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Brands axed from Tesco after row with supplier Unilever demanding price rise

Consumer goods giant Unilever, one of Tesco's main suppliers, is believed to have demanded a 10 per cent price rise because of the falling value of the pound against the dollar and euro. It halted deliveries to Tesco when the supermarket refused, meaning brands including Persil, Marmite, PG Tips, Knorr, Surf, Chicken Tonight and Flora are in short supply. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron blamed the government, saying: 'The chaos around Brexit is now hitting our supermarket shelves. This shows the government don't have a plan or even a clue.' Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis, who worked for Unilever for 27 years before taking on the top job with the retail giant, is understood to be taking a tough line with his former employers. The dispute comes after a survey by the Food and Drink Federation found that three-quarters of members have reported the cost of ingredients increasing, as well as falling profit margins.

Five women claim Donald Trump 'touched them inappropriately'

Three women have come forward and accused Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately. Jessica Leeds, a 74-year-old former businesswoman said she was 'assaulted' by Trump on a flight when she was 38. Rachel Crooks was a 22-year-old receptionist when she says Trump kissed her on the mouth. A third woman, Mindy McGillivray, said he groped her 13 years ago.

Hair can give away its age from more than just its colour. Trichologist Iain Sallis reveals the science behind how our hair looks. He explains how we can keep fighting back to keep our hair healthy.

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A report by the Taxpayers' Alliance says Scotland would need to plug its deficit through massive cuts or a tax hike if it hopes to meet the criteria for rejoining the EU.

Rob Temple, 32, the 'awkward' brains behind the Very British Problems Twitter feed says the hilarious account of the daily embarrassments of living in the UK is just a 'diary of his day'.

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Prince Harry's staff tweeted an announcement about his attendance at a service for the fallen of the Metropolitan Police next week.

Will Young's Strictly pay cheque 'is SLASHED from £25K to just £5K

Will Young's Strictly pay cheque has reportedly been slashed since he departed the show on Tuesday.  A show insider told The Sun that BBC bosses have taken his pay from a whopping £25,000 down to just £5,000 after he broke his contract as its claimed he only quit for fear he would not win. Shortly before the claims, the 37-year-old hitmaker broke his silence in a text to Radio Two presenter Chris Evans to say he was fine, after citing mysterious 'personal reasons' for his departure. 

Yes folks, just when you thought it was safe to take a fresh interest in our wonderfully liberated post-Brexit politics, that serial meddler Ed Miliband is back.

New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright had a blood alcohol reading of level of .0156 when she fell from Gable Tostee's 14th floor Gold Coast apartment and her body almost 'folded over itself'.

Survey found nearly a fifth of parents regret the trendy names they gave their children

A survey last month found almost a fifth of parents end up regretting the name they give their child. As much as we strive towards an egalitarian society, there is no escaping the fact that a child is still often judged by his or her name - it is even thought to play a part in success later in life. Lindsey Briston, 27, a full-time mother, who lives Southampton, named her son Jediah (pictured on the left) while Sara Nash changed her mind over calling her daughter Marnie (on the right).

Jaber Albakr was detained on Sunday in Leipzig in eastern Germany after three days on the run following a tip-off that he may have been looking for associates in the city.

Police believe some of the victim's facial features were bitten off and he was left blinded after being stabbed in both eyeballs in the attack which happened in the town of Schlüchtern in central Germany.

Thursday's retaliatory attack was authorized by President Obama and marks the first shots fired by the US against Yemen's Shiite rebels known as the Houthis.

Amanda Stevens was preparing to board her flight from Albany to Chicago on Wednesday when she was told her T-shirt was making the pilot 'uncomfortable' and that she had to take it off.

Would you let your friends see you naked? It could be the key to loving your body

In posing for these photographs, the four friends (Left to right: Jude, 49, Jacqui, 48, Sharon, 55, and Pat, 60) break what many middle-aged women consider taboo: revealing their naked form in front of each other. What's more, their obvious ease and camaraderie suggests they have found the answer to combating the low self-esteem that affects so many women.

At the first chill in the air people unpack their tights from their sock drawer - but to keep ahead of the fashion curve this season you need to ditch them for bare legs. FEMAIL explains how.

Lorraine Candy has taken away her daughter's phones after 9pm. Even though she doesn't think it's unreasonable, they've reacted badly. But she thinks their phones are making them miserable.

Sam Allardyce meme pokes fun at the Unilever-Tesco stand-off

Fear over the availability of Marmite has got people worried, after supermarket giant Tesco announced it would be in short supply. The retailer is locked in a row with supplier Unilever, which reportedly wanted to bring in a 10 per cent price increase because of the falling value of the pound. Tesco refused to cough up, leading to a very British stand off. This is what people on Twitter make of the whole debacle.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, pictured, has accused the BBC of being 'shamelessly anti-Brexit' over its post-referendum economic coverage and repeated stories of the collapse of sterling.

Much to my surprise, the BBC played with a remarkably straight bat during the weeks leading up to the referendum vote on June 23, writes STEPHEN GLOVER.

Three months after the referendum, the BBC's brief flirtation with impartiality has evaporated and the corporation has reverted to its Europhile roots with a vengeance.

Banks lent £12.2billion to home-buyers in August, up 14 per cent from July, when there was a lull in mortgage lending following the EU referendum in June.

It is as if the great news of June 24, that dawn of our liberation from the bossy EU, has only just reached this metropolitan elite, such as George Osborne, circled, writes QUENTIN LETTS.

In heated exchanges in the Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed demands for MPs to be given a vote on the terms of Britain's departure from the EU.

George Osborne says 'it's too soon' to pen his autobiography because there is more petrol in his political tank, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

Why at 44 this picture is...maddening proof that Gwynnie’s bonkers regime works

Gwyneth Paltrow, 44, spends a mind-boggling £14,000 a month on her looks and swears by all sorts of strange tonics and obscure foods on her much-mocked lifestyle website, Goop.com. The actress laces her morning smoothie with 'sex dust' - a £25-a-pot concoction of obscure herbs and plants, including cacao and maca. Meanwhile her thick, lustrous locks are given volume and shine by deep sea water.

EXCLUSIVE: London chef Sophie Michell, 34, shares her 10 flu-fighting foods with FEMAIL - and they're easier than you think to incorporate into your diet.

There may be a penny separating £9.99 from £10, but in the psychology of sealing a sale there is a world of difference. Studies show 'round' numbers are feminine and 'precise' figures are 'male'.

Billions of people drink artificially-sweetened beverages to avoid the calories of sugar. But according to a five-year study by Purdue University, diet soda is just as likely to lead to obesity.

A condom that can be pricked with a pin and not break apart has hit the market. American company Lelo launched the product which aims to address discomfort, slippage and breakage

Now cyclists endanger each other! Rider's risky overtaking causes almighty crash that sends her flying through the air on congested London superhighway

The dramatic clip shows a woman powering on the pedals to attempt a daring overtake on a London cycle-superhighway. But her risky manoeuvre backfires and she creates a painful pile-up. Commuter John Richardson captured the crash from multiple angles. His videos show the female cyclist smashing into another rider which launches her out of the saddle. The man she hits is also seen somersaulting off onto the concrete path, as other bikers are forced to slam on the brakes.

There are some 30 million cars on the road in the UK today. The most popular colour accounts for 6.8 million so can you guess which one it is? We reveal the answer from DVLA stats.

Caroline Ahern's ex-husband has branded her a sex-mad, violent drunk

Just three months after her death, Mrs Merton (pictured on the left) star Caroline Aherne's ex-husband (pictured on the right) has branded her a sex mad, violent drunk in a savage book. Peter Hook, who was married to the comedian for three years, paints Caroline as a Jekyll and Hyde 'banshee'. No wonder her family say they'll never forgive him.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will announce a Delay Repay scheme which will be trialled on a number of services, including troubled Southern Rail, before being rolled out across the country

Soaring property prices mean the average brick in a UK house is worth more than £47, based on the property's overall value. This same brick would have cost £35.70 in 2006.

'I'm going to be dating her in 10 years': How Donald Trump made sleazy comment about girl aged TEN when she visited Trump Tower in ANOTHER video showing his off-camera comments towards women 

In the 1992 Entertainment Tonight tape, Trump, who was 46 at the time, (left) allowed the girl (circled right) on to the escalator at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. As she rode up it with a group of others, he was caught on microphone boasting: 'I'm going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?'. The video, which was released by CBS News on Wednesday, is the latest in which the Republican presidential candidate has made questionable comments towards women.

President Barack Obama has mocked right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who accused him and Hillary Clinton of being 'demons who smell like sulfur', while speaking in North Carolina.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a flamboyant lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, said the Republican candidate was the only person able to calm the growing tension between Moscow and Washington.

Heartbreaking moment mother bear leaves cubs to fend for themselves in Siberia

This is the heartbreaking moment a mother brown bear leaves her cubs to make their own way in the world by abandoning them in the Central Siberian Nature Reserve by the Yenisei River. The mother spends a last moment with her cubs before swimming off, without a backward glance, leaving the confused cubs to fend for themselves.

Benedict Emmerson QC, (pictured with George Clooney) was suspended from his duties, soon after his deputy, Elizabeth Prochaska, quietly quit the inquiry in mysterious circumstances

Sir John Sawers, who ran the Secret Intelligence Service from 2009 to 2014, indicated the politician's comments could risk retaliation against British diplomats in Russia.

'Forget about Brad and Angelina this breakup is the saddest of 2016': Fans mourn the end

Great British Bake Off fans have been put through the ringer over the past few weeks.And things didn't get any easier for viewers of the BBC show on Wednesday night as fan favourite Benjamina Ebuehi was eliminated in the quarter final. While the popular baker's departure was heartbreaking enough, fans were also left mourning the end of Benjamina's friendship with tent hunk Selasi Gbormittah.

Nicole Kidman flashes her endless legs at Lion premiere in London

She is used to the balmy climes of her native Australia and glitzy Los Angeles.  So Nicole Kidman was no doubt stunned when she was met with the autumnal breeze descending on the capital as she arrived at the Lion premiere during the BFI London Film Festival on Wednesday.  The 49-year-old actress, who plays Sue Brierley, fell victim to the pesky British breeze as her sensational slashed velvet gown blew open and flashed her endless legs. 

Police are investigating reports that a one-month-old baby girl was put up 'for sale' on eBay. 'Child, 40 days old named Maria... for sale,' the post, from Duisburg in Germany, read.

South Australian man Danny Ferguson, 36, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail and agreed to being speared in each leg five times after being found guilty of the manslaughter of his partner last year.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's crackdown on drugs endorsed by 84 percent

More gruesome photographs of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's bloody crackdown on drugs have emerged, as the acid-tongued leader rides high in opinion polls and continues to dismiss international criticism. The photos show drug suspects packed inside police holding cells, a body dumped in a canal and a candle-lit vigil on a roadside in Manila, the country's capital. The drug war, Duterte's signature policy popular among Filipinos who elected him in May by a huge margin, has killed more than 3,600 people since June 30.

Simon Chinery (pictured), 28, found himself covered in blood as the ten inch blade cut his right hand 'down to the bone'. He was walking away from a service station in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The young puritans: Teens that don’t drink, smoke, swear, take drugs or condone sex before

Georgia Vasey, far right, 13, a straight A student from County Durham, likes to spend her evenings in her bedroom with a good book. She lives with mother Trudy, second from right, 37, a supermarket team leader who has always been much more of a wild child. Ryan Cowley, centre right, 16, from Amersham, Bucks, says the age-old competition to see who can get a girl into bed first has all but disappeared. His mum Angela, centre left, 47, a food safety manager, thinks he may yet rebel. Ella Collins-Godden, far left, 16, from Shoreham, Sussex, might be on the cusp of adulthood but has yet to experience alcohol. She lives with mother Sara, 45, a company owner, has a much more liberal attitude. A study last month found that Generation Z - teenagers born after 2000 - are the most socially conservative generation since World War II.

Lecturer Nia Davies, 31, from Cardiff, began a 'sexual relationship' with her teenage pupil - even sharing a bed with her on trips to galleries, a hearing was told.

The 27-year-old striker walked up to the doors of the court arm in arm with his fiancee Natasha Massey. The court today heard from a previous lover of the woman who accuses him of rape.

Saddam Hussein built torture dungeon and execution chamber in heart of NYC

Saddam Hussein built a secret torture dungeon and execution chamber in the heart of New York City and even shipped the bodies of his victims out of the country using diplomatic immunity, insiders say. On taking control of Iraq in 1979, the dictator installed a 'detention room' in the basement of the country's Permanent Mission building in Manhattan's Upper East Side. There, sources told the NY Post, Iraqi civilians were held in detention, subjected to gruesome torture and even murdered - just across the road from Michael Bloomberg, who would later become the city's mayor.

Immigration and a high birth rate has driven the growth of the capital over the past five years, according to analysis from the Office for National Statistics.

Woman's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 REPLACEMENT starts smoking and sparking in her hand after company recall of handsets which explode when they overheat

Dee Decasa from Honolulu, Hawaii, was sent the handset by Galaxy after a global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 in September. She had been using the replacement for one day when it began sparking and emitting smoke in her hand. Footage filmed inside the home she shares with her husband, Mel, showed the woman walking around with it in her hand, a cloud of smoke appearing around it (above). The next day it displayed the same burned screen as others which have exploded in users' hands (inset).



'Save your crocodile tears, Lily': Pop star Allen faces backlash after breaking down as she apologised to migrant in Calais Jungle 'on behalf of my country for what we've put you through'

Singer Lily Allen became emotional during a meeting at the camp in Calais with a 13-year-old boy from Afghanistan (together, top right), who has risked his life trying to board UK-bound lorries. The teenager, who said his father lives in Birmingham, has been camped at the Jungle on the edge of the northern French port city for two months. But Allen's comments and visit led to her receiving a large amount of abuse online, with viewers claiming her apology was 'ridiculous' and that she was 'so annoying'. The singer later hit back by tweeting that she was only saying sorry to a 'helpless child for the part this country has played in contributing to his dire situation'. On Allen's visit (left and bottom right), she volunteered in a warehouse where donations come in which are then distributed to the estimated 10,000 migrants and refugees living at the camp.

Gary McKinnon has called on the Government to prevent the extradition of fellow computer hacker and Asperger's sufferer Lauri Love. Mr Love, 31, faces up to 99 years in a US jail if convicted.

You have to hand it to 'Big' Sam Allardyce - he knows how to lose 'Big' Money.
The former England football manager exited his £3million a year job after just 67 days in a farcical newspaper sting.

We've pit three ladies - one who has had filler for ten years, one who has had just one treatment and one who has never had it - against each other to find out. So can you tell who is who?

Party Pieces is selling a gruesome bodysuit depicting a pet rabbit squashed on the road (pictured) for kids aged seven up. Parents fear that the gory outfit could upset youngsters.

Full-time mother Michelle Brooks, 22, from Rye, East Sussex, inadvertently fed her daughter Mia, five months, a pot of 'mouldy' Cow and Gate baby food - that had an expiry date of 2018.

The trial of a 15-year-old girl, who denies murdering Elizabeth and Katie Edwards, was also told that she and her boyfriend shared a bath after the killing in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

The competition is run by the British Cartoonists' Association. Daily Mail cartoonist Mac will be among the judges, alongside cartoonists from nearly every national daily newspaper.

Is Oksana Neveselaya the world's hottest maths teacher?

Oksana Neveselaya, from Minsk, Belarus, describes herself as a 'sensual' maths teacher and has won over hundreds of thousands of male followers after a video of her teaching went viral (inset). It is not known whether Oksana is aware of the furore surrounding her YouTube debut but if her social media accounts are anything to go by she isn't averse to receiving attention over her looks with each post notching up hundreds of likes and comments. However hopeful suitors may be disappointed as Oksana appears to have a significant other; a recent photograph on her Facebook page shows her grinning with a massive bouquet of flowers.

The number of claims rose by nearly 9 per cent last year to 31,483. Potholes can damage a vehicle's suspension, tyres and wheel alignment. according to the respected RAC Foundation.

Married GP Matthew Gale, 57 (pictured) had been rubbing the woman's lower spinal area during a consultation at his Lancashire surgery when he slipped one his hands between her legs.

The disgraced former Imam of a West Midlands mosque, Hafiz Rahman, has fled to Bangladesh ahead of his sentencing for the historical sexual abuse of two young girls at a mosque.

In an effort to appease local authorities, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said they could apply for £70million of Government grants - but critics say this is not nearly enough.

The intrepid mouse was spotted by visitors inside the Jubilee Cafe inside the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday afternoon having avoided almost 2,000 traps and a dedicated pest control officer.

At least 800,000 patients are registered with unsafe GPs, the Care Quality Commission found. Patients are reportedly not being invited in for routine cancer screening.

New research by the International Olympic Committee reveals the benefits of exercise for expectant mother, and their children. Reducing need for C-sections and obesity in children.

George Butterworth, a campaigner for Cancer Research UK, has blasted advertising methods used to promote e-cigarettes, saying that they glamorise smoking rather than getting people to quit.

Research conducted by WaterAid and the Scouts revealed 60 per cent of British adults don't dry their hands properly after washing them - despite damp hands being known to spread more bacteria.

Imgur photo has scary hidden illusion

A creepy photo showing a dark basement with a red circle is causing confusion on Imgur as people try to work out what is sinister about the picture. Users are invited to zoom in on the photo to find out what might be lurking within the red circle, but those with eagle eyes have figured out that the scariness is lurking somewhere else in the basement.

A Dorset man, 21, has been charged with the murder of his partner's two-year-old son who died of blunt force trauma in May this year. The child's mother was arrested but released without charge.

Janet Street-Porter turns 70 this year - but doesn't want to make a fuss. She'll be celebrating with six mates in a bowling club cafe with Thai curry. She feels that women now feel that 70 is the new 50.

Information on labels may look precise but actually they can only provide an approximate amount of energy a person will get, says California-based neuroscientist and author Sandra Aamodt.

Heavy cannabis users, who smoke several times a day, have more fragile spines and hips, a study by the University of Edinburgh found.

The Care Quality Commission has rated 81 per cent of hospital trusts as either inadequate or requiring improvement to meet basic safety standards.

The charity Hubbub is aiming to collect 20,000 coffee cups in Manchester in order to turn them into useful plastic products. Around 2.5billion cups handed out in Britain every year end up in landfill.

The trashy shoe has somehow made its way into the  fashion limelight. Started two years ago when Poppy Delevingne wore them to a premiere. Now even the editor of Vogue has donned a pair.

Daily workouts, a VERY clean diet, and at least 20 minutes of sun every day: Instagram

Alexis Ren, a 19-year-old bikini model from California, has more than 6.6 million followers on Instagram for her scantily-clad glamour shots and world travels. She was scouted at 13, was modelling internationally at 14 and first began going viral at 15 years old. In a new interview, Alexis claims that her incredible 34-22-34 body is the result of constant workouts and plenty of focus on her diet.

Estelle O'Sullivan, 37, lost three litres of blood after the Caesarian operation to deliver her twins and died from a cardiac arrest soon after. She was a patient at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire.

Statistics from the police watchdog reveal that police and prosecutors were forced to drop thousands of investigations - meaning culprits get away scot-free.

A message asking for children's country of birth suffered an unfortunate typo when the O and the U were missed out. St Dunstan's school in Somerset, quickly noticed the typo and apologised

The University of Michigan Health System found that parents' technology use is causing conflict at home. Not only does it take attention away from kids, but it causes parents to become more stressed.

Consumers face spending more than £100 extra to keep their homes warm this winter as energy companies blame the price hikes on increases in the wholesale cost of gas and electricity.

Two baggage handlers were seriously injured and 193 passengers were left stranded after a section of the Aer Lingus passenger jet became engulfed in flames at Orlando International Airport.

The interstellar disco ball would have a in the centre, according to the Harvard research. When a laser beam hit the thin, mirror-like surface, the light would bounce off and push the probe along.

Prince Philip can't take his eyes off Grayson Perry at the Royal Academy of Arts

Artist Grayson Perry certainly caught the eye of the Queen and Prince Philip as they enjoyed an event at the Royal Academy Of Arts on Tuesday evening. The cross-dressing ceramicist, who was dressed in a pink and red chiffon and silk dress, gave a speech as part of the event to honour five individuals who have made a national contribution to the visual arts or architecture.

Japanese motor giant Toyota has been forced to recall 340,000 hybrid cars worldwide due to issues with brakes, after reports of crashes injuries and deaths have been received by the company.

Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust (pictured), said: 'Many state school teachers don't see Oxbridge as a realistic goal for their brightest pupils.'

A 31-year-old London broker, William Man, collapsed during the Royal Parks half marathon and could not be resuscitated - leaving behind a daughter, and a wife pregnant with their second child.

A leading heart specialist known as the Naked Surgeon, Samer Nashef, has found that the mortality rates for those having surgery before their specialist goes on holiday double chances of death.

The explorer said the record-breaking trip to the Antarctic was on his 'bucket list' but that officials had banned winter travel in that part of the world as it is too remote.

'The crueller you are, the more macho you are': Spanish bull-fighting descends into 'torture' with villagers encouraging animals to charge at 4x4s before hurling objects at them

These are the shocking images that show how the proud tradition of Spanish bull-fighting has been reduced to the cruel torture of the animal in 4x4s. Villagers on motorbikes, horses and in off-road cars are seen chasing the bull across fields, encircle them and taunt them with spears and capes. They continue their cruel sport, known as 'encierros' or 'enclosings', until the creature can no longer stands - it collapses and its body is dumped by a tractor. Unlike the traditional bull-fight, carried out in purpose-built arenas in many Spanish towns and cities, the hunters remain at a safe distance rather than sparring with the animal using the traditional red cape. They hurl stones from a safe distance and stab the animals with sticks.

The mind-boggling video is part of a study by researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia that they hope will lead to treatments for people with Parkinson's Disease.

South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton (pictured) has previously been suspended after being accused of trying to shift the blame on Liverpool fans.

Nathan Sumner, 35, from Sheffield, who attacked PC Lisa Bates with an axe leaving her head split open screamed 'I am the King' when he was detained, a court heard today.

World-famous popstar, 22, drops in for a kickabout with London schoolchildren 

Megastar Justin Bieber, 22, who is worth an estimated £165million, turned up at Highgate School in north London today to play football with some shocked pupils. The 22-year-old Canadian pop sensation was dressed in a pair of grey skinny jeans, a waterproof coat and orange trainers as he unexpectedly joined in with the PE session. His appearance sent many fans at the school into overdrive, with many shocked to see the four-times number one artist at the £20,000-a-year school. Rachel Kiki wrote: 'I'm screaming JUSTIN BIEBER just turned up + played football with all my mates. Why is he here and why did he want to play with us.' Another pupil wrote: 'Justin randomly showed up at a school in London to play football I want to die.' Sharing an image of the singer-songwriter walking onto the sports field holding a football alongside a PE teacher, one Twitter user wrote: 'Justin f****** Bieber playing football at Highgate.' Another pupil shared a short video clip of the megastar taking, and scoring, a penalty.

Prince William showed he's definitely put his former 'estate agent' style behind him as he arrived for an engagement looking dapper in a dark blue suit at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

The Spanish royals celebrated their country's National Day on Wednesday where Letizia, 45, was joined by her husband Felipe VI and their daughters Leonor, ten, and Sofía, nine.

Ian Stewart, 55, is accused of killing writer Helen Bailey, who wrote the Electra Brown and Daisy Davenport books. Her body was found in the grounds of her home in Royston, Hertfordshire.

Port, of Barking, east London, is accused of murdering four men over 15 months by spiking their drinks with date rape drug GHB in order to have sex with them at his flat while they were unconscious.

Sale Sudoku: Autumn bargains that coordinate perfectly

For this daywear outfit of blue shoes, red top, flowery kimono, earrings and black trousers - found in vertical row fourth from left - we saved a whopping £219.50. This elegant evening ensemble of earrings, beaded top, floral skirt, black shoes and clutch - found in vertical row three, right - came in with a saving of £168.50

The South Korean electronics giant filed a revised operating profit estimate of 5.2 trillion won ($4.6 billion), compared to the 7.8 trillion won it announced just last week.

The researchers, from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, claim previous research underestimated the risk of suicide and other harms as a result of taking antidepressants.

Women going into labour might hope for a serene experience but the birthing process can throw a few curveballs including vomiting, going to the loo on the delivery table and ending up stripped naked.

Horrifying moment a shirtless jogger killed a father with a single punch on a Australian street - then continued on his morning run

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a shirtless jogger knocked a father-of-seven unconscious in an alleged one-punch attack. The surveillance video shows the two men crossing paths on a South Brisbane street shortly before Timothy Lang, 48, (top right) was allegedly struck with a fatal blow to his head on Saturday morning. The dramatic scene shows the suspect storming off but appearing to return to the scene to confront the helpless man as he lay dying on the ground (left). Wayne Hearn, 38, (bottom right) has been charged over Mr Lang's death.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 51, was attending a lunch for epidermolysis bullosa charity DEBRA, for which she is patron, on Wednesday afternoon when she almost took a tumble.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The Syrian civil war claimed up to another 41 lives, including five children, following Tuesday's bombings as Pope Francis makes his strongest plea yet.

YouTube channel, Now You See Me, studies the influence of shapes on characters' personalities in a new video and how geometry affects the visual storytelling of the films we love.

The 'devoted' couple, named locally as John Scarle, 80, and his 'loving' wife Anne, 69, had not been seen for several days before they were found dead at their home in Southend, Essex.

Funny photos make animals look as though they're suffering with hangovers from hell

Many of us are all-too familiar with the morning after the night before. Now a series of animal photos capture the physical and emotional symptoms of that pitiful state. Clockwise from top left: A hard-partying hound is snapped in shades; a baby elephant looks almost too comfortable resting head-first in the surf; a ring-tailed lemur encapsulates the struggle to open both eyes; a bear with a paw over his eyes looks how many of us feel; a fluffy cat is flopped over the loo in a very familiar end-of-night attitude; and an armadillo lies in the middle of the road quaffing beer in an extraordinary image.

Sales of baking gadgets 'soar' in the hour after an episode of GBBO airs, according to eBay. But it seems online shoppers are favouring budget buys instead of premium products.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found those who used tanning beds were typically age 18 to 34. Despite the risks, they were no more likely to go for skin cancer screening.

A 32-year-old scientist, Damian Bowen, died while working at a trust attached to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital when his lab filled with nitrogen as he was freezing blood samples.

'Stingray Queen' Rava Ray dives naked with marine creatures in Tahiti and Hawaii

Rava Ray, also known as the 'Stingray Queen,' (pictured) grew up on the small South Pacific Island Mo'orea and learnt to 'share the water' with sharks, whales, turtles and dolphins. The 27-year-old said the stingray is the marine animal 'dearest to her heart' and although she has been bitten, she has never been stabbed by their venomous barb. She often dives naked with the dangerous marine life and said there is something 'timeless and magic' about swimming nude. She shares her diving experiences in stunning pictures with her 42,000 Instagram followers.

Mikaela Long, a California social media personality, was looking after the little girl when she spotted her sleeping upside down in the baby monitor.

Around two months in, partners become curious and ask the 'how many before me' question. Sexpert Tracey Cox says you should think twice before you actually ask this loaded question.

Sergeant Louise Lucas, 41, was dragged under the vehicle just moments after letting go of the little girl's hand as the pair went to cross the road while out shopping with a friend in Swansea, South Wales.

BHS has been on Princes Street, Edinburgh, for more than half a century but the store was closed at the beginning of August after the retail chain collapsed, with hundreds of workers losing their jobs.


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