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  1. Images from around the world capture the hardships of being homeless

  2. Prisoners starving to death in Venezuela's jails amid economic crisis

  3. Terrorist in Germany asks fellow Syrians for help...they tie him up and call cops

  4. Trump admitted he wouldn’t be suitable for office because of his views about women

  5. Jerry Springer invites Trump and Pence onto his show 'to talk things out’

  6. Thai boy stabbed 14 TIMES and left in a shallow grave survives

  7. Nigerian student who stabbed academic to death is detained indefinitely in mental hospital

  8. Shocking moment security guard punches a female shopper in the face

  9. Putin is acting like the Nazis in Syria, says former Cabinet minister

  10. The 7 foods you should eat or avoid to combat high blood pressure

  11. Kate is pretty in pink as she joins William and Harry to mark World Mental Health Day

  12. Justin Bieber is wearing a fantastic disguise in Amsterdam 😎

  13. Fascinating scans show what cancer cells look like in coloured scans

  14. Boy with head at 180-degrees can finally see world the right way up

  15. Man gets bitten on his genitals by a TURTLE... and it refuses to let go

  16. Migrant dies after being run over by British motorist in Calais

  17. Iranian child bride faces execution for killing abusive husband

  18. Five relatives accused of murdering a mother during botched exorcism appear in court in Germany

  19. Kim Kardashian calls in ex-special service agents to beef up security after Paris robbery

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