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Apple unveils its new MacBooks set to have fingerprint sensor instead of a power button

Apple has unveiled a radical overhaul of its MacBook - and continued to kill off ageing technology. The machine's new keyboard gets rid of the traditional function keys, replacing them with a smart touchscreen. Different buttons appears depending on the app being used, and it even doubles as a fingerprint sensor.  It also took aim at cable TV firms, unveiling a new TV app that will allow users to easily find and watch streamed and live TV in one place.

NEW While the conditions would have to be ‘ideal,’ a human body that avoids incineration and lands on a distant world could transport microbes or even act as a ‘starter-pack’ for life.

NEW Habit aims to help people find the right diet plan. The firm, recently backed by Cambell's Soup, analyzes over 60 different biomarkers in DNA to create personalized nutrition plans.

NEW reported a lower-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday as expenses rose and the company provided a disappointing fourth-quarter revenue forecast.

MIT researchers used data gathered by Nasa's GRAIL mission, to study the structure of the moon's largest and youngest crater. In another study, a team from Brown modelled how the crater formed.

At the 2016 World Robot Conference in Beijing, exhibitors for the Xiao I bot revealed the AI can mimic the functions of the human brain, allowing it to analyze massive amounts of data.

NEW In a new study, researchers from the US and Canada have linked increased levels of cannabinoids, the active agent in marijuana, to enhanced low-light vision in vertebrates.

Tim Cook unveiled the firm's new TV at a special event in Cupertino today, revealing it will be available on Apple TV, iPads and iPhones in December - but Netflix has not signed up.

Bizarre orbits of distant objects could be explained by the hypothetical world

In the new paper, researchers from the University of Arizona pointed out peculiarities of the orbits of objects beyond Neptune, called KBOs, that had been unnoticed until now. According to the authors, the orbits they examined would occur most naturally if the objects' orbital periods were in small whole-number ratios with a massive planet, which would help to stabilize their highly elliptical orbits.

A swathe of corals bleached in the northern third of the biodiverse site off the Queensland state coast died after an unprecedented bleaching earlier this year as sea temperatures rose.

The San Francisco-based social media platform announced the cuts as part of its latest quarterly financial figures. Twitter made a net loss of £83m in the three months to the end of September.

The original set of 176 emojis were a gift to New York's Museum of Modern Art from the phone company, Tokyo head-quartered Nippon Telegraph and Telephone.

The social media platform, based in Menlo Park, California, says the temporary seasonal updates (pictured) are being rolled out to help people celebrate Halloween online.

Internal documents reveal Amazon is pushing deeper into the grocery industry. Business Insider reveals the firm is planning to open 20 grocery stores by the end of 2018 and 2,000 over the next decade.

Twitter bought the viral video app in October 2012, just before its official launch.The move comes as the firm announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs from its global workforce.

The PREDATOR system which distinguishes between legitimate and malicious buyers of new websites, was designed by a team from Princeton University.

Researchers from Duke University and the Smithsonian Institution found midwater hyperiid amphipods are covered with anti-reflective coatings on their legs and bodies.

Uber's flying taxi plan revealed with hopes to sign aircraft makers up and launch in 2026

NEW Uber has a plan to make flying cars a reality. Dubbed Uber Elevate, the program will design 'cars' with vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) and the ability to fly 100 miles on a single charge at 150 mph max. These VTOL flying cars will also include fixed wings with tilt prop-rotors (top inset), which also makes for a much quieter ride. Uber has set 2021 for when the vehicles will be ready, but will begin rolling out the service in 2026.


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World wildlife population will have plummeted by 70% by end of this decade

Humans have wiped out so many animals that the planet is on the verge of the first ‘mass extinction’ since the dinosaurs, with African elephants (bottom right), tigers (top left), turtles (bottom left), killer whales (top centre), cockatoos (top right) and pandas (bottom centre) all at risk. By the end of the decade, seven out of every ten of the world’s mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds will have been wiped out, according to the biggest ever report into extinction y the WWF and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Numbers fell by 58 per cent between 1970 and 2012 – and are dropping by around 2 per cent every year, with no sign of any slowdown.

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden attached data loggers to 19 birds to reveal swifts spend more than 99 per cent of their time during their 10-month non-breeding period in flight.

Researchers from the Google Brain team in Mountain View, California, published a paper showing how computer networks can work out how to use a simple encryption technique.

The Swedish court finds that drones with cameras are 'regarded as surveillance cameras,' which could violate the privacy of those below, and so have banned the use without a licence.

Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, has said that major details of the console will be revealed at a live event in Tokyo on 13 January 2017, to be streamed online.

Oxford and Cambridge university scientists believe the brain tissue (pictured) belongs to a species closely related to Iguanodon, which lived in the Early Cretaceous Period.

The tablet was first discovered in Yavneh in Isreal 1913 and it has resided in the Living Torah Museum in New York since 2005. Los Angeles-based Heritage Auctions is selling the tablet.

In this photo provided by James Vonderhuevel, Keith Vonderhuevel picks up 2-year-old Allison Vonderhuevel in Sidney, Ohio, using a special prosthetic hand that allowed him to feel sensation so he knew how tightly to squeeze. A next-generation artificial hand is letting amputees tell the difference between a soft or firm touch, another step toward developing prosthetics that can feel, and a natural enough sensation to hold a child without too tight a squeeze. ( James Vonderhuevel via AP)

The prosthetic limb has been developed by researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. Two volunteers can now use the experimental hand at home, not just the lab.

Israel unveils 'oldest' Hebrew mention of Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have unveiled a 7th century BC text they said contains the earliest mention in Hebrew of Jerusalem outside the Bible. Israeli archaeologists have unveiled a 7th century BC text (shown left) they said contains the earliest mention in Hebrew of Jerusalem outside the Bible. The ancient scroll was found in the Judean Desert, near the Dead Sea. It was analysed using computers (top right) before being put on display (bottom right).

A protein produced by the hookworm - a common cause of stomach infections - relieved breathing difficulties in mice, scientists from James Cook University, Australia, found.

Complex sugars naturally found in breast milk which feed good bacteria in an infant's gut can also be put into formula, researchers from US-based healthcare company Abbott found.

Wonder Twin, a female Adelie penguin at SeaWorld Orlando's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit, began shedding her feathers and soon had trouble regulating her body temperature.

As part of the SETI project to speed up the search for alien signals, a team of astronomers in the US will recruit a huge telescope in West Virginia to study distant star KIC 8462852 more closely.

Virtual assistants, such as California-based Apple's Siri, are spending more time dodging personal questions and dealing with darker forms of sexual harassment.

The makers of QuiVR are introducing new measures to battle gamers invading other's personal space after a woman in Redwood City, California was 'sexually assaulted' during gameplay. (stock image)

Warming in the Arctic is thought to be influencing the jet stream, a high-altitude corridor of fast-moving air, leading to severe cold snaps

An indirect effect of climate change may be causing intensely cold winters in the UK and US, a study suggests. Warming in the Arctic is thought to be influen...

Persistent bullying when young is also linked to relationships breaking down and low employment, researchers from the London School of Economics and King's College London found.

The large purifying system is intended to filter out toxic tiny particles from the atmosphere surrounding the machine, said a spokesman for the Envinity Group which unveiled the system in Amsterdam.

Researchers from Princeton and Stanford Universities were able to identify people from anonymous internet data with a worrying degree of accuracy.

Russia tests its radical new hypersonic nuclear warhead 'object 4202'

Troops launched an RS-18 ballistic missile (pictured) on Tuesday which is believed to have been a test of the advanced hypersonic glider warhead, according to It is eventually expected to be used by the Satan 2 'super-nuke' that is capable of wiping out England and Wales and is 2,000 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. Defence blog says the launch was meant to test Russia's hypersonic glider warhead, currently known by its developer designation, 'object 4202', or Aeroballistic Hypersonic Warhead.

Power grid companies were put on alert after the US Space Weather Prediction Center, based in Colorado, predicted a 'serious' G3 level solar storm. The impact, however, could be global.

Apple said 'we don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.' They were scheduled to go on sale in 'late October'.

At the Wall Street Journal Live conference on Tuesday, Hastings discussed the challenges the streaming service may face in the future, including 'pharmacological' competition.

Researchers from Cardiff University say the oceans could be to blame for 100,000 year ice age intervals, as they draw in CO2 from the atmosphere, lowering the temperatures on Earth.

Millions watched in awe as a Facebook Live streamed a spacewalk from the International Space Station. Although many media outlets shared the footage, Nasa has denied its accuracy.

Record deliveries helped to offset rising expenses related to next year's roll-out of the company's mass-market Model 3 sedan as the firm recorded net income of $21.9 million.

Archaeologists with the University of Arizona unearthed bodies which indicate brutal treatment both before and after death, thrown haphazardly into their graves in 'continued desecration.'

Harley-street based Dr Tijion Esho says he has seen a surge in demand for people wanting the new picosecond technology - which works at a trillionth of a second - to remove their tattoos.

Military expert Vasily Kashin warns that Russia, China, and the US, along with India and Iran will likely soon have ‘domestically-made sophisticated anti-satellite weapons.'

Microsoft unveils Surface Studio, its first all-in-one desktop PC alongside the 'most

The New all in one PC boasts a touchscreen and a new 'dial' controller with Haptic feedback (bottom right). Microsoft launched the new products at an event in New York, saying th machinehas the 'world's thinnest LCD monitor ever built' at 12.5mm. It was unveiled alongside a new 'creators edition' of Windows 10 which includes VR capabilities. The update will be launched in early 2017. The update will include Paint 3D, a version of the long-standing drawing app that will enable users to sketch in 3D for the first time, as well as edit and import parts from 2D photos to create three-dimensional scenes that can be saved and shared on social media.

Researchers from Princeton and Stanford Universities were able to identify people from anonymous internet data with a worrying degree of accuracy.

Concordia University reveals the typical one percent household's wealth doesn't measure up to those on the Forbes rich lists. These people are usually owners of family-run businesses.

The University of Cambridge created a lithium-sulfur battery with structures (pictured) like the finger-like projections that line the intestines in order to hinder battery degradation.

A team of experts led by Marián Cueto from the University of Cantabria, Spain, examined nine fossilised cave lion toe bones from the Upper Palaeolithic cave site of La Garma, in northern Spain.

Satellite data revealed that Australia shifts to the northwest by around 1 mm in the summer months, as the southeastern part of the country lifts slightly and the northwestern region sinks by 2-3 mm.

Scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, say the findings could help predict whether or not a paedophile might go on to offend (pictured is a stock image).

London-based Water UK has penned an open letter to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, urging it to conduct a full investigation into the damage caused by wet wipes.

Bizarre optical illusion of shiny legs divides social media

An image of a pair of lady's legs has gone viral on Twitter after users struggled to figure out what was deceiving about the limbs. Twitter user @msbreeezyyy shared the mind-boggling image and it quickly went viral, amassing over 5,000 retweets and comments by baffled users. 'Once you see it you can't unsee it', she captioned the image.

The images, spotted by MacRumours in the latest MacOS update, showsthe much rumoured smart screen above the keyboard - which, according to the image, also doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

Researchers from Michigan State University found that , many children need educational help in developing a skill known as self-regulation, which is often touted a ‘marker for future success.’

Scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, compared the pros and cons of using various brain imaging techniques to make the technology a reality in the future.

A lawsuit filed in Illinois in May under the Biometric Information Privacy Act. Facebook previously argued to have it dismissed but judges said that the case should go ahead.

Researchers from the University of Iowa found that physical attractiveness plays a much larger role in how men make quick judgments, while women are more likely to pick up on style and emotions.

The study from the University of Granada looked at babies born to 56 mothers and analysed blood samples for signs of oxidative stress (stock image used).

The large purifying system is intended to filter out toxic tiny particles from the atmosphere surrounding the machine, said a spokesman for the Envinity Group which unveiled the system in Amsterdam.

A University of Alberta study claims to have found the first evidence for flocking behaviour in bird-like Avimimus dinosaurs in a large cache of bones found in the Nemegt region of Mongolia.

The Cupertino brand ihas hired dozens of software engineers from Blackberry-owned QNX and is developing its car OS at a base in near Ottawa, sources claim.

A team of scientists led by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology studied 19 quasars using the Very Large Telescope at ESO's Paranal Observatory, with a new instrument called MUSE.

Astronomers spot triple star system being born

The findings come from a new study, involving researchers at the University of Oklahoma, which found a disc of cosmic dust around fragmenting due to gravitational instability (pictured). Astronomers say that for the first time, they have seen that multiple star systems can emerge from such unstable conditions around a young star, resulting in a multiple star system forming from the process.

Apple's profit fell 19 percent to $9 billion, and revenue declined 9 percent to $46.8 billion for the quarter that ended last month.

The latest rumours, according to Android Police, point to a 4K display - which will make the handset perfect for VR applications.

The single leg bone of a parrot was recovered from an island on Baikal Lake in Russia by researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

The researchers, from Tampere in Finland, Eastern Washington University and the Francis Crick Institute in London, believe the technique could help identify anomalies in proteins.

This image provided by Google shows a demonstration of the company's new product called "Jamboard." Google has designed the giant touch-screen canvas for companies trying to make it easier for their employees to brainstorm as they work on team projects and other assignments. Google is releasing the device to a small group of companies Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016, before making it widely available in early 2017. (Google via AP)

Google has designed a giant touch-screen canvas for companies trying to make it easier for their employees to brainstorm as they work on team projects and other assignments.

An international team of researchers has calculated the dimensions of the rocky exoplanet, along with the properties of its surface, finding it may have features that favour the ability to support life.

The researchers, from the University of Bern, were inspired to run the computer simulations based on the discovery of a planet orbiting our nearest star, Proxima Centauri.

The success rate in one study was 72 per cent for face to face vs 0.21 per cent by email, researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada found (stock image used).

Stunning image shows what the universe would look like if human eyes could see radio waves

New images reveal the universe in stunning radio colour, with the Milky Way standing out as just one of more than 300,000 galaxies observed in one of the biggest radio sky surveys ever assembled. Astronomers have revealed the first catalogue from the Galactic and Extragalactic All-sky MWA survey (Gleam), observed by the Murchison Widefield Array (a portion is pictured bottom right) in Australia. The survey captures the sky far beyond the capabilities of the human eye and even that of the animal kingdom’s unparalleled mantis shrimp, viewing the universe in 20 primary colours. The center of the Milky Way is pictured, with each dot representing one of 307,456 galaxies.

Rumours of WhatsApp adding video calls have been circulating for some time, though it may be a while before iPhone users get to join in. The feature has been rolled out to select users globally.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego studied the effects of back pain during long spells in space (ISS pictured), as well as the spine's response after returning to Earth gravity.

Gordon Hamilton, originally from Dundee and married with two children, was working at a field operation on White Island, in Antarctica's Ross archipelago.

These two natural colour images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show the changing appearance of Saturn's north polar region between 2012 and 2016, showing a clear change from blue to gold.

Researchers at Texas A&M; University found alcohol changes your brain and discovered a genetically engineered virus that can mitigate these changes and reduce the desire to drink.

Researchers from University College London found that unconscious physiological changes are directly tied to our perception of uncertainty, with increased arousal boosting confidence.

The findings, presented at a meeting in Vancouver, bolsters previous findings that there may be another strand to the human story, with people from Papua New Guinea (pictured) carrying ancient DNA.

Researchers at Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Cambridge, Massachusetts, built the organ-on-a-chip using a new automated digital manufacturing technique.

Forget the stairs, now you can walk VERTICALLY: Manually-powered elevator propels users upwards using their arms and legs 

Vertiwalk has been designed by a team from the Rombout Frieling Lab in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and is a hybrid between stairs and an elevator. The Vertiwalk require riders to manually propel themselves vertically using their arms and legs. Sitting in a chair, the user pulls two ropes with their arms, which moves the whole seat upwards. The user then pushes up with their legs, slowly inching up the elevator.

The team, led by the iHuman Institute at ShanghaiTech University, used a molecule that made the receptor freeze for long enough that they could see its molecular structure.

Ideally, babies should stay in their parents' room at night for a full year, according to new recommendations released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The technology comes from a collaboration between Movidius and Chinese security camera maker, Hikvision, and could change the future of surveillance (stock image)

The study comes from researchers at the University of Pisa, who wanted to test the brain's capacity to process artificial visual inputs.

Jordan Belamire, who goes by a pseudonym to protect her privacy, was playing a virtual reality game in Redwood City, California, when another player sexually assaulted her.

The study comes from the University of Helsinki, where researchers compared religious people with those with autism, after finding they struggle to understand the realities of the world.

The future of transportation may not be electric cars but electric scooters. Immotor Go has launched a 3-wheel scooter that is powered by a 'Super Battery' with its own operating system.

Darpa shared a video of its unmanned submarine-hunting boat towing a sensor mast that carries intelligence, surveillance, recon and extends the range of radar up to 1,500 ft above the water.

Air steward Gaetan Dugas blamed for AIDS epidemic in US did NOT start HIV spread

An air steward notoriously blamed for starting the Aids epidemic in the US in the 1980s has been exonerated by scientists. Gaetan Dugas, a French-Canadian gay man, was posthumously labelled 'Patient Zero' by an unsympathetic media and accused of single-handedly being responsible for the spread of HIV and Aids across North America. But new research shows he was simply one of many thousands of people infected by the virus in the years before HIV was recognised.

Scientists from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology and the University of California, Irvine, measured ice loss in the Amundsen Sea in the West Antarctic.

In 2006, a strange millipede was discovered in the dark marble caves of Sequoia National Park in California. Now, experts at Virginia Tech have revealed it is a new species with 414 legs and four penises.

Engineers from Nasa’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California are develop the concept for aircraft in flight, called the spanwise adaptive wing (SAW) to be tested on a prototype (pictured).

The researchers, from Bristol University, found the leaves only develop this colour when put in almost dark conditions - and in bright light the sheen slowly disappears.

Counting cards and hand mucking are ways to cheat during card games. Now, a Google researcher demonstrates a device that looks like a smartphone, but is able to read each card's suit and value.

Apple does not release sales figures for its smartwatch ©Stephen Lam (Getty/AFP/File)

Global smartwatch sales slid 51.6 percent in the third quarter, amid a steep decline for the Apple Watch ahead of its updated device, a market tracker has found.

analysts KGI say it will see the launch of three new machines -  a new 13 inch MacBook, a new 13 inch MacBook Pro and a new 15 inch MacBook Pro.

The European Southern Observatory has predicted a very rare 'gravitational lensing event' which will see Earth-like planets orbiting the stars closest to our own solar system.

Russia unveils image of its terrifying Satan 2 missile

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly planning to replace the country's older SS-18 Satan weapons (main picture) with the new missiles. The new RS-28 Sarmat missile (pictured inset), dubbed Satan 2 by Nato, has a top speed of seven kilometres (4.3 miles) per second and has been designed to outfox anti-missile shield systems.

Last week's web outage which took down sites including Twitter, Spotify and Reddit, both in the US and UK was thought to be the result of a DDoS attack using hijacked smart devices (stock image)

Steve Troughton-Smith, a developer from Ireland, discovered the feature while using an iOS Simulator. It is unclear why Apple has not made the feature readily available.

The study from University College London found that the amygdala, a part of the brain associated with emotion, was most active when people first lied for personal gain.

Just as with the Class A drug, the cocktail can have a devastating affect on the chemical balance of the brain that lasts long into adulthood, a Purdue University study says.

FILE - In this Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, file photo, Michael Horowitz, from Chicago, checks out his new iPhone 7 Plus at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue, in Chicago. Apple¿s iPhone 7 Plus is getting a new camera capability: the blurring of backgrounds to focus attention on people in the foreground. The feature, which Apple calls portrait mode, was announced in September, but unavailable until Apple released its iOS 10.1 software update Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. It replicates an effect typically limited to larger cameras known as SLRs. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, File)

Known as the CoreGraphic bug, it was discovered by security researcher Marco Grassi, and allows hackers to create a jpeg file that used a memory bug to run code on the user's phone.

An animated video from Munich-based YouTube science explainers Kurzgesagt explores the potentially universe-ending theory of vacuum decay, which could end existence in an instant.

Hundreds of snow leopards are killed illegally every year in remote mountains from China to Tajikistan, further endangering the big cats that number only a few thousand in the wild.

In October 2001, Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever iPod. The decision not to celebrate its birthday may have been a conscious effort by Apple not to promote a device no longer listed

Can you guess the books from these emoticons?

A book retailer has created a series of 'emoji tales' that abbreviate much-loved children's stories using just a string of emoticons. The addictive brainteasers, made in preparation for Children's Book Week next week, tell the story of everything from Harry Potter (pictured) to Winnie The Pooh - and will seriously test your emoji translation skills. The tales, created by online book retailer Book People, challenge the nation's ability to interpret the UK's fastest-growing language. Aside from Harry Potter and Winnie The Pooh, the tales also cover Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The Jungle Book, Peter Rabbit and The Secret Garden.

The social network will allow certain posts to be made gloablly., even if they violate its community standards. It said the posts will be judged on whether they are newsworthy.

The global study, published in the medical journal BMJ Open, warned that women risk paying the price with their health as campaigners said the trend is being driven by a British ‘wine o’clock’ culture.

London-based web expert Kevin Marks said the internet is becoming harder to read for people like the elderly, the visually impaired or those with low-quality screens (stock image used)

In a brilliant new book, geneticist Dr Sharon Moalem explains why we all process food differently - and reveals exactly how many carbs you should be eating.

Female noses have become increasingly attracted to some of the scents contained within deodorants meaning they can find less fetching men just as masculine.

Dr Deirdre Barrett, a clinical and evolutionary psychologist at Harvard Medical School, said dogs are likely to dream about what happened to them during the day - much like humans.

Researchers from UCL, the University of Sheffield and the University of Pennsylvania managed to predict judgments at the European Court of Human Rights.

Meet China's freakishly realistic droids: Creepy machines go on display at the World Robot conference

Among the robots on display at thge conference in Beijing was, Jia Jia , the brain child of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China. The humanoid robot is programmed to recognise human and machine interaction, with autonomous position navigation and services based on cloud technology.

Mat Jones, from Sydney, left his one-week-old iPhone 7 underneath a pile of clothes in his car while he was taking a surf lesson - but returned to find the device on fire.

The study by an international team of researchers was led by Kansas University's professor emeritus of anthropology and based on a fossil found in Tanzania.

The international conference on sex with robots will be hosted by Goldsmiths University, London on the 19th and 20th of December.

A group in Japan has demonstrated the ability to do 'dynamic projection mapping', or projecting onto an unpredictably moving object, using flashing lights and cotton t-shirts.

Elon Musk's comments were made in Reddit Ask Me Anything session. The Q&A; was a follow-up to a speech by Musk at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico last month.

Romanian blogger and happiness guru Luminita Saviuc has identified the 14 things you need to give up in order to be content in life, including fear, excuses and self-limiting beliefs.

Professor Mike Brown at the California Institute of Technology, who's team proposed the existence of the mystery world, made the claims at a conference in Pasadena earlier this week.

The study was carried out by Ipsos Public Affairs, a tech research group in Wasthington, along with Microsoft. It involved a survey of 1,000 people from 12 countries, including the UK and US.

A massive ‘coronal hole’ on the sun is blasting Earth with solar storms

Power grid companies were put on alert after the US Space Weather Prediction Center, based in Colorado, predicted a 'serious' G3 level solar storm. The impact, however, could be global.The alert was later downgraded to a less severe G2 storm. The 'moderate' G2 warning remains in affect today. A massive 'coronal hole' on the sun (shown by the dark areas on the image) is currently blasting the Earth with solar winds.

Earlier this year it revealed it will instead begin outsourcing its phone production to other firms - but has pledged it will continue to make handsets through its partners.

New calculations suggest the volcano-covered area in the central Andes sits atop the largest active magma body on Earth, causing uplifting to occur as the crust thickens.

Researchers at Newcastle University say that while more work is needed, monitoring the brain for changes in folding could help to spot premature ageing of the cortex and even brain disease.

AT&T; says a streaming service with more than 100 popular TV channels that's coming out next month will cost $35 a month.

An American team of robots defeated an Australian rival in soccer on Monday to win the RoboCup Challenge as technical problems plagued the Australian side.

Evidence suggests the major islands of the South West Pacific were colonised almost 3,500 years ago. But researchers continue to debate where these first settlers came from and how they arrived.

FILE - In this Aug. 18, 2016, file photo, one of Otto's self-driving, big-rig trucks leaves the garage for a test drive during a demonstration at the Otto headquarters in San Francisco. Anheuser-Busch announced on Oct. 25, 2016, that it teamed up with Otto for a 120-plus mile beer delivery that marked the world's first by a self-driving truck. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar, File)

The truck made the 120-mile journey through Colorado, powered by technology from an Uber-owned startup, delivering its precious cargo - thousands of cases of Budweiser.

Mark Robert Anderson, Professor in Computing and Information Systems at Edge Hill University, explores the benefits and concerns of using robot babies to encourage parenthood in Japan.

Scientists at the University of Adelaide studied ancient DNA extracted from bones and teeth found in caves across Europe, to trace the origins of animals depicted in cave paintings.

The procedure, which was carried out in Mooloolaba, Australia, was funded by Sea Life's marine animal welfare centre in Weymouth, Dorset.

The job cuts could be announced before the company reports third-quarter earnings on Thursday. It is not yet known in which regions the cuts will be made.

The Cupertino-based firm has launched a promised update for the iPhone 7 Plus, which adds a 'depth-of-field' affect usually associated with high-end cameras.

GCHQ, the Government's listening post, based in Cheltenham, is releasing its first puzzle collection, as well as a Sudoku and picture board conundrum for its competition.

A bus driver has filmed mysterious lights hovering above a hotel in North Carolina that has sent UFO enthusiasts into a frenzy.

US YouTuber DoctorGTA claimed his video was removed by the US arm of Samsung after posting a video with the Note 7 mod (pictured) and received a three month strike from YouTube.

A knitwear puzzle is the latest picture flummoxing internet users. A bucket and spade is hidden among jumpers, hats and scarves, so can you see it?

A small probe hoped to make history by becoming the first European spacecraft to survive a landing on Mars, controlled from the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany.

Dr Theodore Berger from the University of Southern California has teamed up with Bryan Johnson, founder of Braintree, to develop prototypes of the brain implant device for humans.

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has devised an attack that employs existing hack from Rowhammer and could give hackers access to millions of Android devices via their RAM chips.

The report from London-based human right charity Amnesty International ranks 11 companies that run the world's most popular messaging apps, including Skype, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

Working mothers are often said to be distracted. But a new study shows women with children are actually more productive than their childless colleagues, especially if they have more than one child.

In this Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016 photo a 19th century bronze statue of Puritan John Winthrop, by sculptor Richard Saltonstall Greenough, stands outside the First Church in Boston, in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood. The famously straight-laced 17th-century sectarians who helped settle America weren't nearly as priggish as you might think, says leading Puritan scholar Francis Bremer, who points to a love letter that Winthrop wrote in 1618 to his wife Margaret as an example of Puritan passion. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Francis Bremer, a professor emeritus of history at Pennsylvania's Millersville University, is presenting his latest research next week at Boston's Old South Meeting House.

The Shenzhou-11 spacecraft blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the Gobi desert in the early hours of this morning, on a mission to its orbiting laboratory.

Ray Taylor, from Alcester, had dug the bowl up in his garden when planting rhubarb, and used it to create a DIY bird bath. But a museum has now revealed it is a 2,000-year-old Roman bowl.

The Avatar XPrize aims to develop 'limitless travel' avatars that can be rented and controlled remotely by a human operator, who will be able to hear, see, and feel what the robot is experiencing.

Researchers from Harvard University m Columbia University's Zuckerman Institute, and the University of California, set out to test whether teens' sensitivity to reward could also make them better at learning.

Scientists from Jinan University in China say they have created a new fibre suitable for sewing into tailorable textiles that can capture and release solar power.

New Zealand professor Christopher Bartneck, an associate professor at the University of Canterbury, mischievously wrote the paper after being invited to a nuclear physics conference in Atlanta, US.

By analysing the findings from a large number of studies carried out on work ethic, researchers from Radford University in Virginia found no difference in work ethic across the generations (stock image).

The update to the California-based social network's Messenger app appears to be limited to a small number of users at present. It's not known in which regions the feature has been rolled out.

Researchers at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, broke the record for plasma pressure in fusion reactors by 15 per cent.

Samsung said its operating profit for the July-September period would stand at around 7.8 trillion won, compared to 7.39 trillion won a year ago ©Jung Yeon-Je (AFP/File)

Samsung Electronics on Friday flagged a 5.5-percent rise in operating profits, even as it struggles with a damaging global smartphone recall and a shareholde...

The incredible new image was captured using the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI), located at the ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

Writing for The Conversation, Simon Horobin, Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, explains the true meanings of commonly misused phrases.

Chicago-based HBar Technologies was first funded by Nasa in 2002 but is now looking for an additional $200,000 (£163,000) to advance the idea into a working concept.

The gorilla was hunted by armed police and zoo keepers equipped with tranquilliser darts before he was subdued after more than 90 minutes on the run after escaping his London Zoo enclosure.

The announcement by the ScanPyramids team comes at the end of a year-long project to scan the Old Kingdom pyramids. Further tests are being conducted to find out more about the hidden rooms.

The concept is due to go on sale next month in China in limited numbers though the firm has not announced plans to sell it anywhere else yet.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a system that is trying to find the scariest image out there and creating ghostly-looking pictures of famous landmarks.

This week, the Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) tested a robot co-pilot in a single engine plane that took off from a small airport in Virginia.

Called Nintendo Switch, the new system connects to the TV when mounted in its dock – and when removed, it transitions to ‘portable mode’ to be played through a handheld device.

German filmmaker, Werner Herzog, takes viewers on a journey into the depths of active volcanoes around the world in his latest documentary 'Into the Inferno', which premiers October 28 on Netflix.

The trio are funding an ambitious $100 million (£76 million) project known as 'Breakthrough Listen', which will listen for signals from ET on Proxima b, a rocky planet that is just four light years away.

Taken at an altitude of 65 miles (104km) by a Devry 35-millimetre camera, the black-and-white image reveals the Earth’s curvature and shows a sweep of cloud cover over the American Southwest.

Prehistoric stone tombs used to store the ashes of loved ones are being built in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, by Sacred Stones, a Bedfordshire-based company.

The Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean has been blamed for hundreds of vanishing planes and ships, but now researchers have come up with a theory that could explain it all.

The 'Griffin Warrior' found buried in a tomb packed with treasure in Greece has been seen by archaeologists for the first time in 3,500 years after a specialist reconstructed the ancient man's face.

An increase in solar activity means the chances of seeing the Northern Lights tonight in places like Canada, Scandinavia, Scotland and even England and are greater than usual.

The data was captured a decade ago by the Chandra x-ray observatory, but remained in the archive until it was discovered by a team led by researchers at the University of Alabama.

Researchers from the Trimontium Trust are investigating ancient ruins at Beitar in Israel in the hopes of linking Roman ruler Quintus Lollius Urbicus to a siege in Scotland.

The German automaker, headquartered in Munich, unveiled its Motorrad Vision Next 100, a sleek, self-balancing prototype the company released as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations.

Images released by the European Space Agency over the summer of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko reveal rocky and smooth terrain - and a formation that looks similar to the Millennium Falcon.

The brains behind the 3D- printing space machines (illustrated) is Washington-based Tethers Unlimited Inc (TUI), has completed a deal with commercial satellite firm Space Systems Loral (SSL).

Leaked images show the progress of Asia's most powerful warship. Called Type 005 destroyer, this vessel will be packed with weapons, stealth capabilities and is set to launch late 2017.

The map, created by scientists at the University of Bonn, covers the entire sky and is the most detailed study yet of the hydrogen from stars in our galaxy.

Airbus aims to end traffic jams with self-flying air taxis and the firm revealed its first conceptual drawings. Called Vahana, it seats one person under a canopy that retracts like a motorcycle helmet visor.

Michael Jantzen, an inventor and artist, has a created a concept home called the Malleable Autonomous Retreat House that unfolds or shuts to adapt to the environment.

Set both in 2033 and in the present day, it will feature experts such as Elon Musk explaining exactly what it will take to get to the red planet.

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient tower thought to have once stood atop Jerusalem’s ‘Third Wall,’ breached during the Roman siege of the city 2,000 years ago.

The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP) involves an international team, led by the University of Southampton's Centre for Maritime Archaeology.

Videos at the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo shed light on the evolution of teaching, showing how chimps learn from their mothers to catch termites with ‘fishing probes.’

A stunning new map from Imgur user Fejetlenfej shows the complex network of rivers and streams in the contiguous United States, highlighting the massive expanse of basins across the country.

The Guardian vessel is a ‘submersible unmanned surface vehicle’ that creates a bubble of gas around itself to minimize friction, allowing it to hit a top speed of roughly 40 mph.