Felix Sater

Felix Sater

Commercial Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

Felix Sater is the owner of several large corporations all over the world. He has dedicated his time to helping causes and investing in prospective startups.

Hello and welcome to my philanthropy website. My name is Felix H. Sater. I am a highly experienced businessman in multiple industries. I am based out of New York City, with multiple offices in various locations. My main passion and primary field of work in real estate. I generally search out larger development projects, and lean towards residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties for renovation, construction, or demolition.

In addition to my real estate projects, I have been an advisor for many large companies all around the world, including such names as Sembol Construction, The Trump Organization, and Rixos. But I am also a serial benefactor and angel investor. I am always looking for new causes to support, and new and exciting business adventures to begin.

Of course, business can’t be everything. In addition to my work, I am also a proud husband and father, and I am very active in the Chabad of Port Washington and Judaism as a whole. I am also a philanthropist, which you may have gathered from the home page. I love donating to causes that I care about and am willing to support.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via the contact page. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy your stay at felixsater.org!