Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports

Olympic Lifts Movement for Power Sports

Olympic lifting movements have been an integral part of all programs throughout my career as a strength and conditioning coach. My first instruction in these lifts came from Mark Cameron (Two - time Olympian) and later reinforced by some very well versed coaches from around the world. To a great degree, these lifts were under-used in the sports world then. Today, some 30 years later and with all the knowledge and research out there, things haven’t changed a whole lot!


One of the greatest myths about these lifts is that they are only applicable to football players! This statement could not be more WRONG! I have trained Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Track & Field, Boxers, Swimmers, and many more with great results. The key is to understand the “movement” patterns and teach them correctly. That’s right…any sport that requires explosive movements, like jumping or sprinting, could benefit from these lifts.

After years of watching these most beneficial exercises taught improperly and unsafely, I decided enough is enough! The DVDs I have produced are your answer to creating more jumping power, starting speed and increasing your vertical jump. Using easy to understand cues for phases, athletes and coaches alike can learn to do these power- producing exercises effectively.

Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The PULLS and Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: "The OVERHEADS", will become your go-to reference for how to teach these power producing movements safely and efficiently. The step by step process that Coach Ian Pyka takes you through is both easy to understand and covers not only the proper ways to perform the lifts, but also the most common errors and corrective measures to cure those problems!


How often do your athletes complain that their backs, wrist, elbows or knees hurt from doing power cleans? Who wants to do anything if they hurt while doing it? Why spend time doing lifts improperly when the result can lead to improper mechanics on the field of play?


One of the greatest benefits from these movements is that their mechanics (positions involved in the movement) parallel that of the vertical jump almost identically. This is demonstrated in Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: "The PULLS" very clearly! By seeing a side-by-side comparison (Illustrated in the DVD) you will understand how closely these two movements are related, and appreciate their application to sport, that much more!


If you are coaching or playing a power based sport, don’t waste your time doing slow movements like the deadlift or heavy “power lifting” squats! These exercises will not directly help your athletes’ ability to get off the mark faster, jump higher or develop the fast twitch muscles in the body more efficiently! Research in the area of strength and conditioning today, supports what some smarter coaches have said for years. If you want to be fast, you must train fast! No human movement measured to date produces a greater power output than the Olympic movements! So why waste your time doing exercises in the gym that won’t maximize your time to improve performance?


An age-old question, posed by coaches everywhere for years has been “What is the one exercise I can do to engage the entire body in an explosive fashion, while using minimal space, having limited time and almost no budget?” The answer is the Power Clean! That one lift can give you the best bang for your buck and with some variation, within the same lifting area and with the same bar and plates, several varieties of Olympic movements can be performed as well. All of these movements have tremendous benefits when performed correctly and that is what you will experience when you purchase your DVD Set of Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The PULLS and Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The OVERHEADS! It’s clear that Olympic lifting movements, namely the Power Clean, Power Snatch and the Overheads (Jerks and their variations) are total body lifts, which can be performed safely with an Olympic bar and plates and all in an area measuring a mere 8 by 8 feet.


The “Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The PULLS” and “Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The OVERHEADS” include:

  • Over 30 exercises to develop more power and strength!
  • Over 35 common mistakes exposed….with keys to correction!
  • Tips and cues on how to teach and attain the various positions!
  • Simple and teachable phases for all movements!
  • Techniques for auxiliary exercises!
  • Squatting techniques and common mistakes….with keys to correction!
  • Key points bulleted for easy reference and visual learning!


The importance of these movements in power production is well documented but the ability to teach them correctly has been greatly underachieved! That is, until now ! Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The PULLS and Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The OVERHEADS are the best tools you could ever use to help give your athletes the “Winning Edge”. If you are coaching athletes or are an athlete yourself competing in a power sport, then don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own! Don’t listen to personal trainers who tell you that hang cleans are the way to go because that’s what Coach X does and he says…….! Don’t buy products developed by self-proclaimed gurus who never pulled a prank let alone a bar from the floor! Don’t be fooled by imposters when it comes to teaching Olympic movements or any movements for that matter!


Order your copy of Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The PULLS and Olympic Lifting Movements for Power Sports: The OVERHEADS today and begin your quest to become the Best!

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