'It's on like Donkey Kong!' Fans gear up for Bachelorette showdown between Sam and Rhys as they battle it out for a rose during double date

10/10/16 23:29

10/10/16 23:15

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love, 28, will have the hard task of sending four contestants home.

10/10/16 22:30

Recent evictee Ryan Palk believes we shouldn't be putting our life savings on Jake Ellis to win reality TV series The Bachelorette, admitting he believes Georgia Love is just not that into Jake.

10/10/16 17:44

The Bachelorette's recent evictee agreed with comments made recently by fellow contestant Rhys Chilton, suggesting some guys on the reality TV show aren't there to find love.

10/10/16 16:33

The Bachelorette reject Carlos Fang has auctioned off the Tiffany bracelet he tried to give to Georgia Love, raising $700 at a Pink Ribbon fundraiser for the Cancer Council.

10/10/16 04:29

They've been rivals since the very beginning of The Bachelorette.

10/10/16 02:31

Bachelorette hopeful Jake Ellis has called out fellow pal Lee Elliot for being 'fake' as they both try to win over Georgia Love.

10/10/16 02:06

There's a longstanding sporting tradition that the player or team that comes last in a competition has to wear a wooden spoon.

09/10/16 15:17

The Bachelorette rejects Tommy Saggus and Dale Brown were mobbed by a group of female admirers as they enjoyed a boys' night out in Brisbane on Saturday

09/10/16 08:43

Bachelorette reject David Witko was spotted getting cosy with Bachelor star Stephanie Dixon on Saturday during a night out at Bond Nightclub in Melbourne.

09/10/16 08:34

The 27-year-old electrician and model happily took photos with a legion of female fans while enjoying the Moet & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day at Royal Randwick Racecourse.

08/10/16 10:51

He is one of ten contestants vying for Georgia Love's heart - but long before rising to fame on The Bachelorette, Cameron Cranley was a just a lively boy growing up in Perth

08/10/16 08:48

Fans were left swooning on Thursday night when The Bachelorette's Georgia Love escaped for a Disney-themed date with Cameron 'Cam' Cranley. 

07/10/16 23:57

His modelling portfolio includes an Aldi catalogue and nude photo shoots, so it's hardly surprising The Bachelorette 'villain' Sam Johnston doesn't have much variety when it comes to his wardrobe

07/10/16 20:34

As usually the big single send-off happens just before a wedding, looks like these two may be heading down the aisle earlier than expected - that or it matched their reality television filming schedule

07/10/16 15:09

The Bachelorette's Ryan Palk revealed in an interview with Yahoo Be that he did not get off to a great start with fellow contestant Sam Johnson

07/10/16 15:00

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love forced Rhys Chilton to reveal the 'real' intentions of his fellow contestants on Thursday's episode - but she has also been asking others for 'insider' gossip

07/10/16 12:03

Cameron Cranley escaped the 'friend zone' by kissing Georgia Love during their single date on Thursday's episode of The Bachelorette

07/10/16 11:59

It appears The Bachelorette Australia may have ripped off a scene from the US version of the reality TV series

07/10/16 08:44

Bruised egos and broken hearts are to be expected in a reality show such as The Bachelorette. 

07/10/16 03:59

Sam Frost made headlines this week after deleting her social media accounts amid rumours she has split with Sasha Mielczarek. And she has received advice from Megan Gale on how to deal with trolls.

06/10/16 23:43

Bachelorette contestant Courtney Dober has been pictured kissing another man on the lips.  

06/10/16 15:52

Bachelorette Georgia Love has revealed she has never had a one night stand.

06/10/16 15:50

He's only been famous for three weeks and The Bachelorette's Rhys Chilton is already Australia's least favourite poet.

06/10/16 13:32

Cameron couldn't wipe the smile off his face on Wednesday as he received his first single date with Georgia Love on The Bachelorette.

06/10/16 12:55

The Bachelorette's Courtney Dober appeared to be feeling happy and carefree during a trip to the beach in Sydney with actress Georgia Flood last month

06/10/16 12:55

Bachelorette reject Ben Lyall has revealed he has been chased by females of all ages since he appeared on the dating show.

06/10/16 12:46

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love shared TWO kisses on Thursday's episode - first with Cameron Cranley and later with Matty Johnson

06/10/16 12:17

Ryan was sent packing on The Bachelorette on Thursday after Georgia Love failed to hand him a red rose.

06/10/16 11:59

It's a Bachelorette tradition that male contestants must show off their physiques at every possible opportunity - and Thursday night's episode was no exception to the rule

06/10/16 11:33

The Perth firefighter missed an opportunity to kiss Georgia Love earlier in the series and worried about falling into the 'friend zone' as a result - but they finally had their moment on Thursday's episode

06/10/16 06:30

Georgia Love has defended her decision to boot model Matteo off the show, saying there's more to the hunk than his model looks and sexy accent.

06/10/16 03:12

It's no secret that many of the scenes featured on the Bachelorette are edited in a way that reflects a certain story-line. 

06/10/16 00:37

The Bachelorette's Courtney has hit back at speculation he's purely on the show for fame rather than winning Georgia's heart

05/10/16 23:55

Their on-camera rivalry has become somewhat of a fixture this season on The Bachelorette. 

05/10/16 23:48

Bachelorette contestant Cam Cranley said he was told his love for Disney movies made him come across as gay - but says he's more interested in Georgia than his fellow Bachelors.

05/10/16 15:28

Two 'intruders' made their debut on The Bachelorette on Wednesday night - and the other boys certainly weren't happy

05/10/16 13:27

He already missed out on a chance to kiss Georgia Love earlier in the series, and Courtney Dober certainly didn't do himself any favours on the latest episode of the Bachelorette

05/10/16 11:57

It was a night that left the contestants on the edge of their seats after two intruders entered the mansion. 

05/10/16 11:45

He left Georgia Love in tears of laughter during their first meeting last month. 

05/10/16 11:09

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love is hoping to fall in love with the man of her dreams - but it was contestant Clancy Ryan who couldn't help falling over during his single date on Wednesday's episode

05/10/16 10:58

It's been a difficult few days for Sam Frost after she deleted her social media accounts on Tuesday amid break-up rumours

05/10/16 09:56

Georgia Love said her series is different to The Bachelor as there is no 'clear crazy person,' referring to Alex Nation. The admission came after her chat with Fitzy and Wippa on Wednesday.

05/10/16 04:24

Sam Frost made headlines on Tuesday after she vehemently slammed breakup rumours before mysteriously deleting all her social media accounts. 

04/10/16 14:05

Bachelorette Georgia Love posed up a storm on Tuesday during a photoshoot in Sydney.

04/10/16 14:00

Bachelorette Georgia Love has explained she refuses to read negative comments made about her on social media.

04/10/16 11:35

Bachelorette's Tommy Saggus, 31, has wasted no time moving on from Georgia Love, 28, as the Queensland employment coach has been spending quality time with Bachelor reject Keira Maguire.

04/10/16 11:12

Sam Frost has denied a split from her beau Sasha Mielczarek in light of unfollowing each other on Instagram

04/10/16 11:11

She's remained tight-lipped on whether or not she has in fact found "the one" on The Bachelorette. But Georgia Love had plenty to smile about as she landed at Sydney airport on Monday.

04/10/16 11:03

At the time of publication, the 2Day FM personality's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages can no longer be accessed

04/10/16 10:05

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love, 27, shared with The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, that she thinks it's disgusting gay marriage isn't legalised in Australia.

04/10/16 09:17

He has been competing for the attention of Bachelorette Georgia Love.

04/10/16 09:14

He's kept his modelling career under wraps on The Bachelorette. But Matty J appears to be a professional in front of the camera as he sizzles in an ad campaign for Le Specs, taken in 2011.

03/10/16 19:52

Bachelorette reject Aaron, 34, revealed to NW Online that Rhys, 29, is too needy for a relationship.

03/10/16 14:28

Former reality TV contestant Michael Turnbull spent his long weekend modelling, boating and dishing out advice to others.

03/10/16 13:44

Bachelorette contestant Clancy Ryan, 29, says he stopped speaking to fellow contestant Rhys Chilton because he found him to be self-absorbed.

03/10/16 13:26

Bachelorette contestants Ryan Palk, Courtney Dober and Matt Dunne have opened up about their past experiences with heartache.

03/10/16 13:17

They are three of the final 10 still in the running to win Georgia Love's heart. However, 35-year-old Rhys, Matty and Lee from The Bachelorette are after very different things from their perfect woman.

03/10/16 11:45

Georgia Love is reportedly in a relationship with policeman Nick Grubb and promised to return to him after filming wrapped on The Bachelorette.

02/10/16 13:32

Rhys Chilton, 29, is already married to U.S. based partner, Kelsi, 24. What's more, according to OK! magazine, revealed that Rhys would often belittle her and call her 'fat'

01/10/16 23:04

When asked about reports fellow contestant Rhys Chilton is already married, The Bachelorette's Tommy Saggus told Popsugar: 'We call each other to make sure we're okay'

30/09/16 15:19

After using his Golden Date Card to take Bachelorette Georgia on a single date, Courtney Dober ended the night with a kiss on the cheek, sending fans into meltdown.

30/09/16 15:14

According to ratings, viewers aren't as invested in Georgia Love's quest for "the one" as they had been during Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor, which topped ratings week after week.

30/09/16 15:11

He'd taken a big leap of faith, pouring his heart out to the gorgeous Georgia Love. But that wasn't enough for The Bacherotte to hand Tommy Saggus a rose on Thursday night.

30/09/16 15:11

The next cringe-worthy advertisement for a brand on a reality show came on Thursday night for an eye-shadow palette by Maybelliene on The Bachelorette.

30/09/16 15:10

Georgia Love left her date Lee Elliott confused when she turned the tables on traditional gender roles. The 35-year-old mechanical plumber wasn't sure what to do with the modern-day chivalry.

30/09/16 15:07

Sam Johnston doesn't appear fazed by the Bachelorette intruders, saying they 'can't be worse than the guys we're stuck with already,' as the camera panned to his nemesis Rhys Chilton.

30/09/16 15:06

Make up isn't just for girls when it comes to life inside the Bachelorette mansion.

30/09/16 11:48

Bachelorette host Osher Gunsberg says the arrival of intruders will unmask the contestants - and describes their reactions as 'so priceless and so personal'.

29/09/16 21:49

Bachelor couple Richie Strahan and Alex Nation sat down for dinner at The Star in Sydney on Thursday with former The Bachelorette contestant Dave Billsborrow and his new girlfriend Courtnee.

29/09/16 17:09

Tommy's openness and vulnerability during his single date with Georgia Love on Thursday night's episode of The Bachelorette wasn't enough to save him from elimination.

29/09/16 16:18

Courtney Dober picked up Georgia Love for a single date in a rundown kombi van on Thursday night's episode of the Bachelor.

29/09/16 15:36

The Bachelorette's Sam Johnston earned the dubious label of best trash talker on Thursday night's episode, following a series of underhanded comments to the other contestants.

29/09/16 13:41

Sam and Jake decided the way to Georgia's heart was through a melting sphere of chocolate and presented the dessert at the cocktail party on Thursday night's episode of The Bachelorette

29/09/16 11:21

Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire didn't find love with Richie Strahan, but has confessed to having the hots for Bachelorette villain Sam Johnston.

29/09/16 09:44

The 27-year-old made the confession on KIIS 101.1's Matt And Meshel breakfast show in Melbourne on Thursday

28/09/16 15:23

He's been flying under the radar on The Bachelorette, but on Wednesday night's installment of the show, Matty J proved to be a bit of a dark horse.

28/09/16 15:01

Georgia Love, 28,and Courtney Dober, 30, sported matching red outfits during Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelorette,

28/09/16 15:00

They started out as fierce competitors during Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelorette. But by the end, Rhys and Sam appeared to make amends while bonding over poetry.

28/09/16 14:17

Georgia Love enjoyed a game of two truths and a lie during a romantic date with mechanical plumber Lee on Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelorette.