Tulsa Funeral Home Records of Tulsa, Oklahoma
published by the Tulsa Genealogical Society
The Funeral Records are from the following Funeral Homes:
(as volumes are transcribed, they will be made available)
Volume 1 Moore’s Funeral Home 1927 to 1955
Volume 2 Moore’s Funeral Home 1956 to 1971
Volume 3 Moore’s Memory Chapel 1973 to 1980
Moore’s Eastlawn 1966 to 1980
Volume 4 Ninde’s Funeral Home 1917 to 1980
Volume 5 Whisenhunt’s Funeral Home 1929 to 1983
Volume 6 Whisenhunt’s Funeral Home 1964 to 1980
Volume 7 Stanley’s Funeral Home 1909 to 1962
Volume 8 Stanley’s Funeral Home 1963 to 1981
Winterringer Funeral Home 1906 to 1910
Lane Funeral Home 1934 to 1949
Coulter-Brown Funeral Home 1950 to 1967
Volume 9 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 1936 to 1980
Volume 10 Heath-Griffith Funeral Home 1967 to 1984
Volume 11 Moore's Funeral Home 1972; Memory Chapel 1981-2000
Volume 12 Moore's Owasso 1968-2001; Rosewood 1989-2000; Mowbray-Manning 1940-1941
Volume 13 Moore's Southlawn

To search the index to the first 10 Volumes, select the first letter of the surname:


To search the index to Volumes 11 - 13, choose the Volume in which you have an interest:

Moore's, Moore's Memory Chapel, Volume 11
Moore's Owasso, Rosewood, Mowbray-Manning, Volume 12
Moore's Southlawn, Volume 13

About the Tulsa Genealogical Society Funeral Home Records

These books contain the name of the deceased, the date of birth, place of birth, date of death and place of death, plus a brief history of the funeral home.

Be sure and check for every conceivable spelling of the surname you are researching. These records were extracted from the old original handwritten records. Some were extremely hard to read. Due to the many hands that extracted these names, be aware of the various interpretations of the entries. Many names were obviously phonetically recorded and the readers may have misread some.

Every name in each of the thirteen volumes has been indexed as it was spelled in the volumes published.

The cumulative index for Volumes 1-10 found on this website is coded by volume and page. V2:30 would indicate volume 2, page 30. V2:30, V9:3 would mean that name was listed in volume 2, page 30, as well as volume 9, page 3. Volumes 11-13 are indexed by the Funeral Home.

You may purchase the volume(s) you need from the Tulsa Genealogical Society, as well as the entire Cumulative Funeral Home Index.  We would be happy to check the volume indicated and send you a photocopy of the pages you want. Simply specify the volume and page number for each reference.

Bear in mind that you may want to purchase the entire volume, as there will probably be others of the family buried by the same funeral home. You may not even know their names yet.

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