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Gable Tostee joked with Warriena Wright not to jump off his Gold Coast balcony as court

Disheveled sheets, rocks on the floor and a handheld video camera were found in the Gold Coast apartment (centre) of Gable Tostee (top inset), 30, after Warriena Wright (bottom inset) fell to her death from his balcony two years ago. Police released the first images of the inside of Tostee's apartment on Monday as he headed to trial at the Brisbane Supreme Court for the alleged murder of 26-year-old Ms Wright, who he met on Tinder, in the early morning hours of August 8, 2014. The court heard detailed audio this week of the pair arguing, as well as a photo reenactment of Ms Wright's last moments dangling from Tostee's balcony (left).

Daughter livestreams her parents on a 'heroin binge' after she returns home to find them wasted in front of the TV

The footage, shot somewhere in America, reveals the youngster and a man - whose connection to the her parents is unknown - trying in vain to wake them up as they are slumped out in the living room. Dressed in a tie dye T-shirt, the mother can be seen in a close-up shot at the start of the video completely spaced out, unable to look at the camera as her daughter attempts to bring her round. The father can be seen curled up on the floor, slowly rocking backwards and forwards but completely oblivious to what is going on around him.

A Melbourne bargain-hunter claimed to find a $79 price tag under a $149 label on a tap set at Masters, as the embattled fire sale faces fresh criticism - but it is really an old $179 sticker?

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Glasgow and London-based nutritionist Fiona Kirk shares her top tips to lose fat quickly and reach your ideal weight with FEMAIL, including eating 10 instead of five a day.

A journalist who was fired from 60 Minutes for drink driving has had her charge overturned on appeal after blaming Channel Nine's reaction to a botched kidnapping scandal for her dismissal.

A Reddit user known only as humansof was inundated with 1,600 responses after he asked how other people coped with the question with answers ranging from the silly to the useful.

Driver accused of causing a fiery crash at Umina Beach is the boyfriend of a woman who

Stuart Reeves (left), 21, who is the boyfriend of a 20-year-old woman who allegedly killed an elderly woman in a car accident last month, was in a separate car accident on the Central Coast on Sunday night. Mr Reeves is believed to be the partner of Bianca Harrington (right), who has been charged with dangerous and negligent driving occasioning death for allegedly causing an accident (inset) that killed Kay Maria Shaylor, 62, on September 3.

Gareth May from Metro.co.uk was invited to watch Joybear Pictures, a London-based production company, shoot a porn film. It starts with the owner, Justin Santos, asking for a 'p***y light.'

Glasgow University scientists looked at the records of 525,046 patients aged 40 to 80 who were followed for five years. They found patients on beta blockers twice as likely to suffer depression.

PIERS MORGAN: The night Bill Clinton and his loose zipper let Trump dodge the bullet that

I don't think I'm overstating things when I say that last night's debate was the most sickeningly squalid spectacle in the history of US politics. I think Trump won, and it's Bill's fault. Virtually every woman in America would have been cheering Hillary on as Trump wilted and withered on a stage of shame for what he had said on the tapes. But when the moment came, Hillary blew it. There just feet away from Bill were the sex accusers, all lined up by Trump in a very effective stunt.

'Star Wars' actress Carrie Fisher wrote on Twitter that she thinks Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was on cocaine during the second debate against Hillary Clinton.

The Project's Waleed Aly slams Donald Trump's 'predatory nature and sexism' in editorial

The Project host Waleed Aly laid into Donald Trump after the U.S. presidential candidate was recorded bragging that he could 'Grab [women] by the p****' in an infamous 2005 recording. Aly said it confirmed everything feared about Trump and pledged to never again joke about Trump as he is 'no laughing matter'.

Donald Trump's 'p***y' tape blasted a hole in his ratings among voters and allowed Hillary Clinton to open up an 11-point lead, the first full poll since the leaked tape revealed - but before Sunday's debate.

Uncommitted voter Kenneth Bone (pictured) asked the second to last question during Sunday's debate - and became such an instant hit that many viewers forgot to listen to the candidates' replies.

Awkward family photos: Tiffany and Donald duck each other's kisses after debate as Trump instead goes to shake the hand of his daughter's boyfriend

Tiffany Trump and her dad Donald both awkwardly ducked one another as they tried to share a kiss after Sunday night's debate. Video shows Tiffany approaching her father first to give him a kiss, but he instead reaches out behind his daughter to shake the hand of her boyfriend Ross Mechanic. Then Tiffany ducks her head as he father tries to give her a peck on the cheek, and instead give his arm a quick rub and pat before telling him: 'You did a good job.' Both Donald and Tiffany then turn to speak with Ivanka, who did share a kiss with her father on the stage Sunday night.

In a stunning split within the top ranks of the Republican Party, House Speaker Paul Ryan says he won't campaign for the GOP presidential nominee - who slapped him down as 'wasting his time'.

You may now grope the bride: Chinese newlywed 'allows guests to molest her during the

Video said to have been captured in northern China shows male revellers lining up and paying to grope the 'bride' during the wedding festivities. The funds collected were reportedly then used to pay for the happy couple's honeymoon. However, the identity of the woman is not yet known and some of those who viewed the video online suggested she was in fancy dress and that the footage was taken in a Thai cabaret night club filled with Chinese tourists.

Blogger Sanders has hit out at a man who called her autistic sibling Jack a 'retard' while the pair were in a supermarket this weekend. Sanders, 25, from London, wrote an open letter to the stranger.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry mark World Mental Health Day in London

The Duchess of Cambridge, 34, looked stunning in a pink floral dress by Kate Spade New York as she joined William and Prince Harry in London for engagements to mark World Mental Health Day. The royal trio will spend the day talking to those who have battled psychological problems, and will later take a trip on The London Eye with those who have shared their experiences.

The former Tony Abbott chief of staff said Jack Walker, 26, was hired to answer phones and was likely not up to his job as senior policy adviser to Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne.

Kim Gip made a necklace for her husband's first trip away without her, to Las Vegas. It said: 'If I look lost please call my wife. I've never been away from my wife, who does everything for me.'

Heartbreaking pictures show a couple cradling their stillborn daughter who died after a

Angela Owens, from Warrington, Cheshire, had been rushed into Warrington Hospital after developing severe pains on a shopping trip. But despite Mrs Owens raising concerns about her unborn baby girl's welfare, a midwife who examined her recommended she be discharged. The mother-of-two refused to leave and was moved to a birthing pool to await labour - only for tests to subsequently reveal the child had no heartbeat. The infant - named Ella - was tragically stillborn, leaving Mrs Owens and partner Paul Humphreys, 31, with a few hours to build memories of the youngster in photos (shown left and right). Today it emerged Mrs Owens had been awarded an undisclosed sum of damages from Warrington Hospital (inset) following the tragedy shortly before Christmas 2013.

Skin-crawling video shows hundreds of head lice crawling all over a young girl's scalp in Mexico. Her head is littered with their eggs too as a hairdresser sets about tackling the problem.

A 12-year-old schoolgirl from Queensland who sought a legal abortion was placed under undue physical and mental stress when she was forced to wait a month to terminate her pregnancy.

Karl Stefanovic looks downcast as he visits wife Cassandra Thorburn at former marital home

Australian television presenter Karl Stefanovic was recently spotted for the first time following news of his split with wife Cassandra Thorburn. The 42-year-old Today Show presenter was seen outside his Sydney home, looking rather downcast while sporting casual attire. Cassandra was also seen looking far from impressed, watching Karl as he walked out the home gate.

Queensland schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer's mother Cindy slammed her child's foster family for not admitting guilt earlier, as it's revealed the mother and a son will testify against other family.

High blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. Now, three experts from the University of Newcastle, Australia reveal how to lower it.

Apple stock has jumped 2.3 percent, reaching a high not seen since December, after arch rival Samsung suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 following fires in replacement devices.

The miracle baby who wouldn't die: Thai boy is stabbed 14 TIMES and left in a shallow

The seven-month-old boy, named Aidin had been dumped face down in a 20cm grave in Khon Kaen province in Thailand in February , just days after he was born with 14 stab wounds. However, passing cattle herder Kachit Krongyut saw a tiny foot sticking out of the ground under a eucalyptus tree. She then heard the boy's cries and dug through the soil with her hands to rescue the infant.

Following split from his wife of 21 years, Karl Stefanovic has been staying with brother Peter' in his $2.7 million townhouse in Sydney's east he purchased in April with fiance Sylvia Jeffreys. 

As wedding season winds down after an action-packed summer, brides have taken to internet forums to share their wedding disaster tales.

The VERY awkward moment Senator Eric Abetz refuses to say the word 'gay' in front of his homosexual staffer

A seeming attempt to avoid using the word 'gay' in front of a staffer has led to Tasmanian Liberal Party Senator Eric Abetz (left) being ridiculed (inset). The awkward moment with the Senator occurred as he tried to explain how staffer Josh Manuatu (right) had came out to him about his sexuality. Abetz described Mr Manuatu as 'identifying as same-sex attracted'. The Senator has also said he wants homosexual people who come out as straight 'celebrated'.

Inserting the PGC-1-alpha gene into the brains of mice helped to stop protein build-ups - found in the brains of dementia patients - from forming, experts from Imperial College London found.

Researchers from the Yale Institute for Network Science studied the dynamics of the East African Nyangatom nomadic tribal group which is regularly involved in violent raids.

James Packer's ex Kate Fischer is unrecognisable as Melbourne 'therapist'

She was the glamorous runway sensation in a high-profile relationship with billionaire James Packer, till he ended their two-year engagement in 1998. Nowadays former model Kate Fischer is barely recognisable, living a modest life back in Melbourne while working as a therapist according to Woman's Day magazine. This comes after the 42-year-old relocated to Los Angeles several years ago, converting to Judaism and even changing her name to T'ziporah Malka bat Israel.

A mother took to Mumsnet for advice after her ex took their son for a haircut without her consent. However, she has been branded unreasonable after the ex claimed that their child asked to visit the hairdressers.

A radical Islamic preacher (pictured) who was thrown in New South Wales' Goulburn Supermax prison in a bid to reduce his influence says being incarcerated there only increased his power.

NEW The controversial costume - which also includes a fake four million dollar ring, a robe and long black wig - is on sale for $69.99. The US-based company also created a 'foxy Megyn bloody tampon' costume.

NEW Police investigating the audacious raid on Kim Kardashian's Paris hotel room hope they may be able to find DNA evidence on the recovered pendant leading to the identity of the gang.

Tia Landers begged for her life as she was 'carved up' with a MACHETE in front of two

A mother-of-four who was brutally tortured and shot in the head in front of two friends was later 'carved up' with a machete and dumped in a shallow grave. John Edward Harris, 43 and Linda Eileen Appleton, 42, have pleaded not guilty to the horrific murder of Queensland mother Tia Landers (left and right), 28, during their trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday. The court heard the couple inflicted more than 30 injuries on the mother-of-four inside their Brighton home, including lacerations consistent with a machete to the ankle, thigh, shoulder, scalp and two 'incise wounds to her vagina'. But it was two gunshot wounds to the head that eventually ended Ms Lander's life.

Julie Bamford, the mistress of Australian motor racing legend Peter Brock, has revealed that their 15-year affair was no secret to his partner Bev and that she initially encouraged them to spend time together.

A man who was publicly shamed online for being a 'creep' that 'intimidated multiple young women' by waving his hand in their faces on a Melbourne tram is reportedly autistic and likes to high-five strangers.

Would a woman's hair color stop YOU from helping her? New Yorker poses as a blonde and a

The test by DailyMail.com featured a woman on the streets of New York with her skirt tucked into her underwear wearing brunette and blonde wigs. As a blonde, pictured right, she waited nearly an hour for assistance, but as a brunette, pictured left, three people came to her aid in just 15 minutes.

The protesters, calling themselves Anonymous for the Voiceless, marched into a Woolworths store in Melbourne and put the stickers on dozens of meat and dairy products.

Doctors say cancers of half their patients in a global clinical trial for drug Keytruda had stopped spreading after a year, without any of the side effects of chemotherapy and three times better.

How the one per cent lived 2,000 years ago: 3D video tour reveals the luxurious villa of a wealthy banker in ancient Pompeii

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have been working on the project since 2010, in the hopes of documenting the area in Pompeii before it deteriorates further. The researchers uncovered floor surfaces from AD 79, performed detailed studies of the building development through history, cleaned and documented three large wealthy estates, a tavern, a laundry, a bakery and several gardens. Pictured are two examples (left to right) of the appearance of what the house could have looked like, based on photographs and 3D scanning.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology set out to solve the mystery of how the precursor of the present-day genetic code first duplicated.

People have revealed the moment they realised they were 'dating an idiot', including a woman who insisted that Paris is not in France and a man who thought you could survive by photosynthesis.

Mother-of-six has Facebook page DISABLED after breastfeeding pics

Rebecca Wanosik, a mother-of-six from Missouri, was asked by a friend if she could feed a stranger's baby while the girl's mother was in surgery. She obliged, snapped a pair of images of her own baby and the girl breastfeeding, and shared the story on Facebook. Shortly after putting up the post, Rebecca's account was disabled.

So, just how much of a grammar genius are you really? This latest quiz by Playbuzz aims to test just how good you are at avoiding one of the most common mistakes in the English language.

McDonald's customer pours his drink over woman 'fat shaming' a man waiting to order

A McDonald's customer received a hero's reception after pouring his drink over a girl who is 'fat shaming' another man. The 'bully' and her friend berate the helpless chap about his weight, as he just stands there without saying anything. The blonde and brunette pair say that he is costing the NHS money by eating at the diner while already being too fat. The incident was actually a social experiment uploaded to YouTube a year ago, but it has just started to go viral this week.


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Terrifying moment is Qantas plane is forced to abort landing at the last minute as wild winds batter Melbourne

A passenger plane was forced to abort its landing at Melbourne Airport at the last minute after 100km/h winds blew it off course, a terrifying video has revealed. The shocking footage shows a Qantas plane coming down to land at Melbourne Airport on Sunday amid fierce winds. The twin-propeller aircraft, which was travelling from Canberra, was battered by the gales but looked on course to land safely. However, when the plane was just metres above the tarmac, the pilot pulled back up and retracted the aircraft's landing gear. The Qantas flight was just one of many planes buffeted by winds at Melbourne Airport at the weekend, with amateur footage showing several aircraft struggling to land.

A 22-year-old man last seen wearing the traditional Bavarian costume has been missing for nearly two days after he left an Oktoberfest event in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Sydney spent Monday basking in 32-degree heat and many took to the beaches to enjoy it - while in Victoria things were vastly different as the state struggled to mop up after abysmal weather.

Johanne Peeke, 56, was killed when a 50-tonne tree crushed her house while she was sitting in her lounge chair in Melbourne. Family and friends have paid tribute to the loving grandmother of four.

Seconds from death: Dramatic moment brave passers-by jumped into a lake to save a pensioner and his dog from sinking car

Dramatic footage shows two men and a woman urgently trying to rescue a man in his seventies from his car which had plunged into a Hertfordshire lake and started to sink. Fortunately the lifesavers manage to get the back door of the car open and pull out the pensioner before the vehicle is swallowed up. He was taken to hospital but is believed to be uninjured.

Many allergy experts say it is vital for our future health and that of our children to reduce hand washing and allow friendly microbes back into our mouths, says epidemiology professor Tim Spector.

He reportedly limits his publicity visits to military bases, including missile and nuclear tests, as well as to farms and factories within a short distance of the capital, which have all been heavily vetted.

A mummy blogger has hit back at trolls who criticised her for turning her back on her kids in the bath, saying that everyone makes mistakes and that parents shouldn't judge one another.

Former Miss Universe Renae Ayris said she's been spat on by Indigenous Australians in

Renae Ayris, 26, (pictured left and right) has said her contact with Aboriginal people 'hasn't been pleasant' as she's been verbally abused and spat on in the past in Perth's city centre. The former Miss Universe said she was never educated on Aboriginal history and will appear on SBS's First Contact (inset) in November. The program aims to debunk the stereotypes surrounding Indigenous Australia and Ms Ayris said she is open-minded to the experience as long as she doesn't have to see an animal killed.

Renters in Australia have been told if they don't buy a house by their 45 they most likely never will, according to a new Swinburne University study that will startle 'Generation Rent'.

A male paraglider has spent four hours stuck in a tree in bushland, south of Brisbane. Emergency services drove to the remote area and winched the man back to the ground.

Michelle Jenneke will no longer train with her coach of 13-years after the hurdler bombed out at Rio and was cut from receiving Athletics Australia financial support.

'Come back to the modern world!' Back-to-basics mother-of-seven who believes in bed-sharing, baby-wearing and breastfeeding is blasted by British daytime TV viewers after saying she's a '10 out of 10 mum'

Anni Jones, 42, from the Isle of Wight, said her parenting is all about the three Bs - bed-sharing, breastfeeding on demand and baby wearing - so her children are close to her night and day. Appearing on This Morning alongside her husband Shaune and children Jamie, Alfie, Sam, Tiggi, Keani, Freddi and George, she insisted she was a '10 out of 10' mother.

The six-year-old boy who died after he was found floating in a backyard pool has been named as Devante Faumuina (pictured). He was pulled unconscious from murky waters in Sydney.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. A Queensland woman, 23, was stranded on a remote beach waiting for help for more than two hours, after she slipped and became impaled on a piece of driftwood.

There is an exercise you can try to tone your tummy lying down in the comfort of your own home. Also, you should try to consume fibre every day to maintain a flat tummy. And as always, hydration is key.

Can you spot the VERY subtle signs of a fake viral video? Teen who faked shark clip now claims he has surfed with dolphins in Sydney harbour - so is he telling the truth this time... or is it just another prank?

Teenager Alex Hayes (inset) claims to have captured extraordinary footage (pictured and inset) of him wake surfing with a dolphin off the coast of Sydney. The astonishing footage shows the surfer using a GoPro to film himself riding waves when the dolphin emerges below him. The video appears to show the animal following Mr Hayes along as he trails his friends in a boat, but the footage has not been verified and the teenager has a history of faking similar feats.

Ben Stiller says prostate-specific antigen tests helped find his aggressive prostate cancer. So why is the test not routinely offered to patients on the NHS? Two experts give their opinions.

If you can't afford high end footwear, you can make your shoes look more expensive by buying faux suede over fake leather, never wearing platforms and making sure they fit correctly.

The CCTV footage of accused 'Cookie Monster' ecstasy dealer Damian Berg's arrest that led to his acquittal in the Philippines has emerged, showed police storm his room guns drawn and haul him away.

In August, Sharny, 36, and Julius Kieser, 35, started a weight loss challenge after spending a month 'getting fat' by eating unhealthy food and rarely exercising. They have now lost a combined 30 kilograms.

The terrifying moment three truck drivers gang up on a young woman as they 'try to run her off the road in a horrific game of cat and mouse'

A traumatised mother has shared terrifying footage of the moment her young family was almost squeezed off the road by truckers. Cassie Kolbakas (left of inset picture, with her sister) claims the truck drivers tried to force her off the road as she was driving near Ballina in New South Wales in the early hours of Monday morning. The video shows the mother-of-three nearly running out of room on the road as she took evasive action after coming down a slipway. Ms Kolbakas' sister's video (pictured) also shows how the family were boxed in by two of the lorries, with one in front and one at the side.

Hilarious footage shows a lazy man tries to exercise while sitting down. The man eats snacks and drinks rice wine throughout the 17-second clip, which is believed to be filmed in China.

A judge in Al-Ayina Court in the Saudi Arabian capital city of Riyadh upheld the original verdict that said an eight-months-pregnant Maha Al-Tamimi should divorce from her husband.

In a report released over the weekend, a US think tank, the RAND Corporation, listed North Korea as the biggest of five major threats the US is facing around the world.

Across Melbourne home hunters have bought properties without kitchens and parking spaces

House hunters across Melbourne have bought properties without necessary features like like kitchens and parking spaces because of stiff competition on the real estate market. A half renovated three bedroom house without a kitchen in Yarraville was sold for $1,580,000 (bottom left), one of Melbourne's oldest homes on the market for $1,145,000, it has an outdoor bathroom and laundry (bottom right). A warehouse loft style apartment with no outdoor space or balcony in Collingwood sold for $1.65 million (top right). While a three bedroom house in Armadale with no car parking space was auctioned off to a young couple for $2.13 million.

A boy has died and his friend left in a serious condition after their mini-motorbike collided into the side of a ute that was pulling out of a driveway in Mount Druitt, western Sydney.

The women, known as Sister Federica and Sister Isabel, tied the knot in Pinerolo, near Turin on September 28 after falling in love during a mission in West Africa.

One of the best hockey player's in South Australia lost his life on Sunday after jumping 20 metres from a bridge as his friends watched on and filmed the daylight stunt.

‘If I don’t change, I’ll be in one of these caskets’: Terrified Philippine drug dealers

More than 700,000 drug users and pushers have registered with the authorities in the Philippines and to warn them off taking drugs again, they have been trained to make coffins. Authorities hope that with the users seeing the coffins being made, it will encourage them to kick their habit and not become a victim of the war on drugs. Since new Philippines president Duterte was sworn into office on June 30, more than 3,600 people have been killed, mostly alleged drug users and dealers, in police operations and suspected vigilante killings.

In this Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016 photo a pair of goggles once worn by a Japanese pilot in the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor is on display part of an exhibit at The Museum of World War II, Boston, in Natick, Mass. The new exhibition, which opened Saturday, Oct. 8, features artifacts that have rarely been publicly displayed. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

The Museum of World War II's 'Why We Still Remember' display chronicles the mood in the U.S. and Japan leading up to and after the December 7, 1941, attack by Japan.

Mahendra Ahirwar, 13, was born with a rare condition that made his neck hang at a 180-degrees. But thanks to life changing surgery he can finally see the world the right way up.

The football team no one wants to play

With six players tipping the scales at more than 17st (250lb), one high school football team had no problem steamrollering their last three opponents by 170-0. So it's hardly surprising that no one wants to go up against The Wildcats from Archbishop Murphy High School (AMHS) in Washington. The mammoth American football players are viewed as so intimidating that their next three opponents have forfeited the games because of concerns about safety. South Whidbey, Sultan and Granite Falls have all refused to face the colossal team after parents and teachers voiced fears about injuries.

The justices' ruling, due by the end of June, could have a long-term impact for designers and product manufacturers if it limits the penalties for swiping a patented design.

Stroke victim Nick Taousanis, 81, died after a Sydney hospital refused to give him a life-saving operation because he arrived 45 minutes after business hours.

The video has been shared almost 1 million times just a few days after being uploaded, and was reportedly taken on the coast of Dubai, in the north-eastern United Arab Emirates.

The bodies of 49-year-old dinner lady Elizabeth Edwards and her 13-year-old daughter Katie, (both pictured) were found at an address in Spalding, Lincolnshire, on April 15 this year.

Aldi unveils new fashion collection with everything priced at less than £20

The budget store, which looks set to rival Lidl in the sartorial stakes, says its new collection of on-trend, autumnal 70s-inspired fashion pieces will lure fashion fans on a budget, so can you spot which is from Aldi? L-R: Karl Lagerfeld outfit, which will set you back over £2,000, Supertrash Vocean Faux Fur Gilet, £100, Aldi outfit with a faux fur gilet for £14.99, jeans for £7.99 and a hat for £7.99, and a BCBG Generation Faux Fur Gilet for £200.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology set out to solve the mystery of how the precursor of the present-day genetic code first duplicated.

The 41-year-old woman died from her injuries when her South Korean relatives tried to smother her during the ritual at the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt in December last year.

Viewers' outrage as Made In Chelsea star stabs a crocodile to death on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

He's known for his lovable and flamboyant character on Made In Chelsea.  But Ollie Locke, 28, has left fans furious for mounting and killing a crocodile on Sunday night's episode of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. The reality star, who is on the show to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer, was encouraged to jump on the reptiles back and force a knife through the creatures neck. 

The CCTV footage seems to show a dark 'ghostly figure' crossing a busy road as traffic drives straight through it. It is unclear where the footage was filmed.

Shocking video shows Chinese woman dragged to police by angry man. The woman did not scream or protest despite the man's violent assault. She is believed to be a kidnapper.

One of the world's deadliest snakes was spotted slithering into a women's fashion store in the NSW Hunter Valley on Monday morning just before the busy lunch rush.

Rufio the golden retriever, who lives in Chicago, recently enjoyed a trip to the pet store, but when it came time to leave, the dog was adamant on staying, even as his owner dragged him towards the door.

Shed Defender leotard for dogs stops them shedding their hair all over the house 

A U.S. company has created a range of skin-tight leotards for pampered pooches - a cross between 1980s aerobics gear and a superhero outfit - designed to stop them shedding their hairs indoors. Inventor, Tyson Walters, said: 'People always take pictures of my own dog Harley when she's wearing it and ask where they can get one. Hot pink is one of our hottest selling colours, its fashionable.'

From two adorable fluffy Pomeranians to a disinterested cat and even a moose, the true reality of what lurks behind the threatening sign has been revealed.

With a UN report estimating that 100million people around the world do not have a place to call home, photocrowd.com ran a competition, where participants were asked to capture homeless people.

An almost $500,000 red Ferrari was spotted taking up two parking spaces behind an east Melbourne shopping centre on Sunday, prompting passer-by's to question the owner's driving abilities.

In footage likely to make most men wince, the Chinese softshell turtle is seen with its teeth clamped around the groin area of the man's trousers.


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Photographer captures the Milky Way, a meteor, the moon and an erupting volcano all in the

Photographer Mike Mezeul managed to score a real one-shot wonder - by capturing lava, the Milky Way, the moon and a meteor all in the same image (pictured, right). He was in Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii (inset) when he seized the chance to capture the combination of nature's beauty. He said: 'I was literally in shock. It was my third frame to shoot after the sun had set, and after I saw the meteor, I knew I couldn't beat that image, so I packed it up and headed back.' But by then he had also managed to take this magnificent picture (left) of the clouds of steam created as the lava pours into the Pacific Ocean.

These pictures have all been submitted as part of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and after more than 2,200 entries, the shortlist of 40 has been finalised by the judges.

A dance teacher and his partner took an unfortunate tumble while dancing during a wedding reception when a dip went horribly wrong and caused him to drop the bridesmaid on the floor.

Brazilian sculptor Juliana Le Pine makes lifelike figures from biscuit dough, and her latest video sees her creating a bride and groom based on photographs has been viewed 135,000 times.

Designer Pierre Delavie used a canvas almost 13,000 square feet in size to create an optical illusion on Paris' Conciergerie building, located on the Ile de la Cite overlooking the Seine.



Brazilian woman loses 7 stone but her brain thinks she's STILL overweight

Technical officer Raina Trindade from Rio, Brazil, lost the weight following a tummy tuck but says in spite of the fact her 20 stone frame has shrunk, she can't help feeling that she's still overweight. The 29-year-old says she still yearns for bad food and can't shake the 'fat mind-set'. (Pictured from left: Raina Trindade before her weight loss, and since she shed seven stone)

Collated by the National Cancer Institute, the images were taken at a number of cancer centres across the US. A range of fluorescent scans and 3D images were used in the collection.

A sweet video shows a cat grooming a canary which sits contently, enjoying the pampering and showing no fear of ending up as the feline's lunch. It is unknown where the footage was filmed.

Video smuggled out of a jail at San Juan de los Morros, in the central Guarico region of Venezuela, show emaciated inmates struggling to survive.

Estonian company Kodasema has invented a new one-bedroom house with factory-made parts that can be broken down easily. The 260 sq ft house has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Frozen in time: Eerie photographs reveal inside the 'Bad Debt Hospital' in south Georgia

Harrowing photographs show what remains of the abandoned Hancock Memorial Hospital in south Georgia after it was crippled by debt and forced to close in 2001. Operating theaters are left as they were (top left), an outdated incubator (top right) once used to keep premature babies alive is abandoned in the hallway and the long dark corridors (bottom left) of the disused hospital are littered with relics from a previous decade. More than 9,000 people in Hancock were left without a local hospital when it closed.