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Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee appear in shirtless selfies the night she died

Selfies have revealed Australian man Gable Tostee and the woman he's accused of killing, Warriena Wright, together on the night she died (main and inset). Ms Wright fell from Mr Tostee's 14th floor balcony at his apartment on Australia's Gold Coast 2014. The pair met on dating app Tinder and photos from their night together show them in the minutes before her death. Taken just minutes apart, the photos show a conflicted Miss Wright smiling and posing up for the camera for another shows her staring eerily into the distance. The court was shown a chilling reenactment photo of Wright's legs hanging over the side of Tostee's balcony seconds before she plunged to her death on Monday(left). Tostee appeared in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday (right) where audio recorded on the night of Wright's death was heard.

Billy Bush cried when a tape of him and Donald Trump surfaced

The Today show host stepped out for lunch on Monday (pictured) - the first weekday since a 2005 tape of him and Donald Trump emerged. Both men can be heard making lewd comments about women. Bush, the nephew of former president George H W Bush, George W Bush and Jeb Bush's cousin, looked far less polished than he usually does on set (inset) as he went to have lunch with one of his three daughters in Encino, California. A source said Monday that Bush has shed tears when the 2005 footage surfaced, fearing his career was over. NBC News hasn't said when Bush might be able to return. Sources at the network claim it's unlikely Bush will ever come back on Today. Currently he has just been suspended and Carson Daly in filling in his usual slot.

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The woman, in her 30s, was sharing a taxi home with a man after going in the medieval town of Visby on Sweden's Gotland island when she asked to stop off.

Svetlana Travis, the $5,000-a-night Russian prostitute who accused ex-New York governor Eliot Spitzer of choking her in a hotel room has been arrested on blackmail charges.

The X-37B space plane, an experimental program run by the Air Force, launched atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on May 20, 2015 at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 discontinued after faulty smartphone kept bursting into flames

The South Korean company said in a regulatory filing Tuesday that it has made a final decision to stop production of the Galaxy Note 7 for the sake of consumer safety. The company says consumers with original Note 7 devices or replacements they obtained after the recall should turn off the power and seek a refund or exchange them for different phones. The announcement follows several new incidents of overheating last week and deals a further blow to the world's largest smartphone company. U.S. consumer safety officials said they're investigating five incidents of fire or overheating since the company announced a recall last month.

Onlookers at the branch of Burger King in the city of Incheon in South Korea shriek as the woman uses the heatproof gloves to place the phone on a table before dropping the handset onto the floor.

The project to save the site in Brnnec, Czech Republic, by a local writer is not proving popular with locals who still remember Oskar Schindler for heavy drinking, gambling and women.

Married Louisiana politician, 40, appears in an infomercial to admit he sexted a 17-year-old boy - but refuses to step down

A married Louisiana politician has released a bizarre infomercial in which he admits to sexting a 17-year-old boy, but says he's not going to leave office. 'Last summer I was old enough to know better, but I guess I was still young enough to do something stupid,' 40-year-old Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni (above in video and below with wife Michelle and three-year-old daughter Reagan) says in the video posted by NOLA.com.  His remarks come just over a week after the FBI confirmed it had investigated claims he had an improper relationship with the teen, which included kissing him, buying him underwear and sending sexts of threesome fantasies.

The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home in the city of Fredrikstad. She told police she had been punished for her lifestyle.

Jaber Albakr was detained on Sunday in Leipzig in eastern Germany by two fellow Syrian refugees who invited him to their home but realised who he was wanted so tied him up and called police.

The Kremlin confirmed this morning that Presidnet Vladimir Putin had cancelled a visit to the French capital where he was due to have talks over the Syria conflict with Francois Hollande.

Known as 'The Punisher', Rodrigo Duterte's 100-day-old drug war has already left thousands dead (pictured), but now he is making smoking a thing of the past in the Philippines.

Nancy O'Dell blasts Trump after he is caught saying she has 'big phony t***'

'I feel it's very important that I address you all directly. As a journalist for 26 years now, it is my job to bring you news about others, rather than turning the focus on myself,' said Nancy O'Dell (left, right in 2004 with Donald and Melania). 'But by now, I'm sure that most of you have heard the audio tape which became national news and part of the presidential race.' She went on to say: 'My name was mentioned and, unfortunately, the release of it has thrown me into the middle of the political arena of which I didn't ask to be a part. I released a statement on Saturday and I truly mean what I said. There is no room for objectification of women, or anybody for that matter, not even in the "locker room."'

A video has emerged of Billy Bush from Father's Day joking about a 'Topless Maids' service being the ideal present. He has been suspended from the Today after the crude video came to light.

A call to the Today anchor's work phone reveals that his voicemail says: 'You've reached Billy Bush's office, he's busy making America great again, please leave a message.'

Hillary Clinton launched an open attack on Russia in the presidential debate on Sunday, saying Vladimir Putin wants Trump to win and accusing the regime of 'war crimes' in Syria.

Hillary Clinton confronted still more accusations about her husband's alleged behavior when a protester at her rally wore a T-shirt accusing her husband of 'rape' at one of her rallies.'

A new batch of Wikileaks emails from Hillary Clinton staffers to campaign manager John Podesta show the campaign was worried about Marco Rubio and thought he was another Obama.

Absentee ballots have been sent. Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, South Dakota, Minnesota, New Jersey and a hand full of other states have begun the early voting process. Election Day is Nov. 8.

Former Vice President Al Gore gets back on the campaign trail in the state he barely lost before a recount got cut off as he makes the case for Hillary Clinton in Miami on Tuesday.

Donald Trump insulted Emily West's appearance on The Apprentice

Emily West (left) appeared in 2010 in an episode of the show titled 'Beauty And Brains', which had contestants make over one of two aspiring country musicians. Donald Trump (right) fixated on West's physical appearance, specifically on the quality of her skin, during the taping, according to a transcript of a behind-the-scene exchange unveiled Monday. Country music star Trace Adkins (inset) starred as a guest judge on the episode. When he defended West's makeover, Trump told him he was 'obviously not a skin man'. The disrespectful comments pale in comparison to the GOP nominee's remarks caught in a 2005 video, in which he talked about grabbing women 'by the p***y'. But they add to a record of demeaning comments Trump has made about women.

Bill Clinton's daughter said she had heard her father be compared to Tony Blair for 'profit motivation' during a trip to London in 2011 and that it would 'horrify' him, Wikileaks reveals in emails from a Clinton aide.

I don't think I'm overstating things when I say that last night's debate was the most sickeningly squalid spectacle in the history of US politics. I think Trump won, and it's Bill's fault.

A day after Donald Trump brought her husband's past accusers into the hall of a presidential debate, Hillary Clinton blasted her opponent's 'weak excuse' in trying to explain crude comments caught on tape.

Hillary Clinton went after Donald Trump to counter his repeated 'experience' attack - saying she was watching the Bin Laden raid while he hosted his TV show.

A damaging Wikileaks treasure trove of the Democratic White House candidate's campaign chairman's emails have revealed how far apart her private and public positions can be.

New Mexico woman 'watched daughter be raped and killed by boyfriend and cousin'

A New Mexico mother did nothing to stop her boyfriend and his cousin from raping and dismembering her daughter on her tenth birthday, even as the girl begged for them to stop, police say. Michelle Martens (top right) admitted that she silently watched her daughter, Victoria (left), be brutally killed by Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley (photographed bottom left and right), in August. She then allegedly had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes later. The claims emerged across three interviews with police during which Martens told a series of conflicting accounts, KRQE reported. 

The ambitious lover was rushed to hospital in Ho Chi Minh City in agony after 'breaking' his penis while trying an exotic sexual position. He told doctors he had heard a loud 'crack'.

It's one of the biggest questions among women, and a source of anxiety for men but the members of Netmums took to a thread to prove that confidence and technique were more important than size.

Girls in the United States rank lower than their peers in Algeria and Kazakhstan in a world table of the best and worst countries in which to be a girl, according to the charity Save The Children.

San Francisco-based hedge fund, Partner Fund Management (PFM) has filed a lawsuit against Theranos and founder Elizabeth Holmes for 'lying' to attract an investment of nearly $100 million.

Father-daughter duo find two carat uncut diamond in Arkansas state park

Father-daughter duo, Dan Frederick (left) and his daughter, Lauren (left), found a 2.03-carat diamond (right) at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. The gem-hunting pair found the 2.03-carat diamond in less than an hour of searching in the park. The Fredericks, who are from Washington, arrived at the park Monday after researching places to find gems online. In just a half hour, Dan Frederick discovered the stone three feet from where he was standing. He then went over to the spot, which was near the Star of Arkansas diamond marker, and found the white diamond.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has called the protests of football players who decline to stand for the national anthem 'dumb and disrespectful.'

Fernando Vargas (left), 41, was arrested after he allegedly threw his mother Carlota Vargas (right), 71, out of a second floor apartment window in Los Angeles, before stomping on her head.

Russian media claim that German shipbuilders 'messed up' when constructing Andrey Melnichenko new $450million superyacht and it is now too big to leave the Baltic Sea.

Mnombo Madyibi, 32, was on his honeymoon in Coffee Bay, South Africa when he was set upon by his wife after she got scared after seeing his 'hairy, scary cucumber' penis for the first time.

The three moves that could save your child's life: Martial arts teacher reveals the self defence tricks ALL youngsters need to know (and why they should never shout 'help')

With the help of 11-year-old Melissa, martial arts teacher Matt Fiddes, from England, demonstrates the three moves that could prevent a child from being abducted. Pictured left to right: A wrist twist can help loosen an attacker's grip, a kick to the groin can pry a predator out of a neck grip and to end a 'bear hug'-style attack the victim should stomp on their attacker's feet.

The American Heart Association found high blood pressure disrupts the structure and function of cerebral blood vessels. It is unclear whether treatment for hypertension could prevent Alzheimer's.

Fans have set up Go Fund Me accounts to raise funds for Ken Bone, 34, to replace his olive suit trousers he split as he was leaving the house for the presidential debate on Sunday.

FILE - The Sept. 29, 1933 file photo shows a general view of a courtroom in the hall of justice at Leipzig, Germany, where Marinus Van Der Lubbe and four communists have been tried for burning the Reichstag building. A new study published Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 details how thousands of Germans who committed crimes during the Third Reich were protected by former Nazi party members holding key positions in the post-war legal system. (AP Photo)

The study has found that more than half of senior officials in Germany's justice ministry were Nazis and judges and lawyers saw no difference between carrying out sentences for Hitler and post-war work.

Chinese businessmen pay thousands to go on ‘wife tours’ of Siberia

Siberian marriage agency OCS Centre say Chinese men are desperate to marry a Russian bride, due to a lack of women in China, and add they have had a massive success in matching couples. Chinese men who attended the meeting arranged by OCS are introduced to groups of 25 women all under the age of 35. And Elena Suvorova, head of the marriage agency says the men are quick to fall in love with the women.

A media executive who was brought in to head the legendary marijuana magazine High Times is now suing the publication after he was fired when he demanded staffers be more professional.

A young mother accused of smothering to death her two young children in Indiana after abducting them has said she decided to kill them after hearing an Amber Alert had been put out.

Researchers from Goldsmiths, University of London and University College London (UCL) looked at whether tone-deaf people had difficulty in social situations (stock image)

A nuclear power plant became the target of a disruptive cyber attack two to three years ago, said International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director Yukiya Amano (pictured) this week.

The best Halloween costumes ever

These creative parents from America have muscled in on the festivity by dressing up with their children in a series of hilariously inventive costumes that raise the bar for fancy dress. One father and son duo dressed as as Pixar characters Carl Fredricksen and the adorable Russell, the wilderness ranger from Up (centre); Darth Vader went to a party with a tiny Princess Leia (top right); another mother dressed as a barista with her baby frappuccino (bottom left); Zach Galifinakis's Hangover character was recreated (top right); while a Ghostbusters fan donned the famous boiler suit and dressed his tot as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (bottom right).

Cancer patient, Erin Peters (left), 35, said she was mistaken by police for fugitive, Whitley Evenson (right), 18, who is wanted in the death of her son. Police told Peters it was because of her short hair.

Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (pictured), 55, has been given a week's leave after he was hospitalized for a complex migraine condition, the team said on Monday.

Everyone farts between 10 and 20 times a day. And though it may seem like an embarrassing reality we'd rather not live with, each fart is a sign of a healthy digestive system. But what makes them smelly?

Kate visits The Hague and Rotterdam for first solo trip without William

The Duchess of Cambridge betrayed no hint of nerves today as she arrived in the Netherlands for her first solo foreign trip without William, wearing an elegant blue Catherine Walker coat. In a break from her usual style she wore her brunette locks swept back in a chic bun, and accessorised with delicate pearl earrings.

The controversial costume - which also includes a fake four million dollar ring, a robe and long black wig - is on sale for $69.99. The US-based company also created a 'foxy Megyn bloody tampon' costume.

Texas father tells how he saved his teenage daughter from a sex trafficking ring

John Clark (pictured left and right with his family), of Houston, launched a frantic search for his 18-year-old daughter when she went missing in April. The high school girl, a childhood cancer survivor, resurfaced in May. She was found in an apartment building with a person now accused of being her captor. Clark is now fighting to improve anti-human trafficking legislation and warn other parents while his daughter is in residential therapy. He says his daughter was only 16 when the grooming began. The groomer was a man in his twenties, whom she had met at a party.


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Beach Boy Brian Wilson tells how he was tortured by his father in his new memoir

Despite being raised by an abusive father (above left), suffering from severe anxiety and hearing horrific voices in his head, Brian Wilson, now 74, became a musical genius. Father Murray Wilson steered his three sons into singing and playing in the family's garage and the boys eventually joined with cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine to form the Beach Boys (bottom right). But Brian's life was falling apart and Dr Eugene Landy (top right with Wilson), a psychotherapist later denounced as a Svengali, was called in to rescue the musician from himself. Landy took control of Wilson's life, charging him $35,000 a month for treatments that left him poorly groomed with food on his clothes, ashamed and afraid. Brian met his adored second wife, Melinda Ledbetter (center) in 1986 while she was selling Cadillacs. She helped him escape from Landy's clutches.

A new infographic reveals the world's banned food, from raw milk in Canada to samosas in Somalia. And the seemingly innocent Kinder Surprise in the US.

Eight-year-old Liu Minghui from China makes ten thousand dumplings a day to support his family. His parents are migrant workers and he only gets to see them once a year.

Bizarre video footage has caught a tricycle running on a road in China without a driver. In the footage, cars can be seen swerving to avoid hitting the vehicle. Police are seen investigating the incident.

A video of two American toddlers covering themselves in diaper cream has become a viral hit. The two-year-old boy, who thought it was 'lotion' escaped a telling off from his mom.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus according to the self-help classic. The same could be said about Germany and France, two Princeton professors explain in the Big Money Questions.

Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel said making people wait two hours to get into Italy or Spain would make clear why free movement rules are crucial to the EU.

Levels of adherent-invasive E. coli are higher after food poisoning, experts from McMaster University, Hamilton, found. Crohn's disease sufferers are known to have higher levels of it.

As wedding season winds down after an action-packed summer, brides have taken to internet forums to share their wedding disaster tales.

Video footage that some viewers may find hard to watch shows the teenager had her locks completely ripped off. The accident happened outside a college in around 40 miles north of Delhi, India.

Hero or bully? Male McDonald's customer pours his drink over woman who was 'fat shaming' another man waiting to order

A McDonald's customer in the UK received a hero's reception after pouring his drink over a girl who is 'fat shaming' another man. The 'bully' and her friend berate the helpless chap about his weight, as he just stands there without saying anything. The incident was actually a social experiment uploaded to YouTube a year ago, but it has just started to go viral this week.

Three times a day, after each meal, Carola Karlsson from Sweden takes herself off to the nearest bathroom to dispose of a third of what she has just eaten to control her weight.

A number of Chrysler Pacifica minivans (pictured) have been seen at one of Google's car parks in Mountain View, California, expanding the firm's fleet of driverless vehicles (stock image).

Skin-crawling video shows hundreds of head lice crawling all over a young girl's scalp in Mexico. Her head is littered with their eggs too as a hairdresser sets about tackling the problem.

Inserting the PGC-1-alpha gene into the brains of mice helped to stop protein build-ups - found in the brains of dementia patients - from forming, experts from Imperial College London found.

Steve Bourgoin, who is believed to have killed five Vermont high schoolers when he hit their car, had previously threatened to kill himself and his girlfriend in a car accident, it has been alleged.

About 660 police involved fatal shootings were not reported to the district attorney as required by law in both Texas and California, a new study reported.

Turkish man commits suicide live on Facebook after girlfriend breaks up with him 

In the tragic footage Erdogan Ceren, from Turkey, holds a shotgun to his chest while addressing the camera and, after one failed attempt, ends his life. The 22-year-old had told viewers on Facebook that his girlfriend had broken up with him and therefore intended to commit suicide. Local Turkish media reports that he later died in hospital.

Vikram Chatwal, a New York hotelier, socialite and friend of Lindsay Lohan, has been accused of setting a stranger's two dogs on fire outside his Manhattan home, then babbling incoherently.

If you can't afford high end footwear, you can make your shoes look more expensive by buying faux suede over fake leather, never wearing platforms and making sure they fit correctly.

A man dressed up as a clown and his wife have been arrested in Wisconsin after police discovered their four-year-old child had been left alone at home so he could go out spooking people.

Police in Manila say they are close to linking the murder of Aurora Moynihan, daughter of Lord Tony Moynihan with a 'high-level' drug supplier who is believed to be her ex-boyfriend.

New parents shed 15 STONE of baby weight together after ditching their 8,000 calorie-a-day

NEW Parents Debbie, 28, and Brandon Potter, 29, from Bethpage, New York, gave into food cravings and late night takeaways after the birth of their first child Brayson, now aged three, in 2013. At their heaviest the couple's combined weight reached 485lbs after consuming 8,000 calories a day - at their worst scoffing fast food for every meal, left. Now Debbie weighs 120lbs, right, going from a size 14, centre, to a size 4 US size zero.

Radhika Mandloi, from central India, started to suffer pain in her left ear last week. Doctors were shocked to find a blow fly - attracted to bad smells - inside her ear which had laid around 80 larva.

A leaked video shows Microsoft is finally updating Paint. The new Paint Preview will offer a 3D mode and let users draw directly into the program via a touchscreen and a stylus.

Lt. Kenneth Knox was called to a house in Georgia to help a two-month-old baby who was choking. When he arrived, she was 'turning blue and fading fast,' yet he managed to save her life.

Three times a day, after each meal, Carola Karlsson from Sweden takes herself off to the nearest bathroom to dispose of a third of what she has just eaten to control her weight.

Kraft Heinz has recalled 959 pounds of ready-to-eat Lunchables Ham and American Cracker Stackers due to misbranding and undeclared allergens.

An international study of more than 12,000 first-time heart attack patients found one in seven had either done heavy exercise or experienced intense emotions - or both - within the hour before the attack.

Chinese parents found dead shielding daughter in rubble of collapsed building

A mother and father in Wenzhou City, China's Zhejiang province were found in the rubble of their home shielding their daughter on October 11. They were found in rubble protecting their three-year-old after their building collapsed. The family were taken to hospital where the parents died some time later. The child survived.

Glasgow University scientists looked at the records of 525,046 patients aged 40 to 80 who were followed for five years. They found patients on beta blockers twice as likely to suffer depression.

Clever boy! Watch adorable dog fetch his owner bottles of beer from a cooler during camping trip with friends 

The phrase man's best friend has rarely been truer than with this obedient dog who has been trained to fetch his owner beer. Footage emerged last week from Sudbury, Canada, of the puppy's very useful trick. The dog stares in anticipation into the eyes of his owner, who commands him 'get Daddy a beer'. Immediately, the pooch goes running over to a nearby bucket containing the beverages, brings one back and places it in the man's hand. Just to prove it is not a fluke, he does it again for good measure.

In a new study in Israel, patients are being given injections of special cells to replace those killed off by AMD, or dry age-related macular degeneration. The hope is that will stop the disease progressing.

Nivolumab, developed by the Institute of Cancer Research, is the first treatment to extend survival in a phase III clinical trial for patients who did not respond to chemotherapy.

Cities and towns across the state have recorded at least 427 recent cases. Most of the patients are children, with more than 30 schools reporting numerous infections.

London-based Macmillan is believed to have paid £6 million in a deal brokered by literary agent Andrew 'the Jackal' Wylie, famous for his ability to extract huge advances for celebrity clients.

Would a woman's hair color stop YOU from helping her? New Yorker poses as a blonde and a brunette to find out which one gets more help with a VERY embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

The test by DailyMail.com featured a woman on the streets of New York with her skirt tucked into her underwear wearing brunette and blonde wigs. As a blonde, pictured right, she waited nearly an hour for assistance, but as a brunette, pictured left, three people came to her aid in just 12 minutes.

The controversial procedure was designed to prevent families passing on genetic mutations, not to aid fertility. But two Ukrainian women have used it after going into 'embryo arrest' during IVF.

A woman delivered a baby in the Walmart checkout line in Payson, Utah on Sunday when she unexpectedly went into labor and customers helped usher her bundle into the world.

JEFF POWELL: The enigma that was the late Sonny Liston lives on, all these years after his death. Did he quit on his stool in one of the biggest upsets of all time because of an injured shoulder?

British Magician makes woman eat GLASS live on stage as audience members watch in horror

Audience member Sarah Carson was asked by psychological illusionist Derren Brown to place the piece of glass on her tongue and to 'crunch on the big bits' during his West End production, Miracle, which aired on Channel 4. Carson then chewed an apple, swilled some water and swallowed the lot - shocking audiences who have since taken to Twitter to share their reaction.

The company issued a recall Friday after surfaces on the production line tested positive for listeria. The cones (file picture) were made in Bakersfield, California between August and September.

The two superheroes were in Sao Paulo to celebrate the upcoming Children's Day. The men, who are real-life window cleaners, abseiled down Hospital Infantil Sabara to greet the children.

In an astonishing video, thought to be taken at a shop in Brazil, the not so light-fingered pair are caught red handed by the management, who film their large sulky expressions.

While both parents work in the majority of two-parent households in the US, a survey shows 59per cent of adults believe children would be better off if one parent stayed home. Pictured, file photo

Airports so beautiful you’ll WANT to be delayed: The world's most spectacular terminals

At least if you find yourself waiting around at one of these architectural anomalies you'll have a spectacular view to admire. Pictured (top left) China's Shezhen Bao-an airport, built to mimic a manta ray, (top right) Russia's Pulkovo International Airport in St Petersburg, which boasts an 'envelope roof' to withstand heavy snow, (bottom right) Georgia's Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia, designed to look like a spaceship, (bottom left) the interior of Shezhen Bao and (inset) Spain's colourful Barajas Airport in Madrid, which is the largest in Europe.

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Glasgow dog scared of his own hair after owner gives him a trim

Goose, an eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, had a puzzled look on his face after being sheared last week having grown his coat for more than two months. His owner, hospitality manager Grant Brown, from Glasgow, Scotland, with his wife Laura, 25, said the pattern formed almost perfectly as he tidied up Goose's coat. Mr Brown, 31, said: 'We give him a haircut every couple of months because he gets a bit messy as it is started falling off him I realised it looked pretty cool. We had been waiting a wee while longer because we were waiting on a new set of clippers to come in the post so it was quite straggly. His hair does grow quite long but he enjoys getting it cut too. My wife likes it shorter so when the new gear came I sat him down and got it done.'

Fresh produce, saunas and the opera are all on your doorstep in the lake-filled paradise of southern Finland, finds MailOnline Travel's Rosie Gizauskas.

MailOnline Travel has compiled a catalogue of locations that look other-worldly, from sulfurous hot springs in Ethiopia to gas craters in Turkmenistan and ice in Siberia.

As a 25th anniversary performance of Miss Saigon is released, MailOnline Travel's John Mcentee discovers how Ho Chi Minh City, where the story is set, has been transformed.

That's one way to rock a baby to sleep! Flexible new mother leaps, pirouettes, and even does the SPLITS while her daughter is strapped to her chest in graceful video clip

New mother Shané Reyneke was training to be a dance teacher when she became pregnant. Now, the pilates teacher, believed to be from South Africa, straps her daughter to her chest as she dances. Shané, pictured dancing with her daughter, said using a wrap for her baby has transformed her life and that she loves dancing with her.


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New Zealand model and competitive eater Nela Zisser eats entire lemon cake

New Zealand model and competitive eater Nela Zisser (left) has filmed herself eating an entire lemon cake (inset) in less than seven minutes (right). Zisser is a YouTube sensation who has previously eaten 22 Big Macs in a sitting.

The phrase man's best friend has rarely been truer than with this obedient dog who has been trained to fetch beer. Footage emerged last week from Sudbury, Canada, of the puppy's very useful trick.

Anita Dhake, from Chicago, Nomadic Matt, from Boston, and Mollie Bylett, from London, all travel for their job. They revealed the downsides, including loneliness and financial instability.

Moment skydivers ride on world's biggest swing suspended between two hot air balloons 6,000ft above the ground

This dizzying video shows the moment the fearless skydivers leaped from a hot air balloon to ride on the world's biggest swing. The 'Mega Swing' is a tiny seat which dangles on a 500ft rope between two hot air balloons. The skydivers, with their parachutes on their back and billowing red smoke attached to their ankles, took a seat on the swing before pushing off from the balloons. Footage, filmed by the adrenaline junkies, shows the stomach churning moment they plummet hundreds of feet before swinging back up towards the other hot air balloon.