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ACT man shouldn't receive life sentence for killing his ex-girlfriend Daniela D'Addario

A lawyer for Canberra man Josaia Vosikata (right), who murdered his ex-girlfriend Daniela D'Addario (right and left) in April 2015, said his client should not receive a life sentence because 'he's no Ivan Milat.' Vosikata, 29, appeared at the ACT Supreme Court on Tuesday for his sentencing hearing after pleading guilty earlier this year to strangling his 35-year-old girlfriend of three months before having sex with her corpse. Although the prosecutor is pushing for a life sentence, Vosikata's lawyer, Paul Edmonds, said he doesn't deserve the punishment because it 'is not the worst case of murder.'

Australian preschool asks non-working parents to pick children up earlier

A letter sent home from an Australian preschool telling non-working parents they must pick their kids up earlier than those who work has divided mums and dads. An image of the letter was posted to Facebook this week with the caption: 'What would you do if you were a SAHM (stay-at-home mum) and asked to pick your child up earlier because they didn't have staff, or didn't want to pay overtime to staff? Is this reasonable or discrimination?'

The 46-year-old kept an intimate diary on a computer about how she had sex with fellow members of staff on Dutch low-cost airline Transavia, which is owned by KLM/Air France.

Kate visits The Hague and Rotterdam for first solo trip without William

UPDATED Standing in front The Girl With The Pearl Earring at the Mauritshuis museum in the Hague this afternoon, the Duchess of Cambridge, 34, looked like a perfect match for the enigmatic figure in Vermeer's masterpiece in a pair of pearl and diamond earrings borrowed from the Queen. Kate is on a day-long visit to The Netherlands - her first official foreign trip without Prince William. But she showed no hint of nerves as she arrived at the museum this afternoon (right) in a pale blue Catherine Walker suit.

Mnombo Madyibi, 32, was on his honeymoon in Coffee Bay, South Africa when he was set upon by his wife after she got scared after seeing his 'hairy, scary cucumber' penis for the first time.

In the tragic footage Erdogan Ceren, from Turkey, holds a shotgun to his chest while addressing the camera and, after one failed attempt, ends his life.

This is what happens when you try and go in the 'secret back gate' to Area 51: Two men in camouflage pull out guns on off-road bikers at 'mysterious UFO site'

Armed men in camouflage gear came out of nowhere to stop a pair of adventure bikers who had discovered a secret back gate to the infamous Area 51 in Nevada. The terrified motorcyclists, who had just ridden past a sign which warned 'Use of deadly force authorized' put their hands in the air and must have feared for their lives. Conspiracy theorists believe Area 51 houses secret UFO technology which the government has seized from visiting aliens.

Until now, researchers thought that the first time our heart muscle contracted to beat was at 8 days after conception in mice which equates to around day 21 of a human pregnancy.

University of Washington School of Medicine scientists found women who lost weight eating a high-protein diet didn't show improvements in insulin sensitivity

Vincent Stanford killed teacher Stephanie Scott after she wished him 'Happy Easter'

NEW Police video shows Vincent Stanford, 25, (left outside court, right during his confession video) explaining in chilling detail the day he murdered Leeton High School teacher Stephanie Scott, 26, (inset) in April 2015 before dumping her body. Standford revealed calmly to police that he felt no emotion on the day he murdered the young woman, other than the urge that he 'had to kill her'. 'I picked her up from behind with my right hand over her mouth and my left hand around her middle, I dragged her into the store, I closed the door behind us, chucked her on the floor and I beat her to death,' Stanford told detectives.

Vincent Stanford (pictured) searched online for 'bride raped with wedding gown' and 'necro rape' in the days before he murdered engaged school teacher Stephanie Scott in Leeton, New South Wales in 2015.

Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm interrupted a Senate tribute to late sports journalist Rebecca Wilson on Tuesday to criticise her reports on Western Sydney Wanderers fans.

Vincent Stanford fantasised about killing someone at the age of seven 

Cleaner Vincent Standford (left), 25, confessed to police he had fantasised about killing someone since he was seven-years-old and had no emotion about killing Stephanie Scott (right), 26, last year. Standford pleaded guilty in July to raping and murdering Ms Scott at Leeton High School, NSW, where they both worked and appeared at his Supreme Court sentence hearing on Tuesday. Court documents revealed Standford often lingered in the girls toilets while students were on their lunch break and choked his a teacher when he was 12-years-old.

Top model Yulia Kaunova, from Russia, who wore a dress made of raw meat for a magazine photoshoot has admitted that it started to smell disgusting after a few hours under the hot studio lights.

A new infographic reveals the world's banned food, from raw milk in Canada to samosas in Somalia. And the seemingly innocent Kinder Surprise in the US.

Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee appear in shirtless selfies the night she died

Selfies have emerged from the night Warriena Wright met her accused killer Gable Tostee - before she fell to her death from his 14th floor Gold Coast apartment balcony in August 2014. The pair connected on dating app Tinder and photos from their only night together show them seemingly enjoying the evening. Mr Tostee is on trial for Ms Wright's murder.

Martin Taylor took 8,000 images of children in his local town of Driffield, east Yorkshire, but the judge said he could not ban him from taking more in case he reforms and want to take innocent images.

The boy described to a court in Dublin, Ireland an occasion where his British father, 66, was assembling a wooden box at the home in Waterford, in the country's south east.

New Mexico woman 'watched daughter be raped and killed by boyfriend and cousin'

A New Mexico mother did nothing to stop her boyfriend and his cousin from raping and dismembering her daughter on the day after her 10th birthday, even as the girl begged for them to stop, police say. Michelle Martens (inset top) admitted that she silently watched her daughter, Victoria (seen left and right), be killed by Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley inset center and bottom), in August. She then allegedly had sex with Gonzales 20 minutes later. The claims emerged across three interviews with police during which Martens told a series of conflicting accounts. Forensic reports said the girl had been dosed with meth, raped, strangled, stabbed and dismembered.

Pinkett said: 'After Donald declared me the winner and said, "Randal, you're hired," he asked me a question that he had never asked any contestant prior and never asked of any contestant after me.

The print was spotted in a showroom by Stevie Davies-Evans, who posted a picture of it on Twitter. He voiced his shock that the image had been hung up in the store in Cardiff.

'I can't breathe!' The distressing moment a Bunnings 'shoplifter' pleads with security guards to stop pinning him to the ground just hours before he died

An alleged thief who was tackled by Bunnings security guards 12 hours before he died in hospital told them he could not breathe, shocking footage has revealed. Anthony Georgiou, 31, was leaving a Bunnings Warehouse in Frankston, south of Melbourne, on September 12 when he was pinned down by two guards. Distressing mobile phone footage obtained by A Current Affair shows blood coming out of the father-of-one's mouth as he pleads with security to let him go. Pinned down on his front with his arms twisted behind his back, Mr Georgiou says: 'Somebody help me, please! Get them off me! Help me!' Police arrived and called an ambulance, with paramedics taking Mr Georgiou to hospital in a critical condition. He died 12 hours later and leaves behind a four-year-old daughter.

Known as 'The Punisher', Rodrigo Duterte's 100-day-old drug war has already left thousands dead (pictured), but now he is making smoking a thing of the past in the Philippines.

A woman in her 70s allegedly accidentally ran over her 75-year-old husband after he asked her to rev the engine in the driveway of their south-east Melbourne home on Tuesday afternoon.

Not so scary now! 'Killer Clown' armed with a baseball bat gets HEADBUTTED in the face after picking the wrong victim

Ashley Symes, 23, inset top, tried to cash in on the so-called 'killer clown' craze by scaring strangers in dark streets (left) and in an underground car park at the Dockside Outlet Centre, Chatham. But he was left with a bloody nose (inset bottom) when one of his targets turned on him, headbutting him in the face (seen right). It comes as the so-called 'killer clown' prank craze continues to sweep across the UK, with police forces reporting dozens of related incidents in the last 24 hours.

FILE - In this Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, file photo, Ronald McDonald waves to the crowd during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, in New York. McDonald¿s says Ronald McDonald is keeping a low profile with reports of creepy clown sightings on the rise. McDonald¿s Corp. said Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, that it is being ¿thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald¿s participation in community events¿ as a result of the ¿current climate around clown sightings in communities.¿ The company did not provide any other details about how often its red-haired mascot makes appearances, and how that will change. The move comes after a rash of hoaxes and pranks about scary clown sightings around the country, which have forced police to check for real threats. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki, File)

McDonald's Corp. said Tuesday that it is being 'thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald's participation in community events' as a result of the 'current climate'.

Australian broadcaster Paul Murray appeared to have his fly undone on live TV on Tuesday night. 'Do up your fly matey,' wrote a keen-eyed Twitter user.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mocked on Twitter after company axes 'explosive' product

News that Samsung has axed its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to safety concerns has sparked a wave of hilarious memes on social media. The smartphone has, for many people, become synonymous with setting fire after exploding handsets were reported around the world including in China, South Korea and the U.S. Shane Matthew Neave (left) joked soldiers could use the 'explosive' product in war zones when he said: 'Samsung have announced a new product launch, the Samsung Galaxy 7 grenade.'

The kits contain a series of boxes and protective bags, including one with a special fire resistant coating. The inner box has a ceramic fiber lining, and Samsung says gloves must be used around it.

The South Korean company said in a regulatory filing Tuesday that it has made a final decision to stop production of the Galaxy Note 7 for the sake of consumer safety.

Magpie attacks a newlywed couple as they pose for their wedding photos in Uralla

Newlyweds Sara and Phillip Maria (left) stopped in Uralla on the Northern Tablelands in NSW last Saturday to take a photo when a group of magpies decided to interrupt the special moment. Several magpies quickly began swooping at the couple as soon as they got out of the car, wedding photographer Karen Parr said. The moment led to an entertaining image of the couple laughing as a magpie swoops them, causing Ms Maria to duck behind her husband, who throws his hands up to protect his head (right).

People have been stunned to learn that two Australian brothers in politics, Eric and Peter Abetz, have a great-uncle Otto (pictured) who was the Nazi ambassador of France during the second World War.

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird is set to overhaul Sydney's controversial lockout laws to see nightspots open later and restrictions on the sale of alcohol at bottle shops lifted.

Waleed Aly slams greyhound trainer after Mike Baird changes his mind on the industry

Waleed Aly (left) has slammed greyhound trainer Ken Burnett (right) for saying the industry makes animal welfare a priority and cares for dogs. The trainer was speaking to Aly the day New South Wales premier Mike Baird announced he would revers his ban on racing in the state. Aly interrupted Mr Burnett, beginning with: 'Sorry mate, you can't say that... No, a significant proportion of the industry has been doing some horrific things for a long time'.

Wayne Hearn, 38, was arrested and charged on Tuesday over an alleged one-punch attack that killed Timothy Lang, 48, on Saturday morning in South Brisbane.

A woman raised by lesbian mothers in Australia isn't sure she'd support same-sex marriage because growing up without a father was challenging and she struggled until she met her biological dad.

A barely recognisable Kate Fischer laughs and waves as she emerges from her Melbourne home

James Packer's ex-fiancée - formerly known as Kate Fischer - was photographed looking hardly recognisable outside her apartment in Toorak, Melbourne on Tuesday after speaking about her weight gain and reclusive life. The 42-year-old retired model previously lived a glamourous life in Sydney before moving to Los Angeles after her break-up in the late 90s - but today works as a part-time therapist and has changed her name to T'ziporah Malka bat Israel. In photographs obtained exclusively by Daily Mail Australia, the former TV and film star is seen leaving her home without make-up and wearing baggy black clothes, before enthusiastically waving and smiling for the camera.

Researchers from Goldsmiths, University of London and University College London (UCL) looked at whether tone-deaf people had difficulty in social situations (stock image)

Experts at the lingerie brand third love have added two new additions to their 'Breast Shape Directory', Athletic and Relaxed, joining seven other kinds the brand has identified.

Kanye West took out $2m loan for NY apartment before Kim Kardashian robbery

Kanye West took out the large equity line of credit on his New York City apartment, according to records filed on September 27. JP Morgan granted the line of credit to him on July 12. The agreement states that the bank will make advances to Kanye in a principal amount not exceeding $2million. Kanye has until 2036 to pay back the funds. The line of credit was taken out just months before Kanye purchased Kim a 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz emerald cut diamond engagement ring worth $4million, which was stolen during the robbery last month along with another case of jewelry. Insurance documents state that the 13 items taken during the incident are worth approximately $5.6million.

The 35-year-old reality star enlisted her lawyers Marty Singer and Andrew Brettler to take action after MediaTakeOut.com posted three articles about her faking the robbery.

Shaw-Lan Wang, a publisher who is also the main shareholder of the French fashion label Lanvin, lives in the chic 16th district of the French capital. She was robbed a day after Kim Kardashian.

The Tokyo Institute of Technology led an international team of scientists in the study, in which a computer simulation tracked the evolution of the planets over 300 million years.

It's one of the biggest questions among women, and a source of anxiety for men but the members of Netmums took to a thread to prove that confidence and technique were more important than size.

'That place is just torture': New Zealand's shocking prison fight club where inmates are forced to fight tattooed gang members - and it all happens in full view of guards 

Vicious fights held weekly at a New Zealand prison by an organised prison fight club lasted for 15 to 50 minutes and involved a number of rounds, an official inquiry found. The brutal fights held between inmates and organised by senior gang members were brought to an end after footage emerged online last year. The inquiry revealed inmates were 'threatened' or 'pack attacked' by prisoners if they refused to take part.

Olivia Remes, a researcher from the University of Cambridge'sInstitute of Public Health, explains how science can help you get over those first date nerves (stock image used)

Australian women in the early stages of pregnancy are being urged not to take anti-inflammatory drugs like Nurofen and Voltaren as they can cause miscarriage.

Rod Stewart receives Knighthood from Prince William

Just hours previously, he joyously received a Knighthood from Prince William for his services to music and charity. Yet Rod Stewart's royal fun did not end there as he joined his wife Penny Lancaster for a night out at the Royal Academy of Arts on Tuesday while attending the same awards ceremony as Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. The 71-year-old rocker shed the tartan trousers he wore earlier in the day at Buckingham Palace (inset) as he sported a slick black suit while Penny, 45, got racy in a leopard print mini dress and fur stole. 

Virtual reality may expose how evil you truly are. Plymouth University found people are more willing to sacrifice others for what they imagine to be the greater good when immersed in virtual reality.

'Bride' who was filmed letting men grope her breasts is revealed to be a Thai transsexual cabaret act and charged with indecency 

The transsexual performer, Miss Bee, was fined by a court in Pattaya, Thailand for allowing a large group of Chinese holiday makers to grope her breasts in a nightclub on the popular tourist island.


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Mick Gatto’s $3.8m house goes on sale in Lower Plenty

Underworld figure, Mick Gatto (inset), is expected to make a hefty profit from the sale of his mansion (top left) in the exclusive precinct of Lower Plenty, just outside of Melbourne, after he purchased it for $2.1 million in 2005. The five-bedroom, five-bathroom home boasts a billiard table (bottom left), swimming pool (bottom right) formal lounge areas (top right) as well as a large gymnasium.

The Sriwijaya Air flight was travelling to Padang, Indonesia at the time. It was the first time the pilots had flown to the airport. They decided to ignore their instruments as they thought they were wrong.

The 50-year-old woman, who has not been named, is said to have suffered a diabetic seizure just 45 minutes into the Azur Air flight to Moscow from the popular resort of Antalya and died.

Indian child has 80 maggots removed from her ear after complaining of itch

Radhika Mandloi (left), from central India, started to suffer extreme pain and itching in her left ear last week. Her parents initially dismissed her discomfort, but when she began crying continuously they took her to hospital. Doctors were shocked to find a blow fly - attracted to bad smells - inside her ear which had laid around 80 larva (inset). Radhika had two sittings (right) to remove the insects. Both operations, which lasted for 90 minutes each, involved killing the maggots while they were in her ear.

New Zealand couple Beck Dole and Deo Bohn arrived at their new rental home in Shotover Country, north-east of Queenstown centre, to find that a fence had been built in front of their garage door.

A 24-year-old student from Tasmania has revealed how she created her own dream home for only $6,000 after buying a caravan on Gumtree and transforming it from the inside out.

Australian woman Sara Connor and her British DJ boyfriend David Taylor could be jailed for 34 years as they face three separate charges over the death of a police officer on a Bali beach.

Mysterious genetic disease causes sufferers to swell to double their size at random

A rare genetic disorder causes sufferers to swell as if they are having an allergic reaction - but it happens at random.  Hereditary angioedema (or HAE) is a condition that deprives the blood of protein.  For some reason, this leads sufferers to have spontaneous attacks of swelling that could stop them from breathing. 

A young prostitute claims she was raped by a Gold Coast taxi driver who stopped for condoms before pulling over in a dead end street to violating her in the back of his cab.

Sudanese-born Josie Ajak was behind the cash register of Gloria Jeans in Cairns, far north Queensland, when an elderly woman told her she 'refused to be served by a black person.'

Researchers found that bosses are more successful in their efforts to 'blackmail' employees if they maintain a friendly demeanour, acting as a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' to hide their strategies.

Eight-year-old Liu Minghui from China makes ten thousand dumplings a day to support his family. His parents are migrant workers and he only gets to see them once a year.

Terrified and covered in blood, a wounded girl cries for her father after she becomes latest innocent victim of Syria's civil war 

Crying, covered in blood, and with cuts to her head, the young girl, called Aya, calls out for her dad as she is treated medics. Doctors at the medical centre in Talbiseh in Homs wipe away blood from young Aya's face and scalp as her eyes search the room for her father and she repeatedly cries 'Baba' - Arabic for daddy. The terrified young girl was caught up in air and mortar strikes on Monday, before she was rescued and taken to a field hospital for treatment.

Queensland schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer's mother Cindy slammed her child's foster family for not admitting guilt earlier, as it's revealed the mother and a son will testify against other family.

An elderly fisherman, 81, has died after he was found seriously injured by the side of the road in Port Macquarie. Locals believe the 'legend' may have been bashed but police are yet to establish cause.

This is the moment a motorist who gave his name as Justin caught a trucker driving down the Kiwana Freeway near Perth tucking into a bowl of noodles while behind the wheel.

Incredible moment a six-day-old baby has life-saving open heart surgery after a nurse

The baby boy (left), from West Drayton, London, was immediately taken to hospital for medical checks after being born at home. Hospital staff deemed him to be healthy until a more experienced nurse noticed a blue colouring in his feet and fingers. Tests revealed he had a potentially fatal heart defect known as total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage. It means the veins carrying blood between his heart and lungs weren't connected properly and stopped the flow. He was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for the open heart surgery (top and bottom right) just six days after being born.

From re-enacting Alan's baby-stealing scene in The Hangover franchise to dressing up as a pizza and a slice (pictured) these parents and babies have pulled out all the stops at Halloween.

Romantic hopefuls have been baring their souls on social media by creating brutally honest dating profiles - with one describing himself as a 'short nerdy Asian boy with jealousy issues'.

Obama on Tuesday vowed to help send people to Mars within the next 15 years, pledging to work with private companies to 'to build new habitats that can sustain and transport astronauts.

A man dressed up as a clown and his wife have been arrested in Wisconsin after police discovered their four-year-old child had been left alone at home so he could go out spooking people.

The three moves that could save your child's life: Martial arts teacher reveals the self defence tricks ALL youngsters need to know (and why they should never shout 'help')

With the help of 11-year-old Melissa, martial arts teacher Matt Fiddes, from Wiltshire, demonstrates the three moves that could prevent a child from being abducted. Pictured left to right: A wrist twist can help loosen an attacker's grip, a kick to the groin can pry a predator out of a neck grip and to end a 'bear hug'-style attack the victim should stomp on their attacker's feet.

Police have released a computer-generated image of a man accused of grabbing a boy, 9, from a Brisbane park before punching him several times in the face and attempting to strangle him.

Alyssa Bazala, 25, was found at around 3am on Thursday, unconscious in her car with the engine still running at a Speedway gas station on East Fifth Avenue, Pennsylvania.

A woman has pleaded guilty to stealing a purse from a dying motorist after attending the scene of a fatal crash in Gosford, New South Wales in September, where she comforted the victim.

'That crow needs to get himself a lawyer': Hilarious moment police in WA realise the suspect that dropped meth at a petrol station is a BIRD

This hilarious video shows the moment police officers realised the meth dealer they were hunting was actually a bird. CCTV shows a crafty crow (left and centre, circled) hopping up onto a pillar at a petrol station before ripping a package containing meth out of a bin. Western Australia Police investigators were reviewing the surveillance footage as they tried to track down who dumped the drugs (in a packet, right) there when they discovered the bird was to blame. No arrests have been made at this stage and the bird is still believed to be on the run.

Jaber Albakr was detained on Sunday in Leipzig in eastern Germany by two fellow Syrian refugees who invited him to their home but realised who he was wanted so tied him up and called police.

Shontelle Crosby, 33, from Auckland, struggled on account of her disfigured teeth. However, she had a miracle makeover by a dental company after appearing on a local radio station in New Zealand.

The footage, said to have been captured in Ontario, Canada, shows a number of women - including the bride - sitting on chairs and waiting for the newlywed to pass.

Shi Shenwei became famous in China after sharing videos of him doing fitness routine on construction sites. Videos of the 23-year-old working out have gained him over 1.1 million fans online.

Chinese businessmen pay thousands to go on ‘wife tours’ of Siberia

Siberian marriage agency OCS Centre say Chinese men are desperate to marry a Russian bride, due to a lack of women in China, and add they have had a massive success in matching couples. Chinese men who attended the meeting arranged by OCS are introduced to groups of 25 women all under the age of 35. And Elena Suvorova, head of the marriage agency says the men are quick to fall in love with the women.

Auckland twins Lisa and Amy Howe look the picture of health but Lisa (left) has muscular dystrophy, a rare muscle-wasting condition. Here she opens up on her hopes and dreams for the future

Hannah Dalton, 27, from Essex, suffered severe hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) which left her vomiting constantly and unable to keep food down - eventually leading to PTSD.

Hereditary angioedema (or HAE) is a condition that deprives the blood of protein. For some reason, this leads sufferers to have spontaneous attacks of swelling that could stop them from breathing.

Now THAT's a sugar hit! Little girl shakes in surprise when she has ice cream for the first time

Ice cream brain freeze can take some getting used to, but this toddler's reaction is adorable and hilarious in equal measure. For toddler Lyla, from New Zealand, this process may take quite a long time. The youngster puts a spoon of ice cream in her mouth, but after a split second she begins shaking, with her face a picture of shock. She makes a noise to suggest that the chill has well and truly got to her, as her mini shivering fit continues. Her reaction and facial expression would suggest that she did not enjoy her first ice cream experience at all, but suddenly she raises her spoon and goes in for a second taste.

Parents Debbie, 28, and Brandon Potter, 29, from Bethpage, New York, gave into food cravings and late night takeaways after the birth of their first child Brayson, now aged three, in 2013.

The creepy sounds were recorded by University of Iowa's 'Waves' instrument and then converted in sound files by the engineers to form the spooky soundscape.

Martin Greenbeck, 72,from Laceby, North East Lincolnshire, died at the end of September after a long battle with the disease but before he did, he penned the notice about his own demise.

A 14-year-old boy who ploughed into a ute in Sydney's west while looking over his shoulder to see if a police car was pursing him had been warned not to ride the motorcycle just hours before his death.

Beeston women is fighting for her life after contracting Lyme disease 4 years ago 

Heidi Luckraft (left), 39, from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, was walking her dog four years ago when she was bitten by a tick. However, it wasn't until last year that she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. She is now on 29 different medications a day in hospital (inset) as the illness attacks her organs. Because of how long it took her to receive a correct diagnosis, it has left her with no treatment options in the UK and reliant on a wheelchair (right). Her family and friends are frantically trying to raise money for treatment in the US to try and save her life.

These photos show some of the creepiest baby shower cakes, many of which depict the moment a baby is born using fondant icing. Some bakes depict a baby's head emerging from a woman's stomach.

Shocking images have emerged of pupils continuing to study in a polluted classroom after a factory explosion on October 10 in China. Parents of the students have complained.

CCTV footage shows the 80-year-old man, who suffered serious injuries, leaning back to let a car drive past after walking into the road to open the door of his own vehicle in St Louis, Missouri.

The amazing moment was captured on camera by one of two Russian fisherman on a small dingy in the Sea of Japan. They made a plan to ease their shock by going out to get wasted.

‘Is that me cutting myself mum?’ A blood-stained Shiite boy clutching a huge knife joins

This tiny Pakistani boy is clutching a whip made from chains and blades as he prepares to flagellate himself in a religious parade to mark the Muslim festival of Ashura. The young Shiite Muslim boy took part in commemorations yesterday in the city of Peshawar, in Pakistan. Other pictures from the religious procession in Peshawar show men and boys covered in blood and pool of crimson on the ground, as devotees whipped and cut themselves to mark the religious holiday.

The CCTV footage seems to show a dark 'ghostly figure' crossing a busy road as traffic drives straight through it. It is unclear where the footage was filmed.

A team, led by Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab in Passadena and the University of Arizona, has published over 600 new images taken of Mars over the last few months.

Anita Dhake, from Chicago, Nomadic Matt, from Boston, and Mollie Bylett, from London, all travel for their job. They revealed the downsides, including loneliness and financial instability.

Video shows a mysterious ship-like mirage on the Lake Superior horizon

NEW A YouTube user posted a video online showing a curious illusion he saw over the weekend on Lake Superior. Jason Asselin was on a fall foliage trip on Saturday when he and friends noticed a ship-like image appear on the horizon. He had to zoom 200 times on his camera to see the object clearly, meaning that if it was real the ship would have been hundreds of feet tall. One possibility is that the lake projected the image of a lighthouse nine miles away onto that spot on the water.

One in five British girls aged 5-11 and from privileged backgrounds are predicted to be overweight or obese by 2020, compared with one in six for their male counterparts.

After just seven weeks, all of the participants in the study by the American Society for Horticultural Science had lost weight around their middle, felt less depressed, and had more stamina.

Researchers at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History have unveiled the E3 map - showing eruptions, earthquakes and emissions, say it shows the pulse of our planet.


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Shocking images show a giant panda at a Chinese zoo foraging through RUBBISH left by

Photographs of a giant panda foraging through rubbish and apparently eating it (pictured) at a Chinese zoo has sparked outrage in the country. The images, captured by a visitor to Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi province, showed the bear rooting through assorted junk in its enclosure, including a water bottle (right), food debris and a balloon (left). After the pictures appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo, thousands of people commented on the incident, calling for the zoo to be scrapped of its rights to house China's national treasure.

The American Heart Association found high blood pressure disrupts the structure and function of cerebral blood vessels. It is unclear whether treatment for hypertension could prevent Alzheimer's.

MailOnline Travel has compiled a catalogue of locations that look other-worldly, from sulfurous hot springs in Ethiopia to gas craters in Turkmenistan and ice in Siberia.

Brazilian sculptor Juliana Le Pine makes lifelike figures from biscuit dough, and her latest video sees her creating a bride and groom based on photographs has been viewed 135,000 times.

Audience member Sarah Carson was asked by Derren Brown to place the piece of glass on her tongue and to 'crunch on the big bits' during his West End production, Miracle, which aired on Channel 4.



Johanna Nordblad captured freediving underneath a frozen lake

Johanna Nordblad, from Helsinki, Finland, once nearly lost her leg in a horrific accident but painful ice therapy saved it - now she's a world record-breaking freediver who swims under frozen lakes. In this fascinating footage, she is seen diving through a small hole in the ice (bottom left and right) and exploring a beautiful but bitter-cold world under the surface (main).

Collated by the National Cancer Institute, the images were taken at a number of cancer centres across the US. A range of fluorescent scans and 3D images were used in the collection.

The footage, said to have been captured in Ontario, Canada, shows a number of women - including the bride - sitting on chairs and waiting for the newlywed to pass.

Video smuggled out of a jail at San Juan de los Morros, in the central Guarico region of Venezuela, show emaciated inmates struggling to survive.

Andrei Mikhailov, 33, toured his native St Petersburg to take the photographs that appear more like paintings from an ancient book of fairy tales than the second-largest city in Russia.

Dashcam captures moment reckless driver hits TWO cyclists after turning straight into their path 

Shocking dashcam shows a car turning without looking on a busy Russian road and ploughing straight into two cyclists - one of which was hurled onto the bonnet and the other thrown to the ground. The cyclists didn't suffer serious injuries thanks to their helmets. It is unknown if the police were involved in the incident.