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SP-10 (HF)

Reliable copper evaluation




Now you can accurately measure and predict the engravability of your copper plated cylinders. SP-10 replaces the highly successful SP3 line of copper analyzing equipment.


 With SP10s adjustable frequencies you are able to factor in the base conditions when evaluating the coppers structure. SP10 is totally non-destructive so live engravings may be tested.


SP10 works with eddy current technology to evaluate the structure of the copper. Standard copper (plated without the benefits of a grain refiner) has a value of around 100%. In comparison, readings in the 70%* range (+/-) tend to yield the best engraving results.

 Good cell geometry, optimal stylus life, and more consistent copper are just a few of the benefits.

* This value is an average derived from current users of   SP3.



       Detachable battery pack, allows for easy re-charging without the need to pull the unit off line.

       Four different frequencies  (depths) from the same probe

       Reinforced probe connection

       Supervisor lockout to prevent unauthorized access to operating parameters.

       Enhanced programming features.

       Price versus other evaluation methods


  Available Exclusively From:






 SIS: Stylus Inspection System


The SIS: Stylus Inspection System is an innovative product designed to allow your operators fast, reliable and repeatable information about stylus wear at any point during the engraving process.  Our unique Video Edge Caliper design allows the operator to quickly and easily measure wear to sub-micron levels.


System Features include:


  •   A stable, custom designed stylus inspection video microscope into which the engraving head is easily placed and positioned for viewing and wear measurement
  • Easy to use positioning and focus knobs for maximum image quality 
  • On-Screen measurements of wear properties at any point between engraving cycles.
  • Image Capture with documentation of wear characteristics
  • Easy Operator input of key information (Machine Number, Head Number, Hours of Service)
  • Graphical Representation of cutting surface form with flyover measurement data
  • Simple documentation output to a printer or network drive
  • High Magnification on Video Screen for inspection
  • 15 Flat Screen Monitor
  • CAD file comparison of a worn or chipped tool to the master file 
  • Connects directly to the company network for data storage and retrieval
  • Operates in Windows XP environment

Complete system includes: Stylus Inspection Video Microscope, Video Edge Caliper Tools, XP Micro Processing Unit, Keyboard, Mouse, 15 Flat Panel Monitor and appropriate cabling.                  


*System Specifications subject to change without notice*    

For further information, please contact one of our technical service staff at:

Precision Products, Inc.
12245 Nations Ford Rd. Unit 502
Pineville, NC 28134
Phone: (704) 588-8889
Fax: (704) 588-7980


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