Talented hockey player, 20, dies after plummeting from a bridge in a stunt gone wrong as his friends FILMED it

10/10/16 15:35

08/10/16 22:08

Lauren Venning, 25, and husband James, 26, married on his family farm in the South Australian town of Bute just days after the state was hit with the biggest storm seen in 50 years.

06/10/16 15:06

Matthew Gregory Denton, 30, was asked by a staff member at an Adelaide strip club to stop being rude to a female staff member when he allegedly bottled the man, a court has heard.

05/10/16 09:21

A young couple enjoying a date in Adelaide on Tuesday had parked their Suzuki 4WD on a hill to view the lights when a giant sinkhole opened up beneath them at about 11.30pm.

05/10/16 05:37

Samantha Magdaleine Farrer, who was high on ice when she hit and killed mother-of-three Kathleen Heraghty near Adelaide in 2013, says serving jail time could ruin her relationship with her son.

02/10/16 12:25

Neighbours who comforted a bound and gagged 27-year-old woman in a driveway after a suspected Adelaide home invasion have said they have never seen someone so scared.

02/10/16 11:43

Myrna Nilsson (pictured), 57, was murdered inside her Adelaide house in a horrifying home invasion on Friday night. The attack also left her daughter-in-law gagged and tied up in the neighbour's front lawn.

30/09/16 01:00

Embryos at an Adelaide fertility clinic have been destroyed in compromised incubators after a back up generator failed during a power outage in severe storms in South Australia.

29/09/16 16:29

A doctor at Adelaide's Flinders Medical Centre hand pumped the baby oxygen for 90 minutes after backup power failed during the huge storm on Wednesday that plunged the state into darkness.

29/09/16 08:47

Jacqueline Breithaupt, a mother-of-two from Adelaide Hills, filmed Kevin the koala clinging to a tree as the worst storm for 50 years hit southern Australia yesterday, felling trees and power lines.

29/09/16 02:28

Destructive winds ripped through parts of South Australia on Wednesday night bringing down the entire power network - as winds of at least 140km/h have started to lash Victoria.

29/09/16 02:23

A friend of Cy Walsh revealed in her witness statement that the 27-year-old told her he wanted to stab his father Phil Walsh, just days before he killed the AFL legend.

28/09/16 18:19

A text sent by Cy Walsh to his father Phil before he killed him during a schizophrenic episode, which references, war, his father's sins and tells him to pump up his troops, has been revealed in court.

28/09/16 17:57

Tens of thousands of homes are left without power after South Australia was hit with a statewide blackout following severe storms, as residents brace for winds of up to 140km/h.

28/09/16 10:25

A virus expert has warned that low immunisation rates in the Adelaide City Council area are putting children at risk of a major measles epidemic and make it a 'dangerous' place to raise children.

28/09/16 09:04

Dee Slade, 42, from Adelaide, fell pregnant with baby son Grayson after three draining rounds of IVF. She said: 'IVF is a horrible process. You feel all these negative things.'

28/09/16 08:58

Chelsea Pimm, 21, said said she was kicked off an M44 bus in central Adelaide and left stranded on the side of the road at night because she did not have the exact change for her $5.20 ticket.

28/09/16 08:15

Cy Walsh, 27, has been found not guilty by mental incompetence in the murder of his father, Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh, who was stabbed 20 times at his home in July 2015.

26/09/16 21:40

Five-year-old Enzo Cornejo from Adelaide has progeria, an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly from the age of two, and only affects one in 18 million children.

26/09/16 18:33

A former contestant from reality TV show 'The Renovators' has lost over $1 million after an arsonist set two of his partially-built Adelaide properties alight early on Monday morning.

26/09/16 11:15

Brittney Jade Dwyer (right), 19, who allegedly murdered her grandfather Robert Whitwell (left), 81, in his Adelaide home in August had earlier sent texts to a friend warning he 'might have to die'.

23/09/16 07:13

One UGG wearer might think twice about wearing her slippers after coming face to face with a deadly eastern brown snake who was warming himself inside on a cold Adelaide day.

22/09/16 01:07

Specialist police have managed to talk an 'agitated man' down from the roof of a motel in Adelaide after a four-hour violent stand-off with police during which property damaged.

21/09/16 20:01

Five children younger than 10-years-old broke into a kindergarten, defecated on the floor, smashed a fish tank (pictured) and cut up goldfish in a sickening rampage in Adelaide on Sunday.

21/09/16 19:35

A police officer who beat two homeless men at Whitmore Square has had a 'second complaint' made against him. A teenage P Plater claimed Constable Matthew Schwarz threatened her.

14/09/16 16:12

A paedophile with a sickening criminal history relating to young boys dating back to the early 1960s escapes jail despite breaching his restraining order by frequenting an Adelaide library.

14/09/16 15:47

Adelaide toddler Riley Nixon, one, has had all four limbs amputated after he was diagnosed with meningococcal. The little boy has been hospitalised for four months after he fought hard for his life.

12/09/16 14:53

CCTV footage shows men running in front of trains and carriage surfing around Adelaide. South Australian transport slammed the reckless behaviour. Those caught face fines of up to $750.

10/09/16 11:59

An Adelaide woman has been reunited with her purse 11 years after it was taken from her bag while she was at work. The money was gone but vouchers remained inside the purse.

07/09/16 00:39

An Adelaide couple (pictured) are accused of luring the woman's ex to a car park to buy drugs from him, before people they hired threw a flammable liquid at the car and set him and a friend alight.

06/09/16 05:18

The Facebook page 'Adelaide Punch Ons' encouraging teenagers to initiate violent brawls with fellow students and upload the footage online is being investigated by South Australia police.

05/09/16 13:58

Adelaide toddler James Chamberlain, two, had a frightening experience when he got his toilet training seat stuck on his head, much to the concern of his worried mother Emma Sinek, 23.

05/09/16 02:18

A 32-year-old Adelaide man has been arrested and refused bail after he was found using a metal pan as a steering wheel for his defective, uninsured and unregistered car.

03/09/16 16:44

A woman and three men have been charged over the cold case murder of Jayson Doelz, who was bashed, stabbed and buried in the remote town of Kersbrook, in the Adelaide Hills in 2012.

03/09/16 05:35

Experimental musician Jake Clark smashed his PCV pipe set in the middle of a busy shopping area in Adelaide. He unveiled his new set of pipes, which makes trance or house sounds using thongs.

01/09/16 04:22

The teenager said he was not sorry after being confronted by 9News after a war memorial in Adelaide featuring the name of veterans was vandalised.

31/08/16 10:41

A court has heard that Nicholas Lionel Murphy (pictured), 27, allegedly raped a woman as she lay sleeping dressed as a zombie schoolgirl after attending a Halloween party in Adelaide.

31/08/16 08:58

Two stepbrothers who started a violent brawl at a busy McDonals in Adelaide last year during which they bashed security guards and threw chairs have nine prior convictions between them.

29/08/16 17:26

A homeowner faces a battle with his local council in Flagstaff Hill, south of Adelaide over a mural he painted on his back fence to 'add a bit of colour' to the area.

29/08/16 17:21

The Adelaide woman who secretly filmed a nursing home worker trying to force feed and suffocate her 89-year-old father has said she is 'disgusted' the centre has earned full marks on a federal audit.

29/08/16 12:38

Angry game show fans have slammed Channel Nine for revealing the first ever 'Hot Seat' $1 million winner hours before the programme went to air in Australia.

29/08/16 06:32

Adelaide retiree Edwin Daly, 67, has has become the first ever $1 million winner in Channel Nine's 'Hot Seat' game show after correctly identifying Banjo Paterson's full name.

29/08/16 02:48

At least 17 people fell ill and nine have been hospitalsed with food poisoning after around 400 hotel guests ate the buffet breakfast at the InterContinental Adelaide last Sunday.

28/08/16 15:27

A 31-year-old Adelaide man has pleaded guilty to two counts of persistent sexual exploitation of a child with two teenage girls, but his lawyer has said he is not a paedophile.

27/08/16 13:35

Adelaide's 'Asskicker' iced coffee has 80 times as much caffeine as a regular cup and comes with a health warning.

24/08/16 23:30

Adelaide Crows AFL star Eddie Betts has revealed he has forgiven the woman accused of hurling a banana at him in a racially motivated attack during Saturday's showdown with Port Adelaide.

24/08/16 08:12

An Adelaide public servant described as 'socially awkward' has escaped a jail term after being charged with a string of online sexual offences against young girls overseas.

24/08/16 07:57

Classified documents have revealed the combat capability of submarines built by the French company - the same group which won a $50 billion contract to construct Australia's new fleet.

23/08/16 19:26

Adelaide woman Lauren Krelshem, 21, (pictured) is cancer free after receiving a world-first treatment for her leukaemia - despite being told a year ago her only option was palliative care.

23/08/16 11:21

Port Adelaide fan Alexandra Pelosi, 27, (pictured) has been fined $543 for disorderly behaviour after throwing a banana at AFL star Eddie Betts in an alleged racially motivated attack.

23/08/16 02:05

The wife of indigenous AFL star Eddie Betts has taken a stance against racism on social media after her husband had a banana hurled at him during Saturday clash against Port Adelaide.

23/08/16 00:04

The father of a woman accused of hurling a banana at AFL star Eddie Betts in a racially motivated attack has jumped to his daughter's defence, claiming the 'racist card' has been played against her.

21/08/16 23:09

A woman who threw a banana at Indigenous AFL star Eddie Betts has been given a ban from attending future matches. The Port Adelaide football club took the stand against their member on Saturday.

21/08/16 10:00

Indigenous AFL star Eddie Betts had a banana hurled at him by a woman (pictured) during the Adelaide derby game between Port Adelaide and Adelaide Crows on Saturday night.

19/08/16 16:43

A 44-year-old Adelaide man has serious burns to his face, neck and arms after lighting a cigarette while covered in petrol at his home on Friday.

19/08/16 16:26

Adelaide bar Mischief and Mayhem Wine Lounge, is toasting its success after a year long battle to serve alcohol.

19/08/16 13:54

The 21-year-old Sumatran orangutan at Adelaide Zoo used the Garage Band app to play the piano and drums with his finger. It is being sold online to raise money for the zoo's three orangutans.

19/08/16 02:57

Cy Walsh (pictured), 27, has pleaded not guilty to the stabbing murder of his father at the family home in Adelaide on July 3, 2015. Walsh faced the Supreme Court via videolink from prison on Friday.

18/08/16 12:38

An Adelaide woman who allegedly crashed her car and killed her four-year-old daughter while high on ice has changed her mind about a guilty plea and now wants to plea not guilty to her daughter's death.

18/08/16 09:02

Horrific images of a badly beaten kangaroo have surfaced after the animal was attacked and tortured by a group of young men in Adelaide. The me filmed the attack for Snapchat where it was

18/08/16 08:42

Wei Li, 23, who is serving a nine-year jail sentence for manslaughter, pleaded guilty to downloading the material including abuse of a 12-year-old child. He claims it was an 'escape' from his 'tiger mum'.

18/08/16 00:07

Kylie Anne Hie, 34, admitted to being high on methamphetamine when she crashed her car and killed her four-year-old daughter Charlotte May-Grace in November 2013 in Adelaide.

17/08/16 17:14

An Adelaide man has become the first person to be convicted of operating an illegal solarium in Australia. The commercial use is banned in all states and territories except the Northern Territory.

17/08/16 02:09

A devoted grandmother (pictured) died in front of her teenage daughter after a paramedic who had been treating the woman for four hours rolled an ambulance as he drove her to an Adelaide hospital.

16/08/16 08:47

A 16-year-old girl has watched her mother die in a horrific car accident after the ambulance they were travelling in rolled on the way to an Adelaide hospital.

16/08/16 07:32

Ruth Johnston, 54, from Adelaide, sold her house to travel the world with her son Louis and the pair have already visited 65 countries in four years - with Ruth insisting her son has no need for schooling.

16/08/16 03:08

Researchers at Adelaide-based Flinders University read stories about gender reassignment and sexuality, including 'My New Daddy', to a class of 21 children who were as young as five.

15/08/16 09:53

Julia Trinne, a grieving mother whose 4-year-old son was stabbed to death by her husband in 2014, has filed an official complaint against SA Police, claiming officers ignored her at the station.

13/08/16 05:09

Heavy fog blanketed Adelaide on Saturday morning, forcing four international flights to be redirected. A warning was issued for dangerous road conditions and city land marks were lost in haze.

11/08/16 08:52

Victims of a salmonella outbreak at the InterContinental in Adelaide have threatened legal action against the five-star hotel as more than 50 guests were struck down by food poisoning.

10/08/16 02:09

An Adelaide woman who hasn't held a licence in almost three decades - since 1988 - has caused a trail of destruction after getting behind the wheel of a Commodore wagon on Tuesday morning.

08/08/16 17:40

Australia's first transgender model Gemma Cowling, 19, will make her catwalk debut at Tuesday night's Adelaide Fashion Festival campaign launch at SAHMRI.

08/08/16 11:00

An Australian supermarket has introduced a quiet hour to help those stressed by noise pick up their groceries. Lights are dimmed, volumes on checkouts turned down and music turned off.

05/08/16 17:28

An Adelaide man, 38, faces losing one of his testicles after he said it became 'massively swollen' while waiting 11 hours for emergency surgery.

04/08/16 17:28

Police swooped on Adelaide Cedar College on Tuesday and escorted at least two students to the front office after footage emerged of a Year 12 girl snorting a white powder.

04/08/16 05:57

A sick Adelaide father who raped his young daughter twice and subjected her to unspeakable acts of physical abuse with her younger brother has been found guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault.

03/08/16 22:51

A man, 38, drove a Honda sedan into Adelaide Police Station (pictured) just before 1.30am on Thursday. He also threatened police in a passing patrol car with a knife.

02/08/16 18:49

A man found guilty of bludgeoning a sex worker (pictured) with a stiletto and slashing her throat in an Adelaide hotel room is keeping his lips sealed on his motivation for the heinous killing.

02/08/16 10:07

A Good Samaritan left a heart-warming message on an envelope 'to make the world a happier place' with $10 in it to pay for parking at Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital on Monday.

01/08/16 21:33

Amy Kasehagen broke into 28-year-old Bronson Hayter's Adelaide home in April last year and hit her in the head, inflicting up to 10 blows with the hammer before trying to choke her with a plastic bag.






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