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Backpack Emergency Go Kit

A wildfire could knock out your cell phone! Make a plan, build your emergency “Go Kit” (PDF) and get back to normal faster!

TakeAction Backpack Go Kit

TakeAction - Teens for Wildfire Safe Communities

Throughout the U.S. more than 8 million students in grades 6 -12 live in a community with wildfire risks. If you're in that age group, you’ll be glad to know there’s a lot you can do to make the place where you live safer! 

TakeAction is a campaign that provides resources and projects that benefit young adults, their families and neighbors. You can learn to prepare your pets and horses – and yourself! You can help others through a community service project. You can share our videos with your friends!

Learn even more about wildfire and its impacts on people, pets, property and our environment by checking out our new videos. Take a virtual field trip to the scene of a wildfire and find out what firefighters and foresters have to say.

Did you know- Not all wildfires are bad. Kari Hines, a wildfire specialist in Texas, explains more about how wildfire can cause harm as well as be beneficial to the environment. Watch the video below.

Check out all the great resources for you to take action for a wildfire safe community

Please contact us with any questions about the campaign.
In This Section
  • Household pets Make sure pets are included in your family’s evacuation plan; and build each pet their own pet evacuation kit
  • Horses Preparing horses for a wildfire evacuation requires an extra level of planning, preparedness and practice.
  • Wildfire virtual field trips Learn what happens to people, property and natural areas one year, five years and ten years after a major wildfire.
  • Wildfire Risk Reduction Community Service Projects You can do great things in your neighborhood to reduce a wildfire’s massive power.