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Mariah Carey admits she hasn't seen billionaire fiance James Packer since 'huge fight' in

Mariah Carey's dramatic split from billionaire James Packer is getting very messy. The couple have not seen each other in over a month after a fight while on a romantic European vacation, her spokesperson has said. The pair's engagement unraveled during a stay on a luxury yacht in Greece in September. James, 48, allegedly did 'something really bad' that involved Mariah's assistant and there are other allegations about his behaviour. Her spokesperson has denied speculation the split was over infidelity and insists the 46-year-old singer's excessive spending was not to blame.

NHS fails to collect hundreds of millions from health tourists

Barely any improvement has been made on charging foreign patients for NHS treatment, despite a major crackdown four years ago. Most doctors aren't even aware they should be charging such patients - or don't think it's their duty. In one case a Nigerian woman who cost the taxpayer £145,000 when she had quintuplets on the NHS said she was never billed for the treatment. Bimbo Ayelabola (pictured in Britain, top, and back in Lago, bottom), 38, had to have a Caesarean section at Homerton Hospital, East London, after travelling to the UK while pregnant in 2011. And only this month a major teaching hospital, St George's in South London, admitted that 900 foreign pregnant women had given birth for free. Today's analysis by the National Audit Office highlights how hospitals are particularly bad at recovering costs from EU residents.

Craig Murray was sacked as British Ambassador to Uzbekistan in 2004. He had revealed that Britain was receiving information gained from victims of the barbaric tortures inflicted by the Uzbek state

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The governor, who was returning from a campaign event in Iowa, was not hurt in the bumpy landing on Thursday evening, according to his reporter pool.

Sally Brown, 39, of Scarborough, allegedly grabbed the officer's genitals after being pulled over on suspicion of drink driving in North Yorkshire in February.

MAX HASTINGS says it is time to stand up to Vladimir Putin, who has massed 330,000 troops on his western frontiers and is putting 40 million Russians though civil defence exercises.

3 men reveal their regret about having a vasectomy

Guy's views sparked fierce debate, with readers' stories from around the country flooding in. From Colin Davies (left), 65, who has lived in pain since the operation ever since, to Michael Moriarty (centre), 37, who lost his libido, there were numerous reasons why people regretted having the operation. And Adam Riley (right), 48, went on to have a fifth child, despite haveing the procedure after their fourth.

The troubled child abuse inquiry was in 'meltdown' last night amid claims it covered up an alleged sex attack by its top lawyer. Ben Emmerson QC quit the £100m inquiry on September 29.

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures show that one Briton in every 1,000 is a sex offender on the national list, including rapists and paedophiles. Pictured is sex offender Rolf Harris.

Many of the American girls and women who were asked admitted they had misconceptions about sex before engaging in it for the first time. Key issues included pain, pleasure and orgasms [stock image]

Prima donna Tom Bradby, 49, still has to contend with the self-obsessed Robert Peston, 56, hogging the airwaves since the latter became political editor at the beginning of the year (pictured is Mark Austin).

Flying less-UN! North Korean leader shows off his skills as a pilot - but whose helping hand is that on the throttle?

The bizarre propaganda film, which lasts more than an hour and a quarter, shows the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in a range of scenarios including riding a submarine and shooting. The video - entitled Kim Jong-Un the Great Supreme Commander and the Consolidation of a Powerful Army - was released by Korean Central TV on YouTube. Kim is meant to be flying a plane in one part of the film, but his co-pilot can clearly be seen guiding him on the throttle.

A study of 13 countries found that 37 per cent of adult Britons said they weren't getting enough sleep, with long hours and 'meagre' lunch breaks blamed as the cause.

The chemicals, which could contribute to problems such as depression or Alzheimer's disease in later life, are notably increased in mums pregnant with boys compared to girls.

Britain's first national sperm bank has abandoned attempts to recruit donors after two years. It was set up to tackle a shortage of donor sperm, but only managed to recruit eight men.

Heroic newsagent risks his life to save teenager chased into his shop by youth brandishing a knife... who filmed the entire attack 

Terrifying CCTV footage has captured the moment a heroic newsagent risked his life to save a teenager who had been chased into his shop by knife-wielding thugs. Abbas Solak was working behind the counter at Bon Bon in Hoxton, Hackney, east London, when the boy sprinted in and tried to slam the door shut. Video taken inside the shop shows Mr Solak rushing to help the teen hold the door closed as the thugs tried to smash through the glass door earlier this month. Mr Solak pushed the youth out of harm's way just as a thug armed with a large knife and a machete forced his way through the door. The knifeman then wildly lunged at the shopkeeper, but was held back by another youth.

In trials, the test for osteoarthritis was 97 per cent successful and is hoped to predict the illness a decade in advance, meaning people can take action to stop it in its tracks.

Conservative MP Tim Loughton (pictured) said families in Britain were not talking to each other any more because children were addicted to social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Am I a hypocrite for accepting a CBE after all my words of criticism about the Royal Family? Certainly, I was astonished to receive a letter earlier this year telling me I had been nominated.

The 7th Earl may have been declared dead by the High Court in February, 42 years after his disappearance, but his son and heir George Bingham has just sired an heir with wife Anne-Sofie.

The best of Vine: From Leonardo DiCaprio's hilarious reaction to Lady Gaga to the sound of the bomb in the Stade de France, social media mourns after Twitter axes the video sharing app 

From the blast heard in the Stade de France in the Paris attacks (top left) to the hilarious exploits of children, Vine has captured some momentous moments since its launch in 2012. And as Twitter announced that it will be shutting down the site, we take a look back at some of the videos of six seconds or less that gripped the world. With more than 715million loops, the six-second video revealing the sound of the blast in Paris as France played Germany in November is the most watched ever. Other moments include Leonardo DiCaprio's hilarious reaction as Lady Gaga brushes past him on her way to collect a gong at a glamorous awards ceremony, watched 113million times. In Britain, politicians have found themselves at the butt of the joke in videos viewed by millions, with momentous moments involving Ed Miliband and Michael Gove. Do you recognise these classic Vine moments (pictured) that gripped the world.

All my life I've been a firm believer in the human body's miraculous ability to cure itself without any intervention from the medical profession, writes TOM UTLEY.

Wine lovers stick with their preferred variety for longer than many stay with their partners, research suggests. Pinot Grigio is the top choice for British drinkers, followed by Merlot and Chardonnay.

Nasal southern-English accents lend themselves to a type of know-allish pessimism. Television satirists used to mock such Eeyores, writes QUENTIN LETTS for yesterday in Westminster.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron - who wants to fight the by-election on Europe - said the endorsement showed Mr Goldsmith is a 'hard Brexiteer' who wants Britain out of the single market.

The UK economy GREW by 0.5% in the three months after historic Brexit vote

The Treasury is facing demands to disown its dire forecasts about the impact of Brexit after figures showed the UK economy forging ahead in the wake of the historic vote. GDP grew by 0.5 per cent in the three months after the nation voted to cut ties with Brussels, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The preliminary numbers exceeded the expectations of many economists, and are in stark contrast to the doom-laden 'Project Fear' predictions by George Osborne. An assessment produced by the Treasury during the referendum campaign suggested UK plc would shrink by up to 1 per cent.

The most bizarre attempt yet to derail Britain's departure from the European Union is the demand that we should be forced to conduct Brexit talks in French, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: If the apocalyptic predictions of George Osborne and his Project Fear cohorts had come to pass, Britain would now be spiralling into recession.

International trade minister Mark Garnier (pictured) said increasing costs were a 'well predicted effect' and there was 'nothing' the government could do about it.

Despite growing concerns about mass migration, the UK allowed a staggering 633,017 people from outside the EU to live here - a quarter of the 2.6million permits issued in Europe.

'I just want to go home': First Apprentice candidate EVER quits before her task has even begun saying 'I'm really sorry, I'm just not enjoying it'

The Apprentice's Aleksandra King, 38, made show history on Thursday night when she became the first EVER candidate to quit the show prior to tackling a task. Taking her teammates by surprise during the brainstorming process ahead of this week's task, Aleksandra declared she'd had enough. The business consultant interrupted the group discussion, saying: 'You guys, I just have to say something - I'm going to leave the process. I'm really sorry, I'm just not enjoying it.'

The child didn't like the porridge and cried, kicked and struggled as his father pinned him down, pinched his cheeks and poured the mixture in, the Old Bailey in London (pictured) heard.

While most Indians can expect a box of chocolates as a Diwali gift, employees at Savjibhai Dholkia's Hare Krishna Exports will be hoping for something a little more lavish - like a new flat or car.

The woman, 36, was arrested in an anti-terror police raid in the Lower Baden region of Austria after her husband was arrested last month on suspicion of supporting Islamic State.

Charlotte Houghton, from Hull, said a cashier told her son Mason that he had a 'girl's one' when he chose a pink Frozen Kinder Surprise egg at the Sainsbury's checkout.

Young Russians called up for national service as tensions between Putin and the West rise

Young men in Omsk, Russia, donned their uniforms and said goodbye to their loved ones (left) as they began a year of national service as part of the country's bi-annual conscription. Those aged 18-27 are eligible for drafts which take place every spring and autumn, with each person expected to carry out a 12-month stint in the armed forces. They arrived at a recruitment centre in Omsk where they underwent physical checks in their underwear (bottom right) and had their first taste of military food before saying emotional goodbyes to their families and boarding a train to be deployed (top right).

Iain Duncan Smith will today urge ministers to reverse a £3.4billion benefit cut imposed by George Osborne. He will speak out today against cuts to Universal Credit.

The total number of attacks on guards and inmates soared 34 per cent to 23,775 in the year to June and deaths increased by 21 per cent to 324 - including 107 prisoners suicides - a new report reveals.

Indianapolis father who disappeared 23 years ago found living in Florida with new family

Richard Hoagland (left) disappeared from the house he shared with his second wife Linda and their two sons, Matthew and Douglas (center), in Indianapolis in February 1993 (right). In July this year, police Zephyrhills, Florida, contacted her to say they had arrested him for identity fraud. Hoagland had moved to the state and assumed the identity of Terry Jude Symansky (right), a fisherman who died in a freak accident two years before he left his first wife and children. He remarried and had another child all while living under the fake name.

Only one health board out of more than 200 - West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group - has been rated outstanding for maternity services, shocking figures reveal.

The actress, 30, has been asked to contact the Northamptonshire town's council after failing to make good on her promise to turn on the festive display following her Brexit Twitter faux pas in July.

New York-based travel expert Gilbert Ott shared some of his wisdom with MailOnline Travel - from identifying those empty rows early on to getting a fast-track through security.

Scarborough schoolgirl was sent home for having white hair extensions

Chenise Benson, left, was sent home from George Pindar School in Scarborough after she returned following half term with long white dreadlocks. Her father Darren Benson, pictured inset with Chenise, believes her new hairstyle complies fully with the school's uniform guidelines and insists his daughter is being discriminated against. Mr Benson, 39, said: 'It cost £140 and will stay in her hair for a year so it won't be coming out. One of her friends at the school, who has Jamaican heritage, has the same style of hair cut but with a red stripe in it rather than white and she has been allowed to remain.'

JAN MOIR on the 14-year-old schoolgirl from Scarborough's brush with her school, why Christine Bleakley is right to dodge baby questions and the BBC's apparent targeting of Cliff Richard.

Sunday attendance, by which the Church of England has long measured its congregations, fell to 752,460 in 2015, down from 764,000 in 2014 and around 875,000 in 2005.

Hundreds of supporters of jailed Royal Marine Alexander Blackman will rally outside Parliament today. The Ministry of Defence has banned serving military personnel from attending.

Prosecutors have charged 13 Israeli wedding guests with inciting violence after they were caught on camera celebrating the murder of a Palestinian toddler and his parents who died last year.

Taunton architecture student who killed herself left note saying legal system let her down

Juliet Crew, 22, from Taunton took her own life after writing a note claiming she had been let down by the criminal justice system after a jury acquitted her step father Nigel Parkin of raping her over a seven-year period. Ms Crew claimed Parkin, right, interfered with her at least 10 times from the age of nine. Ms Crew's body was found at her home by her mother Judith in August 2015.

Mehmet Elmaz, from Adana in Turkey, was suffering from earache so severe he could not sleep. Doctors took 13 live maggots from his ear canal - and a 14th had to be surgically removed.

Six-year-old Lilly Mae dialled 999 after she found her mother Portia David, 24, on the floor of their home in Derby on October 7. Moments later paramedics arrived to give life-saving treatment.

The GoFundMe page pledges to raise £1.5m to build a case against Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007.

Krzysztof Wegrzyn, who lives in Grojec in central Poland, was born with a condition which means he has a tumour in the blood vessels of his tongue. It is now so swollen that the 18-year-old can barely speak.

Prince Charles takes the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh to Waitrose then the pub

The Duchess of Cornwall was seen pouring a half pint of beer for her husband (left) as they marked the opening of The Duchess of Cornwall, the new pub which has officially opened in the experimental Dorset village of Poundbury. The couple were joined by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh (bottom right), who also perused the ales on tap, before returning to Waitrose, the on-site supermarket. There, the Queen was seen browsing the cheese aisle (top right), before studying the cereals on offer. The Royal tour of the village, which came twenty years after work on the estate began, also saw Charles unveil a 10ft statue of his beloved grandmother (inset), to whom the development is dedicated.

London-based nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert analysed the menus at six fast food restaurants to find the healthiest items - and the results of her findings may surprise you.

Three hairy men who do not normally wax underwent the painful hair removal procedure at a hair removal studio in New York in front of the camera in a video for DailyMail.com.

A fire at a sulphur plant near Mosul by ISIS fighters has sent a poisonous gas cloud for miles across northern Iraq and into neighbouring countries (pictured).

Aid workers are warning of a major humanitarian crisis as the battle to liberate the city of Mosul in Iraq intensifies with ISIS slaughtering local soldiers and police officers in a barbaric show of strength.

Great British Bake Off's Ruby Tandoh reveals dramatic buzzcut on Twitter

She recently tore into Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood on Twitter. And former show runner-up Ruby Tandoh, 24, has continued her rebellious behaviour by shaving off her bouncy curls and sharing pictures of her new look with her social media followers. Posting a close up of herself gazing into the camera modelling her new buzzcut, she defiantly wrote: 'do what you want'.

The 31-year-old PE teacher, who won last night's nail-biting final with an almost flawless set of bakes, was wearing a ring of her engagement finger as she signed books in Waterstone's this morning.

Are these the worst baking disasters of all time by fans who tried to recreate the showstopping bakes on the BBC One show? These photos show baking flops, including a Swiss Triangle instead of a roll.

Apocalyptic photos show the rubble that remains of Calais Jungle migrant camp

The Jungle stood for a decade but was wiped off the face of the planet in three days. All it took was a bit of gumption from the French government, and £36 million from the British government. All 7,000 migrants have been moved out and distributed across France. Today photographer Andrew Parsons entered the site of the camp and took these haunting pictures. A cyclist rides past the debris (pictured, left). The camp is now empty (right) and the site will soon be cleared.

Suspected activists from hard-Left group No Borders were arrested by police in Calais yesterday after members were accused of starting blazes that burnt down the Jungle.

Allex, in southern France, home to 2,500 people has been locked in a battle with the French government over plans to house 50 migrants from the Calais Jungle in a 19th Century château.



Countess in rant at NHS over £40 health check for a gun licence

Countess Sara Bathurst, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire is an official representative of the Queen and took to Twitter to rant about a letter she was sent by her GP. She was trying to get the all-clear so that she could obtain a gun licence. She has since apologised for her outburst.

Women have taken to an anonymous forum on Reddit to share the things that men do that turns them off - and there's plenty of advice to heed.

The average British male does not like the thermostat to ever go above 22C (71.6 F) and finds the perfect temperature to be three degrees lower, at 19C (66.2 F).

Alleged serial killer Stephen Port, 41, has is on trial at the Old Bailey in London accused of murdering four young men by giving them fatal doses of the date rape drug GHB.

Anglian Water released shocking photos of drains blocked with huge 'bergs' of used condoms, tissues and wet wipes in a bid to try and encourage residents to stop flushing them down the toilet.

Acid attack survivor Katie Piper blasts Halloween 'gore-overs' in outpouring 

Acid-attack survivor Katie Piper has condemned the new trend of using make-up trickery to create realistic cuts and scars for Halloween fancy dress. The TV personality, 33, was scarred for life in 2008 when her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch hired Stefan Sylvestre to throw acid on her face in an attack which left her disfigured and still needing reconstructive surgery nearly a decade later. Katie branded costumes featuring temporary burns, scars and disfigurements as 'distasteful and offensive' in an impassioned outpouring to her 385,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday night. 

Having healthy teeth and gums reduces the bad bacteria in the mouth that causes the lung infection, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, found.

Antoine Maury, 21, went missing from Edinburgh College on Monday night sparking a major search operation including police helicopters, sniffer dogs and a team of mountain rangers.

The huge banner was unfurled in Warrington to advertise locals of the new store. But red-faced advertising executives have had some explaining to do after customers noticed the mistake.

A father said his daughter was given the Islamic prayer during an ethics lesson in the school in Garmisch-Partenkirchen where pupils were said to have been forced to call Allah 'perfect'.

The victim, believed to be in his late teens, staggered into Tesco Express on Kingsland Road, Dalston, pictured, shortly after 10.45am today. It is the third stabbing in the area in just over a week.

In contrast, two thirds of MPs surveyed said a Hillary Clinton presidency would make the world safer. The survey exposes the lack of support Donald Trump has in the UK, even among right-wingers.

The Zoo by Isobel Charman tells the astonishing tales of London Zoo

Isobel Charman's account of how London Zoo was founded in the 19th century is a very personal one, told through the eyes of seven of the people involved. First up is Sir Stamford Raffles, who, in 1824, returns to Britain from his role with the East India Company a broken man: four of his five children have died. The one thing keeping him going is the dream of founding a menagerie in London. His wife, Sophia, encourages this, knowing the pleasure Raffles got from their collection of animals in the East. The couple share 'joyful memories of their children playing with the young tigers in the nursery... how they had all traipsed through the aviary, dodging flapping wings and bullets of excrement'.

The model, which includes the Nazi leader's office, went on display in a former air-raid shelter in Berlin, just a mile from the site of the real underground hideout, which has now been demolished.

The women, Caroline, 41, Tina, 46 and Cheryl, 28, have all described their eating disorders in painful detail in a Channel Five documentary, Me and My Eating Disorder.

Apple's latest range of notebooks (shown) were announced on Thursday, with the cheapest option coming in at £1,449 in Britain and $1,499 in the US - despite the different currency rates.

MIT researchers used data gathered by Nasa's GRAIL mission, to study the structure of the moon's largest and youngest crater. In another study, a team from Brown modelled how the crater formed.

An ancient papyrus manuscript from the time of the First Temple during a press call in Jerusalem ©Menahem Khana (AFP)

Israeli archaeologists have unveiled a 7th century BC text they said contains the earliest mention in Hebrew of Jerusalem outside the Bible. The scroll was found in the Judean Desert, near the Dead Sea.

Apple unveils its new MacBooks set to have fingerprint sensor instead of a power button

Apple has unveiled a radical overhaul of its MacBook - and continued to kill off ageing technology. The machine's new keyboard gets rid of the traditional function keys, replacing them with a smart touchscreen. Different buttons appears depending on the app being used, and it even doubles as a fingerprint sensor.  It also took aim at cable TV firms, unveiling a new TV app that will allow users to easily find and watch streamed and live TV in one place - although it later emerged Netflix and Amazon have not signed up to it.

Tim Cook unveiled the firm's new TV at a special event in Cupertino today, revealing it will be available on Apple TV, iPads and iPhones in December - but Netflix has not signed up.

The original surface was exposed during the restoration work being done at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem,

Nearly half of women who give birth aged over 30 are in managerial or professional jobs - and the level is even higher for over-40s, Office for National Statistics figures revealed today.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 39, pleaded guilty to murdering Anastasia Meshcheryakova with a kitchen knife in a gruesome copycat attack of the beheading videos she watched online.

The sleeves and pockets of the scrubs were most contaminated with antibiotic resistant bacteria, researchers from Duke University Medical Centre, North Carolina, found.

Daredevil motorcyclist falls off his bike after attempting dangerous wheelie at speed on a busy London high street

Dramatic footage has emerged of a motorcyclist falling off his bike while attempting a dangerous wheelie. The video, captured by a cyclist on Merton High Street, in London, shows the biker speed up as the road clears of traffic, but he suddenly loses control. According to witnesses the young man was showing off to this mates by attempting a wheelie up the road, but overdoes it and falls off. From the footage you can hear the bike screeching as it skids down the road without a rider.

University of Bath professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, 64, occupies a magnificent grace-and-favour property on the famous Lansdown Crescent in the city with its own housekeeper.

Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC acknowledged that the use of the rape complainant's sex history in the Ched Evans case could deter women from reporting rape to the police in the future.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union said 400 of its members working on London Underground's Piccadilly line will vote in the coming weeks on whether to launch industrial action.

Damon Smith, 19, of Southwark, south-east London, was held by Metropolitan Police after two members of the public discovered a backpack on a Jubilee line service at North Greenwich.

'I was a highland dancer!': Conservative MP Sir Desmond Swayne, 60, surprises reporter by JUMPING onto his desk during interview in a single bound

A reporter has shared the moment Conservative MP jumped on his desk half way through her interview. Agnes Chambre, a writer for Politics Home - the Parliament news website, shared the video of Sir Desmond Swayne (pictured) on her Twitter admitting to her followers that they're 'welcome'. Miss Chambre was interviewing Sir Swayne as part of a long running feature to uncover more 'about the human side of politics'. The video shows Sir Swayne, who has taken his shoes off, jump onto his relatively high desk. The short clip has already had more than 180 retweets and over 170 likes since it was uploaded this morning.

Oxford and Cambridge university scientists believe the brain tissue (pictured) belongs to a species closely related to Iguanodon, which lived in the Early Cretaceous Period.

There was no significant difference in signs of a urinary tract infection in participants who were given either cranberries or a placebo, Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut, researchers found.

Maison Hirstle (pictured) had been playing outside with his brothers when his coat became stuck on the handle of the front door to their home in Scarborough.

While many would view tea as a cornerstone of British culture, admitting to drinking it was deemed by tribunals to be a sign of hypocrisy and cowardice if a person was a conscientious objector.

Drone catches the incredible moment a blanket of thick fog makes a 'waterfall' rolling off the cliffs of Dorset

A drone has captured the incredible moment a blanket  of thick fog turns into a 'waterfall' as it rolls over the edge of a seaside cliff. Photographer James Loveridge flew his camera drone 200 feet above the cliffs at West Bay, in Dorset, to capture video footage of the moving white carpet heading across the land towards the sea. But as it reached the edge of the 100ft sheer cliffs it dropped away and plunged towards the beach below like a waterfall. Mr Loveridge, 26, was stood on the beach completely surrounded in fog as he spent 30 minutes recording the natural phenomena until his camera battery ran out.

Diana's personal designer Paul Costelloe, 71, has blasted Kate's 'disappointing' style saying she doesn't measure up to the late Princess in terms of 'excitement and unexpectedness'.

Despite the fact that thinning hair afflicts one in four women, it's arguably still a taboo topic. Read on to find out whether things like tight ponytails and braids are causing you to lose your locks.

Twitter bought the viral video app in October 2012, just before its official launch.The move comes as the firm announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs from its global workforce.

Three Albanian men escaped from Rome's Rebibbia jail after they were evacuated there from a higher-security jail due to the devastating earthquake on Wednesday evening.

Mystery of huge 328ft-long Celtic cross in Irish forest has been solved

The 328ft-long religious symbol baffled passengers flying into Derry airport in Northern Ireland. The cross can be seen from the sky and became an attraction for those flying in and out of the airport, with many people wanting to know who planted it and why it was there. Today, it has been revealed that the cross was planted by Liam Emmery many years ago. However, Mr Emmery died six years ago and never lived to see his work in all its glory and his wife had forgotten all about it.

Harriet, from Cheshire, has decided to get particularly infuriating revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend - paying him back money for a Justin Bieber concert ticket one penny at a time.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide - found in broccoli - was found to prevent laboratory mice from physical signs of ageing, researchers from Washington University, St Louis, found.

Kane Wannell, 19, of Rogerstone, near Newport, in Wales, has been jailed for four years for trying to carry out a Hollywood-style heist on a village post office. But staff thought it was a joke.

Ali Qasemi (pictured), whose wife Fawzia was pregnant with their third child, hit his head on the ground following the punch and died two days later following the attack in Peterborough.

Migrants trying to evade the police by hiding in tents in the Calais Jungle will be arrested, police commissioner Patrick Visser-Bourdon said today as he confirmed there is a zero tolerance policy.

Stunning entries for National Geographic's photo contest revealed

MailOnline Travel has rounded up a selection of the latest stunning entries to National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year contest. Pictured, clockwise from top right: a sea turtle in Oahu, Hawaai; the Shiraito no Taki Falls in Japan; Meerkats in the Kalahari, Botswana; The Ijen Voclano sulfur mine; and (inset) an Alaskan brown bear at the McNeil River Game Sanctuary.

Virtual assistants, such as California-based Apple's Siri, are spending more time dodging personal questions and dealing with darker forms of sexual harassment.

Dr Gohar Rahman, 57, who worked at Wigan Infirmary, grabbed her by the hair, hit her on the bottom with a walking stick and then punched her head in the attack.

A parent in Bristol caught the moment their toddler daughter was confronted by two giant rats as she played near the swings at one of the area's biggest play parks, Hengrove Park.

Lawns at seven Cambridge University colleges have been blighted by birds who dig up ground in search of the chafer bug, a soil-dwelling beetle that feeds on the roots of grass.

Polish woman who had a FACE transplant after huge tumour reveals how she looks now

The Polish woman, known only as Joanna, had 80 per cent of the skin on her face transplanted in a 23-hour operation in 2013 after neurofibromatosis left her with huge benign tumours (right). She has appeared at a press conference (left) almost three years after the transplant, alongside her surgeon Dr Adam Maciejewski. The facial tumour will not recur because the skin on her new face is from different genes, according to genetics experts.

A new kitchen hack video shows a way to chill a bottle of wine in just 10 minutes, and all you'll need is a damp cloth and a working freezer.

The van, created by Nissan and designers Studio Hardie, features an inbuilt fold-out desk, wireless internet, smartphone-controlled LED lights and mini fridge.

A remote Australian indigenous tribe has threatened to 'close down' Uluru if their people, the Anangu tribe, continue to live in poverty and are denied housing, food and health care.

The letter, written on November 25, 1969, was discovered in the sleeve of a record bought at a car boot sale 20 years ago. It was valued at a Beatles memorabilia day in Liverpool on Wednesday.

Her former spouse Peter Loughran attended court on Wednesday to claim the star violated their 2013 custody agreement by signing six-year-old Wylie at an educational institution in Yorkshire.

An entire town where only Arabs are allowed and most of the homes contain woman who are the third or fourth wives of wealthy sheikhs is facing angry protests from locals in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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Don't look down! Heart-stopping moment thrillseeker wobbles from side to side as he walks a slackline between two massive cliffs 

This video shows the heart-stopping moment a slackliner wobbled from side to side as he tightroped over a chasm in Tasmania. Extreme sportsman Ryan Paul Robinson filmed the astonishing footage as he edged along the rope between two massive cliffs. Mr Robinson is believed to have been at least 50 metres above the water and rocks below as he took on the daunting challenge. The barefooted daredevil wobbles to the left as winds buffet him, but he grips on and continues his breathtaking feat.

Heartwarming video shows a clever Samoyed dog holding an electronic table so a baby can watch his favourite cartoons. The video shot in Beijing, China, is catching the hearts of many.

The 67-year-old woman was heading home from the shops in Darwin on Wednesday evening when a young man crept up behind her and threw her to the ground.



'Are you down to f***?' Actor tries out VERY lewd Tinder chat up lines on women in real life for an eye-opening social experiment

One man exposed just how bizarre the chat-up lines used in the dating app sound in real life when he applied them to complete strangers. Actor Jolyon Rubinstein (pictured), 35, took to the streets of London to ask baffled women (top right): 'Are you down to f***' in an eye-opening video. In the clip , created by dating app TrueView, Jolyon wears a giant human Tinder costume - bearing the name 'Zach'. On his human Tinder screen, he shows women combinations of aubergines, peaches, locks and keys - and asks them to decipher the explicit meaning (bottom right).

When you think of a Mercedes you probably imagine luxurious, comfortable saloons, but the German brand is planning a pick-up truck for 2017.

Horror footage has been revealed that shows the moment a girl saves her friend's life when she pulls her from the tracks in Addereley Park, West Midlands, seconds before train approaches.