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  • Do you need funding to expand your business, manufacture new products or start a franchise system?
  • Do you want to increase financial and human resources for your business?
  • Are you seeking to grow your business nationally and internationally?
  • Are you looking for financial freedom and financial independence beyond the 9-5 rat race?
  • Do you want to generate revenue from inventions that you or your business develop?
  • Do you need to grow your business audience?
  • Are you looking for an affordable mobile app developer?
  • Are you looking for a crowdfunding campaign manager?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place.  Welcome to a new day for your business. Based in Reston, Virginia, New Day Consulting Systems is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and objectives.  New Day Consulting Systems has four (4) primary service areas:

New Day Franchising

Through our franchise consulting services,  New Day Consulting Systems assists  you with buying a franchise or franchising your business.  New Day Consulting Systems is affiliated with over 500 franchises and business opportunities. A certified franchise consultant will work to match you with the best franchise system that meets your interests and qualifications.

Our franchise consultants help business owners assess the feasibility of franchising your business and,  if the  business is found feasible for franchising,  guide you through the franchising process.  New Day Consulting Systems also offers innovative franchise business development methods and franchise crowdfunding services.  It’s one of the many reasons why New Day Consulting Systems, LLC is a new kind of consulting company.

New Day Innovation

In addition to franchising,  New Day Consulting Systems helps inventors and businesses unleash innovation through intellectual property management services. Our consultants have over 17 years experience managing intellectual property and innovation.

New Day Consulting Systems’ intellectual property management services include strategic development of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents.  New Day Consulting Systems develops licensing strategies and helps navigate licensing options that include “matchmaking” assistance in an open innovation context.  New Day Consulting Systems works with inventors and corporations to identify promising new products and inventions. Our consultants use crowdfunding and open innovation to help market and manufacture products. It’s yet another reason why New Day Consulting Systems is a new kind consulting company.

New Day Branding, Marketing & Sales

New Day Consulting Systems offers branding, inbound marketing and inbound sales services. In the digital age, strategic development of your brand’s story coupled with a savvy inbound marketing, mobile app development and social sales strategy are critical to the success of your business. Our consultants believe that in order to compete in the 21st century, businesses and franchises must focus on the needs of the customer in branding,  marketing and sales.  

A new day in business is here. The customer-centric, crowd-based revolution has begun. The good news for new brands and new franchises is that by building inbound & mobile app marketing and social sales into their business models new brands can dominate markets and access new markets.  It’s a new day for your business.

New Day Funding

Crowdfunding is revolutionizing business finance.  It’s democratizing access to business funding and ushering in a new day for capitalism.  New Day Consulting Systems can help you access crowdfunding for your business or product.  Our crowdfunding consultants have experience raising over $1 million via traditional fundraising. By coupling our traditional fundraising experience with our marketing,  business development and intellectual property expertise, New Day Consulting Systems brings considerable value to the crowdfunding space.  We are uniquely poised to pioneer the application of crowdfunding to franchise system development and multi-unit or master franchise development.

Whether you are interested in gift, reward, debt or equity crowdfunding, our consultants can help you develop and execute a strategy to fund your business, product or franchise. We have developed a network of experts who can help you chart a course for successful business funding.  It’s yet another reason why New Day Consulting Systems is a new kind of consulting company.  Call and speak to a crowdfunding consultant today.



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From Our Blog

Join Kimberly M. Bonner at American Dream Business Pitch Competition

Join Kimberly M. Bonner at American Dream Business Pitch Competition

  American Dream Business’ announces the LIVE pilot television production of their business pitch competition on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at Howard University 2201 Georgia Avenue Washington, DC from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm. ‘American Dream Business’ pitch competition will travel across the U.S. hosting casting calls for business owners to pitch their business idea or concept. Tour cities include Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami and Washington, DC with filming of each city episode in Washington, DC at The Historic Howard Theater in 2017. Cash prizes and a Microsoft computer device will be awarded on September 27th. Contestants are invited to register to pitch their business at Casting Calls being held on September 10, 2016 from 12 noon- 3 pm and September 17, 2016 from 3pm – 6pm at the Microsoft store at Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Va.. “Idea MUST be original, No Direct Marketing or Franchises are allowed”.  To register for the September 10 and September 17 casting calls, click here.  All contestants will be allowed 1 minute to pitch to American Dream Business Casting Director to include the following; concept, target market, funding, expected revenue. Top 20 contestants will be chosen to pitch at September 27th event. The top 3 winners of September 27th will be invited to pitch at Washington, DC American Dream Business LIVE taping at The Historic Howard Theater in 2017 for Cash prizes. Business icons serving as judges include Kimberly Bonner JD of New Day Consulting Systems, Warren Brown, Celebrity Chef at CakeLove, Dr. Leland Burge, Howard University Computer Science Professor, John Gloster JD, Howard University Office of General Counsel and Monique Greenwood, Chair of... read more
What All Businesses Can Learn From Franchises

What All Businesses Can Learn From Franchises

  Join New Day Consulting Systems as we participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce on September 14, 2016.  The panel will discuss the pros and cons of the franchise business model and the systems thinking that all small businesses can benefit from as they attempt to scale and grow. You must register to attend.  Please register here.   We look forward to seeing you there!... read more
Augmented and Virtual Reality: It’s Time for Franchise Systems to Jump In

Augmented and Virtual Reality: It’s Time for Franchise Systems to Jump In

If you are a franchise system founder or leader of a new or old franchise system, it’s time that you focus your attention on augmented and virtual reality TODAY.   Not tomorrow and not in a few months, but today. If the success of Snap Chat, Pokemon Go and excitement over the Halolens is any indication, the future is here.  If you are not pivoting to embrace augmented and virtual reality as part of your brand strategy, you may no longer be relevant in 5-10 years. Period. The featured TED Talk is a wonderful application of Halolens for human interaction, work and collaboration.  New Day Consulting Systems envisions a time when franchise discovery days, franchisee onboarding and training as well as employee onboarding and training includes some elements of augmented or virtual reality. If you would like more information about developing a strategy that incorporates this innovation, our franchise development consultants are here to discuss the future of branding and marketing for your franchise system.  We can be reached at 703-295-5901 or info@newdayconsultingsystems.com.   It’s a new day for your business.  ... read more

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Every once in while we come across someone who just “gets it”. Somebody who listens and then goes not just an extra mile but as far as it takes to get the job done.  Kim Bonner with New Day Consulting Systems is one of those people.  From the first conversation to the last I left feeling her goal truly is for me to be happy and successful.  She uses her life experience and skills and is as authentic and genuine as I have ever seen. Kim gives so much value I was left feeling and asking myself “what can I do for her?”  Thanks Kim, you are a breath of fresh air in the business environment.

David Reed

Owner, Encore Senior Housing Specialists, LLC (affiliate of Stellar Senior Housing Experts, LLC)

I was a member of the advisory council for the Center for Intellectual Property during the time that Kim Bonner led the Center.  I was very impressed by her understanding not only of traditional copyright law and issues but the increasingly important nexus between intellectual property and technology.  

Ken Salomon

Partner, Thompson Coburn Lobbying & Policy Group

Kim Bonner, Senior Consultant at New Day Consulting Systems, LLC, has the people skills, consultative approach, business savvy, and analytics necessary to be a highly successful franchise consultant. She is very knowledgeable and understands the franchising industry.  Her consultative, entrepreneurial  and analytical abilities make her an excellent fit as a franchise consultant.   Due to her skill set and overall approach, I highly recommend Kim Bonner as a franchise consultant.

Jerry Rieder

CEO, Rieder Franchise Consulting, LLC

Simple and proven, New Day Consulting Systems, LLC internet marketing approach generates increased internet traffic so that franchises can convert more sales while keeping franchise marketing ROI at an optimal level. New Day Consulting Systems, LLC develops marketing strategies that ensure appropriate franchise audience targeting and franchise campaign success.

Sean Neely

President, Visible Link, LLC

I am writing to thank [Kim Bonner] for assistance in searching for a franchise opportunity. After staying at home for two years due to a health issue, I was wondering how to start my career all over again. [Kim Bonner] helped search for a suitable franchise opportunity for me.  She came back two days later well prepared, with impressive online presentation and a bunch of interesting franchise opportunities meeting the criteria we discussed previously.  After careful research, I realized the number one choice [Kim Bonner] presented to me was the best one for me. [Kim Bonner’s]  support through the process made me feel that [she] was always on my side and  worked in my best interest.  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to [Kim]. 

Wenjue Shi

Franchise Owner, Real Property Management

My experience with Kim Bonner and New Day Consulting Systems, LLC was absolutely wonderful.  New Day Consulting Systems understood my wants and needs and provided me with franchise options that suited them.  Kim guided me through the entire process and provided great advice.  With Kim I felt as if I had my own agent representing me during a very complicated process.  I would recommend her services to anyone considering becoming a franchise business owner.  I would not have found the perfect franchise for me had it not been for New Day Consulting Systems, LLC.

Jon Parkman

Franchisee, Tropical Smoothie Cafe 

I enjoy collaborating with Kim Bonner. She’s creative and willing to try new approaches, and I can be sure of effective follow-through because Kim is organized and systematic in implementation. And of course, she pays  attention to detail, so everything is done right, the first time. Our projects together, including several national conferences she organized as Executive Director of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP)[…] and my tenure as IP Scholar for the CIP, were successful in large part because of Kim’s thorough knowledge of the legal issues and conscientious hard work. I always looked forward to working with her.

Georgia Harper

Former Intellectual Property General Counsel, University of Texas at Austin