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Mike Pence, (left with emergency responders at LaGuardia) who was returning from a campaign event in Iowa, was not hurt in the bumpy landing on Thursday evening. Emergency crews (right) were on site but no injuries were reported. There were 37 people on the plane (right), including the candidate, journalists and campaign staff, when it skidded off the runway at around 7.50pm during a heavy downpour.Emergency crews were on site but no injuries were reported.Witnesses say the plane made landed so hard that mud splashed up on the plane windshield, and the pilot slammed on his brakes so hard that the passengers could smell burning rubber. The rough landing even tore up the tarmac along the LaGuardia runway (main image). Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has already reached out to his VP to make sure he is safe, according to his campaign. 'Mr. Trump called him from the car. He reached out to Governor Pence and he is very glad everyone aboard is safe,' said campaign spokesperson Stephanie Grisham.

USA Gymnastics and coaches 'turned a blind eye as physician sexually abused gymnast'

A former elite gymnast who competed for the United States in the Summer Olympics is suing the sport's governing body and her former coaches, Bela and Martha Karolyi (pictured together top; Martha is pictured celebrating in Rio 2016 with the women's gymnastics team), for allowing a longtime physician to repeatedly commit acts of sexual abuse. The gymnast is just the latest to come forward and accuse Dr. Larry Nassar (inset), the former longtime doctor for the team, of multiple acts of sexual abuse that spanned across several years. Last month, two other gymnasts - Rachael Denhollander and a member of the 2000 U.S. women's Olympic team - also filed a lawsuit in California in which they alleged they were sexually abused by Nassar.

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Darren Sharper was sentenced on Thursday to 36 months to 96 months, said Clark County Courts spokeswoman Mary Ann Price. He retired from the NFL in 2011.

Ronn Hemstock, 55, was walking or jogging with his dogs on Seward Airport's main runway in Alaska when he was attacked by the brown bear with two cubs accompanying her, officials said.

UberEats, the ride-sharing company's food delivery service, is rolling out surge pricing. Customers in big cities will soon start paying more for their take out to be delivered at popular times.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Hansen discusses the shocking moment he realized the 'predator' he tracked down on new episode of Crime Watch Daily was man he commuted to work with every day

In a new episode of Crime Watch Daily set to air on Friday Chris Hansen gets quite the shock when he realizes that he knows the predator. Hansen spoke with DailyMail.com before the episode aired and admitted that he did not recognize the man until he was standing just feet away from him in the kitchen where he believed he was meeting a 13-year-old boy. 'I honestly did not realize it until I walked out. And then I suddenly recognized him because we used to commute into the city every day together from Connecticut,' said Hansen. He then added that the two men would eve chat from time to time while on the train. 'I could not believe it,' said Hansen.

Ryan Collins, 36, pleaded guilty to hacking into the email and online accounts of female celebrities and stealing their nude photos and videos. Some accounts belonged to Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell, right, of the Criminal Division, with Kenneth Magidson, center, of the Southern District of Texas; and U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George, participate in a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016. Justice Department is announcing charges in connection with a call center operation said to be based in India. Federal prosecutors have unsealed an indictment charging 61 defendants in the United States and abroad, including five call center groups. The department says the extorted funds ended up being laundered with the help of prepaid debit cards. Arrests are taking place throughout the United States. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

The Justice Department announced charges Thursday against 61 defendants in the United States and abroad in connection with call center operations based in India.

Chandra Levy vanished in 2001 and her body was found the following year in Washington's sprawling Rock Creek Park. Gary Condit was initially identified as a suspect but later cleared by police.

Indianapolis father who disappeared 23 years ago found living in Florida with new family

Richard Hoagland (left) disappeared from the house he shared with his second wife Linda and their two sons, Matthew and Douglas (center), in Indianapolis in February 1993 (right). In July this year, police Zephyrhills, Florida, contacted her to say they had arrested him for identity fraud. Hoagland had moved to the state and assumed the identity of Terry Jude Symansky (right), a fisherman who died in a freak accident two years before he left his first wife and children. He remarried and had another child all while living under the fake name.

Dane County Circuit Court Commissioner Brian Asmus set 20-year-old Alec Cook's bail at $200,000 cash during a brief hearing Thursday. Cook made no statement at the hearing.

The 'close' button in an elevator was discontinued in the 1990s, which means the one in your elevator is a complete fake. However, this button, and others, promotes the illusion that you are in control.

The 51-year-old actor, who revealed last November that he had contracted the HIV virus, says that he is now feeling 'excellent' thanks to an FDA study he is participating in.

Police begin arresting protesters at Dakota Access Pipeline

Several protesters were led away in trucks as military Humvees and buses surrounded the camp. Authorities claim the group was trespassing on private property but protesters say they were on tribal land.The protesters established the camp where a developer is working to complete the 1,172-mile pipeline that stretches across four states and is designed to carry oil from western North Dakota to Illinois. The route of the pipeline skirts the Standing Rock Reservation and the Sioux tribe says it could endanger water supplies and disturb cultural sites.Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Shailene Woodley and Mark Ruffalo are supporting the protesters.

The chemicals, which could contribute to problems such as depression or Alzheimer's disease in later life, are notably increased in mums pregnant with boys compared to girls.

Global power brush brand, Oral B, recently created the 'genius' - the world's first electric toothbrush that offers position detection technology to ensure users don't miss any spots.

Two experts found that implicit beliefs reveal whether you will or will not be successful. Using the Implicit Association Test, the team found those who associate 'important' with tasks come out on top.

Michigan groomsmen adopt malnourished dog and puppies after finding them on bachelor party

The men from Vicksburg, Michigan, were in Tennessee at a log cabin when the puppies' mother came to their front door. She led them into the woods where her seven puppies were hiding in a hole (left). The groomsmen cleaned the dogs off and brought them in to the house (right). They brought the seven puppies and the mother home with them where they now live in a five-mile radius between the men's homes.

Raven Lynn West (pictured), who admitted to snorting heroin the day before she delivered a full-term stillborn baby, could be jailed on child endangerment charges in Alabama.

While the conditions would have to be 'ideal,' a human body that avoids incineration and lands on a distant world could transport microbes or even act as a 'starter-pack' for life.

A tow truck driver found a $110,000 sports car just too tempting and decided to give it a spin after towing it from a Houston-area home, but was caught by the car's sophisticated system.

Lone survivor of crash that killed UGA sorority girls is released from hospital

Agnes Kim (pictured left), the only survivor of a fatal car crash that killed four of her fellow University of Georgia classmates and friends has been released from hospital six months after the horrific accident. The 22-year-old was released from the Shepherd Center on Wednesday where she had been recovering from a brain injury. She will continue her daily rehabilitation at Shepherd Pathways in Decatur in her long road to recovery following the wreck in April. Her friends and fellow students Kayla Canedo, 19; Christina Semeria, 19 (both pictured bottom right); Brittany Feldman, 20 (top left); and Halle Scott, 19 (top right), were all killed.

Twitter bought the viral video app in October 2012, just before its official launch.The move comes as the firm announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs from its global workforce.

Mary Beth Haglin, an Iowa teacher-turned-stripper who was charged with sleeping with a 17-year-old student is now facing tougher count after her lurid confessions during a Dr Phil appearance.

Moira Smith, an energy company lawyer, claims that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas 'groped' her in 1999 at a dinner party in suburban Washington, D.C.

Trump says he can fix 'ghettos' as he makes pitch to attract African-American voters

A day after he promised sweeping reforms that would revitalize inner cities, he used a slang word for slum-ridden downtown neighborhoods that few urban dwellers have embraced in decades. 'Were going to work on our ghettos,' he said during a rally in Toledo. Landing on that word - 'ghettos' - will be seen in some corners as a Freudian slip, a signal that Trump's fixation on eliminating 'political correctness' can lead him into language that can isolate or offend.

During a campaign stop in northeastern Ohio, Donald Trump rattled off a list of Hillary-Clinton-era spending abuses at State - 'a wild bunch of things,' he called them - for which the GOP blames her.

The GOP nominee had been talking about rival Hillary Clinton's tax policies and making the case to a Toledo audience that his proposals are much better.

Hillary Clinton's State Department aides forwarded proposals to let wealthy and influential entrepreneurs tag along for Clinton's trips while she was secretary of state.

In an email sent to Mezvinsky, Jimmy Buffet's wife Jane writes: 'I got a call from donna karen's [ sic ] organization and they asked if my plane could fly some alternative care physician's down there.'

Bill Clinton drops by Bon Jovi's 'Love Trumps Hate' concert in Pittsburgh

Bill Clinton got a rock star's welcome tonight on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh when he made a surprise appearance at one of the Clinton campaign's 'Love Trump Hate' concerts, featuring Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi, only playing for about 30 minutes, apologized to the crowd at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall for the concert being on 'short notice and not a long show,' though asked them to please come out for Hillary Clinton on election day, as Pennsylvania is a swing state.

Michelle Obama campaigns with Clinton for first time and draws huge North Carolina crowd

The First Lady campaigned with Clinton for the first time at a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She talked up the Democratic candidate despite their previously chilly relationship - after Clinton praised her 'mean round of carpool karakoke'. The First Lady is now seen as the best of all Clinton's endorsers and the Clinton campaign hope that she can help them seize North Carolina. Speaking to a crowd far larger than the ones she normally draws. Clinton said the 'dignity and respect' of women was on the ballot - a reference to allegations of sexual misconduct laid against Donald Trump after the infamous 'grab them by the p****' tape.

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh sparked mockery and concern when he tweeted: 'On November 8th, I'm voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket. You in?'

John Podesta, who has been a trusted hand to Hillary Clinton and whose emails got hacked, is on the short list to serve as her chief of staff should she win the presidency.

Longtime Bill Clinton aide Doug Band and another partner at Teneo Holdings persuaded Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta to meet with the CEO of a mining company, hacked emails reveal.

'New England is counting on you!': Ben Affleck breaks out his Boston accent to plead with the people of New Hampshire to vote in Funny or Die PSA

Ben Affleck filmed a PSA for Funny or Die and NextGen Climate, encouraging New Hampshire residents to register to vote. In the video, the Massachusetts-native actor attempts to appeal to New Hampshirites by speaking in his best Boston accent. 'I'm from Boston, and Boston is in New England, which means that New Hampshire is just like my kid brother,' Affleck says.

Donald Trump is pitching 'a new deal for black America,' as he attempts to woo a crowd that hasn't shown him much love before, with less than two weeks to go until the presidential election.

'Nate Silver's results have been similar to ours,' the director of Trump's digital operation says. Silver gives Clinton an 84.7 percent chance of winning the election. Trump has a 15.3 percent chance.

If Donald Trump loses the election in 12 days to Hillary Clinton, there's chatter that he may just launch a Trump TV network - though it's something he's denied.

'If our father were alive today... he'd smack you in the side of the head for supporting Donald Trump!' Baldwin brothers at war as Billy calls out Stephen for backing Republican nominee

Billy Baldwin (right) called out his brother Stephen (left) for supporting Donald Trump - and said his belief that Alec's Saturday Night Live impersonation (center) of the Republican nominee is 'not funny' proves that Trump supporters live in an alternate universe. 'If my father were alive today (a veteran) He would be ashamed & disgusted of media biased and manipulation by people like @andersoncooper,' Stephen, 50, tweeted on October 9. Older brother Billy, 53, fired back a day later, saying: 'If our father were alive today... he'd smack you in the side of the head for supporting Donald Trump.'

Donald Trump ratcheted up his warnings about election fraud on Thursday, tweeting about 'vote flipping' on touch-screen voting machines in Texas.

Clinton's campaign began worrying in the run-up to Iowa and New Hampshire that it the former first lady would start getting questions from the press about rape allegations against her husband.

Mariah Carey admits she hasn't seen billionaire fiance James Packer since 'huge fight' in

Mariah Carey's dramatic split from billionaire James Packer's is getting very messy. The couple have not seen each other in over a month after a dramatic fight while on a romantic European vacation, her spokesperson has said. The couple's engagement unraveled during a stay on a luxury yacht in Greece in September. 

Apple unveils its new MacBooks set to have fingerprint sensor instead of a power button

Apple has unveiled a radical overhaul of its MacBook - and continued to kill off ageing technology. The machine's new keyboard gets rid of the traditional function keys, replacing them with a smart touchscreen. Different buttons appears depending on the app being used, and it even doubles as a fingerprint sensor.  It also took aim at cable TV firms, unveiling a new TV app that will allow users to easily find and watch streamed and live TV in one place - although it later emerged Netflix and Amazon have not signed up to it.

Tim Cook unveiled the firm's new TV at a special event in Cupertino today, revealing it will be available on Apple TV, iPads and iPhones in December - but Netflix has not signed up.

In the new paper, researchers from the University of Arizona pointed out peculiarities of the orbits of objects beyond Neptune that had been unnoticed until now.

Researchers with the Army and General Dynamics Land Systems are now testing concept vehicles for a Stryker-mounted laser weapon to protect soldiers from missiles, mortars, and artillery.

The paper, analyzing more than 400 patients at two major trauma centers, was commissioned after the 2011 shooting in Arizona of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords - who survived.

The best of Vine: From the sound of the bomb in the Stade de France to Leonardo DiCaprio's hilarious reaction to Lady Gaga, these are the most memorable moments captured on the site 

From the blast heard in the Stade de France to the hilarious exploits of children, Vine has captured some momentous moments since its launch in 2012. And as Twitter announced that it will be shutting down the site, we take a look back at some of the videos of six seconds or less that gripped the world. With more than 715million loops, the six-second video revealing the sound of the blast in Paris as France played Germany in November is the most watched ever. Other moments include Leonardo DiCaprio's hilarious reaction as Lady Gaga brushes past him on her way to collect a gong at a glamorous awards ceremony, watched 113million times. In Britain, politicians have found themselves at the butt of the joke in videos viewed by millions, with momentous moments involving Ed Miliband and Michael Gove. Do you recognise these classic Vine moments (pictured) that gripped the world.

The women, Caroline, 41, Tina, 46 and Cheryl, 28, have all described their eating disorders in painful detail in a Channel Five documentary, Me and My Eating Disorder.

Antolin Garcia-Torres (pictured), who facing the death penalty for allegedly killing a 15-year-old girl, will argue she is not dead and instead ran away from her home in Morgan Hill, California.

Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, has purchased a da Vinci robot to join their team of gynecologists. It will remove tumors from uteruses and treat pelvic issues.

Hundreds of people may have been affected by a Des Moines hospital technician's plot to steal 250 vials' worth of the potent painkiller fentanyl using a syringe, it emerged Thursday.

ISIS jihadists set fire to sulphur plant sending toxic gas across nearly a quarter of Iraq

A fire at a sulphur plant near Mosul by ISIS fighters has sent a poisonous gas cloud for miles across northern Iraq and into neighbouring countries. A satellite image from NASA, when shown on a map (pictured) shows the spread of the sulphur cloud - covering around a quarter of Iraq and spreading into Turkey, Syria and Iran. Scientist Simon Carn said: 'Sulphur dioxide has been lofted to higher altitudes where it may undergo long-range transport.'

The October 21 strike occurred in a remote area of Marib Governorate in war-torn Yemen, the US military's Central Command said in a statement

The strikes on Sunday in Kunar province targeted Al-Qaeda's emir for northeastern Afghanistan, and his deputy, officials confirmed. Multiple Hellfire missiles 'levelled' two different compounds.

Aid workers are warning of a major humanitarian crisis as the battle to liberate the city of Mosul in Iraq intensifies with ISIS slaughtering local soldiers and police officers in a barbaric show of strength.

Dharun Ravi pleads guilty to attempted invasion of privacy in roommate Tyler Clementi case

Dharun Ravi (left in court on Thursday) was sentenced to time served for his crime and exited a free man, telling NJ.com as he made his way outside: 'It feels good. I'm relieved.' His release comes a little over six years after Tyler Clementi (bottom right) ended his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Two days prior to his death, Clementi learned that Ravi had filmed him being intimate a 30-year-old man inisde their Rutgers University dorm room. Clementi (parents top right) learned this after looking at Ravi's Twitter page and noticing that he had written: 'Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.' (inset)

Coast Guard shows off 20TON cocaine haul and drug smuggling submersible as it seizes a record $5.6BILLION-worth of drugs in a 12-month period

The US Coast Guard showed off a 20 ton haul of cocaine confiscated from sea traffickers on Thursday - setting a record for the agency with $5.6billion of the drug intercepted over 12 months. During a briefing aboard the docked cutter Waesche at Naval Base San Diego, officials said more than 39,000 pounds (inset right) of the drug had recently been recovered. Over the past fiscal year, officials said around 416,000 pounds - more than 200 tons - of cocaine had been seized off the coast of Central and South America. The agency's personnel also arrested 585 suspected drug smugglers between October 1, 2015 and September 30 - another record. Coast Guard officials also said that around 5,600 pounds of the recent haul was intercepted off the coast of Central America on September 6 from a self-propelled semisubmersible. The vessel (main and inset) is designed for illegal trafficking because its low profile makes it hard to detect.


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Luxury penthouse on the 86th floor of Melbourne's Eureka Tower on the market for

The luxury penthouse apartment on the 86th floor of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia, is on the market for $18million. The incredible home is 7,100square feet, offers 360-degree views of the city skyline (bottom left) and has four bedrooms (bottom right), each with their own bathroom (top right).

In 274 men, the injection reduced sperm count to one million per millilitre or fewer within 24 weeks, researchers from the World Health Organisation, in Geneva, Switzerland, found.

On the day before his son died, Harris began to make reservations for a summer vacation at a resort - for two adults and no children. He also researched 'name changes'.

The Polish woman, known only as Joanna, had 80 per cent of the skin on her face transplanted in a 23-hour operation in 2013 after neurofibromatosis left her with huge benign tumours.

Many of the American girls and women who were asked admitted they had misconceptions about sex before engaging in it for the first time. Key issues included pain, pleasure and orgasms [stock image]

A new kitchen hack video shows a way to chill a bottle of wine in just 10 minutes, and all you'll need is a damp cloth and a working freezer.

Cuba has a reputation for world-class healthcare. Now, since the thaw in relations between the US and Cuba, US officials are hoping to snap up one of its most important innovations.

Stunning entries for National Geographic's photo contest revealed

MailOnline Travel has rounded up a selection of the latest stunning entries to National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year contest. Pictured, clockwise from top right: a sea turtle in Oahu, Hawaai; the Shiraito no Taki Falls in Japan; Meerkats in the Kalahari, Botswana; The Ijen Voclano sulfur mine; and (inset) an Alaskan brown bear at the McNeil River Game Sanctuary.

The melee took place at La Porte High School on Tuesday, with the video of what happened quickly going viral. It shows two teens beating up another, who tries to fight back.

Greg Cayea and Heather Thompson have broken the world record for the longest road trip in one country after traveling over 29,500 miles through 39 states in 103 days.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide - found in broccoli - was found to prevent laboratory mice from physical signs of ageing, researchers from Washington University, St Louis, found.

The crash in Tampa took the lives of Marianela Murillo, 39, and her two youngest  children, John Bernal, 9, and Isabell Bernal, 10, along with Pablo Cortes III, 22, and Jolie Bartolome, 19.

Police in St. Paul, Minnesota are seeking thieves who stole several gold bars and a woman's life savings valued at $200,000 from her home on Saturday evening.

The senseless attack occurred inside Carl Schurz Park at E. 90th St. and East End Ave. at about 3 p.m. Tuesday. The elderly man was knocked down and had to be taken to hospital.

Mercedes-Benz confirms it will sell an X-Class truck in 2017

When you think of a Mercedes you probably imagine luxurious, comfortable saloons, but the German brand is planning a pick-up truck for 2017. Called the X-Class, Mercedes claims it to be the first truly premium pick-up you can buy, and this concept version points at what it will eventually look like when it hits the market in 2017.

Michael Adams, 53, of Frisco, was arrested in 2014 on a capital murder charge in the slaying of his ex-fiancee Nicole Leger, 34, who was shot dead in her Melissa, Texas, home in September 2013.

A world without work sounds like the stuff of dreams, but it's drawing ever closer. So will it mark a time of relaxation and prioritising family or could it lead to social upheaval and unrest?

Habit aims to help people find the right diet plan. The firm, recently backed by Cambell's Soup, analyzes over 60 different biomarkers in DNA to create personalized nutrition plans.

Amazon.com reported a lower-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday as expenses rose and the company provided a disappointing fourth-quarter revenue forecast.

MIT researchers used data gathered by Nasa's GRAIL mission, to study the structure of the moon's largest and youngest crater. In another study, a team from Brown modelled how the crater formed.

DISTURBING CONTENT This is the shocking moment an aggressive and suicidal Michigan man pulls a shotgun out on a police officer and forces the cop to open fire, killing him.

Hawaii-based healthy living YouTuber reveals she hasn't used deodorant for an entire YEAR

Alyse Brautigam, 22, a Hawaii-based healthy living YouTuber, describes in a new video how her change in diet eliminated her body odor. She claims that since she switched to raw food, she noticed she was 'less stinky', despite regularly working up a sweat at the gym. As for her reasoning behind this, she muses in the video on how smoothie bars don't smell like much of anything, while bakeries, pizzarias and the like give off strong smells.

It's the first rigorous head-to-head test in kids of two generic prescription drugs also used for adults' migraines: topiramate, an anti-seizure medicine, and amitriptyline, an anti-depressant.

The PREDATOR system which distinguishes between legitimate and malicious buyers of new websites, was designed by a team from Princeton University.

The bodies of Brian Grimes (pictured), 54, and Kathleen Grimes, 53, were discovered just before midnight inside a home in Dickinson, Texas, they had once shared along with their teenage daughter.

An 11-year-old malnourished boy who was found dead in a closet in Los Angeles was hidden in the tiny space for three years and kept sedated by his mother, court documents claim.

A eye-opening video shows actor Jolyon Rubinstein, 35, taking to the streets of London to ask women some rather rude questions - to show how lewd Tinder openers are in real life.

Uber has a plan to make flying cars a reality. Dubbed Uber Elevate, the program will design 'cars' to operate like a helicopter, travel 100 miles on a single charge and could be ready by 2021.

Two-person cabin with solar panels, a mezzanine bedroom and drawbridge in Canada

At just 340-square-foot, this two-person mobile home, is around the same size as a small New York studio apartment. But the home on wheels - which starts from $65,000 - features a fully kitted out kitchen, bathroom, living room, mezzanine bedroom and solar panels allowing occupants to live completely off-grid.

An Arizona man's need for speed was apparently overtaken by his need for a meal after he stopped a high-speed highway pursuit to order from an In-N-Out burger on Wednesday night.

Researchers from Duke University and the Smithsonian Institution found midwater hyperiid amphipods are covered with anti-reflective coatings on their legs and bodies.

Internal documents reveal Amazon is pushing deeper into the grocery industry. Business Insider reveals the firm is planning to open 20 grocery stores by the end of 2018 and 2,000 over the next decade.

FILE- In this Wednesday, May 13, 2015, file photo, emergency personnel work at the scene of a derailment in Philadelphia of an Amtrak train headed to New York. Amtrak will pay about $265 million to settle claims related to a deadly derailment in Philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. Lawyers who negotiated the settlement said people will have their awards in hand by June instead of going through years of legal wrangling. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

A U.S. federal judge on Thursday approved a $265 million settlement over an Amtrak passenger train crash in Philadelphia in 2015 that killed eight people and injured about 200 others.

Spooktacular! California home does the Time Warp as part of its dazzling Halloween light show

It's frighteningly good! A Riverside, California, house is displaying a dazzling, free 30-minute light show this year which involves The Rocky Horror Picture Show song The Time Warp. Jack o' lantern faces on the home appear to sing the words to the famous tune. Kevin Judd's light show, which through October 31, began back in 2008. The show involves around two weeks of preparation from Judd, his wife Amber and others, and features around 400,000 LED lights. Judd has said: 'Saturdays are our busiest nights and average approximately 2,000 people.'

At the 2016 World Robot Conference in Beijing, exhibitors for the Xiao I bot revealed the AI can mimic the functions of the human brain, allowing it to analyze massive amounts of data.

The complaint filed by the New Jersey attorney general's office alleges Chesterbrook Academy in Moorestown unfairly discriminated when it expelled the special-needs toddler last year.

A deer jumped through the window of Aspen Cafe in St. John, Indiana. The animal darted around the restaurant and lost its footing on the tiles. It eventually escaped through an open window.

The model, which includes the Nazi leader's office, went on display in a former air-raid shelter in Berlin, just a mile from the site of the real underground hideout, which has now been demolished.

Powerful photos by UNICEF Australia show what classrooms are like around the world. The images show classrooms that have been destroyed by conflict or natural disaster.

The makers of QuiVR are introducing new measures to battle gamers invading other's personal space after a woman in Redwood City, California was 'sexually assaulted' during gameplay. (stock image)

Being bad never looked so good: Disney villains re-imagined as real people... just in time

They are the baddies you love to hate. Now Disney's most infamous villains have 'brought to life' in a series of shockingly realistic portraits - and it's terrifying. Digital artist Jirka Väätäinen has already attracted an enormous fan base with his renderings of the fairytale prince and princesses. Now he has turned his hand to Disney's villains to reveal how the likes of Cruella de Vil, Aladdin's Jafar and Tangled's Mother Gothel would appear in human form. The Helsinki, Finland-based artist unveiled the new series just in time for Halloween.

Keith Allen White (pictured) from Sierra Vista, Arizona, was arrested Monday on suspicion of second-degree murder. Police said he tried to hide the odor of death with a fan.

Weed among kids aged 12-17, which is still illegal, has 'been above the national average and rising faster than the national average', says a report by Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

A man who was caught on security cameras robbing a deli in West Philadelphia on Saturday flashed a wide smile as he was holding a victim at gunpoint.

The video released Wednesday shows a red Toyota SUV twice back into a glass window at Boyds Philadelphia early Tuesday and a Mercedes Benz sedan pull off to the side.

Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima, has said that major details of the console will be revealed at a live event in Tokyo on 13 January 2017, to be streamed online.

There was no significant difference in signs of a urinary tract infection in participants who were given either cranberries or a placebo, Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut, researchers found.

Babies in St. Luke Hospital NICU in Kansas City wear tiny Halloween costumes

A group of nurses and March of Dimes volunteers at St. Luke Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, created handmade costumes for the newborns, who will be spending their first Halloween in the hospital. The babies were photographed wearing their costumes, which range from superheros such as Wonder Woman to a colorful butterfly.

Knowingly transmitting a dangerous virus may sound drastic but two leading US transplant centers are betting the strategy will save lives - if new medications to cure hepatitis C work.

Researchers from the Google Brain team in Mountain View, California, published a paper showing how computer networks can work out how to use a simple encryption technique.

The female trainer, Vincenta Pages, was performing a show for children at the Pensacola Interstate Fair on Tuesday when the tiger, named Gandi, grabbed hold of her and wouldn't let go.

Zoll and Zelda are 10-month-old rescued Syrian brown bears who choose to spend most of their time together bathing at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, USA.

The Swedish court finds that drones with cameras are 'regarded as surveillance cameras,' which could violate the privacy of those below, and so have banned the use without a licence.

Davie Dauzat (right) was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge in the death of 21-year-old Natasha Dauzat (left)

Davie Dauzat was indicted on a murder charge in the death of Natasha Dauzat. Authorities say she was killed August 25 at the couple's home in Bellmead, which borders the Texas city of Waco.

Traveller Cassie De Pecol set to become fastest female to visit EVERY country in the world

A globetrotting woman hopes to break a Guinness World Record by becoming the fastest female to travel to all 196 countries. Cassie De Pecol, 27, is nearing the end of her epic mission to visit all 193 sovereign nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. The intrepid traveller from Washington, Connecticut, embarked on her solo journey in July of 2015 and has an estimated 45 days left to complete her whirlwind adventure. Pictured clockwise from top right: Cassie in Bhutan, Bali, Kiribati, Philippines and (inset) Russia.

Having healthy teeth and gums reduces the bad bacteria in the mouth that causes the lung infection, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, found.

The original surface was exposed during the restoration work being done at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem,

The owners of the Rocker 7 Farm Patch in Buckeye, Arizona, say someone had stolen 300 of their largest carving pumpkins worth a total of $3,000 ahead of this weekend's fall festival.

Philadelphia firefighters rescued a dog and his owner after his barks alerted neighbors to a house fire that was about to consume the pair of them. The blaze happened on Sunday night.

Flying less-UN! North Korean leader shows off his skills as a pilot - but whose helping hand is that on the throttle?

The bizarre propaganda film, which lasts more than an hour and a quarter, shows the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in a range of scenarios including riding a submarine and shooting. The video - entitled Kim Jong-Un the Great Supreme Commander and the Consolidation of a Powerful Army - was released by Korean Central TV on YouTube. Kim is meant to be flying a plane in one part of the film, but his co-pilot can clearly be seen guiding him on the throttle.

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Down syndrome teacher from Argentina first in Latin America

Noelia Garella (main and inset) is believed to be the first ever teacher with Down syndrome in Latin America. The 31-year-old from Argentina has always aspired to work with children and said she 'adored' her job. 'I have a boy with Down syndrome in my class. He is wonderful,' Noelia said. 'Oh, it is lovely when someone like me is born.'

Green flashes of light spotted in the sky over Siberia have left residents and experts baffled. Several theories of origin have been put forward including stray missile part, meteor or aliens.

In the footage which was captured on a helmet camera, the rider can be seen dodging in and out of moving cars on a busy road in Kiev, and leaping over a crash barrier in pursuit of the fleeing thief.

Photographer James Loveridge filming above the cliffs at West Bay, in Dorset, has captured the incredible moment a blanket  of thick fog turns into a 'waterfall' covering him.

Australian-born, Mumbai-based photographer Jay Weinstein takes photos of people's faces with and without a smile in a bid to recreate the mindset from which we view a stranger.

A Japanese woman has been filmed desperately trying to blow out 68 candles on her birthday cake as the tasty treat turns into a ball of flames and ends up covered in the melted candle wax.

Baby's best friend: Heartwarming footage of pet dog holding up owner's tablet so child can watch cartoons

Dogs are often called man's best friend but this fluffy pet is clearly a baby's best friend too. This heartwarming video shows the clever dog holding an electronic tablet so the child can watch his favourite cartoons whilst lying on a bed with his parent. The video shot in Beijing, China, shows a Samoyed dog clearly using its paw to prop up the screen for his little friend.


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Heart-stopping moment thrillseeker wobbles from side to side as he walks a slackline between two massive cliffs 

This video shows the heart-stopping moment a slackliner wobbled from side to side as he tightroped over a chasm in Tasmania. Extreme sportsman Ryan Paul Robinson filmed the astonishing footage as he edged along the rope between two massive cliffs. Mr Robinson is believed to have been at least 50 metres above the water and rocks below as he took on the daunting challenge. The barefooted daredevil wobbles to the left as winds buffet him, but he grips on and continues his breathtaking feat.

The 60-year-old woman escaped with her life after she tried to usher the animal away as it created panic at a crowded market in Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh, central India.

Nature photographer Suzi Eszterhas, 40, spotted the adorable pair of southern sea otters swimming in Monterey Bay, California and watched as the mother otter let the baby ride on her belly.