Welcome to The International Air Cadet Exchange Association

Welcome to the International Air Cadet Exchange Association Website. The purpose of our Association is to plan and run an annual, world-wide exchange for aviation-minded young people each July. Our members are drawn from 20 countries and include the Ghana National Cadet Corps, the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, the Turkish Aeronautical Association and the UK Air Cadet Organisation. Each year we give over 500 young people the opportunity to expand their horizons, experience different cultures and make life-long friendships.

Our Site outlines the exchange programmes for each country and gives advice and guidance for member organisations and exchange participants though our Handbook and Memorandum of Understanding.

This Site also provides information for aviation youth organisations in non-member countries which are considering joining the Association.

If you are a member of an IACE Association cadet organisation and require information on your country's Exchange Programme then you should contact your chain of command or the persons shown at the Official Members List on this Website.

Yours in Aviation

Brent Wolfe
Secretary General