We support Japanese visa application (working visa / marriage visa / permanent resident visa), special permission for residence (overstay), and naturalization (citizenship) carefully and surely.



Strong Point of Our Office

We are immigration lawyer office in Japan.
We are authorized as immigration lawyer by Immigration Bureau of Japan (Ministry of Justice).
We support Japanese visa application (status of residence, immigration procedure) special permission for residence (overstay), naturalization (Japanese nationality), and international marriage procedure carefully and surely.


【1】Procedure based on the data which we accumulated
   more than 20 years

【2】Selectable fees and consultation place / time

【3】You can break off uneasiness and question by our
   careful consultation

【4】Because the specialist applies in substitution,
   you can acquire a visa without taking trouble

【5】The reason why you can acquire a visa after the
   refused application of own

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According to Purpose

1.General Visa Procedure

【1】When you acquire a visa newly. / When you invite a foreigner newly to Japan.
   » Certificate of Eligibility

【2】When you extend your visa.
   » Extension of Period of Stay (Visa Extension)

【3】When you change your visa to other visa.
   » Change of Status of Residence (Visa Change)

【4】When a foreign couple had a child. / When a Japanese changed nationality.
   » Permission to Acquire Status of Residence (Visa Acquisition)

【5】When you acquire permanent resident visa.
   » Permanent Resident Visa

【6】When you acquire short-term visa.
    (Sightseeing / Visit to a relative or an acquaintance / Short-term business)
   » Temporary Visa (Tourist Visa)

【7】When you leave Japan temporarily.
   (Temporary return to home / Overseas travel / Overseas business trip)
   » Re-Entry Permission

【8】When you work part-time job. / When you do the activity that is not accepted
   with your visa.
   » Permission of the Activity out of Status

【9】When you change your job.
   » Certificate of Authorized Employment

【10】When you receive a re-issue of your residence card. / When change occurs
    in your registration matters. (Moveing / Job change / Divorce)
   » Residence Card Procedure

2.Procedure about Overstay

【1】When you became overstay. / When you were arrested by Immigration Bureau
   of Japan or police.
   » Special Permission for Residence

【2】When you make the foreigner who were arrested by Immigration Bureau
   come home temporarily.
   » Provisional Release

【3】When you invite the foreigner who were deported to Japan again.
   » Special Permission for Landing

3.Procedure of Nationality Acquisition in Japan

【1】When you acquire Japanese nationality (citizenship).
   » Naturalization

【2】When the child that has been recognized or the child that has not been reserved
   nationality acquires Japanese nationality.
   » Acquisition of Nationality

4.Procedure of Certification

【1】When you use Japanese official documents in foreign countries.
   (Certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
   » Authentication of Official Seals / Apostille

【2】When you use private documents in foreign countries. (Authentication of notary)
   » Notarisation of Private Documents

According to the Kind of Visa

1.Working Visa

【1】When you establish a company in Japan and manage it.
   » Investor / Business Manager Visa

【2】When you work as IT engineer or engineer.
   » Engineer Visa

【3】When you work as interpreter, translator, foreign trader, language teacher,
   or designer.
   » Specialist in Humanities / International Service Visa

【4】When you are transfered to Japanese branch office from overseas branch office.
   » Intra-Company Transferee Visa

【5】When you work as cook.
   » Skilled Labor Visa

【6】When you work as talent, artist, fashion model, or professional athlete.
   » Entertainer Visa

【7】When you work as doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or nurse.
   »Medical Services Visa

2.Visa Based on Status

【1】When you marry a Japanese.
   » Spouse or Child of Japanese National Visa

【2】When you marry a permanent resident.
   » Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident Visa

【3】When a foreigner residing in with working visa or studying visa invite the family.
   » Dependent Visa

【4】When a foreigner residing in with marriage visa was divorced. / When you
   invite the stepchild of foreign spouse.
   » Long-term Resident Visa

【5】When you acquire a permanent residence visa.
   » Permanent Resident Visa

3.Short-term Visa

【1】When you acquire short-term visa.
   (Sightseeing / Visit to a relative or an acquaintance / Short-term business)
   » Temporary Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa)

【2】When you receive disease treatment. / When you are hospitalized and have
   an operation.
   » Visa for Medical Stay

Nationality of Our Client

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Inquiry / Request

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         (It is possible to consult individually on Saturday,
         Sunday and holiday, or in the time except the time
         mentioned above.)

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