Community Clinics

Psychology Clinic

The University of Detroit Mercy Psychology Clinic is sponsored by the University of Detroit Mercy. It has been providing psychological services to students, staff and community members for over 35 years.

Children, adolescents and adults from the entire metropolitan area are eligible to receive services.

In keeping with the mission of the University of Detroit Mercy, the University Psychology Clinic is committed to providing compassionate services to persons in need, with an emphasis on personal and professional ethics and values. We are committed to promoting the dignity of the individual as well as contributing to the common good of the wider community. The clinic ensures equal access and opportunity for psychological services to the diverse populations in the Detroit area.

We are proud to provide quality psychological services for people who could not otherwise afford care.

  • Psychotherapy services are offered for a wide range of difficulties, including: anxiety, stress, self-esteem, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, and child, family or marital problems.
  • Psychological testing is available to assist in issues with attention and/or difficulties maintaining attention.
  • Academic concerns such as school readiness, achievement and giftedness can also be addressed by clarifying abilities, interest and personal needs.

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Counseling Clinic

We provide no-cost individual, group and family counseling to the surrounding community.

The UDM Counseling Clinic, located on the campus of the University of Detroit Mercy and operated by the Counseling Program, uses a strength based, person centered approach to providing clients with counseling. The UDM Counseling Clinic does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender, religion, socio economic status or sexual orientation.

The University of Detroit Mercy Counseling Clinic provides education, training and professional development opportunities to Counseling Practicum students, Counseling Interns and Licensed Professional Counselors through access to instruction, use of resources and clinical supervision.

Types of counseling offered includes personal counseling, family and child counseling, addictions counseling, court ordered counseling, career counseling and group counseling. All members of the community are welcome but space is limited.

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