6 Best Assisted Opening Knives For The Money [Reviewed]

best assisted opening knives

An assisted opening knife is a kind of folding knife which uses an internal mechanism to finish the opening of the blade once the user has partially opened it using a flipper or thumb stud attached to the blade.

Here at best folding knife we will help you to find some of the best assisted opening knives. We didn't only list the best assisted knives but also, we have discussed what are the advantages of the listed knives & moreover what kind of material you should look forward to in an assisted opening knife so that you can get the most value for the money.

You all know that, there are hundreds of assisted opening knives, but finding the best one under the budget could be a hard job for you because you may not have a good experience.

So, without wasting your time lets get into the main content i.e best assisted opening knives.

Our Recommendations For Best Assisted Opening Knives

Below, take a look at the table below to compare a variety of assisted opening knives against one another based on price, size, blade material and more:

Model ImageModel NameSteelLengthSteel
best folding knife KERSHAW CRYO8Cr13MoV steel 6.5" overall$$
best assisted opening knivesSPRING ASSISTED KNIFE440C HIGH-CARBON steel3.38" blade$$
assited-knifeGERBER COVERT FAST SERRATED14C28N Steel6.65" overall$$
best assisted opening knivesSOG SpecialtyCP AegisAUS Steel 3.5" blade$$
best folding knifeKershaw Ken Onion BlurSandvik 14C28N Steel7.78" overall$$
best assisted knivesZero Tolerance ZT0350TS S30V Stainless-Steel3.25" blade$$$

Kershaw Cryo Knife ~ Under 30$

Kershaw knives are among the best. We have listed them in top folding pocket knife brands. Kershaw knives are affordable and engaging with the vast collection of styles. These knives are excellent for everyday carry (EDC) and classy enough for the formal occasions.

Either you are hiking, camping, backpacking, or just going to a friend’s wedding, Kershaw knives will serve you well.

best assisted opening knives

General Dimension & Blade: The Kershaw Cryo has an overall length of 6.5 inches. It weights 4.1 oz which is pretty lighter. The knife uses a framelock mechanism to lock the blade; it is a tight lock up with about 40% of the blade thickness hitting the lock bar.
The 8Cr13MoV steel used in the blade is a Chinese steel. But, the blade holds a decent edge but is a little soft for our taste. The Kershaw "Speed Assist" makes the blade fly out with small effort. The blade opens extremely fast and without any resistance.
The blade is kinda decent if you take the price tag into consideration.

Handle & Ergonomics: The handle of the knife is pretty decent & constructed of titanium coated stainless steel. The handle is comfortable to grip, and we imagine that only those with the big of hands will have any negative issues with grip.

A portion of the handle (knife frame) moves behind the blade to lock it into position during the use. This is a safety feature of the knife. The knife comes with a clip so you can keep it your pocket using the clip.

  • Pros: Small, sleek and best size for general use EDC. Affordable.
  • Cons: Little heavy for it's size & average blade.


It is an affordable, short, excellent looking design, reliable construction, a well-assisted opening knife for EDC.

It is a very average budget knife with a few insufficiency. It deserves a look at it if you have a small budget.

Spring Assisted Knife: With Bottle Opener~ Under 35$

Spring assisted knife is a pretty interesting knife, because it comes with bottle opener feature which makes it pretty exciting. The knife is by Alpha Tek company. It is pickup truck tough without being monster truck heavy, open fast and easily, and sits comfortably in the hand.

best assisted opening knives

General Dimension & Balde: It comes with 3.38-inch Spring Assisted blade. And, the blade is constructed with 440C HIGH-CARBON steel from 400 stainless steel series- Balance hardness and corrosion resistance.

Of course, what attracted us, was the unique blade, with the bottle opener cut into the spine, very unique. Additionally, it is an assisted open to boot. The blade is tough and the knife feels sturdy. Though the brand is not popular enough but this knife definitely have some perk to make it to the best assisted opening knives.

Handle & Ergonomics: The handle is constructed of G-10 material. So, without any doubt, the handle is grippy, stronger 7 lighter. The handle's knife is completely black & the Handle with G-10 material is considered as the toughest of all the resin laminates.

If you look at the handle you'll find it pretty simple but yet it works like a charm and satisfy the holder because it makes good grip and its lighter handle make it more comfortable for the user to use it. The clip is a little long, and you can do with a little deeper carry.

The spring assisted mechanism is slightly hard at first, but repeating use will make it simple and faster. Though the company is not well-known as said before but believe us this knife is really good & definitely a good choice for best assisted opening knives.

  • Pros: Sharp Blade, nice handle, and has a bottle's cap opening feature.
  • Cons: Opening mechanism could be better. 


If you look at the price & quality of the knife you won't be able to deny the fact that it is really a good knife. You can do pretty much with the knife. The bottle opener definitely gives it an edge.

The spring assisted mechanism is slightly hard at first, but repeating use will make it simple and faster. Though the company is not well-known as said before but believe us this knife is really good & definitely a good choice for best assisted opening knives.

Gerber Covert Fast Serrated Knife~ Under 50$

The Covert F.A.S.T. combines the classic Applegate-Fairbairn design with the ease and speed of F.A.S.T. technology. It delivers one-hand opening for quick deployment of the titanium-coated blade and G-10 handles give you a tacky grip.

assisted opening knives

General Dimension & Blade: The overall length is 6.65 inches & it weighs only 2.2 oz only. This is the best assisted knife according to the weight. It blade is constructed of stainless steel means you don't have to worry about reduction (destruction of metal).

The fast system opens the blade kinda fastening. It will be a little gritty in the beginning times but it will smooth up well with the time. The binary beveled stainless steel blade is absolutely designed for piercing and stabbing and is also partially serrated for increasing the utility.

Handle & Ergonomics: The handle is made of G10 handle. The glass filled nylon handle is flawlessly balanced with the blade for excellent handling and feature stainless steel liners for continued strength.

The handle is rough & stick to the hand flawlessly. Even with the hands, we were able to make a good grip. The light weight and g-10 properties make it a stunning & "black beauty" knife.

  • Pros: Razor sharp blade, good overall size, and good blade opening mechanism.
  • Cons: Wiggling Blade.


If you want a knife for a personal defense we would recommend this knife It is a solid knife that you can trust your life to and moreover it is made in the USA.

Though all people have different thoughts on this assisted knife but according to our experience, it is quite good.

Few people have reported the knife broken up this could be because of light weight. So, if you can take care of knife then there should not be any problem regarding the knife.

SOG SpecialtyCP Aegis Assisted Opening Knife~ Under 60$

The term “aegis” has ancient roots. Generally used in Greek mythology, aegis means “protector” and has been often signified in the form of a shield. Introducing the new Clash, all the features you want at a great price.

best assisted opening knives

General Dimension & Blade: The Aegis has 3.5-inch stainless steel blade with a black TiNi finish, a well-balanced body, and SOG's trademarked DigiGrip handle. It weighs 3.1-ounces which is extremely lighter.

The blade is constructed with AUS Steel That makes it a super blade. The blade is leaf shape; is very useful. It is not the strongest alloy yet it holds an edge pretty well. The assisted opening mechanism is just enough to be comfortable and controlled without being unnecessarily aggressive or being hard to close.

The AUS8 Steel is treated with the cryogenically heat that enhances the toughness of blade & better edge retention. It's powerful blade & light-weight properties make it a good assisted folding knife for everyday carry.

Handle & Ergonomics: Aegis has a glass reinforced nylon (GRN) handle. The GRN on the Aegis is of high-quality and feels good in the hand. The handle also includes checkered Digi-Grip for extra anti-slip security.

The handle is made out of Zytel, which is simply our favorite handle material. The assistance knife comes with a clip that makes the owner pretty easier to carry it along.

  • Pros: Good deployment system, and robust lockup.
  • Cons: locking mechanism is tighter in the beginning.


The Aegis is a "must have" for all serious knife collectors and anyone who wants a great assisted knife. This knife is an awesomely balanced knife combining a big blade, robust lockup ; fast deployment with a light and easy carry weight.

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

Kershaw ken onion knife is a good choice for assistance knife. The best about Kershaw knives is their opening mechanism which makes their knives fit in many categories.Kershaw knives always stand out in performance & their knives are long-lasting.

Either you are hiking, camping, backpacking, or just going to a friend’s wedding, Kershaw knives will serve you well.

best assisted opening knives

General Dimension & Balde: The overall length of blade is 7.88 inches. It weighs 3.9 oz that means it pretty light. The blade of this knife is constructed of Sandvik 14C28N Steel with Tungsten DLC black coating.

It's built quality is outstanding, opens quickly and easily, quality of the steel is adequate, the blade shape is attractive. Blade strength is excellent. It Arrives sharp, stays sharp, and cuts with comfort.

It has speed safe opening mechanism which makes it outstanding. The spring-assist opener has an astonishing deployment speed, flipping the blade open in a fraction of a second with comfort.

Handle & Ergonomics: The handle is construed of 6061-T6 anodized aluminum with with Trac-Tec inserts. If you'll look at the handle you'll see the roughness design in added to the handle to make it rough that eventually makes it grippy in the handle.

And, if you're knife lover you know it always feels pleasant & comfortable to hold knives with such ergonomics. The handle is available in a variety of colors too, including the olive drab model as well as desert sand, red, and black. So, if you want a sexy design then you should definitely look forward to it.

  • Pros: Sharp, looks great, Speedsafe opening is excellent, good value for money
  • Cons: awkward thumb stud, over tight pocket clip


If we look, other knives with same features and opening speed, including automatics like Microtech and ProTech, will cost three times as much. Hence, this knife is a good choice and definitely makes it to the best assisted opening knives.

However, the clip is little tighter than we though so you've to careful while tucking the knife with clip & while tucking it off.

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS Pocket Folding Unique Knife 

Zero tolerance is one of the popular edition is the knife industry. The 0350 is fully equipped with SpeedSafe for one-handed assisted opening. Even in combat gloves, you can easily deploy the blade using the large, ambidextrous thumb stud or blade protrusion

best assisted knives

Blade: The blade is constructed with S30V stainless-steel. Like said before, even in combat gloves, you can easily deploy the blade using the large, ambidextrous thumb stud or blade protrusion. The blade and cutting performance are amazing. In simple words, the blade is quite Sharp and tough, and among the best blades, we have used.

Handle & Ergonomics: Knife fits into the hand very well, the blade protrusion & grippy g10 handles make this knife very comfortable to hold, feels very natural in your hand, even with gloves on. This knife absolutely refuses the let go of your hand.

There is no better knife we have ever handled in terms of grip than this knife. The G10, the jimping, and the flipper/blade guard work quite well.

The spring clip is tight but for a reason, holds well to thin nylon jacket pockets and has good clamping force. It Includes a quad mounting system for tip-up, tip-down, left- or right-handed clip carry.

  • Pros: Amazing cutting performance with lightening fast opening system. Robust and grippy handle
  • Cons: A bit too heavy for its blade length.


If you are looking for a super durable EDC (everyday carry) blade with the knife and don’t mind the weight then this knife is a good choice.

And, if you want a great heavy duty knife this is a great choice. This is a great all around knife and while it is overbuilt, it is not so large as to be difficult to carry.

It’s a super-comfortable cutting knife and its S30V blade keeps on going like an Energizer Bunny. It’s worth your money & in the list of best assisted knives.

2 Things To Check In The Best Assisted Knives

Durability: This is the important aspect to consider before you make a purchase. The durability of the knife is measured by how well it performs or maintains its quality over the time after being used for a long time.

All the blades we mentioned above have excellent durability power because these blades are made up of quality steel. These blades will work for a long time and will not damage quickly. These blades used for best assisted knives are super durable.

Size: Well, size always varies person to person. Few people have got small hands and few big; few medium one. But, the size for best assisted opening knives is usually around 3 inches. All the knives we mentioned above have good size, so you don't worry about it at all.

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