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Theresa May humiliated as High Court rules MPs MUST vote on Brexit before Article 50 is

Theresa May suffered a massive legal 'slap in the face' today when judges ruled she cannot trigger Brexit without permission from parliament. The dramatic decision handed down at the High Court this morning threatened to send the Prime Minister's plans for cutting ties with Brussels into turmoil. It sparked furious accusations that 'activist' judges are mounting a 'power grab' by siding with pro-EU campaigners against the will of the public. But the premier has defiantly vowed to appeal against the ruling that she cannot invoke Article 50 without a parliamentary vote - and insisted she will not let the result 'derail' her timetable for launching the two-year Brexit process by the end of March. The stage is now set for an extraordinary showdown in the Supreme Court next month - with the fate of the country potentially at stake.

Remainers hail 'woman of the century' Gina Miller after judges backed her over Brexit

Gina Miller, 51, (left and right) lives in London with her financier husband Alan, nicknamed 'Mr Hedge Fund' (inset together) because he made £30 million after starting one of the City's first funds in 1997. The couple now run an investment firm with a reported £100million in its portfolios. Nicknamed 'Mrs Wham Glam' by friends, she has now been branded 'woman of the century' by Remainers who cheered her on the steps of the High Court today. The mother-of-three, who was born in Guyana but grew up in Britain, became a successful City investment manager and also set up the No.1 Ladies' Investment Club for women in business. Describing herself as a 'natural fighter, she has rattled cages in the City and accused the charity sector of widespread inefficiencies. But this year Mrs Miller, a Labour supporter, put the Government's Brexit plans in her sights because she was 'absolutely stunned' by the referendum result. After years of ruffling feathers she has now caused a constitutional crisis at the High Court.

Three of the country's most senior judges ruled that the Prime Minister does not have power to start the two-year process of negotiating Brexit.

The ruling saw sterling shoot past 1.24 US dollars, up nearly 1 per cent on the day. Three senior judges ruled the Prime Minister does not have power to use the prerogative to trigger Article 50.

Senior judges today slapped down Government claims that Theresa May had the right to invoke Article 50 and start the Brexit negotiations using her executive powers.

D-Day for the Supreme Court appeal is December 7 and ministers will be desperately hoping their arguments are better received to end the issue before Christmas.

Lorry driver Neville Fletcher hit and killed a mother and her daughter on pedestrian

Neville Fletcher (top, outside court today) struck mother-of-six Zena Jackson (bottom left), 43, and her little girl Cidalia Mendez-Jackson (bottom right) while they were on a pedestrian crossing outside the supermarket in Hull in April this year. Today, Fletcher, 55, admitted two counts of causing death by careless driving. Hull Magistrates' Court heard how the driver should have stopped at a red light but failed to do so. He then collided with the pair and they died at the scene. Miss Jackson's daughter, Sadie, has previously described her as a 'great mother' and said Cidallia was a 'real girly girl'.

Southern Railway workers plan to strike for three days from December 22 and three days from New Year's Eve in a bitter row over changes to the role of conductors.

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Figures show the contraceptive kit, dubbed The Stork, which uses a cap to hold sperm close to the cervix, has helped 150 British couples become parents since its launch.

According to pilots and aviation experts discussing the matter on a US-based thread, a pilot will only inform passengers of an impending crash if they have enough time.

The blonde beauty will be sleeping on the streets for a night next month in aid of the homeless charity Centrepoint 

Lady Diana's niece Kitty Spencer, 25, has admitted she envies homeless young people who have a sense of purpose in life and know their talents as she struggles to figure out what to set her mind to.

From Hubba Bubba sisters to Metal Mickey the accident-prone biker: Photographer tracks down people he snapped in his hometown almost 40 YEARS AGO to recreate the remarkable images

Paramedic Chris Porsz spent hours walking around the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the late 1970s and 80s, taking candid shots of punks and posers, siblings and sweethearts, traders and teenagers. Three decades later, Chris, known as the 'paramedic paparazzo,' decided it would be fun to reconstruct a handful of his favourite photos from the past. Incredibly, some of his long-lost subjects recognised themselves after he published their pictures in local and national papers, on his website and on Facebook. Pictured left, sisters Anna (left) and Emma Hankins posed for a picture blowing bubbles with Hubba Bubba bubblegum in 1980; they both went on to have careers in hairdressing. Right, Steve Osborn was known as Metal Mickey in the 1980s as he broke both his legs several times in a series of motor biking accidents and had plates and bolts put in them; he now uses walking sticks to get around.

David Stokes is believed to have murdered sons Adam, 11, and Matthew, five, at their semi-detached house in Hinckley, Leicestershire, after barricading himself inside the property on Tuesday.

A total of 1,581 pupils out of 5,032 in Nottinghamshire said they had received a message with unwanted sexual suggestions (file photo posed by model).

Police have reported the children, aged between nine and 12, were 'messing around' with the fireworks in Nelson, near Burnley, Lancashire, when one exploded at around 1.30pm today.

The unnamed schoolgirl has been with her uncle, 48, for two years and having returned to Germany after running away together, they refused to call their romance off.

Prince Harry's new girlfriend Meghan Markle shows off her new fashion range

The 35-year-old Suits actress looks incredible as she showcases her new incredibly honed figure modelling her new fashion range for Canadian retailer, Reitmans. The Canadian, who is thought to have met the royal, inset, in Toronto, displays her pert posterior and honed figure as she models a sexy short leather skirt, polo neck and high heels, left. In another shot, the star wears skin-tight leather trousers and an unbuttoned shirt as she leans forward seductively on a stool, centre, and in another she works the camera in tight trousers and an oversized white shirt.

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo (shown), who split from Alexander Gilkes last month after four years of marriage, is believed to have introduced the loved-up pair over the summer.

Megan Markle looks calm and collected as golf star Rory McIlroy waits behind her with a box of iced water and pours it over her head on a rooftop as part of a viral video challenge for charity.

Aldi takes on Harrods by releasing a near-identical advent calendar that's £56 CHEAPER

German supermarket chain Aldi is hoping to cut the cost of Christmas this year with the launch of its Christmas Advent Calendar, right, for £8.99 - a £55.96 saving when compared with a near-identical £64.95 product on sale at luxury department store, Harrods, left. Aldi's Christmas Advent Calendar comes complete with LED lights and is made from 100 per cent FSC approved wood - just like a competitor model from Harrods, which is seven times the price. The Harrods' luxury calendar was designed by Gisela Graham and is described as a 'charming' Christmas Village LED Advent House and a 'sophisticated decoration' for your home this holiday season.

The Russian president has spoken of his disbelief over the handling of the migrant crisis in Europe citing the case of a 10-year-old boy in Austria who was violently raped by an Iraqi migrant at a swimming pool.

The study by experts at Michigan University discovered three low-carbohydrate meals - favoured by a range of A-list celebrities - lowered insulin resistance by over 30 per cent.

What looks like an innocent drawing could be disguising a very dirty secret. An image that could appear as two things as once - one of them rather naughty - has been sweeping the web.

Data from the National Child Measurement Programme for England shows obesity has risen in the last year, even for the youngest children being measured, aged four.

Former alcoholics reveal their before-and-after sobriety photos on Reddit

Collated by lifestyle site BoredPanda the photos taken by Reddit users capture the improved appearance of formerly heavy drinkers. (Pictured from left to right) Brittsuzanne revealed that it had been eight and a half months since she checked into rehab and is now and 35lbs lighter; Reddit user wrovers shared her happier and healthier looking selfie one year after she vowed to stay sober; Imgur user redlightgreenlight revealed a dramatic weight loss after five years without any alcohol; Prkle described her photos as despair versus harmony with her skin looking clearer in her after photo.

Lance Corporal Joe Spencer was shot dead at RAF Tain, near Inverness, in an incident involving more than 20 military personnel.

Promise Ndlovu, 40, (pictured) was the brother-in-law of former Coventry City footballer Peter Ndlovu. His body was discovered in a car park in Leicester on Saturday.

The mother of missing teenage former world kickboxing champion Charlotte Mosley, 17, has issued a heartbreaking appeal after she vanished from the family home in Derby ten days ago.

Fashion retailer Jacamo has been blasted on Twitter for an ad campaign saying that 'real men' carry footballs not man bags. The chain has now apologised after being accused of homophobia.

H&M; unveiled its long-awaited Kenzo collaboration on Thursday but within hours, sellers had put their purchases up for sale on eBay with a leather jacket going for as much as $1,599 (£1,298).

Simone Toone reveals lavish London lifestyle funded by sugar daddies

Simone Toon, 25, from Northamptonshire, rises at noon and spends her days working out and shopping for designer clothes. Her lavish, £4,000-a-month lifestyle is funded entirely by sugar daddies. Simone, who dates exclusively older, wealthy men, admits to receiving gifts including a brand new Range Rover Evoque, Chanel handbags, five star holidays, and thousands of pounds in cash to splash at Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Size 22 Karen Connolly (pictured), 57, had visited the store in Chelmsford, Essex, to get a dress and a jacket for a wedding when she was told there were no clothes larger than a size 18.

A Mumnset user posted saying her husband had bought her a pork pie for her birthday - and nothing else. Other Mumsnetters commiserated with her by recounting their bad gifts, such as spot cream.

The tourists had all been staying at the Liberty Hotels Lykia in Dalaman and booked through Thomas Cook but raised concerns about the standards of hygiene after coming down with illness.

Melissa Watts (right), 41, from Kent, was kept in custody for several hours and questioned over a threatening note, which was found on her former partner Michael Killick's (left) car.

Marshall Clark boy who battled Batten Disease, left a letter for friends before he died

Marshall Clark (pictured with his mother Lara), from Plymouth in Devon, told his friends that he will be able to ride slides, eat strawberries, run, talk and enjoy his childhood in heaven. The schoolboy was robbed of doing his favourite things for three years due to rare genetic illness Late Infantile Batten Disease - a disorder in the nervous system.

Savile Town in Yorkshire that has almost no white residents 

There are almost no white residents to be found in Savile Town. A detailed breakdown of the last census of 2011 recorded that only 48 of the 4,033 people living here were white British. Stand in Savile Town, as I have, and you will see scores of boys in Islamic robes walking to and from lessons at the mosque's madrasah school, where for hours at a time they rote-learn the Koran by heart. And, distressingly, every girl I saw - even those of six and seven playing in the park - was wrapped up in a hijab and shoulder-to-toe-gown lest a man glimpse her flesh.

Tom Taylor, 17, died in a freak explosion after flash paper from his family's magic business ignited when he used hairspray on a 3D printer at the family home in Lincoln.

NEW Researchers from Goldsmiths University of London have found songs that repeat in our minds - known as earworms - share many key features with children's nursery rhymes.

Giant spider pictured in Queensland could be biggest huntsman ever

A chilling snapshot has surfaced of a mammoth huntsman spider crawling over a broom in Queensland's Brisbane Valley The chilling snapshot shows the colossal creepy crawly, dubbed Charlotte, being moved from harm's way by an animal rescuer. The snapshots were taken last year, but resurfaced on social media this week where they're spreading like wildfire.

The average adult spends two hours and 11 minutes of every day feeling stressed, according to a survey by OnePoll. That amounts to 15 hours a week, 33 days a year, and five hours in a lifetime.

The teenager had to be taken away by police after the weapons - including one homemade 'shank' and two kitchen knives - were discovered at the school in South Ayrshire.

Two brothers aged eight and 10 are said to have carried out the abuse by allegedly forcing young boys to strip and perform sex acts at the Præstekærgaard asylum centre in Denmark.

Sammy Almahri is jailed for murdering young British woman Nadine Aburas in hotel room

Property tycoon and millionaire Sammy Almahri, 45, from New York, killed pretty Nadine Aburas, 28, in his hotel room in Cardiff, Wales, after the pair met on dating website MuslimMatch.com. Almahri (inset) was today jailed for at least 17 years at Cardiff Crown Court for killing Miss Aburas (right). The court heard he killed her in his hotel room after she refused to marry him when he flew out to meet her. Miss Aburas' body was found on New Year's Eve in 2014 by staff at the hotel - hours after her killer fled in her car to drive to Heathrow Airport in London. CCTV footage showed Almahri enter the Future Inns hotel in Cardiff (left).

A team at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot in Israel tested the vulnerabilities of connected devices, focusing on a Philips Hue smart lamp ( pictured).

Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca - founded by 2005 MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers - has shut nine of its restaurants after 365 people became ill after a suspected outbreak of norovirus.

Researchers from Imperial College Business School analysed more than 100 years of data, to predict that by 2026, information from smart gadgets could be used to match people with prospective partners.

Amber Snailham, from Bishopsworth, Bristol, is set to tie the knot to first love Callum Firth later this month surrounded by loved ones. Amber was given a terminal diagnosis on Friday and Callum proposed a day later.

The figure the regulator wants Sir Philip Green (pictured) to pay into the scheme is understood to be around £350million, but the billionaire tycoon has offered only £250million.

Plot twist in kidnap drama The Missing leave baffled viewers questioning their own sanity

The addictive BBC thriller dropped a huge plot twist at the end of the fourth episode which baffled those watching at home. Not only could Sophie Giroux (left) be alive but there could be a third girl. Keeley Hawes' Gemma Webster made the shocking discovery which has stunned everyone and left them begging for the mystery to be revealed. The new details came in thick and fast and it was simply too much for those at home hoping for a cosy evening in front of the television. 'I'm so confused is she dead? Did that other girl kill her? Is she alive? Is the other girl Alice Webster? Am I Alice Webster?? #TheMissing,' pondered one worried viewer on Twitter.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A vile compilation of killings, filmed in the terror group's caliphate across Syria and Iraq, shows men being blindfolded and strung up on crosses in public.

The pamphlet, in Arabic, was found by Iraqi forces in northern Iraq and includes 32 sick questions and answers with instructions for jihadis on how to 'own' children and women as sex slaves.

'Drama Queen' cyclist films a year's worth of near misses on the roads (and surprise, surprise, he doesn't think he's to blame) 

The video shows cars pulling into the cyclist's lane, while others don't see him and narrowly miss a collision. Dean Nicholson, 43, blames motorists, bus drivers and even other cyclists but not himself for any of the near misses. The video was filmed by the London University facilities assistant in an attempt to 'protect himself'. 'I started to film my journeys into work about ten months ago after a couple of very close calls whilst cycling,' he said.

The revelation happened in her 50s. It was only then, after Fi Bruce had endured the frustration of two sexually unfulfilled marriages that she finally discovered the pleasures of physical passion.

Femail Food&Drink; has dissected every festive menu at these three coffee titans to find out which drinks you can enjoy guilt-free if you're watching your waistline - and the ones you should avoid.


As soon as Boris Johnson made the apparent slip-up at a parliamentary awards ceremony last night, he was reminded on stage by his old-foe George Osborne: 'The Titanic sank!'

Seattle-based software firm Atlas Informatics - headed by co-founder of music-sharing platform Napster - says Recall runs in the background, keeping track of the activity on your machine.

Jocelyn Cook's daughter Megan is only six months old - but Jocelyn is already lining up potential husbands for her. She wants her to live a privileged and cosseted life and to marry rich.

Meet the brides who didn't keep it classy on their wedding day

Most brides dream of being the picture of elegance on their wedding day. But others who forgot to keep things classy have been sharing the evidence on Instagram. Clockwise from top left: Being sick at the end of the night; chowing down on a burger; swigging champagne from the bottle; going to the toilet backwards; balking over a cupcake and passing out on the sofa.

Ben Howlett, who is openly gay, was interviewed after a couple complained that he touched them sexually at a local pub in Bath, Somerset.

Shocked office workers couldn't believe what they were seeing. The amorous couple were naked and pressed against the glass having a good time in their Motel One hotel room, east London.

Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood (pictured) - known as Sir Cover-Up - said mandarins were 'scrupulous' about issuing documents 'at pace and with accuracy'.

Researchers at Kobe University, Japan, presented a new model for the origin of Saturn's rings based on results of computer simulations.

Before appearing at court over the August demonstration which brought Nottingham city centre to a standstill, Eshe Graham, 20, posted a shot of her outfit on Facebook.

More than 240 migrants drown when two overcrowded rubber dinghies capsize in the

Both of the overcrowded rubber dinghies overturned in heavy seas about 25 miles off the coast of Libya killing most of those on board, survivors said. It comes as dramatic pictures emerged of two rescue missions off Libya today, with close to 180 people pulled to safety. Desperate refugees could be seen leaping into the water as rescue ships arrived - and then frantically trying to clamber back on board.

Pope Francis spoke out on a flight back to Rome from Sweden that even though countries shouldn't 'close their hearts' to refugees, they do have the right to assess their capacity to effectively integrate them.

Saira Khan breaks down as she reveals she was molested by a family member aged 13

Saira Khan (left) broke down in tears on Loose Women on Thursday as she revealed she was molested by a male family member when she was just aged 13, who has since passed away. The 46-year-old spoke about the attack for the first time on Thursday, after being inspired by the bravery of gang rape victim, Mukhtar Mai. Sobbing and with shaking hands, co-panellist Linda Robson (right) jumped off her chair to comfort her as she spoke about being inspired by Mukhtar to speak out.

The 19-year-old, named Haley appeared on the Dr Phil show, and when questioned on her pregnancy, declared: 'I am, and it is Jesus. No-one is going to deny him because he is my saviour.'

Over the past three decades, rates of obesity in the UK are significantly higher than in the US - despite them topping the list worldwide, Professor Dame Sally Davies warns.

Chloe Patton, 18, Amber Butler, 19, and Mia Boardman, 20, have attracted criticism after appearing on MTV's Teen Mom UK premiere last night but viewers have leapt to their defence.

Her Majesty looked to be in high spirits today as she visited the new National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art in the town of Newmarket Suffolk.

President Juan Manuel Santos has been in the UK and staying in Buckingham Palace during his historic state visit this week, part of which included the Queen showing the new £5 note.

The Trump Army: US state of Georgia's militia steps up its combat training as it prepares to 'fight and kill' should Hillary Clinton 'steal' the election

As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its conclusion, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on November 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton. In Georgia, camouflaged members of the Three Percent Security Force have mobilized for rifle practice, hand-to-hand combat training. The group admires Donald Trump's promise to deport illegals, stop Muslims entering the country and build a wall along the Mexico border. Plans are in place for a possible post-election march on Washington D.C. but the real worry is what the group and almost 300 others like them across the country should Hillary Clinton win next weeks election in a bitter and divisive race.

The ex-head of the British Army rubbished claims Mr Trump's bombastic interventions on foreign policy would undermine Nato and threaten security.

A woman who claims she was raped by Donald Trump when she was 13 cancelled a press meeting Wednesday. Her lawyer (pictured) said she was 'too afraid' after a series of 'threats' against her.

Heroic Chinese pilot who saved 439 lives in near-miss drama by steering his plane out of danger is awarded £360k... as video shows just how close the two aircraft were

A Chinese airline has rewarded one of its pilots three million yuan (£360,000) for preventing a collision between two planes at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The pilot's Airbus A320 was about to take off from the airport when it encountered another plane crossing the runway. The pilot was forced to accelerate and go over the other aircraft.

Shocking figures released by Scotland Yard show that London-based crimes involving the dating apps have rocketed by 2,000 per cent in the past five years.

Navinder Sarao, 37, is facing 380 years behind bars for allegedly placing and withdrawing millions of order to buy and sell commodities in deals from his parents' west London home.

Officers say they are worried for the welfare of 15-year-old Chloe Timms and Tiegan Lewis, from Bude, Cornwall, who have not been seen since Saturday, October 29.

Louise Cowe (pictured), 43, was talking to a man in the smoking area of the Aruba nightclub, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, when a woman yanked her off the stall and launched the attack.



Hundreds of mourners turn out for the funeral of a popular 17-year-old as he is buried in

Jack Gudge (inset right), 17, died from serious head injuries following a fight outside a Tesco Express store in Bournemouth, Dorset, on July 16. Three men and a 15-year-old were arrested at the time, but police announced last month that nobody will face criminal charges. Yesterday, at his funeral, eight friends carried Jack's bright blue coffin, which had three white stripes wrapped around the top to replicate an Adidas shoebox (main picture). A flower arrangement that spelled out 'chav' - which was one of Jack's favourite terms - appeared in black, white and yellow around the coffin (inset left). Streams of tearful well-wishers, many of them teenagers, hugged and consoled one another as they queued up to enter St Mark's Church, Bournemouth. Dozens of people had to stand at the back of the church because it was so full (bottom right).

A dog owner died after his car plunged 150 feet off a cliff at a Welsh beauty spot while searching for his runaway pet. Gary Christopher Chilton, 42, was more than four times the drink-drive limit.

Kerry Hines 31, from Birmingham has recalled the horrifying moment her abusive ex-boyfriend Paul branded her with an iron after she asked him to do the washing up.

Nigerian mother Bimbo Ayelabola (pictured) cost the taxpayer £145,000 when she had quintuplets on the NHS, but said she was never billed for the treatment.

Tiger Woods apparently has a new woman in his life and she's a blonde bombshell. The 40-year-old golfer is dating 32-year-old personal stylist Kristin Smith, according to Radar Online.

In the footage the unnamed driver, who is believed to work for courier firm CitySprint, can be seen pulling 10 parcels from a sack before flinging them into his vehicle in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Michaela Camm, who is recovering from spinal surgery, saw the footage of a hooded figure launching himself at her red Volkswagen Golf in Leeds.

Nicola Addison, who worked with Elle fives times a week for five years, has shared the health and fitness tips that she passed onto Elle - and says that anyone can adopt them.

China unveils its most powerful drone bomber, which can fly for two days without

The CH-5 unmanned aerial vehicle, China's largest combat drone, made its first flight last year but has now been made public for the first time at a military air show in the southern city of Zhuhai. It is capable of carrying smart bombs, missiles and high-tech radar jammers, it has been reported. The weapon was revealed during a major airshow in China which included the unveiling of the country's J-20 stealth fighter.

Thousands of extra prison guards will be hired and "no fly zones" imposed over jails in a drive to tackle the "toxic cocktail" of drugs, drones and mobile ph...

Justice Secretary Liz Truss, pictured, tells the Mail that prisons are the last truly unreformed public service as he launched a new shake up to make jails successful and safer.

It's no longer just your spare bedroom that can earn you money. A whole host of inventive new ways have popped up that allow you to turn a profit on every single square foot of your home.

In her new docu-series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the actress will sit down and speak with ex-Church members who claim they have been the victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Lawyers representing the victims were paid £63.3million out of public funds, while legal teams for South Yorkshire Police were paid £25.1million, according to figures released this week.

Inside the eerie Mississippi hoarder's house

These are the eerie images of a house in Utica, Mississippi, which was built just two years after the end of the American Civil War by a prominent farmer and businessman. The house remained in the landowner's family until the early 20th century when it was sold after the Wall Street Crash in 1929. It was foreclosed in 1937, and after the war became a boarding house, until it was abandoned in the 1980s.

A French prosecutor has called for British banking giant HSBC Holdings PLC to stand trial for aiding large-scale tax fraud in France, a source close to the investigation says ©Fabrice Coffrini (AFP/File)

If the case goes to trial, HSBC would face charges that its Swiss unit HSBC Private Banking offered its customers ways of hiding assets from the French taxman, notably via the use of offshore tax havens.

With its turnaround plan in full swing under new boss David Potts, the Bradford-based supermarket has now reported four consecutive quarters of sales growth.

Emma and Stephen Baker, from Redditch in the West Midlands, suffered two failed IVF attempts, but finally welcomed a baby boy after Emma's mother Joy paid for one last round of treatment.

Alan Farthing, 73, from Essex, was stunned when he received a letter from the DVLA telling him he had been convicted in his absence of a fixed penalty offence somewhere in south west London.

The actress filmed herself hiding copies of the novel - each with a handwritten note - along the escalator support beams at St John's Wood station, shortly before she was also spotted carrying out the task at Oxford Circus.

Overall, the five year period from just before and just after menopause drives a swift decline in sexual function for women, the study by The North American Menopause Society found.

Oaks Day 2016: Ladies Day crowds at Flemington as thousands soak up the sunshine

The women who flocked to Oaks Day in Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse on Thursday were not afraid to show plenty of skin while they enjoyed a cool drink and watched the horses go round. The good times are under way for thousands of well-dressed punters seen soaking up the spring sun as they wait for the Crown Oaks race. One woman in a flattering blue dress even enjoyed some fairy floss in place of a more traditional afternoon tea. Others were seen pausing to rest on the grass, grab a burger, or even get in a cheeky cigarette.

If you thought that cruise and spa holidays were out of reach, you're in for a pleasant surprise. A new infographic on holiday costs has revealed how cities breaks are actually more expensive.

China and Russia have announced the joint development of a long-range passenger plane. A mock-up of the jet was on display at the Zhuhai Airshow in China on November 1.

A shocking video clip has been posted on social media of an unidentified woman, who is believed to be from the US, risking her life by removing her clothes and climbing on top of a moving car.

A one-year-old girl got trapped inside a 50C car for 15 minutes in Sydney after it locked unexpectedly, sealing her inside along with the keys while her mother was stuck outside.

Top chocolatier William Curley has conjured up recipes that let sweet-toothed home cooks recreate childhood favourites including Curly Wurlys, Crunchies and Ferrero Rochers.

SIMON JONES - EXCLUSIVE: West Ham United striker Andy Carroll was threatened at gunpoint on his way home from training on Wednesday. Carroll fled, fearing for his life.

Researchers discovered that some children as young as 12 are sharing nude images through their phones and social media. For some it was a way of exploring sexuality but others were coerced.

Sir Cliff Richard spotted wearing hearing aid in public for the first time

The star, 76, was seen fiddling with an aid as he stepped out onto the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards. Sir Cliff was seen grimacing as he put his finger to his ear outside London's Grosvenor House Hotel, prior to presenting an award at the event. The singer now joins a list of ageing rockers including Phil Collins and Midge Ure who suffer from hearing problems after years of performing in front of blaring speakers and screaming crowds.

Photographers have submitted their best examples of photos taken either just before sunrise or just after sunset - known as Golden Hour, in locations from Spain to Dubai and beyond.

The question was a part of the homework for pupils in Jiangsu, China. They were asked to choose one animal that is deemed different. The five animals are a cat, a chicken, a pig, a rabbit and a cow.

Furious Katie Edwards, 30, was forced to breastfeed on a high street bench after staff at Boots in Stockton-on-tees refused to let her use a private room to tend to 11-day-old son Freddie.

At the space agency's Robotic Operations Center in Maryland, the mock-up helps engineers understand the intricate operations required to collect a multi-ton boulder from an asteroid's surface.

A documentary from the University of Cambridge tackles the issue, looking at the philosophical, ethical and social questions involved with artificially programming pain responses.

Revealing archive images have been released to mark the anniversary, including of historic advertisements and ancient bottles of ketchup. How many do you recognise?

More than a quarter of British couples say snoring is the main factor forcing them to sleep alone followed by rows. The figures comes from a survey of 2,000 people.

High street store Whistles, a favourite with Kate and Pippa Middleton, has unveiled its first bridal collection, launching in February 2017. All the dresses - and one jumpsuit cost under £700.

Shocking moment a 64-year-old man was KILLED by a single punch after he said 'excuse me' to a thug he passed in a New York street

The victim, Patrick Gorman, pictured top right, was walking on the southeast corner of Main Street and Queens Boulevard in Briarwood on June 26 around midnight when he was hit in the head. He later died. CCTV footage from a nearby building shows the suspect punching the man, and then walking off with a female, leaving Gorman lying on the sidewalk, pictured left and bottom right. EMS responded to the scene and took Gorman to a local hospital before he was pronounced dead, police said. Police hope that by releasing the footage they will be able to identify the attacker. It is one of a string of attacks on the streets of New York. The suspect is described as about 30 to 35 years old, with short black hair. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts, sneakers and holding a black bag, PIX11 reported.

What's an older woman supposed to do if she doesn't want to live in a fashion time warp, but equally doesn't want to get it wrong and be a sad old lady trying to play it cool? Linda has the answers.

After hearing that disposable cleansing wipes are a disaster for the environment, you probably feel guilty each time you use them. Fortunately, there are alternatives that you can use...

Salar Abnoush, a senior figure in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) claims military personnel will be operating 'very soon', thwarting plots against the Islamic Republic.

Lorraine Candy, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, explains that it has taken her 14 years as a mum to four children to realise that the whole thing is one giant, messy, glorious experiment.

Frozen in time: Cave lions crushed to death in Siberia were perfectly preserved in ice for

NEW Russia's cold permafrost has preserved the bodies of two small lion cubs (pictured left and top right) for more than 30,000 years, according to a new study. The cubs were dug from their icy grave last year, complete with all their body parts: fur, ears, soft tissue and even whiskers. Researchers from the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs in South Dakota (shown bottom right) recently presented the findings at the 2016 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting.

The 250,000th child born in the UK through the form of fertility treatment was delivered in February last year, statistics from the UK's independent regulator show.

As a TV foreign correspondent covering even getting a phone line wasn't always possible. Once, I remember one time not speaking to my parents for at least three weeks.

The Obama Nungara Flatworm (pictured) hunts and kills earthworms and can grow up to three inches long. It was found in a Heuchera plant at an Oxfordshire garden centre.

A Russian vet caught his wife having sex with his best friend and pulled out a knife to stab and castrate him. Vladimir Sidorov, 35, then made the frenzied in Vladimir Sidorov, 35, then attacked his wife.

Hunter who shot Pedals the bear with a crossbow bolt to the chest after boasting of

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The identity of the hunter who killed Pedals the bear (left) in an annual New Jersey hunt will remain secret after the authorities in New Jersey redacted the information on a form filled in when the animal's body was brought in to a check-in station (right). Pedals became famous when videos emerged of him walking on his hind legs in the town of Oak Ridge, New Jersey in 2014. The form, obtained by DailyMail.com, is the closest that Pedals will have to death certificate and reveals that he was shot dead with a crossbow in Picatinny Township, where he had been spotted in the past.

The Prime Minister's spokersperson refused four times to confirm whether Theresa May has confidence in Baroness Scotland (pictured) today.

Hstar, a prankster from London, left fake parking tickets on drivers' cars across the streets of Chingford to see how they would react. Their anger was gone when they realised what was inside.

Whether it's a Prada-inspired military design coat or the sort of oversized checks spotted on the Burberry catwalk, the High Street has upped its game - at budget prices.

Phoebe Dormand, 19, from Harrogate, Yorkshire, was even scared of drinking water after developing emetophobia, a fear of being sick, when she was 12.

Army tank causes tailbacks on the M4

The M4, near Swindon, was brought to a halt today for a number of hours due to the large vehicle's problems. The extremely tank had to be taken off the back of an Army heavy loaded lorry after the truck got a puncture on one of its tyres whilst transporting the tank.

This diminutive, portable house custom made by a Canadian company has all the appliances in it the owner could need from a dishwasher and a shower - and they're even full-size.

A mother-of-two killed on a ride at Dreamworld has been farewelled by mourners performing an emotional rendition of the Haka at a funeral home on the New South Wales Central Coast on Tuesday.

The James Webb telescope stands, completed and almost ready to go to space, in an enormous clean room at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

A 1.6 metre red-bellied black snake has been photographed completely devouring a deadly brown snake its own size south of Bega in New South Wales.

The word Brexit was first recorded by Collins in 2013, but it became much more popular as the UK headed towards the vote and the campaign, led by Boris Johnson (pictured), heated up.

Microsoft's Windows chief has accused a notorious group of hackers - previously linked to Russia - of making use of an unpatched flaw in its operating system.

'I can trust my life with these dogs': Meet the pooches with superpowers who can rescue 10 people from the sea at once 

Newfound Friends is a Bristol-based charity that teaches water safety with the help of Newfoundland dogs, an incredible breed whose strength and power means they can pull 10 people in to safety at once. The charity was found in 1989 by David Pugh, a lifeguard who says the things the dogs can do are phenomenal and far exceed what people can do in terms of water rescue. He and his charity train dogs to rescue people and help people to learn about how to stay safe in the water. In this video, they conduct a training exercise in Portishead.

Amber Davis from North Carolina died aged 27 from rare type of cancer. She asked Heidi Spillane, to take pictures of daughter Nora in her wedding dress as a keepsake.

Steve Bower, 38, from London, attempted to increase muscle mass but ended up gaining a stone. After he consulted a personal trainer achieved his goal after completing an eight-week program.

This 'Satanic' fiver bears the 'number of the beast' - and as a result its owner won't let it go cheap. The note's serial number starts with AA01 - meaning it is part of the first batch of the new banknotes

The 70ft Euston Arch was built in 1838, around the same time as the station opened as the capital's first inter-city terminal. But amid howls of protest, the monument was knocked down in 1962.

The new production line will see both cars and vans converted for use by police forces and fire and ambulance services nationwide. The plant is also responsible for decommissioning models.

Asgardia was announced by the Aerospace International Research Centre in Vienna. Conspiracy theorists claim that the Eye of Horus symbol used by the group, is linked to the Illuminati.

Mother paid former stripper £10,000 not to write memoir of secret life as a lapdancer

Andrea Kitt, 61, from Totnes, Devon, has written a book about her days as a lap dancer in 1985 at the Pink Pussy Cat club in Miami, Florida (left) - despite her mother offering her £10,000 not to publish it. Her autobiography describes the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll life she led after moving away from home - becoming a stripper and travelling the world with a guru. Her mother Carmen (pictured right, with Andrea), died in June aged 87, and Miss Kitt's book (inset) is now being published after she started writing it four years ago.

The GRAPES-3 muon telescope, at TIFR's Cosmic Ray Laboratory in Ooty, in India, recorded a burst of galactic cosmic rays of about 20 GeV, on 22 June 2015, lasting for two hours.

Three-year-old identical twin sisters Ava and Alexis McClure from West Orange in New Jersey were shocked to learn that one of them is older, but the other is taller.

The fruit is rich in an antioxidant called lycopene that helps shield the body from harmful UV radiation. A German study found it isn't a substitute for sunscreen but offers an important line of defence.

China has started to build a prototype supercomputer which will run ten times faster than the current quickest computer. State media reported the development of the PC on November 2.

The Day of the Dead in Haiti sees voodoo believers congregate to remember their dead loved ones and also take part in celebrations to honour the voodoo spirits of Baron Samedi and Gede.

Europe is edging closer to reaching half-a-million electric and hybrid cars on the road, with British motorists the third biggest national owners.

Amy Evans, a 21-year-old McDonald's worker from Aberdeen, Scotland, believes she got ill as a result of her room in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, which she says was covered in 'mould, blood and vomit'.

LinkedIn can now show its more than 460 million users how their income stacks up against the competition. It is based on anonymized data submitted by members.

He's ssseriously hungry! Disgusting video shows 12ft python feast on three live chickens AND two chicks in a single sitting 

The 12ft long snake (pictured) was at home in her owner's front yard in Thailand when he brought out supper. But after devouring one chicken she was still hungry and gobbled up another two. To top it off the snake also swallows two chicks and has a fourth chicken held in her mouth before the footage ends. The hungry reptile finally fulfilled her cravings and curled up with the poultry making their way down her enormous body. The bizarre clip went viral after being shared online with dozens of people amazed that the snake could eat so much.

Currie Park will occupy an area off the coast of West Palm Beach. The unique development features submarine technology and will rise and fall depending on the number of people on it.

Libby Belsey, 16, (left) and Hannah Hayes, 14, (right) went missing from their home towns of Ramsgate and Broadstairs, Kent and have not been seen since last month.

In Charlotte Arnold's video, shot in Liverpool, she is heard saying 'think twice about cheating on me'. She sets the Nike 110s trainers alight using a lighter and a gas can.

Bill and Sylvia Van Atta rescue thousands of unwanted dogs each year from pounds, breeders and broken homes and rehabilitate them at their centre in Wales before they are fostered.

Buon Natale! Harvey Nichols unveils its Italian-themed Christmas windows filled with

The drama of the Italian Renaissance has inspired the latest festive window display from Harvey Nichols in London's exclusive Knightsbridge. The fashionable display is said to echo the drama of Italian opera and features 100,000 glittering ice-white balls used to build chandeliers, clouds and candelabras. The display also features an incredible 4,000 metres of knitting wool used to decorate the windows and 1,300 kg of paper scrunched up to make props.


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