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Welcome to The Ark Institute

Your #1 source for 100% Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid seeds, and all of your gardening, sustainability and self-reliance needs.

We at The Ark Institute believe that true, global sustainability begins with local, personal sustainability and self-reliance. We have spent our last 15+ years dedicated to that one principle, and we continue today with the same passion as when we first uncovered the patents for the "Terminator Gene" and the "Traitor Gene" in the mid 1990's.

If true sustainability and self-reliance is what you seek, The Ark Institute is here to help. We offer only the cleanest 100% non-hybrid, non-GMO, chemical free produce seed, to allow you to plant your own gardens, feed your families and friends, and then harvest your seed to save for use the following planting season. By growing your own food at home or at a community co-op garden, you can further ensure your produce is chemical free, and as organic as you want it to be, all for a fraction of the cost of store-bought produce.

Whether you are growing an acre at your homestead or in some pots on your patio, or just preparing for the future, we can help you become fully self-reliant for all of your produce needs. Not only do our seed packages contain more seed than most of "the other guys" (in some cases more than 20 times more seed), but it is also of the highest quality, ensuring you the highest yield in your own gardens and more successful seed per dollar than the rest. We test everything we sell in our own test gardens (see photos page), and lab-test our seed for traces of genetic modification, so you can rest assured that anything we sell in our store is 100% "Ark Approved" for quality, viability, genetic purity, and sustainability.

We also now offer individual seed varieties in addition to our popular seed collections, so you can order just what you need to get started as well as the larger collections for when you're ready (or for frozen storage for later!)

If you have been growing for years or are just getting started, we also include a wealth of knowledge in our Bookstore, where you can find books on container gardening, homestead farming, seed-to-table how-to manuals, seed and harvest preservation manuals, and much more. What's more, if you want to ask us anything in particular, we have our founder, a world-class and world-renowned biologist, on hand to answer your questions and help you turn that brown thumb green!

Our Store also includes other helpful items, such as our own line of Garden Arkitecture™ Garden and Landscape Elements, British Berkefeld Water Purification Systems, Potassium Iodate tablets, and much, much more. Visit our Store or view our Catalog.

You can contact us at (800) 255-1912 or by email at We can also be followed on Twitter at @Ark_Institute, or on Facebook too.

Geri and her one pound non-GMO carrots

Geri Guidetti

Founder, The Ark Institute

Geri has been growing non-hybrid, non-GMO vegetable gardens for over 40 years. Her gardens are an outdoor extension of her laboratory, a hands-on commitment to the preservation of precious, disappearing seed varieties and their ability to provide food self-sufficiency to all who grow and save them.
Her research and writing have been published in many languages, and she has served as a consultant to European and Middle Eastern agricultural ministries. Included in her 40+ years in research, Geri has devoted the past 15+ years of her life to growing and storing endangered food seeds, and developing The Ark Institute as a resource for these disappearing varieties.