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Fire investigations

NFPA´s Fire Investigations division collects, analyzes, and reports detailed fire experience data through on-site investigations of technical or educational significance. Reports may take the form full reports, preliminary/summary reports; alert bulletins; or journal articles.

Areas documented during the course of the investigations include details of fire ignition, growth, and development; contributions of building construction, interior finish and furnishings; fire detection and suppression scenarios; performance of structures exposed to the fire; smoke movement and control; human reaction (response) and evacuation; fire fighting and rescue; fire propagation as a function of human reaction time; and the extent of life loss, injury and property damage.

Most NFPA fire investigation reports are free for NFPA members. Non-members may purchase copies of the reports for $30 each. Call +1 617 984-7445 or e-mail NFPA's Morgan Technical Library.

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In This Section
  • Assembly Mercantile, nightclubs, restaurants, schools, churches, stadiums, amusement parks, theaters, and libraries.
  • Explosions/Fireworks BLEVE, Terrorism, and fireworks manufacturing.
  • Firefighter fatalities All reports where one or more firefighter death occurred.
  • Health care NFPA offers complete fire investigation reports on fires in board and care facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes.
  • Natural disasters Wildfires and earthquakes
  • Non-residential properties High-rises, industrial, storage, banks and offices.
  • Residential Houses, apartments, rooming houses, hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts, and dormitories.
  • Transportation Aircraft, boats/ships, tunnels, and tractor trailers.
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