, electricity and sewerage.

Tracksuit bottoms and leggings may be the school run staple for some busy mums, but a new crop of style savvy mum bloggers are using the morning routine to showcase their style.

The 29-year-old brunette (pictured), who also used to earn £300-a-night as a stripper in an upmarket lap-dancing club in Liverpool, appeared in the horror movie Lock In, released in 2014.

Moscow sent its air force to support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad a year ago fearing the Syrian Army was on the point of succumbing to rebel offensives.

Poldark fans go wild as the tousle-haired hunk seduces Demelza 

If you thought Poldark fever was waning, think again. A raunchy scene involving a new pair of stockings saw viewers of last night's episode of the BBC period drama swoon as Aidan Turner's character helped his wife Demelza with her hosiery. (Pictured from left: Demelza and Poldark in a racy stockings scene from last night's episode. Inset: Tweets about the scene from viewers)

Author Bryony Gordon, 36, has revealed the moment she tried to persuade the Duchess of Cambridge to run the 2017 London Marathon, saying if she could do it then so could Kate.

The 43-year-old protector manned the platform Kanye West performed on during the Chicago stop of his tour Saturday, which marked the Famous singer's first performance since the heist.



Beware of the Pomeranian? Hilarious photos of VERY friendly guard dogs undermining their

Aside from a barbed wire fence and a CCTV camera, a 'Beware Of The Dog' sign can be seen as a legitimate security step. But these hilarious photos  show that the supposedly terrifying canines intended to scare off potential burglars may not be so dangerous. From two adorable fluffy Pomeranians (top centre) to a tiny puppy (right) and even a moose, the reality - and wonderful irony - of what lurks behind the threatening sign has been revealed.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union plan action from tomorrow in the long-running row over the role of conductors.

Newcastle United's Rolando Aarons is one of nine people arrested after a huge brawl in a club in the city. Aarons, 20, is said to have gone 'berserk' after he saw a group of men dancing with his auntie.

In footage likely to make most men wince, the Chinese softshell turtle is seen with its teeth clamped around the groin area of the man's trousers.

Chesterfield footballer Evans is accused of raping an 'extremely drunk' 19-year-old waitress who had been taken back to a budget hotel by a fellow footballer after a night out in North Wales.

MailOnline Travel quizzed an air hostess from an American airline to find out what's acceptable, what isn't, and how they are trained to monitor the sobriety of their passengers.

Sarah Vine says supermarkets have already been bombarding her to book her Christmas delivery slot as early as September. Just once, she wants to feel the true magic of Christmas.

Jordan Harris, 24, from Britain, shattered his pelvis, broke several bones and ruptured both his spleen and bladder when he plummeted from a supermarket balcony in Sydney last week.

One of the world's deadliest snakes was spotted slithering into a women's fashion store in the NSW Hunter Valley on Monday morning just before the busy lunch rush.

Smithy's come a long way! James Corden moves into new LA home with infinity pool and chef

He's rocketed to Hollywood heights of fame after becoming the new host of the Late Late Show. And it seems James Corden's stateside success is really paying off, as its revealed he is moving into his dream Californian home for a staggering $80,000 (or £64,000) a month. The Gavin and Stacey star, 38, is renting a luxury five-storey beachfront home in Los Angeles with his family worth $24million.

Designer Pierre Delavie used a canvas almost 13,000 square feet in size to create an optical illusion on Paris' Conciergerie building, located on the Ile de la Cite overlooking the Seine.

A video has surfaced online showing an unusual method to tie a neck tie. With some twists and turns, along with quick final pull, the man completes the maneuver within a matter of seconds.

A Sydney restaurant has created what it claims to be Australia's first 24 carat gold leaf pizza. The 'Golden Margherita' will be sold for $50 each for one day in October.

Australian researchers found cinnamon lowers stomach temperature, which helps prevent damage to the stomach's lining. It is used in Chinese medicines to treat indigestion and cramps.

The new shadow home secretary said in March 2001 that many terror groups had been 'described as terrorists but survived to take tea with the Queen'.

Richard McCann was just five in 1975 when his mother Wilma McCann, 28, became Peter Sutcliffe's first victim - but the 46-year-old father of three has forgiven the murderer.

John Terry's father Ted 'is living with' 39-year-old mother-of-three

The father of the Chelsea defender is said to have moved in with Evelyn Minkey at a house in Chichester, West Sussex. Mr Terry, who is separated from the footballer's mother Sue, is said to be 'smitten' with his new love and helping out with her children. It is understood Mr Terry met his new girlfriend when they lived on the same street in Chafford Hundred, Essex.

A furious woman has hung a huge sign from a Burswood apartment naming and shaming her cheating boyfriend named Dave. The sign says: 'Dave I know you're on notsovanilla.com'.

The stunning American plus-size model Ashley Graham has just launched her own range of seductive smalls in bigger sizes that gives the likes of Victoria's Secret a run for its money.

The Australian consulate in Bali is expected to visit Giuseppe Serafino (pictured), 48, who was arrested after Indonesian officials allegedly found hashish at his home on Saturday.

The land controlled by the terror group in Iraq and Syria has shrunk from 90,800sq km (56,400sq miles) at its height in January 2015 to 65,500 sq km as of October 3 this year.

How the one per cent lived 2,000 years ago: 3D video tour reveals the luxurious villa of a wealthy banker in ancient Pompeii

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have been working on the project since 2010, in the hopes of documenting the area in Pompeii before it deteriorates further. The researchers uncovered floor surfaces from AD 79, performed detailed studies of the building development through history, cleaned and documented three large wealthy estates, a tavern, a laundry, a bakery and several gardens. Pictured are two examples (left to right) of the appearance of what the house could have looked like, based on photographs and 3D scanning.

Sajid Aslam was part of a group of men three men from Walsall, West Midlands, who were said to have made their way to Syria to fight for ISIS in 2014, but he claims he is working as a teacher.

Mumsnet user BellaGoth told how her mischievous Labrador had eaten an entire bag of sugar while she left her shopping on the kitchen table - and others shared equally funny stories.

Fashion expert Emily Monckton can style you slimmer. With the right cut - and accessories - to flatter whatever body shape you are, you can make the pounds drop off simply when you put on clothes.

Father-of-two Paul Wright, 35, (pictured) from Mold in Flintshire, claims he was the passenger in a car which was involved in a minor collision while on holiday in Malia, Crete in 2003.

For decades, the 'Oxo mum', Lynda Bellingham, offered television viewers brief glimpses into the lifestyle of middle-class Britain. But the classic adverts are now to return with the new 'Oxo dad'.

Union bosses who caused disruption to Southern rail commuters with a string of strikes have caved in - and are insisting a three-day strike this week goes ahead, causing even more misery to thousands.

Collated by the National Cancer Institute, the images were taken at a number of cancer centres across the US. A range of fluorescent scans and 3D images were used in the collection.

The majority of species studied in the annual Big Butterfly Count saw populations fall and some saw their worst numbers since the citizen science project began in 2010.

Mahendra Ahirwar who lived with his head hanging to one side has surgery in India

Mahendra Ahirwar, 13, was born with a rare condition that made his neck muscles so weak that his head hung at a 180-degree angle. Mahendra's life was a nightmare as he was restricted to sitting and couldn't stand or work. He needed help with eating and going to the toilet. His mother told MailOnline she could no longer bear to see him suffering. But Mahendra's life was transformed after a mother of two living 4,000 miles away in the UK read of his plight and launched a crowd funding page to raise £12,000 for surgery to straighten his neck. The boy's father Mukesh said: 'He looks great. His neck is straight. His life is so very different.'

A study of 19,000 Britons compared the mental health of those born during one week in 1958 and one week in 1970. It found that at 42, the younger group were more likely to feel depressed or anxious.

The study by University of California, Irvine found astronauts on deep space missions could suffer from dementia and permanent memory loss as cosmic rays bombard and damage their brains.

Police have confirmed that the body pulled out of the River Foss in York today is that of missing university student Ethan Peters, from London, who disappeared after a night out last Sunday.

Volunteers collecting rubbish on Scotland's Ben Nevis over the weekend were startled to discover a vibrator sitting amid the staggering 589lbs of litter.

Tory MP Andrew Mitchell (pictured) said the involvement of Vladimir Putin's forces was equivalent to Germany and Italy ahead of the Second World War.

In a report released over the weekend, a US think tank, the RAND Corporation, listed North Korea as the biggest of five major threats the US is facing around the world.

Anastacia, 48, was diagnosed with Crohns at age 13 and has since had breast cancer twice. She is now appearing on Strictly and wants to empower other women who are going through the same.

Under the controversial plans, anyone going to university would face working until they are almost 70. But those who leave school at 18 could be eligible to start drawing their state pension at 63.

Angelina Jolie moves into Hidden Hills, where she'll count Kim Kardashian as a neighbor

Angelina Jolie has moved into a mansion in the one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world - which is so private you can't even see it on Google Street View. The actress, 41, moved her six children from Malibu into a new rental costing $30,000 a month in Hidden Hills, a gated community in Los Angeles County, California. There, her new neighbors read like a who's who of Hollywood - including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Drake and Jennifer Lopez. Jolie's new pad boasts more than 8,000 square feet of living space as well as two beach-entry pools, a cascading waterfall and an 800 square foot cabana. But it's the privacy that makes property in Hidden Hills so sought after by celebrities - and likely the reason Jolie, who recently made headlines after filing for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, picked it.

Lisa Brinkworth, 49, has started having driving lessons again after a fellow school-gate mother told her off for being unable to drive and contribute to the car-pooling system they have.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Nicky Zahorcak, 19, from Lancaster, California, was diagnosed with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa when he was born.

Avid Manchester City fan Jordan Harris, from Stockport, is living and working in Sydney with his girlfriend. A machine is being used to help him to breathe while he lies in hospital.

The parkour pooch! Watch Storm the Staffordshire bull terrier run up TWELVE FOOT walls and trees 

Storm, an 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, has an incredible skill for vertical wall running and is trying to beat the world record of 14ft with the help of her owner Alex Manning, from Bedford. The pair usually do their training during Storm's daily morning walks, which Alex (pictured left with Storm) says keeps his hound fit and healthy.

Prince Oscar of Sweden, seven months, has been pictured sitting up for the first time in a cute snap from his visit to the Solliden and Öland's harvest festival, taken by Princess Victoria.

Samantha Burns, 30, from Massachusetts, is so attached to the dress that she has worn it golfing, munching pancakes, and dancing on a river cruise, all on the anniversary of her tying the knot.

Raina Trindade, 29, from Rio, Brazil, lost the weight following a tummy tuck but says in spite of the fact her 20 stone frame has shrunk, she still thinks she's overweight.

Georgia's capital of Tbilisi has just topped Airbnb's new list of 25 most affordable cities, based on its typical nightly rate of £24 ($30) - with Serbia's Belgrade and Turkey's Istanbul next cheapest.

A leading supplier has issued a warning that retailers are facing higher olive oil prices and could be forced to reduce shelf space for Italian extra virgin olive oil due to another poor olive harvest.

Elon Musk, CEO of California-based Tesla, tweeted: 'Tesla product unveiling on the 17th (unexpected by most), followed by Tesla/SolarCity on the 28th.'

Life on the streets: Images from around the world capture the hardships of being homeless 

With a UN report estimating that 100million people around the world do not have a place to call home, photocrowd.com ran a competition, where participants were asked to capture homeless people. And it produced a striking series of images that have been released that show the hardships of people across the globe who are homeless. Among them are a homeless boy in Manila, main, a female beggar in Lisbon, top left, and stray dogs in India, bottom left.

Bullied at school for his beetle brows, chubby cheeks, thickening nose and short stature, singer-songwriter Paul Simon's jealousy of Art Garfunkel began in fourth grade and never abated.

It was reported last month that 27-year-old Kimberley Miners (pictured), from Bradford, who has posed topless for The Sun, was speaking with a fighter on Facebook who is recruiting women for the 'caliphate'.

Shocking moment security guard PUNCHES a female shopper in the FACE after she accidentally smashes a bottle of alcohol 

Two women went to a Pyaterochka supermarket in the Russian city of Sochi to buy some alcohol, but one accidentally broke a bottle while they were choosing what to buy. Supermarket workers, together with the guard, insisted the women should pay for the bottle. The woman tried to argue, and that is when the guard in a red T-shirt landed a hard right hook on her face.

Gavin Barwell said his mother will leave her estate and £750,000 home to his three sons and two nephews. He made the comments whilst at the Tory party conference in Birmingham.

The social networking giant's UK business enjoyed sales of £210 million last year - but it posted a loss of over £52 million, official accounts show.

NEW Hilarious footage shows a lazy man tries to exercise while sitting down. The man eats snacks and drinks rice wine throughout the 17-second clip, which is believed to be filmed in China.

A taste for death? Three-bedroom Victorian house where 'Queen of Crime' PD James wrote her

If you're a crime writer struggling for inspiration with a spare £2.5million, then this house could be just the ticket. The pretty three-bedroom former home (pictured) of author PD James (inset) in Kensington, West London, is now on the market. She wrote many of her early novels at the Victorian townhouse which is a short walk from Kensington Palace. The house was built in the 1830s as a tied cottage for the palace and has retained many period features. The palace's chief bricklayer lived there in the 1930s and 40s and there are stepped flower beds in the garden. They were built by him as a vegetable garden during the Second World War. Phyllis Dorothy James wrote her first Adam Dalgliesh novels on a Remington typewriter at the home in the 1960s.

Kim Farry, 54, from Fulham, shunned a life of crime in favour of a life on benefits but says she misses the money so much, she'll have 'no choice' but to steal again if she can't get a job.

NEW In a new survey, Brits were questioned about their biggest holiday gripes. Nine in 10 get annoyed with fellow Brits, with 58% finding them 'too drunk' and half saying local customs aren't respected.


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Afghan tribe so remote they didn't know about the Taliban

A thin strip of land in Afghanistan, known as the Wakhan corridor, has remained largely untouched by the Taliban and the US Army, with villagers having little idea of the invasion or war. The Wakhi people live a simple life with their livestock on the rough terrain in desolate countryside, pictured main. Photographer Eric Lafforgue visited the little-known lands amid encouragements from the Afghan government to attract tourists, but he found himself alone in choosing the area as a holiday destination. Pictured inset left, two Afghan men sip soup from a bowl, and right, a Wakhi woman in a pink headscarf.

The youngsters, aged 13 to 16, dragged their victim into a shallow grave before repeatedly hitting her round the head and body with a wooden stick in the shocking attack filmed in Trindade, Brazil.

The British mother comes into the bathroom to find her son Blake hovering around a toilet bowl completely full of small brown dog biscuits, but he does not seem too upset by his actions (pictured).

Mothers-to-be bare their bumps in relaxing milk bath maternity photo shoot trend

It's the maternity photo shoot that is as beautiful as it is relaxing. Sydney photographer Wendy Atkins said milk baths (pictured) are perfect for mothers-to-be looking to quite literally take the weight off their feet. The result is stunning photographs that capture the purity of new life. Ms Atkins said milk bath photo shoots focused on the face and baby bump, the flowers in the water giving a beautifully pretty feel to the shoot.



The cat that didn't swallow the canary! Cute video shows feline cuddling and grooming its feathered friends 

A sweet video shows a black and white cat grooming a canary which sits contently, showing no fear of ending up as the feline's lunch. It chirps merrily as the cat licks its feathers and even drawing it in for a cuddle. A second video shows the cat surrounded by four birds which it draws in for a snuggle. It is unknown where the footage as filmed.