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Airports so beautiful you’ll WANT to be delayed: The world's most spectacular terminals

At least if you find yourself waiting around at one of these architectural anomalies you'll have a spectacular view to admire. Pictured (top left) China's Shezhen Bao-an airport, built to mimic a manta ray, (top right) Russia's Pulkovo International Airport in St Petersburg, which boasts an 'envelope roof' to withstand heavy snow, (bottom right) Georgia's Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia, designed to look like a spaceship, (bottom left) the interior of Shezhen Bao and (inset) Spain's colourful Barajas Airport in Madrid, which is the largest in Europe.

Go to space without leaving earth: Desolate landscapes you won't believe are on our

MailOnline Travel has compiled a catalogue of locations that look other-worldly, from the Wadi Rum desert in Jordon (top left) and a gas crater in Turkmenistan (top right) to molten lava (bottom left) and sulphurous hot springs (bottom right) in Ethiopia. Inset, the geothermic Fly Geyser in Nevada.

The images, captured by a visitor to Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi province, showed the bear rooting through assorted junk in its enclosure, including a water bottle, food debris and a balloon.

Whether you're keen to sample European Christmas markets or explore St Petersburg, an escorted tour offers an ideal introduction, finds The Mail On Sunday's Caroline Hendrie.

Kim Gip made a necklace for her husband's first trip away without her, to Las Vegas. It said: 'If I look lost please call my wife. I've never been away from my wife, who does everything for me.'

The Mail On Sunday's Anne Simpson took her teenage sons on an unforgettable whirlwind tour of America, stopping at San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and New York.

The Sriwijaya Air flight was travelling to Padang, Indonesia at the time. It was the first time the pilots had flown to the airport. They decided to ignore their instruments as they thought they were wrong.

The Mail On Sunday's Diana Preston embarked on an eight-night trip through India, exploring its glittering past and present, visiting 16th century Moghul buildings and taking a river safari.

Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr's in-flight essentials revealed

MailOnline Travel has unearthed tips and flight essentials from 12 stars who spend half their lives in the air, including (clockwise from top left) Miranda Kerr's rosehip oil, Kim Kardashian's black silk 'make-up pillow', Gwyneth Paltrow's germ-busting colloidal silver spray, Lily Aldridge's under-eye patches, Cara Delevingne's comfy Ostrich Pillow, and Chrissy Teigen's face sheet masks.

Rachael and David Willcox, from Bristol, got a gastric illness from a meal on the Rhapsody of the Seas ship, run by Royal Caribbean. They have now instructed lawyers to investigate.

The Government hailed the new deal as a boost for 'Global Britain' as the UK begins the process of negotiating Brexit from the EU. Pictured: Beijing's international airport.

Anita Dhake, from Chicago, Nomadic Matt, from Boston, and Mollie Bylett, from London, all travel for their job. They revealed the downsides, including loneliness and financial instability.

More Brits took holidays in the last 12 months than at any time since 2011. 86% of people took a holiday, compared to 77% the previous year. But just 38% of Brits took a beach break, down from 50%.

Johanna Nordblad captured freediving underneath a frozen lake

Johanna Nordblad, from Helsinki, Finland, once nearly lost her leg in a horrific accident but painful ice therapy saved it - now she's a world record-breaking freediver who swims under frozen lakes. In this fascinating footage, she is seen diving through a small hole in the ice (bottom left and right) and exploring a beautiful but bitter-cold world under the surface (main).

Fresh produce, saunas and the opera are all on your doorstep in the lake-filled paradise of southern Finland, finds MailOnline Travel's Rosie Gizauskas.

Ian Peck from Halifax, Nova Scotia, says it's an unusual lifestyle on the high seas - with 16-hour shifts and no privacy - but one he's come to love.

The Mail On Sunday's Travel Editor, Frank Barrett, explores why South Africa has become the best-value long-haul holiday destination for the first time in the annual Post Office report.

See the world... and take your house with you! The one-bedroom home that can be dismantled

Estonian company Kodasema has invented a new one-bedroom house with factory-made parts that can be broken down easily. The 260 sq ft house has a living room (top right), kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (bottom right). For anyone needing more space, extra units can easily be bought and added to the structure. To set up home, all a person would need is connection points for water, electricity and sewerage.

In a new survey, Brits were questioned about their biggest holiday gripes. Nine in 10 get annoyed with fellow Brits, with 58% finding them ‘too drunk’ and half saying local customs aren't respected.

MailOnline Travel quizzed an air hostess from an American airline to find out what's acceptable, what isn't, and how they are trained to monitor the sobriety of their passengers.

Glass-bottomed pools and a SNOW room: Designers reveal what it's like to build £100m

Superyacht designers reveal to MailOnline Travel how they create extravagant vessels to satisfy the world's wealthiest one per cent. From the late Steve Jobs' sleek vessel Venus, to the triple deck Galactica Star where Beyonce (centre) celebrated her 32nd birthday, there is an art to designing the perfect yacht for the oligarchs, billionaires and the top echelon of celeb land. Heesen's latest 'Haute Couture' yacht, Galactica Super Nova (top left) features a glass-bottomed infinity pool with its own waterfall (bottom left). The Ariana (top right) boasts an infinity hot tub with glass waterfall steps and concept yacht Kilkea (bottom right) comes complete with a helipad.

BBC news anchor Jon Sopel and his wife revisited their honeymoon destination in the Masai Mara to finally take a hot-air balloon ride floating above Kenya's plains.

Georgia's capital of Tbilisi has just topped Airbnb's new list of 25 most affordable cities, based on its typical nightly rate of £24 ($30) - with Serbia's Belgrade and Turkey's Istanbul next cheapest.

Nick Enoch, his wife and three young children left behind the humdrum suburbia of north London for eight days and enjoyed life on Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas.

Discovering the less-explored Balkan countries on a decadent river cruise, The Mail on Sunday's Bridget McGrouther and a pal felt as spoilt as Ab Fab's Patsy and Edina.

Can you make sense of it? Ancient Parisian palace is flipped 'upside down' in vast optical

Designer Pierre Delavie used a canvas almost 13,000 square foot in size to create an optical illusion on Paris' Conciergerie building, located on the Ile de la Cite overlooking the Seine. Describing it as an 'urban lie' intended to confuse viewers, Mr Delavie created it for the annual Nuit Blanche festival  - an all-night celebration of art and culture which took place earlier this month - using a giant image on the canvas to give the illusion of the facade being upside down.

Empty halls, straight jackets and a crumbling autopsy room: Haunting photos capture

New York-based photographer Christopher Payne spent six years travelling America to explore abandoned asylums. Pictured (top left) what remains of the Norwich State Hospital in Preston Connecticut, (top right) Kankakee State Hospital in Illinois, (bottom left) an autopsy theatre at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., (bottom right) a marble staircase at the Yankton State Hospital in South Dakota and (inset) a straightjacket at the Logansport State Hospital in Indiana.

British Tour Operator I Love Tour has announced it will not be holding the annual party in Spain's Salou resort next year after claims from local council that their drunken antics have ruined its reputation.

I was on my way to the remote north of Vietnam, 200 miles from Hanoi, where staying in the homes of locals is one of the few options for lodging, and I was apprehensive.

100 years of the Trans-Siberian railway: Fascinating pictures chart the growth of the

Today, a journey across Russia's Trans-Siberian railway takes about a week. But exactly 100 years ago, upon its official completion, the trip took almost a month because the train trundled along at 20 miles an hour. Now the longest train line in the world, stretching more than 5,700 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian railway crosses two continents, 80 towns and cities, 16 large rivers and eight time zones. Here, MailOnline Travel takes a look back over a century of the Trans-Siberian's history with a series of fascinating pictures.

Some were keen to defend unflattering stereotypes - the French being rude, for example - while others were keen to share their disappointing experiences with over-hyped tourist hubs like Bali.

US resorts are more expensive than ever thanks to the weak pound but there are still bargains to be found in Europe. Italy for example, has seen a 'price freeze' in some destinations.

The Inspector called in at The Bank House in King's Lynn, a former Georgian merchant banker’s residence. He found it made for a fascinating break.

TravelMail's Tom Bailey ventured to Qingdao to get a taste of China’s answer to Oktoberfest. The annual event plays host to 4 million Chinese in lederhosen.

The best of British! From a village pub in Devon to a former hostel in Yorkshire, a

A former hostel in Yorkshire (top left), a village pub in Devon (top right), an eco-friendly coaching inn (bottom left), an Elizabethan manor in Sussex (bottom right) and a thatched retreat in Wiltshire (centre) are among the winners of the 2017 Good Hotel Guide’s Cesar Awards. The winners will be announced on Monday - but the Daily Mail has an exclusive preview from Adam Raphael, editor of The Good Hotel Guide.

The Mail On Sunday's Ivo Dawney and his wife Rachel Johnson embarked on a road trip through Italy, zipping from Rome to sleepy Umbria and Lake Como.

German airline Tui fly was forced to cancel over 100 flights on Friday due to a staff shortages. The flights affected were all departing from or travelling to Germany, including several domestic flights.

The Mail On Sunday's Max Wooldridge landed in Namur, the pretty capital of Wallonia - the French-speaking half of Belgium. He found it was the perfect spot to start a cycling tour.

The Mail On Sunday's Wendy Gomersall ventured to Wadi Rum in Jordan. This month marks 100 years since T. E. Lawrence used the spot as a base towards the end of the revolt.

Newport-Inglewood fault, is ‘seismically active down to the upper mantle,’ suggesting more power quakes than expected could occur here and along others, including, San Andreas, pictured.

The near-miss occurred over Bulgaria as the two planes flew to Istanbul. One was instructed to descend but the pilots allegedly initiated a climb instead to the same level as another plane close by.

New York's Dead Rabbit declared the best bar in the world

The Dead Rabbit (top left), nestled in the heart of the Financial District, scooped first place on The World’s 50 Best Bars list for the first time, with London's American Bar at the Savoy (top right) coming second. Two more London bars came in third and fourth - Dandelyan (bottom left) and The Connaught (bottom right) respectively.

Fuzhou city, Jiangxi province, plans to build a 'mini Stratford-upon-Avon' in Sanweng town. The new town will also celebrate Cervantes and Tang Xianzu, a Chinese playwright.

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing designed the plane, and presented its ideas at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico last month.

Wildlife campaigner Harry Kunz is hoping to give away the animal sanctuary he established in Queensland, Australia, to someone who can continue his life's work.

The Las Ventanas al Paraiso Rosewood Resort in Mexico - frequented by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney - is thought to be the first in the world to offer such an activity.

Trend for doing yoga on HORSEBACK is growing in popularity (but not among the

Horseback yoga is a growing trend. As well as in resorts in the US, the sport is also available at a new luxury resort in Spain and a stable just outside Bristol in the UK. Earlier this year, MailOnline reported how Angela Nunez, a yoga teach from Middleburg, Virginia, gained over 10,000 followers on Instagram by sharing images of her horseback yoga poses (main).

In the last decade, liners have upped the child-friendly ante in a bid to woo a whole new generation - and keep their purse-holding parents happy.

This is the hair-raising moment a plane is forced to take back off and circulate Birmingham Airport after it fails to land the first time, when it gets caught in a crosswind.

Walt Disney World in Orlando has closed as Hurricane Matthew batters the Sunshine State. The park announced it would close Thursday evening and all of Friday. Universal and SeaWorld closed, too.

Fighting broke out on the 11.15am Ryanair flight from Edinburgh to Alicante after a woman reportedly 'snapped' at a drunk stag do who were teasing her male friend for his man bun hair-style.

A wheely bright idea! The solar-powered bike lane that GLOWS blue in the dark

Navigating your way at night can be tricky - especially when you're on two wheels. But now cyclists in Poland have been given a helping hand, thanks to glowing pathway. The high-tech track gleams at night, as the phosphor crystals it's made from emit light after being charged by the sun. Photographs show the path illuminated at night, glowing a vivid shade of blue. The luminous cycling strip is located in a park near the town of Lidzbark Warminski, in the north of Poland. It was created by the technology firm TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych Sp. z o.o. and is currently still in the testing faze.

For many people, autumn marks the most beautiful season of the year, as evidenced in these photos captured as the trees shed their leaves in Britain, Tuscany, Canada and beyond.

Andrew Studer, 20, from Portland, Oregon, has travelled the world to capture solo voyagers in the wilderness of places like Iceland, Canada, Hawaii and Utah.

Taken from Lonely Planet's 12th edition of its ongoing voyage bible, The Travel Book, these photos celebrate the beauty of far-flung locations, from Algeria to Mongolia and every country in between.

The Geological Society ran a photography competition under the theme 'Earth Science in Action.' The winners include photos from the Isle of Skye, Benbulbin and Pembrokshire.

Ibiza campaign group Prou! is planning a series of public protests. Angry locals are calling for a limit on tourist arrivals and tougher rules on noise levels, unauthorised clubs and drinking hours.

Leaning Tower of Pisa's bare interiors revealed in photos

The Leaning Tower of Pisa took 199 years to build. And it appears by the time builders reached the rafters they had run out of steam. Photos showing the tower's interiors reveal it as a hollow shell. It comes as a surprise to many, given the landmark's grand exterior, adorned with marble arches and intricate stone carvings. After climbing 300 stairs and paying a €15 entrance fee, visitors are greeted with bare bricks when they reach the bell tower.

Fighting broke out on the 11.15am Ryanair flight as two separate stag dos are understood to have come to blows with passengers describing many of the men as being 'absolutely hammered'.

Instead of allowing its customers to pre-select seats for flights between Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Honolulu, the carrier allegedly weighed passengers before seats were allocated.

Hickory State Park in Pennsylvania is home to bizarre boulder field

Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania is home to a remarkable boulder field. The weight of the rocks is so great that the ground they've depressed the ground they sit on by 12 feet over the years. The surreal nature of the phenomenon is heightened by the fact that it's surrounded by lush evergreens. It's a bizarre, incongruous formation that draws in a steady stream of visitors, who often love to jump from rock to rock. Stunning drone footage (main shows a still from this) shows just how huge the field is.

The note alleges that various victims were lured to the hotel room in Raleigh, North Carolina, where they were gagged and sodomised before being allow to 'go free from this world'.

Airlines are warning passengers of overnight delays affecting a number of flights bound for America on Friday and Saturday from airports including Manchester, Glasgow and Gatwick.

MailOnline Travel's Valerie Siebert found that 60 years after Elvis Presley performed his very first residency in Las Vegas, the city has less use for The King's legacy to bring in the tourists than ever before.

Savannah dark underbelly features grisly tales of sordid murder, haunted houses and a colonial-era graveyard decorated with the lingering entrails of Spanish moss.

Views to dine for! From New York's Empire State Building to Rome's Colosseum, the

At some restaurants it's not just delicious food and highly quaffable wine that's on the menu. Some have views that are just as eye-catching as their dishes and drinks list. From The Rainbow Room in New York boasting a sublime panorama of the Empire State Building, to the Aroma in Rome looking over the floodlit Colosseum, there are dozens of settings to choose from. For city slickers, there are sky-high eateries looking down on the world below, and for those looking for something a bit more rural there are dinner tables looking out over the ocean or the African plains. In a bid to help you make the winning choice, MailOnline Travel has put together a directory of some of the best restaurant views in the world.

Anthony Killeen, a Brit who was on his first skydive with an instructor over New Zealand's Bay of Islands, was 'laughing and ecstatic' when they spotted the technicolour spectrum.

The 816 Nuclear Military Plant, located in the mountains of Fuling district in China's Chongqing municipality, was designed to manufacture plutonium in the 1960s, but never did so.

An infographic has revealed how to ask for a beer in 17 different countries. For example, in Thailand, you need to say Ow bee-a neung krup - but only if your bartender is male.

One of the families (pictured), who stayed at Marelen Hotel on Zante, claimed they saw staff fishing out faecal matter from the pool before disinfecting it, while guests were still in the water.

The unusual frozen formations were captured by intrepid caver Peter Gedei at the Ivacic Cave hidden under the highest peak in Slovenia, Triglav.

Summer in New England goes out in a blaze of glory, and beyond the russet, red, and gold, this classy city offers cosy boutiques, great restaurants, and baseball care of the Red Sox.

The floating hotel that has a cinema, restaurants and a CEMETERY for up to 48,000 urns

The H.K. Ship Art Club is proposing the transformation of a 60,000 tonne cruise ship into a floating cemetery that will be stationed in Hong Kong and it will come with enough room for 48,000 funeral urns. But, extraordinarily, the vessel will also operate as a hotel and offer a range of services typically associated with cruises, including restaurants, gyms and even a cinema.

New drone footage attempts to mimic a bat's point of view, taking viewers inside the eerie Devetashka cave in Bulgaria that was inhabited as far back as 70,000 years ago.

Simon Yeung makes it his mission to highlight the beauty of decay through photography, capturing dilapidated train stations, hotels, churches, mansions and hospitals across the UK.

Geyser that erupted next to Benalmadena hotel in Spain and caused a 'mini tsunami' 

Rescue workers in Benalmadena, near the Spanish province of Malaga, say a giant water mains burst sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the air. The blast of the fracture was so strong, reports local media, that shock waves could be seen off the coast in the sea.

All the usual activities are available for outdoors-loving families at a Forest Holidays resort. But the delightful cabins and their creature comforts mean you can relax in style after all that cycling.

It's fast becoming the bling-laden place to be seen, but there are still tranquil parts of Croatia that are great places for soaking up culture and unwinding, as Rebecca Davison finds out.

Inside the Dreamliner that's been converted into a private jet with bedrooms, walk-in

The Dream Jet (inset) has been converted by US firm Kestrel Aviation Management from a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to a private jet capable of carrying up to 40 passengers for 17 hours without stopping. They will be in the lap of luxury. There's a sprawling entertainment area and convertible dining table (top left and right), plus a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe (bottom right) and en-suite bathroom (bottom left).


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