Urban Fire Safety Task Force

The NFPA Urban Fire and Life Safety Task Force comprises representatives from large, urban fire departments whose roles encompass Community Risk Reduction. Members of the task force fill a variety of fire department roles including chief officers, fire and life safety educators, community relations officers, and data experts. Each year, task force members work on specific projects designed to assist urban fire departments across the globe implement strategic Community Risk Reduction programs. 

New! Urban Fire and Life Safety Task Force White Paper: Community Risk Reduction: Doing More with More (June 2016)

2016 Urban Task Force

Task Force members

  • Atlanta, GA. Olden Allen, Lt., Community Risk Reduction, Atlanta Fire Rescue
  • Calgary, AB, Canada. Shelley Steele, Community Safety Officer, Calgary Fire Department
  • Charlotte, NC. Amy Rea, Senior Fire & Life Safety Educator, Charlotte Fire Department
  • Chicago, IL. Joseph Roccosalva, Deputy District Chief, Chicago Fire Department
  • Cleveland, OH. Larry Gray, Public Information Officer, Cleveland Division of Fire
  • Columbus, OH. David Sawyer, Lt., Community Liaison Officer, Columbus Division of Fire
  • Detroit, MI. Theresa Halsell, Lt., Community Relations Division, Detroit Fire Department
  • Edmonton, AB, Canada. Mario Arrotta, Assistant Fire Marshal, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services
  • El Paso, TX. Carlos Piedra, Battalion Chief, Asst. Fire Marshal, El Paso Fire Department
  • Los Angeles, CA. Kwame Cooper, Assistant Chief, Los Angeles City Fire Department
  • Louisville, KY. Brian Meurer, Major, Assistant Fire Marshal, Louisville Division of Fire
  • Memphis, TN. Daryl Payton, Deputy Chief of Operations, Memphis Fire Department
  • Minneapolis, MN. Casidy Anderson, Community Risk Reduction Officer, 
    Minneapolis Fire Department
  • Oklahoma City, OK. Larin Anttila, Captain, Public Education, Oklahoma City Fire Department
  • Philadelphia, PA. Derrick Sawyer, Fire Commissioner, Philadelphia Fire Department
  • St. Louis, MO. Derrick Phillips, Battalion Chief, St. Louis Fire Department
  • Seattle, WA. Dana Catts, Public Education & Outreach Specialist, Seattle Fire Department
  • Springfield, MA. Willie Spears, Public Education & Inspection, Springfield Fire Department
  • Toronto, ON, Canada. Sean O'Neill, Public Educator, Toronto Fire Services
  • Wichita, KS. Jose M. Ocadiz, Public Education & Inspection, Wichita Fire Department
NFPA Public Education Staff Liaisons