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  • VVR018 : Speed Dial 7 : ‘Short Rich Apocalypse’


    Speed Dial 7 is Tom De Geeter’s one-man band. You may know De Geeter as one half of Zucchini Drive (2nd Rec/Hue/Marathon of Dope), one third of Cavemen Speak (Shadowanimals/Subversiv/Hue), one fourth of Nuccini (2nd Rec), and one fifth of Gunporn (Shadowanimals/Subversiv). You do the math. Originally from Kortrijk, Belgium, De Geeter has evolved from hardcore-kid to alternative rap teenager, to mental-patient adult and beyond. His sound has been influenced by world travels with Zucchini Drive, and by learning the ways of the sword. A meltingpot of inspiration always provides a surprise in the folds of Speed Dial 7.

    De Geeter puts his vocals on whatever he thinks will work, from sample-based foundations, to original melodies, to the guitar hooks of Mich Decruyenaere (from indieband Hitch), to the drumming of Pieter Blancke (from postrock-outfit Salvador). You can expect to hear a mix of sixties psychedelic rock (Moving Sidewalks, Jimi Hendrix), folk (Stephen Stills, Manassas), and pioneers of the 80s (Afrika Bambaataa) in De Geeter’s next release. But it’s better not try expect anything in the Speed Dial 7 universe.

    VVR018 : Speed Dial 7 : 'Short Rich Apocalypse' - limited edition 12" LP -
    OUT 15/10/2010 (500 copies) Zucchini Drive’s Tom De Geeter has released his first solo album under the moniker Speed Dial 7. The resulting Short Rich Apocalypse beds the varying performances from the likes of Mike Ladd, M Sayyid, Passage, Rob Sonic and Pip Skid.
    These contributions are made cohesive by a hearty blend of De Geeter’s own vocals, and nostalgic samples that hearken to road trip delirium, ghosts, the circus and whichever basement you were hanging out in the 90s. Short Rich Apocalypse gives a home to disjointed and eerie tracks like Slow Motion Cocaine (Mike Ladd, K-The-I, etc), catchy throwback numbers like Poker Faces (Pip Skid, Birdapres), and even a tight and rebellious version of Springsteen’s State Trooper (Passage).
    The gauzy and familiar production is paired with aggressive yowls, manic lyrical wanderings, and an in-your-face mantra which can be boiled down to the lyric, “ease up, have some birthday cake.” Give a listen for a compelling sonic experience that lands somewhere between listening to the first mixtape you ever made, and being aurally tasered. In a good way.“ You can prelisten the album here ! Check out the first single 'Satellites' ft. Mike Ladd and M Sayyid here!

    Album release party is october 15th 2010 @ De Kreun Kortrijk. Mike Ladd / Infesticons are playing too. Info and tickets through www.dekreun.be Vinyl release through Vlas Vegas ! CD and Digital through Marathon of Dope (MOD009) - www.speeddial7.com

  • Releases on Vlas Vegas Records.

    Short Rich Apocalypse!

    20010 Vinyl 12inch (33rpm)
    Vlas Vegas Records 018


    1. Back Porch Blues (feat. Buddy Peace)
    2. Dog Collar Blues (feat. Infesticons & Rob Sonic)
    3. N.E.E.D.L.E. (feat. Passage, Marcus Graap, Elissa P & John Smith)
    4. Short Rich Apocalypse (feat. Buddy Peace)
    5. Slow Motion Cocaine (feat. Mike Ladd, Nomad, K-the-I???, Bleubird & Marcus Graap)
    6. Poker Faces (feat. B-Flat, Pip Skid & Birdapres)
    7. Satellites (feat. M Sayyid & Mike Ladd)
    8. State Trooper (feat. Passage, Elissa P, Marcus Graap & Pip Skid)
    9. Outro Routine (feat. KaeoFLUX)




    Available NOW. Buy it here.>

    Mike Ladd - Black Playmobil by marathonofdope
    Speed Dial 7 - Satellites (ft Mike Ladd & M Sayyid) by marathonofdope
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    MARATHON OF DOPE TV: EPISODE 15: SPEED DIAL 7 (FT. MIKE LADD & M SAYYID): SATELLITES from marathon of dope on Vimeo.

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