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Labor law

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE)

DLSE adjudicates wage claims, investigates discrimination and public works complaints, and enforces labor law and the Industrial Welfare Commission wage orders.

History of California minimum wage

Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The IWC this year received a petition from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and a letter from Senator Abel Maldonado requesting the IWC to raise the state minimum wage. For questions or information regarding the current petition contact Stephanie Leach at 916-322-2206 or send correspondence to IWC, 801 K Street, Suite 2101, Sacramento, CA 95814.

IWC wage orders, which govern wages, hours and working conditions in California, are in effect and must be posted by all employers in an area frequented by employees, where they may be easily read during the workday. Copies of the wage orders may be downloaded or ordered electronically from the Department of Industrial Relations’ workplace postings page. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement will continue to enforce the provisions of the wage orders. For assistance with questions about wage orders, please visit the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) Web site, or contact a DLSE district office near you.