Two men dressed as clowns assault a terrified young woman as she walks home 

08/10/16 11:15

08/10/16 04:53

He's the action star best known for critically-panned yet high-grossing hits like Crank, the Transporter series, and The Expendables.

08/10/16 00:05

In a week that has seen a haka by an American high school criticised for not respecting Māori culture, a small group of boys and girls in Otago, New Zealand, have shown them how it's really done.

07/10/16 07:59

A vegan travel blogger has broken down in tears after seeing a crate of sheep being trafficked on a ferry to Wellington in New Zealand while trying to capture 'beautiful video footage' on Monday.

06/10/16 23:59

A New Zealand couple have used fibre from cannabis plants to build the country's very first 'hemp house'. 500 bales of hemp were imported from Holland and mixed into the house's walls.

06/10/16 22:47

All Blacks star Aaron Smith has offered a tearful apology saying he made an 'error in judgement' after a couple heard him having sex in a disabled bathroom at Christchurch airport on September 18.

06/10/16 04:01

An adult entertainer who had a tryst with All Blacks star Aaron Smith years ago has denied she is the woman who had sex with him in an airport bathroom last month.

06/10/16 03:27

Friends have paid tribute to American man Douglas Dietz, 29, who died on his honeymoon in New Zealand last week after he left his new wife Kathleen to go 'star-gazing' and crashed into a ditch.

06/10/16 02:16

A frightening accident has left a 23-year-old man with chest and stomach injuries after he plummeted down a 25m cliff, while not wearing his seatbelt, in a 4WD on the north island of New Zealand.

05/10/16 23:46

Lonely Lingerie's Autumn/Winter 2016 stunning campaign was shot by photographer June Canedo and features her mother Rogeria.

05/10/16 08:40

Anthony Killeen, a Brit who was on his first skydive with an instructor over New Zealand's Bay of Islands, was 'laughing and ecstatic' when they spotted the technicolour spectrum.

05/10/16 08:03

Comedians from New Zealand have mocked sexism in car adverts by creating their own hilarious commercial starring a woman driver.

04/10/16 23:10

A man beat his wife with a hammer after she complained he wasn't holding her hand as they watched a movie. Yasir Mohib, 31, held his other wife's hand but not hers in their New Zealand home.

04/10/16 23:06

Kernal Link, his wife Tuhoe Ahuriri and their daughter were seen handing out free sandwiches and hot drinks to rough sleepers in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

04/10/16 02:43

New Zealand schoolgirl Ollie Maihi, 6, started her life as a boy. She made the transition from male to female last year after being told by her parents she was allowed to wear girls' clothes every day.

03/10/16 23:15

Zara Richards, from Auckland, found out her mother had $3000-a-day drug addiction and would inject methamphetamine into her toes after reading her diary when she was 13-years-old.

03/10/16 18:45

New Zealand hockey player and fiancee of ex-All Blacks captain, Richie McCaw, Gemma Flynn, is auctioning off a stunning pair of earrings for breast cancer on the website, Trade Me.

01/10/16 15:35

The internet is torn between anger and adoration after Josh 'The Kiwi Bushman' James showed his fans how to kill an octopus by biting into its brain while diving in New Zealand.

01/10/16 01:19

Josh 'The Kiwi Bushman' James showed his YouTube fans how to kill an octopus by biting into its brain while on a diving expedition in New Zealand

30/09/16 16:51

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has confirmed his plans to extend his Purpose world tour to Australia and New Zealand. 

29/09/16 17:08

When it comes to renting a holiday home, why settle for the mundane? MailOnline Travel rounds up a collection of unusual abodes from England to Bali and New Zealand and beyond.

27/09/16 10:46

Real estate agent Aaron Hughes allegedly is facing criminal charges after he bought the home of two pensioners in Auckland, NZ, at a bargain price and flipped it four months later for a huge gain.

27/09/16 10:43

Richard Meadows recently quit his job after saving $100,000 in three years then headed overseas from his home in New Zealand - and has revealed how he did it, so others can do the same.

26/09/16 15:34

An 81-year-old man in New Zealand had a lucky escape after he took on a large angry bull by throwing his water bottle (pictured) and hat at it, after the animal tried to attack their ute.

26/09/16 14:54

Campbell and Claire Anderson, from New Zealand, said they were left 'shaking with anger' after being robbed on Friday before discovering creepy footage of the suspect on their CCTV.

26/09/16 10:26

A lobby group argues Australia, Canada, NZ and UK would see economic and social benefits from EU-style pact with polls showing majority support in each country despite security concerns.

25/09/16 16:08

Jesse Warena, 17, and his father John, from New Zealand's north island, were both diagnosed with terminal cancer just months apart and are now counting down the days they have left to live.

22/09/16 11:04

The worker was burned after 'scab' labour from NZ was brought into the Ballarat, Victoria, factory to fill in for striking staff allegedly did not clean a chip fryer properly, spraying him with hot oil.

22/09/16 00:29

According to a new study carried out in New Zealand, there is no evidence to show baby-led weaning is any more dangerous than any other approach.

20/09/16 22:56

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre, 27, went 'berserk' and started abusing villagers before hurling a large rock at the Welcome to Punakaiki sign over the weekend.

20/09/16 00:35

Simone Anderson, the New Zealand vlogger famous for her body transformation, has posted another viral photo on Instagram detailing the process of getting rid of her excess skin.

15/09/16 11:39

A bus stop advertisement in New Zealand of a woman posing in bed while holding a piece of bread with the tagline 'Are you still a Bürgen virgin?' has caused controversy on social media.

15/09/16 09:41

Libby Matthews, 28, from New Zealand, became unexpectedly pregnant earlier this year. The mum-to-be wrote an extremely honest blog post about struggling with her impending motherhood.

15/09/16 07:41

Sydney man Mitchell Green proposed to his girlfriend Kaydee Gosper moments after the helicopter they were in crashed near Queenstown in New Zealand.

14/09/16 09:52

New Zealand rugby star Sonny Bill Williams was seen riding a scooter down a supermarket aisle, with his one-year-old daughter, Imaan, giggling as she held onto the handlebars.

13/09/16 10:23

New Zealand firefighters (left) came together in Auckland to perform a powerful haka in honour of their colleagues who were killed in the line of duty in the September 11 terror attacks 15 years ago.

09/09/16 05:39

Fresh details have emerged about the relationship between 42-year-old New Zealand teacher Sam Back and Reiha McLelland, a 13-year-old student who took her own life.

08/09/16 11:37

Anne Batley Burton said she was left 'horrified' after Julia pulled out some sex toys on The Real Housewives of Auckland

08/09/16 11:08

Fugitive Alaric Eccleston had been on the run for months when he jumped to his death from Auckland Bridge after a high-speed police chase sparked by a robbery.

08/09/16 10:37

A nine-year-old girl from Palmerston North, New Zealand, took an impulsive step to end the distress that had built up in her life in the two days leading up to her death, a coroner has found.

07/09/16 15:42

New Zealand man Peter Davies has taken to social media with a hilarious social media post to help him identify a 'giant randy cat' that has been mewling outside his house at night.

07/09/16 13:46

New Zealand farmer Marcella Bakker has taken to social media to find love as she opens up about how she has struggled to find time getting into the dating world to find the right man.

07/09/16 13:40

A nine-year-old boy is lucky to escape injury after he slipped off his seat and was left dangling when he failed to lower the safety rail at Mt Hutt ski field in New Zealand's South Island.

07/09/16 11:43

Boat users in New Zealand are furious after a draft environmental plan set out for Marlborough Sounds on the South Island ruled raw waste can only be dumped a kilometre from the shore.

07/09/16 09:54

New Zealand politician Colin Craig wrote the poems to woo Rachel MacGregor (pictured), the High Court heard. One of the poems read out during the trial was entitled, 'Two of Me'.

07/09/16 04:21

Sam Back, 42, (pictured) had secret sleepovers with his student Reiha McLelland's, 13, and shared prolific text messages with her before the New Zealand teenager took her own life.

06/09/16 17:48

At Queenstown's Azur Lodge guests are treated to incredible views and there are chic restaurants, sophisticated spas and a thumping nightlife nearby.

06/09/16 14:16

Chris Robinson, 68, is accused by Insurance Australia Group Ltd of rigging up a printer to ignite matches and torch his Bay of Islands home as he continues to fight the firm for a £1.6million payout.

06/09/16 09:02

Married at First Sight groom Craig walked out on husband Andy during an idyllic honeymoon in New Zealand. Now he has been pictured lunching with a mystery man without his wedding ring.

06/09/16 06:23

Laura Dargaville, 29, from New Zealand, overhauled her life after having children, shedding 28 kilos in weight and winning a bodybuilder competition two weeks ago. She wants to inspire other mums.

05/09/16 07:07

Britain's Royal Family could be set to lose its role as head of state in New Zealand, a new poll has revealed. The study shows just 34 per cent of those asked want to carry on with a British head of state.

02/09/16 09:57

The quake was estimated at a depth of around 18 miles off the coast of the country's north island, 352 miles northeast of Wellington. People have been warned about a potential tsunami threat.

01/09/16 01:18

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of New Zealand's North Island. The earthquake happened on Thursday morning and its epicentre was near Te Araroa.

31/08/16 09:09

Kaye Gates, 71, from New Zealand, lost her engagement ring after it was burgled from her jeweller. She was reunited with it 38 years later, however, when she found it on the Internet.

30/08/16 09:57

Two thugs attacking a New Zealand convenience store with a hammer and crowbar met their match when the father and son inside fought back with a hockey stick and a table leg.

30/08/16 08:28

Kannagi Shanbag, 26, from New Zealand, developed vitiligo, which is characterised by patches of the skin losing its pigment, at the age of 16. She said the condition had changed her 'completely'.

30/08/16 05:06

A NZ council will appeal a court decision which forced a man who blocked his neighbours' million-dollar waterfront views to tear down a fence, despite agreeing that the structure was unacceptable.

30/08/16 03:23

New Zealand's Czech consul Vladka Kennett said Pavlina Pizova (centre), 33, had been staying with her in Glenorchy but was leaving 'very soon' for the Czech Republic.

29/08/16 15:43

New Zealand internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom wants to livestream his extradition appeal against the United States over his file-sharing website Megaupload on YouTube.

29/08/16 01:46

The judgement was made by the country's Broadcasting Standards Authority after a complaint about the words being used by a commentator to describe English golfer Danny Willett.

28/08/16 11:52

New Zealand girl Valencia Davies, nine, is in hospital battling a potentially fatal skin destroying disease that's so rare it affects only one-two people in a million - but it's caused by caused by common medications.

26/08/16 09:35

A New Zealand breakfast TV host has had to present live on air with the sound of someone urinating in the background, after a colleague forgot to turn off their microphone while taking a toilet break.

26/08/16 08:46

Pavlína Pížová, 33, was left to fend for herself after her partner, Ondrej Petr, died after they set out to trek New Zealand's snow-clad Southern Alps, about 60 kilometres from Queenstown, on July 24.

25/08/16 23:09

A Czech hiker has managed to survive more than four weeks trapped in a remote hut in New Zealand's Southern Alps during winter after her companion fell and died on the Routeburn Track.

25/08/16 08:49

A New Zealand man with brittle bone disease was killed after a cable on his electric wheelchair broke causing it to stop suddenly and throw him to the ground, a coroner has found.

25/08/16 03:10

Auckland designer Trish Peng, 25, wowed the New Zealand Fashion Week crowd with an elaborate red custom bridal gown with a record-breaking 20-metre-long silk tulle train.

24/08/16 08:44

A soldier in New Zealand has pleaded guilty to using and supplying a range of drugs to colleagues, including the psychedelic substance known as 'N-Bomb', which led to six colleagues being sacked.

24/08/16 08:24

New Zealand father Johnny Yuile shared a photograph of his eight-year-old daughter biting a deer's heart after she shot it dead with a hunting gun, sparking outrage on social media.

24/08/16 02:04

The NZ women's sevens team were welcomed back to Auckland with a stirring haka at the airport (pictured) despite losing narrowly in the Olympic final 24-17 to Australia.

23/08/16 17:48

Model Angela Stone has hit back at her co-star, pointing out that Michelle is an 'ex-model' while she is still working in the industry.

23/08/16 14:33

Piri Hemi, an 86-year-old man with dementia, has allegedly been assaulted by his carer at The Cascades nursing home at Hamilton, New Zealand. The carer has been sacked and charged.

23/08/16 11:29

New Zealand has always been a popular destination for Britons wanting to start a new life, but apparently enquiries have soared since the historic Brexit vote on June 23

23/08/16 08:45

Air New Zealand has launched an investigation into the incidents after a photo of a pilot posing with a blow-up doll and video of a woman pretending to spit water on passengers emerged on social media.

22/08/16 09:10

American Abbey D'Agostino and New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin have been awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal after displaying Olympic spirit during the Rio games.

22/08/16 00:48

A betting agency is being tipped as more likely responsible than Australian Rugby for bugging the All Blacks' Sydney hotel ahead of their Saturday night Bledisloe Cup clash (pictured).

22/08/16 00:36

The All Blacks have found a listening device hidden in the team meeting room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay, Sydney, ahead of Saturday's Bledisloe cup clash against Australia.

19/08/16 17:49

A sanctuary in New Zealand got an adorable surprise when they checked the hidden camera's in the Kiwi cage to find the bird has a penchant for dancing – and vigorously at that.

19/08/16 03:54

A small community in the far north of New Zealand is grappling with the suspected suicides of five young males aged between 17 and 25 in the past three months.

18/08/16 12:26

American runner Abbey D'Agostino, 24, said Wednesday that her season was over after she was injured in the tumble during the 5,000m race in Rio yesterday.

18/08/16 07:49

Chihuahua, 'Lucky Sooty,' has tragically died despite desperate efforts by firefighters and vets to save his life after he was pulled out of a burning apartment in Auckland, New Zealand.






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