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US Air Force's X-37B space plane reaches 500 days in orbit despite unknown mission

The X-37B space plane, an experimental program run by the Air Force, launched atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on May 20, 2015 at at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Theories have ranged from it being a space bomber, to a clandestine probe on a mission to 'take out' spy satellites. The mystery vehicle (artist's impression shown, infrared image inset), essentially a technology test bed, is designed to orbit the Earth and land like one of Nasa's old shuttles.

The creepy sounds were recorded by University of Iowa's 'Waves' instrument and then converted in sound files by the engineers to form the spooky soundscape.

NEW The research comes from the University of Calgary where scientists tested the stress levels in male and female mice. The findings highlight the importance of a social network for females (stock image).

A nuclear power plant became the target of a disruptive cyber attack two to three years ago, said International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director Yukiya Amano (pictured) this week.

The team, led by New York-based non-profit the BoldlyGo Institute, Project Blue will fund, build and launch a telescope to capture images of exoplanets in the closest star system to Earth.

In an article for The Conversation, Charles West, and Alyxandra Mattison, researchers from the University of Sheffield, explain why history would have been very different if England had won.

The pests - common clothes moths which feed on wool and natural fibres such as cashmere, tweed, sheepskin and fur - are eating through our jumpers and cardigans in millions of homes in the UK.

Researchers from Goldsmiths, University of London and University College London (UCL) looked at whether tone-deaf people had difficulty in social situations (stock image)

A leaked video shows Microsoft is finally updating Paint. The new Paint Preview will offer a 3D mode and let users draw directly into the program via a touchscreen and a stylus.

GlycanAge test lets YOU find out your body's REAL AGE

Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, is part of team behind the test. He says:‘Studies have found that our blood's glycan levels closely track our chronological age’. In other words, different patterns occur at different ages — so how much you vary from the norm for your age is a sign you’re ageing at a slower — or faster — rate than most of your contemporaries. Glycan patterns also change with the menopause because of the drop in oestrogen, which protects against ageing.

Sony has taught an AI to compose music. The firm fed Flow Machines 13,000 music samples and then instructed it to produce a record in style of The Beatles for its pop song 'Daddy's Car'.

Hyundai and BMW customers are the most satisfied with their in-vehicle technology,and navigation and voice control systems got the lowest scores, researchers found.

Researchers from the Yale Institute for Network Science studied the dynamics of the East African Nyangatom nomadic tribal group which is regularly involved in violent raids.

Is there a crystal pyramid below the Bermuda Triangle? Conspiracy theorists say the

Reports have re-emerged that suggest a crystal pyramid lies 2,000 metres below the surface of the Bermuda Triangle, which is roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. The reports claim that the findings were presented by a scientist at a press conference held in the Bahamas, but there is no evidence that the scientist actually exists.


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Planet Earth is back! Lion attacks, monkey thieves and giant dragons star in first trailer for the return of Sir David Attenborough's stunning series

A decade after the first Planet Earth series was filmed, Sir David Attenborough has given a first glimpse of the second season of the hit series - and it looks every bit as stunning as the first. 'Earth illuminated - Planet Earth two, coming to BBC One soon,' he says in the eagerly anticipated trailer. The new series, which begins later this month on BBC One, will have six episodes, each an hour long. Each week will deal with life in a different environment, from mountains, to islands to jungles. Although the locations have not yet been revealed, the The first episode takes us to the Galapagos islands (pictured).

Apple stock has jumped 2.3 percent, reaching a high not seen since December, after arch rival Samsung suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 following fires in replacement devices.

Induced pluripotent stem cells grown from one monkey's skin revitalised the damaged hearts of five macaques, researchers from Shinshu University, Japan, found.

Researchers from the Universities of Cambridge, Southern Denmark and Washington State Vancouver said mice make ultrasound in a way never found before in any animal.

The site features a News Feed, Groups, Messages and Events, like the original social network, and lets companies take part in meetings using Facebook Live.

Forget eating circular pancakes, this robot uses 3D printing technology to draw out any image with pancake batter on a hot griddle. Users can upload any design from a team's logo to a selfie.

Residents in Shepton Mallet, Somerset were in for a surprise this morning, when they spotted what could easily be mistaken for a UFO in the sky. The rare phenomenon is fallstreak clouds.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology set out to solve the mystery of how the precursor of the present-day genetic code first duplicated.

Stunning images of Mars beamed back from Indian space probe reveal the red planet in all

India;s space agency, based in the city of Bengaluru, has released the first full year's worth of data from its Mars probe, showing stunning context for Earth's neighbour and its features. While the instrument aboard ISRO's Mangalyaan probe, called the Mars Colour Camera (MCC), can’t match the level of granular detail from other probes, it has a very wide field of view, enabling it to capture the whole planet in a single shot (left). Pictured bottom right is Mars' moon Phobos transiting the planet.Top right is the Valles Marineris canyon, largest canyon in the solar system.

Thington has revealed free app 'Thington Concierge,' which pairs with smart lights, cameras, and other devices to provide centralized control, which can be securely shared with select people.

Apple's lawsuit contends that Samsung infringed on patents for "slide to unlock" and autocorrection, among others ©Jung Yeon-Je (AFP/File)

A US appeals court on Friday handed Apple a victory in one of its battles with rival Samsung, reinstating a $119.6 million verdict for the iPhone maker for p...

A number of Chrysler Pacifica minivans (pictured) have been seen at one of Google's car parks in Mountain View, California, expanding the firm's fleet of driverless vehicles (stock image).

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil identified two new species of cynodants - early ancestors of mammals - based on remains that had been left in a museum for decades.

The study by University of California, Irvine found astronauts on deep space missions could suffer from dementia and permanent memory loss as cosmic rays bombard and damage their brains.

Elon Musk, CEO of California-based Tesla, tweeted: 'Tesla product unveiling on the 17th (unexpected by most), followed by Tesla/SolarCity on the 28th.'

Apple's smartwatch joins the list of banned devices, which already includes smartphones, that must not be taken into UK cabinet meetings. It is feared that Russian hackers could use them to listen in.

The justices' ruling, due by the end of June, could have a long-term impact for designers and product manufacturers if it limits the penalties for swiping a patented design.

How the one per cent lived 2,000 years ago: 3D video tour reveals the luxurious villa of a wealthy banker in ancient Pompeii

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have been working on the project since 2010, in the hopes of documenting the area in Pompeii before it deteriorates further. The researchers uncovered floor surfaces from AD 79, performed detailed studies of the building development through history, cleaned and documented three large wealthy estates, a tavern, a laundry, a bakery and several gardens. Pictured are two examples (left to right) of the appearance of what the house could have looked like, based on photographs and 3D scanning.

Researchers at Nottingham University discovered a protein, called carbonic anhydrase, found within the powerhouse of a cell has a crucial role in the ageing process.

Researchers at Mainz University in Germany have found a link between intelligence and shortsightedness, saying those who wear glasses may often be smarter than those who don't.

Samsung Electronics has suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following reports of fires in replacement devices. U.S. carriers are also refusing to exchange them.

Australian researchers found cinnamon lowers stomach temperature, which helps prevent damage to the stomach's lining. It is used in Chinese medicines to treat indigestion and cramps.

Newport-Inglewood fault, is ‘seismically active down to the upper mantle,’ suggesting more power quakes than expected could occur here and along others, including, San Andreas, pictured.

A Stanford bioengineer has developed a 3-D printed smartphone microscope that allows users to observe microbes called Euglena, to make serious observations or even play games.

An expert at the University of California discusses how spliced RNA could decipher 'normal' aged cells from pre-cancerous and cancerous ones, which could lead to detecting aging cells.

To banish your fear of missing out, Facebook released the standalone app Events that shows nearby events, what your friends interested in and offers a calendar to keep track of your RSVPs.

Researchers at Tsinghua University in China found that feeding the larvae (pictured) a diet fortified with carbon nanomaterials enabled the them to reinforce the silk threads themselves.

The firm confirmed the Spring Street location, close to Apple's own Soho store, will open to the public on the 20th October to show off the firm's newly announced range of products.

The firm is rumoured to be putting the finishing touches to an all in one desktop PC - and today sent out invites for an event in New York on the 26th October where it is expected to be unveiled.

The spacecraft is being controlled from the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, but many of its systems are automatic and don't need commands from Earth.

Professor Alexandra Horowitz, founder of Barnard College's Dog Cognition Lab in New York, makes the claim about dogs' time-telling skills in a new book based on her research.

Former policeman spots 'UFO with flashing lights' hovering over West Yorkshire

The retired officer, who asked to remain anonymous, made the sighting near Holmfirth, in Kirklees, and immediately contacted renowned ufologist Gary Heseltine (pictured, inset). Mr Heseltine set up a camera to record the footage, which starts with him scanning around for anything unusual. A dim light comes in from the left before an incredibly bright, circular object then appears from the top-right corner of the screen.

Designer Pierre Delavie used a canvas almost 13,000 square feet in size to create an optical illusion on Paris' Conciergerie building, located on the Ile de la Cite overlooking the Seine.

Experts from the Universities of Liverpool and Penn State told MailOnline training your brain to become ambidextrous might not boost its brain power, even though some consultancies suggest it can.

Lachlan Markay admitted there was 'more than I expected' after posting a picture of the huge pile of papers (pictured) he received back from the Department of Energy.

Researchers in Spain found 90 percent of people can be considered either optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, or envious – and the rest behave in a way that falls outside of the defined models.

Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania is home to a remarkable boulder field. The weight of the rocks is so great that the ground they've depressed the ground they sit on by 12 feet over the years.

Samsung said its operating profit for the July-September period would stand at around 7.8 trillion won, compared to 7.39 trillion won a year ago ©Jung Yeon-Je (AFP/File)

Samsung Electronics on Friday flagged a 5.5-percent rise in operating profits, even as it struggles with a damaging global smartphone recall and a shareholde...

EXCLUSIVE: Professor Lewis Dartnell, UK Space Agency research fellow based at the University of Kent gives, his tips on what to do if the apocalypse should strike and what we need to rebuild society.

Through the Deep Earth Carbon Degassing (DECADE) initiative, scientists around the world are laying the groundwork for better forecasting of when volcanoes will erupt (pictured).

The noise canceling 'bubble' that could give you a perfect night's sleep: hi tech gadget

The $269 Nightingale contains two speakers, and a choice of 15 difference noises it uses to create a 'blanket' over a bed to protect sleepers. Nightingale can also play different nature sounds to help ease you to sleep. It can be controlled via iOS and Android mobile apps, or a web browser from any PC, and automatically scheduled to turn on before bedtime and turn off before you wake up.

Paris-based L'Oréal, teamed up with bioprinting company Poietis, which is based in Pessac, southwestern France to form a partnership that aims to develop a working 3D-printed hair follicle.

Market-watchers pointed to comments by French President Francois Hollande, who insisted the European Union must take a tough stance in negotiating Brexit, and a 'rogue algorithm'.

The bullet is said to have saved the life of a man in Afghanistan, though some have suggested it could even be a publicity stunt. Images show a bullet sticking out of the phone's screen.

Not all airports offer free Wi-Fi, but a new map gives you the information to access it. Anil Polat released an ‘always-up-to-date’ list of wireless passwords for airports all over the world.

The troubled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset was put to the test at the Applied Energy Hub battery laboratory in Singapore, where it gave off smoke before exploding into flames.

According to Eugenia Kuyda, co-founder of the AI startup Luka, memorial bots are ‘the future.’ The CEO recently unveiled the ‘digital monument’ to her deceased friend, available to chat with Luka users.

The University of Michigan genetically engineer mice to grow 7 digits on each paw to learn why humans have 5 fingers. The change happened after a mutation transpired within our ancestors' genes.

Hunt for ancient 'whistling bullets' in Israel could link Roman ruler to raid on Scottish

Researchers from the Trimontium Trust are investigating ancient ruins at Beitar in Israel in the hopes of linking Roman ruler Quintus Lollius Urbicus to a siege in Scotland. Earlier this year, a collection of whistling bullets (pictured) used 1,800 years ago by the Romans to incite fear into their enemies was been found on Burnswark Hill, in Dumfries, Scotland.

A baby hedgehog

The new feature only launched on Monday, but the social network admitted that a 'technical issue' meant items had appeared for sale that violated the site's user policies.

Seoul-based Samsung has said it plans to incorporate Viv's AI assistant platform into Galaxy handsets and expand voice assistant services to home appliances.

The Mirai botnet, one of two networks involved in the recent cyberattacks, used 61 username and password combinations to enable ‘brute-force’ hacks into thousands of devices around the world.

A tooth belonging to a dog thought to resemble an Alsatian has been found in the grounds of a nursing home a mile from Stonehenge which is thought to be the oldest evidence of 'walkies'.

Facebook Messenger's encrypted 'Secret Conversations' feature was first announced by the social media firm in July and is now being rolled out to users all over the world.

The finding was made by researchers from the University of New Hampshire, using Nasa's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory.

The 'Tesla of speedboats': £120,000 electric yacht travels 50 miles on one charge - but

Netherlands-based Edorado Marine hopes to bring a fleet of designs to market that echo efforts around the development of electric cars and aeroplanes. Alongside the electric system, the boats use hydrofoils – blades that lift the vessel to reduce drag – to make the boat more efficient. This will allow the boat to travel at speeds of up to 40 knots (46 miles/hour).

Dr Christopher Krupenye, from the Max Planck Institute, and Fumihiro Kano, from Kyoto University, tracked the eye movements of apes while they watched a dramatic scene unfold.

Researchers from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing made the unusual discovery of the ancient tomb in Jiayi cemetery in Turpan in northwest China.

The Seattle-based online retailer will give drivers a one-off smart access code to allow them to enter a customer's home. The firm has not yet reveal when or where the trial will take place.

South-East England - the most densely populated region in the UK - is the area with the greatest declines in toad populations, suggesting urbanisation could be to blame.

A team led by researchers at the University of Washington analysed the genome of the tarsier, revealing they are more closely related to monkeys, great apes, and people than thought.

Researchers at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab have now developed a method to predict these events based patterns from earlier storms, which block out large amounts of incoming solar energy.

The latest insight into the simulated reality paranoia of the Silicon Valley elite comes from an interview with head of famed Californian start-up Y Combinator, Sam Altman.

Researchers like Madeline Lancaster, from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Medicine in Cambridge, are growing human brains in labs, to figure out what gives us unique disorders like autism and schizophrenia.

EXCLUSIVE: Research from global online security firm Kaspersky Lab, based in Moscow, revealed that many young children have accessed unsuitable material online. (stock image)

The report, by EQ Research a clean energy policy research institute based in North Carolina, found growing marijuana makes up 1 per cent of energy use in states like Colorado and Washington.

Explorer Barry Clifford FINDS ship's legendary treasure after searching for 30 years

The undersea explorer who discovered the Whydah Gally (pictured inset as a drawing and as a life-size replica, left), the first authenticated pirate shipwreck in North America, believes he's found where the ship's legendary treasure lies after more than 30 years of poking around the murky waters off Cape Cod. Barry Clifford says his expedition recently located a large metallic mass that he's convinced represents most if not all of the 400,000 coins and other riches believed to be contained on the ship. A bell once belonging to the ship (top right) and a bronze wheel wax (bottom right) were recovered from the ship's wreckage.

Researchers from the University of Chicago has determined that this 'missing' crust was actually swallowed by the mantle - a phenomenon which was thought to be nearly impossible.

The Nobel Assembly at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute awarded the prize to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir James Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa for their groundbreaking work on molecular machines.

Researchers at the University of Arizona published a report describing two separate cases where the augmented reality game Pokémon Go has caused severe injury.

New testing on an artefact that was discovered decades ago suggests that a Persian official worked in the country's former capital, Nara, more than 1,000 years ago.

German and Austrian researchers discovered how an ornamental flower uses smell to deceive its insect pollinators, which are drawn to the scent of bees in peril - their preferred meal of choice.

Researchers led by Jan Vijg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York studied age of death statistics from a range of sources and estimated that 125 is the top age possible.

Researchers from McGill University investigated the ways in which a child's moral understanding develops, finding their perception of truth and lies changes over time.

New study claims 'second Earth' just four light years away has oceans

A team including CNRS astrophysicists have calculated the size and surface properties of the planet dubbed Proxima b, and concluded it may be an 'ocean planet' similar to Earth.

A Samsung device overheated on Wednesday morning and began to smoke, which led Southwest Airlines to evacuate the plane before it departed for Baltimore from Louisville, Kentucky.

The American Meteor Society says the Tuesday evening meteor was seen in locations including New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan, Ontario, and Quebec.

According to a new study, 'The Great Dying' might not have been as bad as once thought. Calculations estimate the actual extinction rate of marine life at around 81 percent, rather than up to 96.

A team of scientists from the Universities of Bath and Lincoln compared the genomes of 28 mammals with differing sizes of neocortex to make the discovery.

Psychologists at the University of Sussex carried out research that found the voice pitch of males was often determined by the age of seven, rather than when puberty hit.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) said the experiments with bees show for the first time that some insects can pass skills on through several generations.

Levitating Hyperloop pods that hurtle through underwater tunnels at 1,220 kph (760 mph) could some day arrive in Dubai. The city recently hosted a competition for designs related to the system.

An Oxford University analysis has found that performing good deeds, such as holding the door open for someone or donating to charity, gives the doer a warm glow.

China to build the world's biggest space plane by 2020

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing designed the plane, and presented its ideas at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico last month. China's plane would be a vertical take-off and landing aircraft (pictured inset). The researchers presented two ideas. The first design weighs in at 10 tonnes and has a wingspan of 6 metres. The second design was for a scaled up 100-tonne version, with a 40 foot (12 metre) wingspan, could fly 20 people to 80 miles (130 km), giving 4 minutes of weightlessness (diagram pictured).

Researchers at Northern Arizona University monitored the activity levels of more than 40 squirrels over the course of two years, using specially designed tracking collars.

The Nobel Assembly at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute awarded the prize to three physicists; David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz.

Scientists at the State University of New York at Oneonta believe their findings may explain why yawning has evolved in mammals - it helps to keep the brain cool so it can operate properly.

Researchers in Germany suggest tidal forces from these three planets directly influence oscillations in a phenomenon known as the 'alpha effect,' dictating the 22-year cycle of the solar dynamo.

Alphabet's Project Wing and Chipotle are feeding hungry college students at Virginia Tech. The duo has begun its pilot program that delivers stuffed burritos to the Virginia college campus.

The new  Salton Trough Fault, which runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault, could impact the earthquake-prone region that includes the greater LA area, seismologists say.

Archaeologists have unearthed a 5ft long marble slab inscribed with 58 lines of ancient Greek text that describe a rental agreement for property in the gymnasium at the city of Teos in Turkey.

Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of aerospace firm Boeing made the prediction at a conference in Chicago this week and hopes that its technology will beat SpaceX to the red planet.

The heartbreaking game designed by a father to re-enact the short life of his five-year-old son who died of brain cancer

Ryan Green, 34, of Loveland, Colorado designed That Dragon, Cancer to let players 'discover the overwhelming hope that can be found in the face of death'.

The majority of species studied in the annual Big Butterfly Count saw populations fall and some saw their worst numbers since the citizen science project began in 2010.

Two computer scientists solved the mystery of how to cut a cake in envy-free slices. Using an algorithm, the duo's system uses protocols that leaves everyone happy- but It can take 3-203 cuts of cake.

Renewable energy firm Kite Power Solutions is building its power station at the Ministry of Defence's West Freugh range in Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway. It will be in operation by March 2017.

The ringed-seal was at first mistaken for a native common seal when it was rescued from mudflats near Plymouth, Devon. But a closer examination has confirmed it to be a female ringed seal.

Ray Taylor, from Alcester, had dug the bowl up in his garden when planting rhubarb, and used it to create a DIY bird bath. But a museum has now revealed it is a 2,000-year-old Roman bowl.

The Avatar XPrize aims to develop 'limitless travel' avatars that can be rented and controlled remotely by a human operator, who will be able to hear, see, and feel what the robot is experiencing.

Archaeologists have drilled boreholes into the 42 feet high mound at Skipsea Castle, Yorkshire, and discovered it is far older than the Norman conquest when it was thought to have been built.

A former leader of the US Navy's Task Force on Climate Change has revealed how it threatens national security, and could lead to catastrophic chaos and instability.

The feature was trialled in Australia two weeks ago, and is now being rolled out in the UK. Using Tinder Boost can give users up to 10 times more profile views than the standard method.

Researchers from Harvard University m Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, and the University of California, set out to test whether teens' sensitivity to reward could also make them better at learning.

Scientists from Jinan University in China say they have created a new fibre suitable for sewing into tailorable textiles that can capture and release solar power.

MIT designed fur-like, rubbery pelts that mimic beaver coats. The team believes it will make wetsuits more efficient, as the artificial material can trap air while under water and keep surfers warm.

Researchers at Williams College in Massachusetts say the minerals of the ancient 'shells' are made up of calcium phosphate rather than calcium carbonate, like that of snail shells (pictured).

The Category Four storm drenched Haiti's south-east coast on Monday, with 430,000 people evacuated due to life-threatening winds and rain. It could reach Florida on Wednesday.

A freighter called the Lutzen ran aground off Cape Cod in 1939 after getting lost in fog. The British ship was sailing to New York City with 230 tons of frozen blueberries.

Panasonic understands the pains of finding the right concealer. Now, the firm has improved its smart mirror that points out facial flaws by adding the ability to print makeup that matches your skin tone.

Texas-based Wazoo Survival gear has launched a unisex travel belt, featuring more than 24 cleverly-secreted tools. The Cache Belt was unveiled on September 20 via Kickstarter .

Professor Bas Rokers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison led a study that found motion blindness is caused by a failure of the brain, and has nothing to do with our eyes.

A shoal of blue-green damselfish, seen near a coral reef at Lizard Island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef ©Mark McCormick (James Cook University/AFP)

Damselfish living alone lose weight and suffer more signs of stress when living alone than with their shoal-mates. Researchers say it suggests coral fish are more sociable than believed.

Most hurricanes that hit the East Coast tend to move northwest around the Bermuda high. But Hurricane Matthew looks like it could be looping back around to hit Florida again.

Apple killed the headphone jack and its next victim could be the home button. A recent patent describes a special lens behind the screen that scans fingerprints anywhere on the surface.

The latest discovery of skeletal remains at the Antikythera shipwreck could allow researchers to conduct an unprecedented DNA analysis of human bones that have survived thousands of years at sea.

Cupertino-based Apple filed the patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office in March 2016, but it was only made public a few days ago. The company is trying to make its bags eco-friendly.

A study commissioned by Leeds-based Privilege Insurance reveals bizarre ingredients used by the food and drink industry, including one derived from human hair for prolonging the shelf-life of bread.

A stunning image captured roughly 3.4 million miles away from Atlas, the larger of the pair, reveals this object is in the process of being overtaken by Pan, a 17-mile-wide moon with a faster orbit.

Snap Inc, which operates the photo-sharing platform, gave the firm a huge value while drawing up plans for an IPO. They are looking to sell shares as early as late March.

The Amsterdam-based makers of the device describe it as 'a truly smart wireless Bluetooth EEG headband' which 'senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy' and induces dreams.

The researchers, led by the University of Hertfordshire, used the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array telescope along with ESO's Very Large Telescope to look at the mysterious objects.

The trio are funding an ambitious $100 million (£76 million) project known as 'Breakthrough Listen', which will listen for signals from ET on Proxima b, a rocky planet that is just four light years away.

David Shale from Tusbury, in Devon, was able to capture images of the creatures (pictured) while spending time on British research vessels all over the world, including European and US waters.

The BBC has been testing a prototype holographic display at its headquarters in London to see how its content might appear in the format. Among the holograms it created were CGI dinosaurs walking.

Hasbro released a life-like robotic dog for the elderly that doesn't need to be fed, walked or bathed. Called the Companion Pet Pup, it has realistic fur, BarkBack technology and responds to human touch.

Nasa has set up a global portal where the public can find Nasa-funded research articles. Topics include how to survive a day on Mars, how planets form and if there is life on Titan.

It has baffled visitors and scientists for decades - a strange hum emanating from one of Utah's iconic rock arches. Researchers say Utah's Rainbow Bridge hums with a mix of natural and man-made vibrations.

By viewing the star over a number of years, a team at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California were able to build up a longer term picture of the star system’s activity.

Rosetta's mission is expected to end tomorrow, when the control room at the European Space Agency's operations centre in Germany officially confirm the mission's end.

Google Trips, provides users with daily itineraries for the top 200 cities in the world to help 'reduce the hassle' of planning a vacation. The app is now available for iOS and Android.

The ancient shoe was discovered two weeks ago in a ditch at Roman fort Vindolanda close to Hexham, Northumberland. It will now go on permanent display in the site's museum.

California is on high alert after a series of over 35 'mini quakes' this week raised fears of a 'megaquake' on the San Andreas fault could be coming.

This photo provided by by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office shows Civil War-era cannonballs found Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, on a beach in Folly Beach, S.C. The County Sheriff's Office bomb squad was called to Folly Beach on Sunday after Civil War-era cannonballs were found on shore, washed up by Hurricane Matthew, Maj. Eric Watson said. (Charleston County Sheriff's Office via AP)

About 15 cannonballs surfaced on South Carolina's Folly Beach on Sunday, eight miles down the coast from Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began in 1861.

Experts believe it could be one of more than 2,000 across the country dating back to the civil war and the brutal dictatorship of General Franco.

California-based Tinder has introduced the new Stacks application globally, allowing people to send pictures to their friends which they can swipe left or right to give their opinion on.

The Internet is divided over the colour of a Kate Spade handbag after a picture was posted to Twitter by Taylor Corso, a United States accountant. The ensuing debate was reminiscent of THAT dress

MIT has built a robot that works in sewers, where it sifts through human waste to find data. Called Luigi, this 'poopbot' sucks up waste and traps bacteria so researchers can study urban health patterns.

Disney Research has designed the first ever one-legged hopping robot that doesn't need to be tethered to off-board power by creating a micro-computer that runs on lithium batteries.

This July 16, 2016, photo taken from underwater  video  shows the "Washington", which sank during a storm in 1803. The team of underwater explorers says it has found the second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian owned-sloop that sank in Lake Ontario 213 years ago. The three-member western New York-based team says it discovered the wreck of the Washington earlier this summer in deep water off Oswego. (Roger L. Pawlowski via AP)

The American-built, Canadian-owned sloop Washington sank in in deep water off Oswego on Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago during an 1803 storm.

SpaceX says a breach in the helium cooling system of the upper oxygen tank of its Falcon 9 rocket may have been behind the explosion that destroyed it on the launch pad in Florida earlier this month.

Researchers travelled to Greenland, where they found fossil specimens of Pambdelurion, an extinct relative of modern arthropods, which lived in the oceans 520 million years ago.

The six-passenger, two-pilot winged space plane, designed to take passengers on five-minute voyages into suborbital space, reaching altitudes of about 62 miles (100 km), was tested in the Mojave desert yesterday.

Uber is currently testing a fleet of self-driving Ford Fusions in Pittsburgh for the first time. Two witnesses have reported seeing accidents involving the cars, or cars disobeying traffic laws.

A seemingly mundane image of three women sitting on a park bench has left the internet in a state of confusion, as on closer examination there's something very unusual about the photo.

The Geological Society ran a photography competition under the theme 'Earth Science in Action.' The winners include photos from the Isle of Skye, Benbulbin and Pembrokshire.

Alien hunters claim to have spotted a gold Martian ring on Mars. These UFOlogists are calling for a team archaeologists to visit the red plant and investigate the bizarre discovery.

A study of DNA from over 200 ancient cats revealed two distinct waves of population growth in Eurasia and Africa. Study suggests they expanded with farming and seafaring communities.

Greenland's highly unstable ice sheet is melting more than seven percent faster than previously thought, a study in Science Advances revealed ©Jeremy Harbeck (NASA Goddard/AFP/File)

Accommodating up to 200 soldiers, 'Camp Century' was officially built to provide a laboratory for Arctic research projects, but it was also home to a secret US effort to deploy nuclear missiles.

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA), celebrated the end of the 12 year mission today at the mission control centre in Darmstadt, western Germany

The Aladin instrument, which was designed by Airbus in France, incorporates two powerful lasers, a large telescope and sensitive receivers. It will be used to make maps of Earth's winds.

The video was created by a mathematician from Frankfurt, who used a compilation of pictures taken between July 5 and August 27 this year, by a camera on the probe called JunoCam.

The Navy's newest destroyer will remain in Virginia at Naval Station Norfolk longer than expected after crew members detected a leak on the vessel.

A team at Stanford University has tested inflatable helmets (pictured) to measure the level of protection they provide compared to standard foam helmets worn by cyclists.

Shenzhen-based Tencent's Keen Security Lab said researchers were able to remotely control some systems on the Tesla S in both driving and parking modes by exploiting security bugs, that are now fixed.

The fascinating wildlife in the waters surrounding the uninhabited Scottish island in the extreme west of the Outer Hebrides was spotted during an expedition which took place last year.

The annual CEATEC show at the Makuhari Messe near convention centre near Tokyo is a showcase for Asia's biggest technology and auto firms including Hitachi and Toyota.

Interactive designer Alexia Léchot has developed a robot that uses iPads to compete with humans in small mimicking games. But according to the creator, Deltu is 'very demanding.'

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany analysed stable nitrogen and carbon isotopes in local plant foods and 101 bonobo hair samples.

The idea was proposed by German architect Herman Sörgel who hoped the colossal plan would be an answer to Europe's post-WWI refugee crisis and help bring world peace.