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Ace is a great CPS1/2 emulator for Windows.

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.:  September 21, 2016  :.

20 Years Anniversary of emuunlim.com
:: Posted at 2:42 GMT by The Fox -

THANK YOU to EVERYONE involved with emuunlim.com over the past 20 years. Here is a retrospective, enjoy...

(Thanks Zachary)

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.:  January 4, 2014  :.

10 Years Later - Guess Who's Back!?
:: Posted at 23:12 GMT by The Fox -

Good evening! Long Time No Speak...

10 years ago (4th of January 2004) today, I left emuunlim.com as webmaster in order to start a family, fast forward ten years to now and i'm back once again announcing that I have returned at the helm at emuunlim.com.

So where have I been? I am now happily married and have two boys (aged 3 years old and 9 months). During my hiatus I have been watching the landscape of the internet develop and change drastically.

One year ago I returned to the internet, creating RetroUnlim.com and so far that has been successful, you can see our latest RetroUnlim Live! Show on its first years anniversary below, with some of the RetroUnlim staff and guests Larry Bundy Jr and Stuart Ashens.

Over the years I have been thinking of returning but not until the time was right, now it is...

Now that I am back, I will start doing a lot of work to the website as over the years whilst i've been away, there's a lot for things that needs fixing.

To any staff members and project individuals over the years, that wish to be a part of the website once again, please contact me at emuunlim@yahoo.co.uk.

Anyway its good to be back and lets get this show back on the road.


Stephen Richards (aka The Fox - Webmaster of Emuunlim.com)

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.:  December 17, 2010  :.

Dolphin r6600 - Wii/Gamecube emulator
:: Posted at 13:30 GMT by fixo - fixo@fixofiles.com

I think it must have been around the time when the notorious Nintendo64 emulator UltraHLE was released, that shortly afterwards my interest in emulation started to decline. While the idea of being able to play contemporary games might appeal to some, it just didn't seem to do the trick for me and I preferred to stick to classic arcade and 8/16-bit systems instead.

It's only recently that I found out about the Dolphin project, a Wii/Gamecube emulator for Windows. An interesting part of this Dolphin community seems to be their YouTube channel, where in-game footage is shown of Wii games running in the emulator.

No idea what specs your PC must have to be able to run these games (mine would't even come close anyway!), but do check out the recently moved Dolphin emulator webpage to catch up with the latest happenings.

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.:  August 2, 2010  :.

MAME 0.139
:: Posted at 18:29 GMT by fixo - fixo@fixofiles.com

It's with great pleasure that I found out that MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is still alive and kicking, as today I noticed the release of v0.139.

I guess it's fair to say that MAME is considered the mother of all emulators for many enthusiasts. For me, being able to play arcade classics such as Kungfu Master, Bombjack, Double Dragon and Star Wars at home, will always be one of my greatest computing memories!

Visit the MAME page and find out more about this great project.

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.:  July 19, 2010  :.

Meka v0.73 update
:: Posted at 11:49 GMT by fixo - fixo@fixofiles.com

Sometimes emulation related stuff rises from it's grave. That's exactly what happenend with Meka a while ago. Long time emu-fanatic Omar Cornut (aka zoop from EmuCamp - remember?) updated to release v0.73.

Should you have long forgotten about Sega Master System/Game Gear or simply haven't installed any Sega 8-bit emulator for a long time, as in my case, this is a perfect chance to do so.

Check it out here.

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.:  May 29, 2009  :.

DOSBox v0.73 released
:: Posted at 3:50 GMT by Gemini -

- Support for more graphics modes and cards.
- Improved Vista support.
- New OPL emulation cores.
- Sound fixes and improvements for Mac OS X.
- Lots of compatibility fixes.
- Lots of cdrom detection improvements.
- Lots of memory (EMS/XMS) improvements.
- Various fixes and enhancements for the recompiling core.
- Support for evdev.
- Lots of DOS fixes.
- Slightly faster!
- More stable.

more release notes

DOSBox is a full x86 emulator. It is written in C/C++ and supports sound and DOS. The main purpose of DOSBox is running old DOS games on platforms which don't have DOS (i.e. Win2k/XP/Vista/FreeBSD/Linux/Mac OS X)

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.:  December 24, 2008  :.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at EmuUnlim
:: Posted at 18:10 GMT by the staff of Emulators Unlimited -


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.:  November 27, 2008  :.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at EmuUnlim
:: Posted at 15:49 GMT by the staff of Emulators Unlimited -


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.:  September 1, 2008  :.

ScummVM 0.12.0
:: Posted at 18:30 GMT by Gemini -

New Games:
- Added support for The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two: Hand of Fate.
- Added support for The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge.
- Added support for Lost in Time.
- Added support for The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble.
- Added support for the PC version of Waxworks.
- Added support for the Macintosh version of I Have no Mouth, and I must Scream.
- Added support for Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back.
- Added CAMD MIDI driver for AmigaOS4.
- Revived the PS2 port (was already in 0.11.1 but was forgotten in the release notes).
- Plugged numerous memory leaks in all engines (part of GSoC'08 task),
- Added audio double buffering to the SDL backend, which fixes the problems with the MT-32 emulator on Mac OS X (for now only enabled on Mac OS X).
- Fixed crashes during certain music in Amiga versions of Elvira 1 and Simon the Sorcerer 1.
- Fixed palette issues in Amiga versions of Simon the Sorcerer 1.
- Speech is played at the correct sample rate. (It used to be pitched a bit too low.)
- Rewrote parts of Digital iMUSE, fixing some bugs.
- Rewrote the internal timer code, fixing some speed issues in e.g. COMI.
- Improved support for sound effects in Amiga version of Zak McKracken.
- Added support for mixed Adlib/MIDI mode in Monkey Island 1 (Floppy).



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.:  August 30, 2008  :.

QFG2 Remake
:: Posted at 19:08 GMT by Gemini -

This is not emulation related, but AGD Interactive recently released their remake of Sierra's Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.
QFG2 was originally released in 1990 as a 16-color EGA game. It was the only game in the Quest for Glory series that never had a 256-color VGA version.
The AGDI version uses Adventure Game Studio and runs on Windows.


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.:  July 26, 2008  :.

Project 1986
:: Posted at 16:47 GMT by Gemini -

Project 1986 is a NES emulator for Windows.


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.:  May 15, 2008  :.

MAME 0.125u1
:: Posted at 13:57 GMT by Gemini -

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.:  April 5, 2008  :.

WinUAE v1.5.0 WIP #1
:: Posted at 14:14 GMT by Gemini -

New features/improvements:
- Picasso96 emulation rewritten.
* Major speed increase.
* Optimized blitter operations.
* Hardware (flicker free) mouse cursor emulated.
* Picasso96 <> native switch without screen/window reopening if old and new size matches (instant mode switching).
* Fullscreen to fullscreen switch without desktop flashing.
* Color space conversion, 8-bit/16-bit RTG now possible in windowed mode even if Windows desktop depth does not match RTG depth.
* Simple scaling support added, fill to whole screen instead of switching resolution. (Useful with low resolution games and demos in windowed mode or if host resolutions like 320x200 are not supported).
- Filter emulation update.
* Scaling and centering are now more intuitive (NOTE: old settings are not compatible anymore).
* "FS" scale multiplier added (fill whole screen).
* "1/2" scale multipler added.
* Hq3x and hq4x filters added.
* Onscreen leds are not filtered anymore.
- PCMCIA SRAM card emulation, includes real PCMCIA SRAM card support.
- ROM scanner byteswapped and even/odd ROM image support.
- Multithreaded AVI recording, huge speed increase with 2+ core CPUs
- Right mouse button over image selection buttons opens favorites menu (can add/remove/edit shortcut paths to disk/rom/harddrive images).
- Sprite doublescan support improved, fixes Fantastic Dizzy CD32 background.
- More compatible with timing changes caused by power saving features.
- Missing uaescsi.device CMD_GETGEOMETRY added.
- Debugger, GUI debugger improvements.
Bug fixes:
- uaenet.device random deadlock fix, NSCMD_DEVICEQUERY works correctly.
- Gayle interrupt handling update.
- CPU emulation fixes, EXTB.L and CHK.L was 68000 (should be 68020+).
- Sprite emulation fix, Super Skid Marks hires mode cars and Marvin's Marvellous Adventure score/cloud interference.
- Sound emulation fix, fixes Weird Dreams hospital scene sound problem.
- More compatible CD32 state restore support.
- AGA mode sprite garbage may have appeared in some cases. (1.4.5+)
- DOS formatted HD floppy image crash fixed.
- Rare harddrive detection crash.

WinUAE is a Commodore Amiga emulator.
Requires Windows 2000 or newer. Windows 9x/ME is not supported anymore.


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GameEx v9.19
:: Posted at 14:11 GMT by Gemini -


Comments ?

Final Burn Alpha
:: Posted at 14:05 GMT by Gemini -

FB Alpha v0.2.96.77

- Added driver for Taito Z hardware
- Added oopsware's Raiden driver and updated the nec core and vez module
- Retidied the nec core and vez module
- Added iq_132s Gun Smoke driver
- Added iq_132s Scrambled Egg driver
- Changed the M6502 core to Marat's with the interface wrote by kev
- Added kev's m90 driver and his updates to the m92 driver to debug builds
- Tidied the m90 and m92 drivers and corrected the gfx decoding in the m90 driver
- Updated Dec0 drivers to kev's latest version
- Updated Jack the Giantkiller driver to the iq_132s latest version
- Made the "In Game" tab the default on the game selection dialog
- Added a checkbox for Taito to the game selection dialog
- Changed some names to prevent duplicate descriptions
- Matched all sets to MAME 0.124u1


Comments ?

bsnes v0.030
:: Posted at 14:01 GMT by Gemini -

bsnes v0.030


Comments ?

pSX v1.13
:: Posted at 13:56 GMT by Gemini -

- Added Korean, Bosian, Serbian and Icelandic translations
- Added some missing translations to Linux build
- Debugger DMA capture buffer now autoresizes
- Fixed streaming music in Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius
- Fixed bug when setting sound frequency in Windows
- Implemented volume and mute in Linux
- Fixed "missing body parts" bug in Deception 3
- Fixed bug that caused XA audio in Deception 3 to not stop correctly
- Fixed random crash in Road Rash: Jailbreak
- Fixed debugger crash when emulator is reading from CD
- Fixed hang opening CD images in Linux
- Per-user settings for Linux (.ini file is now stored in ~/.pSX)
- Removed SSE instructions used during init (should fix crash on AMD CPUs)
- Fixed GTK warnings when clicking window close button in Linux


Comments ?

MESS v0.124a
:: Posted at 13:52 GMT by Gemini -

- Dick Smith Super-80 [Robbbert]
- Epoch Game Pocket Computer [Wilbert Pol]
- Galeb [Miodrag Milanovic]
- Genesis (USA, NTSC, w/SVP) [notaz, R. Belmont]
- Hartung/Watara/Virella/Videojet/... Game Master [PeT]
- Microbee 16k Standard [Robbbert]
- Mikro-80 [Miodrag Milanovic]
- Orao [Miodrag Milanovic]
- Philips Videopac G7000/C52 [Wilbert Pol]
- Specialist / Lik / SpecialistMX [Miodrag Milanovic]
- UT-88 and UT-88 mini [Miodrag Milanovic]
- [ABC80x] Updated to use the new MAME MC6845 code. [Curt Coder]
- [APFM1000] Added special APF video mode [PeT]
- [APPLE2] Removed usage of tilemaps. [Nate Woods]
- [APPLE3] Fixed buffer overrun in 80 column text mode. [Nate Woods]
- [ASTROCDE] Added controls for player 3 and 4 and improved analog controls. [ranger_lennier]
- [ASTROCDE] Removed the MESS specific implementation of the video hardware in favor of the more accurate MAME version. Also fixed the I/O ports defintion which improves the sound a lot. [Dirk Best]
- [COCO] Fixed bug that could cause joystick button presses to not be registered. (bug #1532) [Nate Woods]
- [COCO] Added a quickload for .BIN files. [Nate Woods]
- [COUPE] Added many new BIOS revisions. [Oliver Stöneberg]
- [EP128] Fixed 0.119 regression in graphics display. (bug #1478) [Wilbert Pol]
- [GALAXY] Fixed regressions. [Miodrag Milanovic]
- [GAMEBOY] Added support for Korean MBC1 mapper variant. [Wilbert Pol]
- [LYNX] Always recompute timer settings when a timer register is being written. Fixes 0.118 regression in Gates of Zendocon (bug #1435). [Wilbert Pol]
- [MBEE] Fixed colours, sound, Inverse and Underline modes. Enabled alternate characters. [Robbbert]
- [ODYSSEY2] Rewrote video code to use scanline-based rendering (fixes Killer Bees intro). Made sound pitch depend on system clock instead of -samplerate (bug #1519). Added support for The Voice! add-on. Added support for larger ROM format used by Kill The Attacking Aliens. Added PAL support for Videopac and C52. [Wilbert Pol]
- [PC] Converted MDA, Hercules, CGA, and Tandy 1000 video code to use the MAME MC6845 code. EURO PC and PC200 drivers are temporarily broken as a result. Split off PC (Hercules) from the PC (MDA) driver. Replaced MDA and CGA character ROMs with a proper dump from an original IBM card. [Wilbert Pol]
- [PDP1] Fixed text display regression. (bug #883) [Robbbert]
- [QL] System boots up again. (bug #1495) [Curt Coder]
- [SVI318] Cleaned up driver. [Tomas Karlsson]
- [SVISION] Watara TV-Link PAL activated [PeT]
- [TRS80] Fixed an issue with I/O ports. Fixed 32 character display. Decoded LNW-80 characters. [Robbbert]
- [VC4000] Cleaned up, added quickload and fixed colors. (bug #1404) [Manfred Schneider]
- [Z88] Fixed regression introduced in 0.123. (bug #1553) [Nate Woods]
- [Windows UI] Fixed a bug in the per-driver software view. (bug #1512) [Nate Woods]
- The core is based on MAME 0.124a. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Updated the Motorola MC68901 Multi Function Peripheral to use the new device system. [Curt Coder]


Comments ?

MAME 0.124u1
:: Posted at 13:41 GMT by Gemini -

About 20 MAMETesters bugs fixed and various source changes


Comments ?

.:  February 20, 2008  :.

ClrMAMEPro 3.111 Released!
:: Posted at 3:36 GMT by Mike_Haggar - mike_haggar_99@hotmail.com

ClrMAMEPro is a ROM manager for Windows.

- misc: several internal 64bit updates
- misc: 64bit clrmamepro exe available as separate download
- misc: updated updateprogram to pick correct 32/64bit package
- misc: updated to latest fully licensed ziparchive non-mfc version & new 64bit unrar dll
- misc: remove-rebuilt-source files now works for all parts of a split-rar too
- misc: more detailed parse error messages showing the last successfully parsed set
- misc: some small internal preparations for upcoming new xml datheaders
- fixed: negative windows positions lead to not visible windows
- fixed: wrong parser error message when no setformat.xml is available
- fixed: new rebuilder destination folder isn't removed when stopping at rebuilder warning prompts

Get it from here.

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