A total of 66.52 million people have watched the series so far, with each episode averaging over 13 million views, according to figures from the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB).

According to wine app Vivino, consumption of French Champagne has fallen from 55.12 per cent in the sparkling wine category to just 51.57 per cent this summer.


Chef creates optical illusion desserts including marzipan beans on toast and pizza made of

Ben Churchill (centre), 29, from Hertfordshire, has become a social media star thanks to his mind-blowing creations that he captures on video for his 26,000 followers. His double-take inventions include (clockwise from top left) chilli peppers made from chilli chocolate cake; a pepperoni pizza that's actually dessert; a chocolate 'pear''; and strawberry marzipan beans on toast. But he insists his designs aren't entirely whimsical, saying: 'I'm very passionate about making the dessert relevant. For example, I make sure if it's an apple, that it's flavoured like one.'

A chicken burger with a doughnut for a bun, and an oozing sausage and egg tower garnished with a strawberry Pop Tart are among the weird dishes you can try in the UK on National Burger Day.

Ghanaian-born Selasi Gbormittah stole viewers' hearts on the first episode of Bake Off as presenter Mel Giedroyc kicked off the show's - much loved - innuendo bingo by purring the word moist.

FEMAIL has rounded up 12 secret sweets and snacks you can find on Amazon if you know where to look, including flavours you'd never get in the UK - and some very unusual foreign delicacies.

Surrey nutritionist Dr Juliet Gray has created six speedy egg recipes that take less than 12 minutes to make - and even better, they all cost about £1 or less.

Discount supermarket Aldi is selling prized Wagyu rump steaks for just £4.99 on Thursday. The pricey beef can sell for between £100 and £200 per kilo depending on the cut.

The real best before date is 'May 09/17' - but that hasn't stopped more than 4,000 people upvoting the quirky coincidence on Reddit. The picture, from Jayson88, is now a viral hit.

Best friends Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald (right), of Denver in the US, have invented the 'Drip Drop' - a thick wafer saucer which fits around the ice cream cone to catch any pesky drips.

Instagram foodies around the world have been transforming their boring and bland rice cakes into delicious snack creations. Some have opted for healthy options and others have made desserts.

The celebrity chef has put the famous Pasta Amatriciana dish on special boards at every UK branch of Jamie's Italian.
£2 from every sale of the meal will be donated to the Italian Red Cross.

From measly tips on orders worth hundreds of pounds to a last-minute demand to seat a party of 90, servers around the world have shared their customer horror stories on Reddit.

Having limited options for dinner is an experience many herbivores have faced. FEMAIL trawled the Internet to find the funniest stories from vegetarians frustrated with a lack of dinner options.

Photos show the tasteless cakes that no one ever needed in their life 

From terrifying recreations of cartoon characters to misspelled and often crude messages, these cakes would certainly not impress GBBO's Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood. From clockwise: Elsa from Frozen is given an alarming make over in one image, a Super Bowl cake has a very unfortunate misspelling, and a disturbing blue bake has a plastic baby doll encased inside. A pretty white and blue cake has a stomach-churning message, another has an inappropriate apology, while a rabbit cake is anything but cute as the word 'DIE' is spelled out in sweets.

The video of @johnnydanger_nz, from New Zealand, messing up his dining partner's food photo has been viewed more than 35,000 times on Instagram after going viral.

Supermarkets are gearing up for a huge sales surge in niche baking ingredients ahead of the new GBBO series - with some even employing 'dedicated bake officers' to keep up with demand.

These might be the 25 funniest ice cream fails on Instagram, including lollies that look nothing like how the packaging, ice creams that melt within seconds, and many, many dropped cones.

Mother-of-two Mieka Smiles, 34, tried to create family meals from just tinned foods - and tested if they could guess which hadn't after being inspired by chef Jack Monroe.

It's the news carb devotees have been waiting for; the revelation that the unrefined variety of carbohydrates including white rice and even pasta won't make you gain weight, say experts.

A Sydney restaurant has created Pokemon burgers inspired by popular monsters Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Charmander, and social media is going crazy for them.

If you find yourself frequently putting in a bad performance in bed, a change of diet may be the answer. Eating pears three times a week can reduce sexual dysfunction by as much at 19 per cent.

Londoner Miguel Barclay, of Instagram account OnePoundMeals fame, shopped at discount supermarkets to create a frugal seven-day meal plan to feed a family of four different meals every day.

FEMAIL has put together a list of the 15 salads beloved by celebrities like Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, and Chrissy Teigen, and what goes into them, so you can eat like a model or movie star.

Doughnut walls have taken the Internet by storm, as crafty wedding planners and baby shower hosts set up entire walls filled with the Instagrammable sweet treat.

Australians are some of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. Although many of us love the kick we get from our morning cup, we often ignore the longer-term effects coffee has on our body.

KFC's top recipe was 'found' and FEMAIL puts it to the test

Joanne Gould, 31, from London, (left) tested the alleged top-secret KFC recipe to see if it matches up to the restaurant's version. The chain's blend of 11 spices and herbs had until recently been a closely guarded secret, but it was supposedly found in an old scrapbook by the nephew of Colonel Sanders last week. KFC owners Yum! Brands denies the recipe is genuine but, having tested it for herself, Joanne believes the spice mix discovered last week is the real deal.

From ketchup on popcorn and bananas to a bizarre turkey stuffed with octopus tentacles and crab legs, people have taken to social media with some of the strangest meals they've ever seen.

FEMAIL compared five of the bestselling ready meals, and their 'lighter' equivalents, from seven major supermarkets to see which will leave you feeling the least guilty.

Part-time Hong Kong cooking teacher, 37, Candace Ku, turns balls of rice into her children's favourite cartoon characters like Peppa Pig and Angry Birds - and they look just like the real thing.

Meal Deal Talk has amassed more than 215,000 followers in its first month since launching. It has launched a petition for a cap on meal deal prices.

Nearly 5,000 people have upvoted this photo of a nobbly strawberry that looks uncannily like legendary computer game character Mario on Reddit.

London-based nutritionist Rob Hobson tells FEMAIL his five best and worst ways to start the day, saying that he avoids bread in packets and cereal bars at all costs.

London-based personal trainer Greg Cornthwaite has put together a list of five ideal breakfasts to eat if you want to stay in shape - and venison, steak, and mince are on the menu.

Starch grains in the teeth of Mesolithic people in the Balkans more than 8,000 years old (pictured) suggest wheat and barley formed part of their diet long before farming was introduced in the region.

The staff members will graduate with a BA honours degree after four years of online studying and support from a mentor at each UK branch.