Emergency Services Worldwide Contact Numbers

If you are in an emergency situation where your life and/ or the life of another or others is in danger then we urge you to call your emergency number - don't hesitate.

Our Online Lifeline is here for you to help support and encourage you through difficult times.

The list of emergency numbers is below:

Canada and The United States of America 911

Antigua & Barbuda 911
Argentina 911
Australia 0
Bahamas 911 or 919 
Bahrain 999
Bangladesh 999
Bermuda 911
Canada 911
Cayman Islands 911
Channel Islands 999
Chile 911
Colombia 123
Costa Rica 911
Dominican Republic 911
Egypt 122
El Salvador 911
European mainland & all islands 112 - from both mobile phones and land lines.This also includes the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who also use 999 for emergency numbers. 
Gibraltar 190 - fire and ambulance only. 
Gibraltar 199
Greenland 112
Grenada 911
Grenada 999
Honduras 199
Hong Kong 999
Iceland 112
India 112 from mobile phones only
Isle of Man 999
Israel 112 from mobile phones only
Jordan 112
Kazakhstan 112
Kuwait 112
Macau 999
Madagascar 117
Malaysia 999
Morocco 190
Myanmar / Burma 999
Nepal 100
New Zealand 111
Nigeria 199
Oman 999
Pakistan 112 from mobile phones only
Paraguay 911
Qatar 999
Republic of Ireland 999 – Also Coastguard and cave and mountain rescue.
Russia 112
Solomon Islands 999
South Africa 112
South Korea 112  - 02112 from mobile phones.
Sudan 999
Tajikstan 112
The Maldives 102
The Philippines 117
The U.K includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and all islands including the Isle of Angelsey, the Isle of Wight, the Isles of Scilly, the Inner Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, the Outer Hebrides, the Shetland Islands and all Scottish, west coast isles. Other British Isles, which are not part of the UK, but use the same emergency numbers are, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland. 112 can also be used as an alternative number to 999 in all the above locations. 
The United Kingdom 999 - Also coastguard and air / sea rescue services. 
Turkey 112 from mobile phones only 
Ukraine 112
United States of America 911
Uruguay 911
Vanuatu 112
Venezuela 171

Please note: this could never be a complete list of all the emergency numbers around the world. The numbers listed are current to our best knowledge and belief. If you wish to suggest an amendment or addition to the list please let us know. We will be happy to verify your information and include as appropriate. Thank you.